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Bhavani Wolf
Activist Post

….When someone, after regaling that the reptile stuff in David Icke’s books is total crap……. you tell them that if they woke up one morning, like the person opposite them, to find one at the end of their bed, they’d soon be ordering tickets for David’s next stage presentation!

It’s called going out on a limb.

You ride roughshod over tender toes in the staffroom or at the bus stop to shatter a paradigm. You do it in a nice way, with a smile on your face and it can either elicit further questions or turn the person back to the TV schedules.

To those that want to hear more, you can tell them about the time you were introduced to a drunken man in Trinidad, and when he shook your hand, an electric shock zig-zagged through your body at the same time you saw the vertical pupil in his eyes.

They stare at you and wonder……but she looks so ‘normal’, even traditional. She has a fringed bob, wears stuff from Zara or the local charity shop, and only swears in extremis for goodness sake!

Little do they know.

Underneath the supposed conforming look, lurks a woman who has seen, close up, a mutilation of, not a cow, but a goat, by e.t.’s who paid a farmyard visit one night. A woman, who has experienced a very caring, small orange being on her bed in the early hours, who just wanted her to know that he was real. A woman who just the other night had a beam of bright light fill her inner eye as she was laying quietly in bed. A passing star ship had just scanned her. Pure curiosity on their part she was told. (She wants another one, it was very beautiful).

To her, such things are normal.

She may be looking after your sick relative right now, ministering to their needs in a kind and loving way that befits one soul caring for another aspect of itself.

She may be going home to finish off the next chapter of her autobiography. It won’t contain any normal chapter headings I am sure. Maybe one will be…’The Night my Spiritual Teacher visited me on a Beam of Light’.

Look at those around you with different eyes. Time is running out. You may hold a vital piece of information that someone is looking for. Go out on that limb. Bring up tricky subjects at the next event you go to. You may be sitting next to the woman who wrote this…and she may have the answer you seek…or you may have a piece of the puzzle to fit into place for her!

This submission has been entered into a contest to win 2 premium tickets + $500 for travel to see David Icke at Wembley Arena, London — October 27, 2012.  If you like this article, please share it far and wide, as the winner will be determined by the total number of pageviews acquired before the end of the contest on June 15th.  For additional details about submissions, please visit our Contest Page.

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