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Ann Davidson
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David’s work is inspiring, it’s essential as many people as possible are made aware of what is happening to the human race and what they can do about it.

It’s clear David is on the right track and in time will be given further information, there is a lot going on in this world and in other dimensions at this time, some of which we are not yet privy to.

Regarding David’s work on energy fields, it is very important to pay attention to thoughts as David points out, as every thought and action is held in the consciousness; with practice anyone can extract that information from what I refer to as the ether, and use it to help themselves, for example with a practical task of which you have no experience, by tuning into an energy stream of say, a plumber you can you can extract the knowledge required to assist you in carrying out a repair or larger job.

Everything is energy and as such emits energy and it is this energy that we are able to connect to. David often refers to this energy as a vibration, which is correct, everything gives off a specific vibration, even colours have their own personal vibration, understanding vibrational and energy fields is vitally important, as it helps us to retune to the consciousness.

Telepathy is the ability to connect to the energy of another person, animal, insect or other living organism, it is the joining of the vibrations in order to communicate. Telepathy was our primary means of communication in times past and gave us the ability to communicate not only with other humans (no matter where they were), but also with the other living organisms of the planet. Many of us still hold this power and use it on a regular basis, all humans have this ability; it is simply that we have forgotten how to use it.

We have all heard the expression ‘listen to your gut’ or a ‘gut reaction’ understanding what this is and means will help us to retune our vibration. The more in tune we are the easier it is for us to receive information which can prove to be vital to us and if you are in tune with the energy fields or consciousness, you will receive more information on what many might call the gut level and with experience you will learn to act on this information. For many it is a matter of having confidence and trust in their own abilities.

We need to take the power back from those who have hijacked the human race.

Symbolism is a major feature of the power the elite, used in order to exert their power over us. Some of our symbols have been hijacked and are being used against us.

We need to take back our symbols and start using their symbols against them, this is easier than it may seem, everything is energy and gives off vibrations; it is this vibrational energy which they are using against us.

Take the pyramid for example, this is a symbol of power, as we all know the US dollar bill features a pyramid which has been split at the cap stone and the ‘all seeing eye’ inserted. A very powerful symbol sending the message that they are watching you and over seeing your life. By mentally bringing the capstone down over the ‘all seeing eye’, we are able to cancel out this message, by symbolically closing the eye.

The same is true of other symbols, for example the numerous spires of different configurations which adorn many of our towns and cities, these symbols of transmitting and receiving can easily be disabled by simply symbolically applying a condom. This will have the effect of cutting off the communication.

We need to take back our symbols of power and protection, and re-activate them for our power and protection, while also destroying or neutralising the power of the symbols which have been used against the human race for so long.

Understanding the power of not only symbolism, but also the energies of which the symbols are constructed, will assist with the over throw of the reptilians who are governing our minds and lives.

We have the power to stop this attack on the human race and the ability to throw the gates of the prison open setting us free. Understanding vibrational energy is the key and thanks to the changes which are taking place in the energy grid more and more of us will be able to re-establish connect and communication with the vibrational energy grid also known as consciousness.

Thanks to people like David Icke more and more people are becoming aware and are ready to accept the possibility that there is more to this world than we have been force feed, they are opening their minds and asking the right questions and the more questions asked the more information will be made available. However not all answers are easy to understand, sometimes it is because we haven’t asked the question in the right way. All questions are answered, if you don’t feel your question has been answered try asking again, either telepathically or verbally, in some cases if you are really struggling in understanding the answer, someone may be guided to you to personally answer your question. As we become more awake and aware, we will be able to source knowledge from deeper back in history; many are able to source information dating back thousands of years even now and are gradually understanding more and more of the history which has been hidden from us.

We are all aware of Big Brother watching and recording our every move. ‘Normal’ people use CCTV for security and or protection. What are they afraid of? Are they really so concerned about the safety of the individual, that they are willing to spend millions of pounds on CCTV cameras and operators, granted they are utilized from time to time in the detection or prevention of crime, but millions of pounds worth? Do they really care so much about our safety? I don’t think so. What or who are they afraid of?

DNA databases…What are they looking for? Perhaps the change which is coming; humans are evolving becoming more aware and this will be reflected in the DNA. Is this what they are looking for? We are all aware of the chemicals and other means they are using to alter human DNA; but it is possible they are trying to prevent the change to the human DNA, which is taking place due to humans becoming more aware. Humans are further evolving and this is reflected in their DNA. In order to take full advantage of the coming tide of awakening vibrations the human DNA will be upgraded and this has already started.

David like many other people asked the question, why did they bomb the moon? What if they didn’t ‘bomb’ the moon in the way we think, rather the nuclear blast was to renew the energy supply of the moon base, which makes far more sense. It’s obvious it wasn’t as they initially claimed, ‘to see if there was water on the moon’; this makes no sense what so ever. First they already knew there was water on the moon and second a thermonuclear blast would have vaporized any water.

As people become more aware not only will they start to see and understand more of what is going on with the elite and the shadows etc., they will also find their meta physical energies are enhanced and for many this will cause confusion and a great many questions in order to understand and appreciate their new found experiences.

If we are going to win this battle for human freedom, we have to be prepared to open our minds and our hearts to the new experiences the enlightenment vibrations are bringing to us. We are being given the means to set ourselves free, we need to take full advantage of the opportunity.

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