Aggressive Power and Immoral Authority

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SARTRE, Contributing Writer

Another sad chapter from a desperate imperial empire lays naked for the entire world to see. The pretense that an international community of nations has arbitrary authority to remove any government that conflicts with the master plan of total global enslavement exposes the utter failure of legitimacy. By what moral mandate do belligerent nations have to insight regime change, when the facts clearly demonstrate that conflicting tribal factions are engaged in a civil conflict?

The psychosis exhibited by the War Party and their allies for domination of world energy resources is at the core of a hostile and malevolent foreign policy. The drive to eliminate Muammar Gaddafi and colonize Libya’s oil into friendly corporatist hands is a game that is again, repeated under the guise of humanitarian intervention.

When will western nations learn the lessons of two world wars and the carnage that follows from employing military intercession, when direct intrusion is not justified? Jingoistic fervor always emboldens a crumbling financial system that urgently needs another excuse to boost prices to ridiculous levels in order to service debts already in default.

The manipulated mass media unleashes their propaganda machine and dutifully demonizes another foe of the global command and control cabal. Rabid NeoCons push their pro Zionist script as Progressive stooges fall in line behind their messiah and Manchurian Candidate Wall Street puppet.

Ignoring the U.S. Constitution’s Congressional war power function, once again places another nail in the coffin of the lost Republic. There is no valid national interest in attacking Libya. There is no sane reason to deploy and direct military force in another theater of conflict. Naked aggression is an act of war. The despicable arrogance of Lincoln, the interventionist tradition of Wilson and the imperialism of both Roosevelts is a wicked policy. The office of the Presidency is not a “dime’s worth of difference” from any tinhorn dictator, like Gaddafi.

The Arab League backing of a no-fly zone over Libya is additional proof of their myopic approach towards regional self-interest. Did anyone ask these tribal sheiks who is going to be next after Mubarak and now Gaddafi? If they are unable to see the pattern used to ensure a greater Israel, their coalition is nothing more than a shylock, House of Ishmael, version of deceit as they lose at an existential game of dominos.

America First essentially requires a foreign policy that benefits us, the legitimate citizens, who deserve true national defense. Unending foreign adventurism results in perpetual and permanent animosity towards our country. Duel loyalists forfeit any claim over the American people.

Military service troops need to choose their fundamental loyalty. They should stand down, resign or live up to their oaths to defend our nation against the domestic traitors that sell out to the global elite, that are hell bent on consolidating their New World Order.

BATR is consistent and vocal in opposition to every administration that betrays the tenants of the Declaration of Independence. Congress needs to impeach Barack Hussein Obama II. The House of Representative wimps and Senate toadies must put an end to the dictatorship of any President who refuses to dismantle the evil empire. The axis of the corporate/state, manipulated by the Federal Reserve banksters is the real enemy.

Populists and loyal citizens of all ideologies need to engage in meaningful civil disobedience. If self-determination is such a valid principle that the armies of the world community can attack any nation with impunity, when will a reincarnated Lafayette come to the rescue of a new and genuine American rebellion? United Nation goons are more likely to patrol our cities before the average sheeple decides to take back their government from the criminal syndicate that scheme and plan the next insurrection.

Where is the righteous outrage? Stop the madness and listen to the sage council of the father of our country, George Washington. His farewell address speaks to all ages and people.

“Against the insidious wiles of foreign influence (I conjure you to believe me, fellow-citizens) the jealousy of a free people ought to be constantly awake, since history and experience prove that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of republican government. But that jealousy to be useful must be impartial; else it becomes the instrument of the very influence to be avoided, instead of a defense against it. Excessive partiality for one foreign nation and excessive dislike of another cause those whom they actuate to see danger only on one side, and serve to veil and even second the arts of influence on the other. Real patriots who may resist the intrigues of the favorite are liable to become suspected and odious, while its tools and dupes usurp the applause and confidence of the people, to surrender their interests.

The great rule of conduct for us in regard to foreign nations is in extending our commercial relations, to have with them as little political connection as possible“.

For those who desire a world government that allows vassal rulers to sit on phony democratic thrones, as long as they obey the dictates of the supra elites, the American Revolution was fought to defeat your tyranny. The time is now and the need is indisputable. The call goes out. Minutemen patriots wanted, Tories need not apply.

The Tea Party movement is a start, but it needs to escalate to the next level. Globalists, often residing in New York City, Washington DC and London are the cause of most wars. The Communist gulag was their invention and Beijing totalitarianism their stepchild. The attack on Libya is just the latest campaign to stamp out any resistance to their agenda for total captivity. 

Revolutions are usually bloody, but seldom do the elites shed a drop of their self-proclaimed blueblood in their “Splendid Little Wars“. Only when the true enemies of humanity are recognized and removed from power and influence will the warfare stop on a global level. 

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SARTRE is the pen name of James Hall, a reformed, former political operative. This pundit’s formal instruction in History, Philosophy and Political Science served as training for activism, on the staff of several politicians and in many campaigns. A believer in authentic Public Service, independent business interests were pursued in the private sector. Speculation in markets, and international business investments, allowed for extensive travel and a world view for commerce.  SARTRE is the publisher of BREAKING ALL THE RULES. Contact   

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