Stephen Lendman

Israel Bombs Syria

By Stephen Lendman On Friday, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported Israeli warplanes bombed a military post near Quneitra in Syrian controlled Golan killing…

Gitmo in Chicago Revisited

By Stephen Lendman An earlier article discussed London Guardian revelations about Chicago police operating an “off-the-books (Homan Square) interrogation compound” – a “nondescript warehouse” using…


Israeli Women Wage Peace

Anthony Freda Art Stephen Lendman Activist Post Anti-war women of the world unite. They’re doing it in Israel. Thousands represent a refreshing antidote to Netanyahu’s…


Police State France

Stephen Lendman Activist Post Washington took full advantage of 9/11. Sweeping police state laws followed. They remain in place. Including the USA Patriot Act, eviscerating…


Fear-Mongering Ahead of Another US False Flag?

image source Stephen Lendman Activist Post Fear-mongering is sinister. It’s reprehensible. It’s longstanding US policy. So are false flags. Merriam-Webster calls them “deliberate gross distortion(s)…


Investigating Gaza War Crimes

Dees Illustration Stephen Lendman Activist Post On August 11, Human Rights Council (HRC) President Baudelaire Ndong Ella announced the formation of an “independent, international commission…


Israel Murders Gazan Health Workers

Dees Illustration Stephen Lendman Activist Post Israel wages genocidal wars without mercy. Even doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers and other health workers are targeted. Civilians are…

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