Israel Bombs Syria

israel syriaBy Stephen Lendman

On Friday, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported Israeli warplanes bombed a military post near Quneitra in Syrian controlled Golan killing one soldier, wounding eight others.

The pro-Western London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported two deaths – possible military officials close to Assad. It indicated raids struck other targets outside Damascus, including a weapons depot.

Israel said the IDF “targeted 14 Syrian military posts in the Syrian Golan Heights” – without further explanation. Israeli media reported artillery batteries, army outposts and communications antennae struck.

The attack was perhaps the largest one since the 1967 Six Day War. Is it possible prelude to US/Israeli/Turkish full-scale war on Assad? Things have been heading toward it for many months.

Israel has multiple objectives – eliminating Syria as a rival regional state, balkanizing the country for easier control, blocking the Iran nuclear deal, blaming nonexistent Tehran-orchestrated rocket fire on northern Israel to influence Congress, and ultimately replace Islamic State sovereignty with pro-Western governance.

Israeli officials outrageously blamed Syria and Iran for alleged rocket fire they had nothing to do with if it occurred at all. SANA said Israel bombed Syrian territory “(i)n a bid to support the armed terrorist organizations and boost their low morale…”

“(A)n Israeli helicopter fired rockets on Quneitra (early Thursday evening) targeting the Transport Directorate and the Governorate’s Building…caus(ing) material damage only.”

Unnamed Israeli sources irresponsibly blamed Iran and Syria for allegedly planning rocket attacks on northern Israel carried out by Damascus-based Palestinian Islamic Jihad elements. The organization denied any involvement in what allegedly happened.

Hawkish Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon claimed Thursday’s incident was a “coming attraction” of more to come – from “a richer and more murderous Iran” aided by sanctions relief.

“This is the intention of the bloody regime from Tehran, and the Western world cannot just sweep that fact under the rug,” he blustered.

Israel’s campaign to undermine the Iran nuclear agreement and eliminate its two main regional rivals includes concocting fabricated accusations only morons or liars would accept.

Iran and Syria didn’t attack Israeli territory – not now or earlier. Nor will they except in self-defense.

Separately, Obama told congressional Democrats he’ll continue economic pressure on Iran, maintain the military option, and increase missile defense and other aid for Israel if the nuclear deal is approved next month.

The World Bank weighed in claiming oil prices will drop another $10 a barrel if Iranian sanctions are lifted – while providing an economic boost, saying:

Just as the tightening of sanctions in 2012 led to a sharp decline in Iran’s oil exports and two years of negative growth, we expect the removal of sanctions to boost exports and revive the economy.

Foreign investors are eager to do business in Iran. German vice chancellor/energy and economics minister Sigmar Gabriel visited Tehran – pledging to restore economic ties. He led a delegation of 60 German corporations eager to gain entry to Iran’s market.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius came for the same reason. The Hollande government intends sending a delegation of 80 French companies to Tehran in late September.

EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini is expected to come. Britain, Spain, Sweden and other European countries plan visits.

Israel is going all-out to keep Iran isolated. Expect more baseless accusations ahead.

Maybe Netanyahu has a major false flag attack in mind next – anything to keep demonizing Iran, block the nuclear deal, as well as maintain pressure against Western investment and trade.

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13 Comments on "Israel Bombs Syria"

  1. I don’t care, except to hope that everyone in that region will eventually get fed up and turn israel into a glass parking lot.

    • yup…….yup

    • – how to incorporate the 30,000 MOSSAD operatives and the thousands of “Israeli firsters” parasiting on Americans and the US is a question. Stopping the annual “stipend” of billions to Israel would slow down their treason in the US.

  2. John C Carleton | August 21, 2015 at 10:18 am | Reply

    In days of old, when a rabid dog bit someone who was doing nothing to the rabid dog, the people in that area would hunt the dog down. They would then kill it, burn the body so as to keep the disease fro spreading. Now, when a rabid dog bites someone who is doing nothing to the rabid dog, the NATO bunch, rounds up more innocent people for the rabid dog to bite. I like the old ways best.

  3. Good article, Mr. Lendman. To counteract the demonization of Assad by the West, it’s interesting to watch some of his interviews on YouTube. He is seldom interviewed by the West, and it’s revealing to hear his side of the issue.

  4. Nutanbombyou

  5. Outstanding review. It is refreshing to read accurate reports of the evil that Israeli demagogues are conducting outside of Palestinian territory, in addition to the genocide of Palestinians. Syria could use some of the air-defense rocketry that Russia is selling to Iran. A few Israeli-piloted F-15s downed on Syrian territory would be nice to read in the news.

  6. HappyHuntress | August 21, 2015 at 1:52 pm | Reply

    It is hard to know the truth and all who spew propaganda to further their agendas. It was my understanding that ISIS was created to take out Assad. It is obvious that Obama has planned for years to use Iran’s proxies to destroy Israel and has set the entire Middle East on fire to stir the Muslim Caliphate.

  7. These are very curious developments, to say the least. A year and a half ago, shortly after tensions in Syria had escalated and geopolitical US-Russia diplomatic theater peaked, Zero Hedge reported on 2/23/14 that, against US sanction policy, the US military industrial complex AND Israel were “quietly” supplying jet fighter parts to Iran, which in turn was arming the Syrian government.

    zerohedge (dot) com/news/2014-02-23/us-israel-providing-military-supports-and-parts-iran-which-turn-arming-syria

    We know the banksters and their minions always fund, arm, instigate, and direct all sides in every conflict. Antony Sutton proved that in spades. The oligarchs in Russia (in the tight clutches of the NWO) and its satellites must be complicit in the mega chaos smokescreens being created to balkanize the middle east for the New Middle East Project. That includes the project to create ISIS, Operation Cyclone 2.0. There’s no other explanation as to why the conflict in Syria in being endlessly drug out when, early on, routing out ISIS would have been a cakewalk for Syria with the backing of Russia.

    The problem with writers like Lendman is they lean so far to the left they go into exhaustive detail on the 2-D chess games and leave out the bigger picture of what is unfolding, typically leaving the extreme levels of deception in play unaddressed.

    • BTW, two years ago, Global Research had an article describing a then recent meeting Iran’s leaders hosted for the likes of Goldman Sachs et al, rolling out the red carpet for high profile investment banksters and large multinational corporations in an attempt to encourage investment in Iran. They may not love the globalist overlords, but they know they must “play ball” with the Big Mafia, or else.

      The world’s a stage.

  8. clarioncaller | August 21, 2015 at 5:39 pm | Reply

    The docket at the International Court is reaching overload concerning Isreali abuses against its neighbors. When will the UN finally sanction Isreal for all these crimes against humanity?

  9. IS-RA-EL still delivering hell.

  10. Seems the Lendman crackpot likes to distort facts, just like our US “lamestream media propaganda machine”!

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