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Venezuela: Another Western-Backed Destabilization

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Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

As Ukraine falls to the control of fascist forces funded by the Anglo-American powers and the world watches with bated breath for the Russian response, a similar sequence of events is currently taking place inside the South American country of Venezuela.

For the record, the people of Venezuela, much like the people of Ukraine, have very real complaints against the leadership in Caracas. A lagging economy and a level of personal freedom that is below par to say the least present clear reasons for Venezuelans to be disgruntled.

This latest Venezuelan “revolution,” however, does not appear to be the result of a popular uprising against an oppressive government but yet another Western-backed destabilization campaign aimed at wrecking the existing government and replacing it with another regime more favorable to the goals of the Anglo-Western interests and international banking cartels.

This recent spate of “demonstrations” began in earnest earlier this month with a rash of student protests in San Cristobal. Very soon, protests had spread from San Cristobal to Caracas and other Venezuelan cities with the demonstrators acting in a coordinated fashion, at least in their respective locations. On Monday, protesters began piling tree limbs, washing machines, furniture, and sewer grates while setting up chain link fencing in order to block roads.

Other protesters were not even content to use ordinary street materials to make their case. Instead, cases of activists with firebombs were reported in mainstream news organizations like the New York Times.

At the time of the writing of this article, the death toll surrounding the protests stands at least a dozen.

Yet, as mentioned above, although the Venezuelan people have numerous legitimate complaints against their own government and national ruling class, the demonstrations taking place all across the country do not appear to be the result of a genuine desire for a freer society and better government. Instead, this movement bears the hallmark of yet another destabilization campaign fresh on the heels of a successful Ukrainian color revolution.

It is important to remember that, under the leadership of former President Hugo Chavez, Venezuela was a stalwart source of resistance to the plans of the Anglo-Americans for years, particularly since the George W. Bush administration and continues through the Obama administration.

Likewise, for just as long, both Chavez’ government and the current Venezuelan administration has been the target of US/NATO-backed destabilization efforts, covert operations, and political pressure.

Although Venezuela and the United States are held together by joint business interests involving petroleum exports and imports, this fact has done nothing to soften the tension between the two governments. Venezuela is, after all, the biggest supplier of petroleum to the United States. In turn, the United States is Venezuela’s biggest customer.

Nevertheless, both countries have been at constant diplomatic war since 2010 due to Chavez’ rejection of the nomination of Larry Palmer by the Obama administration and Washington’s subsequent dismissal of the Venezuelan ambassador in response. Recently, in February, 2014, President Maduro expelled three American diplomats. Maduro had expelled U.S. diplomats back in October, 2013 over what he described as a “US plot.” The plot was clear enough, as the US consular staff that was subsequently expelled had previously met with opposition forces and labor leaders in the southern state of Bolivar as well as the opposition Governor of Amazonas. Only days ago, on February 25, the United States announced that it was expelling Venezuelan diplomats in response.

Furthermore, the imperialist US sanctions regarding countries, banks, businesses, and individuals that do business with Iran were applied to the Venezuelan state oil company, Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), in May 2011 after the US State Department claimed that PDVSA delivered two cargo shipments of refined petroleum products worth approximately $50 million to Iran between the months of December and March 2010-2011.

In addition, as NewsMax reports, “The U.S. also imposed penalties on Venezuela's Military Industries Co. for violating the Iran, North Korea and Syria Nonproliferation Act by selling or buying sensitive equipment and technology related to nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and ballistic missile systems.”

Even more so, Chavez’ government, in 2002, was briefly overthrown as a result of a coup largely supported by the United States. This foreign-backed coup attempt involved the mobilization of large numbers of “swarming adolescents” as well as snipers who fired on the marches, which was subsequently blamed on Chavez, thus fanning the flames of chaos and outrage. This is the same method seen in the attempted destabilizations in Syria and Ukraine. (see here also)

Although Chavez was able to regain control of the presidency and the government within a mere 48 hours, such an affront to Venezuelan sovereignty and personal power is not likely to be forgotten by the Venezuelan government. In turn, the fact that the United States is ready and willing to back opposition leaders capable of storming the capitol and taking power is not likely to be forgotten by individuals seeking to do so.

This was precisely the attempt made by the United States and Anglo-American networks during the last Presidential election when Chavez was still alive and campaigning for another term against Western agent Henrique Capriles Radonski who openly stated his favoritism toward dismantling many of the social programs developed by Chavez.

Whatever one may have thought about Chavez or the Venezuelan government, it was clear enough that the Radonski campaign was a tentacle of Western intelligence and NGO networks.

As Lee Brown of Venezuela Analysis wrote at the time,
However there are obvious concerns that this fits neatly with the objectives of those within the right-wing opposition in Venezuela who are planning for the non-recognition of the coming elections if, as expected, Hugo Chavez wins. With the polls showing strong leads for Hugo Chavez, a campaign is already underway by sections of the right-wing opposition coalition to present any electoral defeat as being down to Chavez-led fraud. This has seen baseless attacks on the independent National Electoral Council (CNE,) which has overseen all of Venezuelans’ elections described as free and fair by a range of international observers. The opposition has announced plans to place tens of thousands of ‘witnesses’ at polling stations on election day and then, illegally to release its own results ahead of the official results in a clear bid to discredit them. These plans have sharpened fears that opposition-led disruptions and destabilisation will follow their defeat. This could easily meet Duddy’s condition of 'an outbreak of violence and/or interruption of democracy'.
The “Duddy” that Brown makes mention of in his quote is a reference to Patrick Duddy, the former Ambassador to Venezuela, writing for the Council on Foreign Relations in a paper entitled “Political Unrest in Venezuela.” In this paper, Duddy provided a clear list of possible military, financial, and political contingency measures to be taken after the October 7 elections were held, essentially giving voice to a variety of opportunities which could be seized upon in order to foment the appearance of a popular uprising in the event of a Radonski defeat. The paper, in short, was a manual of suggestions for the implementation of a coup against the wishes of the Venezuelan people.

In the end, Radonski was defeated and the immediate public rioting that Duddy and the Anglo-American networks hoped for did not take shape. However, the destabilization effort that Duddy and the CFR called for in Duddy’s paper is beginning to take shape in Chavez’ absence.

After Chavez’s death and the subsequent campaign between Nicolás Maduro and Radonski, the vote count returned a much smaller margin of victory for Maduro than Chavez had enjoyed. Radonski, predictably, refused to concede defeat and claimed that the elections had been rigged.

Thus, while the internal debate surrounding the election results intensifies inside Venezuela, Radonski traveled to Colombia to meet President Juan Manuel Santos, a staunch ally of the United States. The visit was largely seen as an attempt to shore up international support for the planned coup.

Still, Radonski was, and likely still is, quite confident that the Maduro government will fall and that he will be placed as leader. "I think this government, in the current conditions of illegitimacy added to a deep economic crisis it's showing no intention of addressing, is going to cave in," Capriles said.

As a result, Maduro has responded to Radonski with accusations that he was nothing more than a destabilization agent for “right wing” actors wishing to overthrow the leftist government. Tensions both inside and outside the country began to rise with diplomatic ties being “re-examined” between Venezuela and Colombia as a result of the Radonski PR move as well as growing pro-Radonski supporters demonstrating in the streets. Violent clashes between protesters and the government during this time resulted in at least three deaths.

Now, in early 2014, protests and demonstrations are once again taking place all across Venezuela with Radonski positioning himself to seize power.

With this in mind, it is important to note that Radonski is seen as being much more “market-friendly” by Western banking circles. In fact, analysts from Credit Suisse, Casey Reckman and Igor Arsenin, stated to Bloomberg News in 2012 that, “A Capriles victory would be a good outcome from the market’s perspective, in our view, as he seems to be a more viable presidential candidate than the opposition has presented previously. He espouses a gradualist, inclusive, left-of-center but market friendly approach.”

Translating the above statement to layman’s terms, both Chavez and now Maduro represent a threat to the Anglo-American imperialist strategy because of their refusal to engage in unrestrained privatization. Radonski represents a much better option due to his support for, at the very least, privatization and “free market” tendencies.

The Patrick Duddy Paper

As mentioned above, member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Patrick Duddy, published a paper in the official CFR magazine, entitled “Political Unrest In Venezuela,” in which he provided a clear list of possible military, financial, and political contingency measures to be taken after the elections of October 7, 2012.

Duddy cited the repeated warnings made by Radonski during the campaign regarding the possibility of chaos, destabilization, violence and even civil war if he fails to win the election in order to suggest that these conditions may arise out of Chavez’ sabotage of Venezuelan elections. However, the reality is that the violence and chaos that would have ensued over election results was much more likely to be a legitimate and organic reaction to the election of Radonski who is seen as much more favorable toward dismantling many of the social programs that Chavez heavily invested in. Even Duddy admits in his paper that a Chavez loss might result in riots by government workers “before Capriles can be inaugurated.”

In his paper, Duddy provided several instances that he believed were “Warning Indicators” of violence and political unrest as a result of the Venezuelan presidential elections. Among these indicators are those such as the following:
  • Chavez dies or an announcement is made that his death is imminent.
  • Violent crime is allowed to surge in the major cities before the election.
  • Weapons are distributed to the militia.
  • Basic food items disappear.
  • Remaining independent media are closed and/or prominent journalists are detained.
  • Sharp divisions within Chavismo surface publicly, suggesting insiders know Chavez is failing.
  • A senior political figure close to either Chavez or Capriles is assassinated.
  • Local supplies of gasoline are interrupted.
Although many of these conditions have been predicted or are quite possible inside the United States in coming years, Duddy viewed their presence in Venezuela as the signal of apocalyptic social upheaval. More importantly, Duddy represented this upheaval as vital to the interests of the United States – particularly those involving the need of the U.S. “to promote democracy, increase regional cooperation, combat narcotics, and protect its economic interests in the region.”

For clarification purposes, one may translate these interests to mean “to install puppet regimes via destabilization programs, create U.S. regional hegemony, further the drug trade for intelligence purposes (while imprisoning members of the general public), and protecting private banking and corporate interests operating or wishing to operate in the region.”

A Radonski presidency would not be the first time a prominent Venezuelan politician has cooperated with the Anglo-Americans. During the aforementioned coup against Chavez in 2002, Radonski, who was Mayor of Caracas’ Baruta district, was implicated in the detention of Ramon Rodriquez Chacin, Venezuela’s Interior Minister. Although the charges of fomenting violence on the Cuban embassy during the coup attempt were ultimately dropped, the suspicion surrounding Radonski’s allegiances remain. After all, the U.S. State Department was quick to go to bat for Radonski when his trial was set to take place, claiming that his case was indicative of Venezuelan Human Rights abuses.

If the claims regarding Radonski’s association with pro-Zionist groups are true, along with his questionable actions (at best) during the Venezuelan coup, then there is little surprise as to why former ambassador Duddy and the Anglo-American establishment would support him.

With this in mind, Duddy went on to write that the possibility of violence in the event of a Chavez victory was very real. The question facing the United States, according to Duddy, then becomes “What can we do about it?” Inside the pages of “Political Unrest in Venezuela,” he attempted to answer this question or, more accurately put, how the United States could best take advantage of such a situation.

In the section of the paper entitled, “Mitigating Options,” Duddy lamented the fact that “The likelihood of success for unilateral U.S. efforts is low;” which itself suggests that, if support existed, unilateral U.S. action would be given serious consideration. However, it is important to point out that Duddy did not rule out unilateral action as much as he merely observed that support for it would be low.

Nevertheless, Duddy stated that “multilateral efforts that include other important regional players are far more likely to influence Venezuelan behavior.”

Thus, it is important to note that, among Duddy’s “Mitigating Options,” there falls the subcategories of diplomatic, economic and financial, and military options.

In terms of diplomacy, Duddy suggested that the U.S., “together with like-minded nations . . . . . demand that the OAS declare Venezuela in breach of its obligations as a signatory of the Inter-American Democratic Charter and encourage a secretary-general–led mission to Caracas.” He also proposes that the United States involve the United Nations, the European Union, and “other international partners,” in order to “to explicitly endorse regional efforts to restore democracy.”

Unfortunately, Duddy did not define what a “regional effort to restore democracy” would look like. However, considering the recent history of Anglo-American interference, along with other international “coalitions of the willing,” we can only imagine that the results would bring little benefit to the Venezuelan people.

In terms of “Economic and Financial Options,” Duddy wrote that, in the event of violence or “interruption of democracy,”
the United States could freeze individual bank accounts of key figures involved or responsible and seize assets in the United States. It could also arrange for the proceeds of Venezuelan government-owned corporate entities like CITGO to be held in escrow accounts until democracy is restored and encourage other important trading partners (i.e. Canada, Spain, France, Brazil) to do the same.
He also suggests that the “United States could block access to CITGO’s refining facilities in the United States and consider prohibiting PDVSA oil sales to the United States while the government’ status is uncertain.”

In other words, Duddy is proposing that the United States seize, freeze, and otherwise sanction Venezuelan assets until the election results are established to the satisfaction of the Anglo-American oligarchy. Clearly, a Chavez government does not fit the accepted mold formed by the shadow government currently guiding world society.

With this in mind, the next section of Duddy’s paper, entitled “Military Options,” is much more concerning.

For instance, in this section, Duddy wrote that,
The United States could encourage other Latin American militaries, as well perhaps as the Spanish, to communicate to the Venezuelan military the importance of complying with constitutional mandates, respecting human rights, and preserving democracy. While Chavez loyalists dominate the Venezuelan high command, it is not clear to what extent they control the middle ranks. Nor is it clear to what extent the military’s loyalty to Chavez’s Bolivarian movement would trump other considerations. In the abortive coup of 2002 the military temporarily removed Chavez but also restored him to power.
In this short section, Duddy did more than simply hint that the United States, along with other Latin American client states should “encourage” the Venezuelan military to depose Hugo Chavez and install a different government. Notice that nowhere does Duddy suggest the possibility that Radonski might be the culprit in contested elections and post-election violence. The reason for this is that Radonski was not the target of the Anglo-American destabilization efforts – Chavez was. It is also ironic because Radonski has himself been involved in the instigation of political violence in the past.

Indeed, Duddy’s interpretation of “encouragement,” taken in the context of recent NATO-related adventures, sounds dangerously close to “direction” and outright “involvement.”

Of course, the entire purpose of Duddy’s paper seems to be a preparation at the academic level for a another coup attempt in Venezuela using “contested” elections as a justification. Much like the destabilizations taking place all over the world, particularly in Syria and Ukraine, the Anglo-Americans appear to be posturing for political, financial, proxy, or even direct involvement in the domestic affairs of yet another sovereign nation using civil unrest as a justification. More interesting still is the fact that the civil and political unrest used to justify this involvement has been fomented by the Anglo-American intelligence networks to begin with.

The Current Protests

Eva Golinger, a well-respected Venezuelan-American researcher and staunch supporter of former President Chavez and the Bolivarian Revolution, has recognized the foreign-backed nature of the protests currently taking place across Venezuela. In her article, “Venezuela Beyond the Protests: The Revolution is Here to Stay,” Golinger writes,
Those protesting do not represent Venezuela’s vast working-class majority that struggled to overcome the oppressive exclusion they were subjected to during administrations before Chavez. The youth taking to the streets today in Caracas and other cities throughout the country, hiding their faces behind masks and balaclavas, destroying public buildings, vehicles, burning garbage, violently blocking transit and throwing rocks and molotov cocktails at security forces are being driven by extremist right-wing interests from Venezuela’s wealthiest sector. Led by hardline neo-conservatives, Leopoldo Lopez, Henrique Capriles and Maria Corina Machado -- who come from three of the wealthiest families in Venezuela, the 1% of the 1% -- the protesters seek not to revindicate their basic fundamental rights, or gain access to free health care or education, all of which are guaranteed by the state, thanks to Chavez, but rather are attempting to spiral the country into a state of ungovernability that would justify an international intervention leading to regime change.
Ironically, international media has been portraying these protesters as peaceful victims of state repression. Even celebrities, such as Cher and Paris Hilton have been drawn into a false hysteria, calling for freedom for Venezuelans from a “brutal dictatorship”. The reality is quite different. While there is no doubt that a significant number of protesters in the larger marches that have taken place have demonstrated peacefully their legitimate concerns, the driving force behind those protests is a violent plan to overthrow a democratic government.
Golinger also points out that the three main leaders of the current protests are the same individuals who were instrumental in leading the 2002 coup attempt against Chavez. She states,
Leading efforts to overthrow Chavez were the very same three who today call for their supporters to take to the streets to force President Nicolas Maduro from power. Leopoldo Lopez and Henrique Capriles were both mayors of two of Caracas’ wealthiest municipalities during the 2002 coup -- Chacao and Baruta, while Maria Corina Machado was a close ally of Pedro Carmona, the wealthy businessman who proclaimed himself dictator during Chavez’s brief ouster. Lopez and Machado signed the infamous “Carmona Decree” dissolving Venezuela’s democratic institutions, trashing the constitution. Both Capriles and Lopez were also responsible for persecuting and violently detaining members of Chavez’s government during the coup, including allowing some of them to be publicly beaten, such as Ramon Rodriguez Chacin, former Minister of Interior in 2002.
All three have been major recipients of US funding and political support for their endeavors to overthrow Chavez, and now Maduro.

The US National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and its offshoots, the International Republican Institute (IRI) and the National Democratic Institute (NDI) provided start-up funds for Machado’s NGO Sumate, and Capriles’ and Lopez’s right-wing party Primero Justicia. When Lopez split from Primero Justicia in 2010 to form his own party, Voluntad Popular, it was bankrolled by US dollars.

Over the 10-year period, from 2000-2010, US agencies, including the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and its Office for Transition Initiatives (OTI), set up in Caracas in 2002, channeled more than $100 million dollars to opposition groups in Venezuela. The overall objective was regime change.

Indeed, USAID is quite active in Venezuela, much of its activity taking place through front groups like the Solidarity Center, a recipient of a number of USAID grants. The Solidarity Center, of course, is only one of the four main offices of the National Endowment for Democracy, a notorious agent of international destabilization. The Solidarity Center is also connected to the AFL-CIO, the largest American union currently in operation.

Economic Sabotage

Golinger provides more details regarding the recent historical underpinnings used as justification for the demonstrations as well as those individuals seen as “leaders.” Summarizing the recent events that led up to the 2014 protests, she writes,
In January 2014, as Venezuelans arrived back from their Christmas vacations, economic difficulties continued. Maduro began cracking down on businesses violating newly enacted laws on price controls and speculation. Towards the end of January, new measures were announced regarding access to foreign exchange that many perceived as a devaluing of the national currency, the bolivar. 
Sentiment built among opposition groups rejecting the new measures and calls for Maduro’s resignation increased. By February, small pockets of protests popped up around the country, mainly confined to middle and upper-class neighborhoods. 
During the celebration of National Youth Day on February 12, while thousands marched peacefully to commemorate the historic achievements of youth in the nation’s independence, another group sought a different agenda. Opposition youth and “students” led an aggressive march calling for Maduro’s resignation that ended in a violent confrontation with authorities after the protesters destroyed building façades, including the Attorney General’s office, threw objects at police and national guard and used molotov cocktails to burn property and block transit. The clashes caused three deaths and multiple injuries. 
The leader of the violent protest, Leopoldo Lopez, went into hiding following the confrontation and a warrant was issued for his arrest due to his role in the deadly events and his public calls to oust the president. Days later, after a lengthy show including videos from a “clandestine” location, Lopez convened another march and used the event to publicly turn himself over to authorities. He was taken into custody and held for questioning, all his rights guaranteed by the state. 
Lopez became the rallying point for the violent protests, which have continued to date, causing several additional deaths, dozens of injuries and the destruction of public property. Relatively small, violent groups of protesters have blocked transit in wealthier zones of Caracas, causing traffic delays and terrorising residents. Several deaths have resulted because protesters refused to let ambulences through to take patients to the emergency room.
In the end, there is little doubt that streets full of angry demonstrators, regardless of the reason for their discontent and regardless of their violent acts and connections to the world banking oligarchy, will be broadcast back to the United States and the rest of the Western world as democracy-loving, peaceful protesters. As what little liberty the Venezuelan people had begins to flow down the drain, the corporate media will laud the crowning of the new free market king if the coup is finally achieved. Like the unfortunate people of Libya, Syria, and Ukraine, Venezuelans will wake up to a much darker world upon completion of the Anglo-American destabilization plan. Americans, if their current behavior and level of knowledge is anything to go by, will just wake up none the wiser.

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Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Florence, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor's Degree from Francis Marion University and is the author of six books, Codex Alimentarius -- The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real ConspiraciesFive Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1 and volume 2, and The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria. Turbeville has published over 275 articles dealing on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville's podcast Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV.  He is available for radio and TV interviews. Please contact activistpost (at) 

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Anonymous said...

Everyone: Please jump on social media and sites such as HuffingtonPost to spread the truth about yet another propaganda fueled imperialist agenda by the US! It worked 6 months ago with Syria. Let's spread the truth again!!!

dale said...

I agree with most of this article's viewpont, but
"Venezuela is, after all, the biggest supplier of petroleum to the United States." is incorrect. We get the most from Canada, (nearly 4 times as much) and nearly twice as much from Saudia Arabia, and we get more from Mexico Venezuela is 4th, supplying about 8 or 9% of the imported oil.

Gasoline in Venezuela is 12 cents a gallon and the govt sells gas to Cuba and other nations with whom it has mutual relations at half the going price. I am not sure, but my math shows that 1/3 is sold to the US. During the Katrina crisis, Venezuela offered discounted oil to effected areas.

They have a very dangerous idea that must be crushed: that the resources of a nation should be used to help the people, including people in other nations.

Such ideas must be killed. Imagine the horror if other nations started using their resources (currently under private control) to help their people.

dale said...

Great article. Speaking truth to power. In the tradition of Orwell. because we are sick of the lies of the government, now fully owned by the wealthy, and the corporate media.

Anonymous said...

Knew over 10 yrs ago Iraq and Afghanistan were all about taking control of oil n gas reserves. Lybia, Syria n Iran next, so obvious. But Venezuela having one of the largest oil reserves on the planet, I thought theres no way they'll go to war in Venezuela, theres no reason to. And here we are. If the scumpire cant find the mind control to bring war to ur country, it'll bring destabilization then put in their own puppets. This script is getting really old. Its time to rout the coward puppet masters out of their caves.

Anonymous said...

In what country isn't the west responsible for their civil unrest?

Anonymous said...

The Democratically Elected Legitimate President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych has been Wrongly Accused by the Anglo-American Puppets of Ukraine, of moving Billions of Dollars offshore.

I knew that Euro-America and their Puppets would Maliciously Slander the Legitimate President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, and their latest Malicious Slander is that the Legitimate President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych is responsible for thirty-seven billion dollars of credit received having disappeared in an unknown direction, and the sum of 70 billion dollars was paid out of Ukraine's financial system into off-shore accounts.

This is not credible, because it would have been noticed during the Global Financial Crisis, and this has been Invented to try to justify the Austerity measures.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk who is the Leader of the Mutineers said that in Ukraine, the economic situation was so bad that there was no choice but to take extraordinarily unpopular measures.

That is what the EU Ukraine Association Agreement had wanted all along, and so the Puppet Traitors to Ukraine are doing the Bidding of their Paymasters and of their Puppetmasters, who are Expert Swindlers, and this is cerain Big Banks.

The newly Installed Political Puppet Arseniy Yatsenyuk has made a long career in the Banking Sector and has even already been at the Governor of the Ukrainian Central Bank, just like Viktor Yushchenko was the Governor of the Ukrainian Central Bank.

If People want to know where any Alleged Billions of unaccountable Dollars has gone, then perhaps they might realize that this Euro-American Puppet has the keys to the till, and and we can see why Nuland and Pyatt Leaked Conversation were keen on having Yatsenyuk as Puppet Leader.

The reason I think that the Illegal Puppet Government in Ukraine is Lying regarding those Billions of Dollars unaccounted Money is, because if anyone believed them, then they might Vote for the Person that is Designated by the Legitimate President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych.

The theory being that if the Person who the Legitimate President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych Designates as President wins the Presidential Election, and if the Party of Regions wins a Majority in the Elections, then the Legitimate President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych will give that Money back to Ukraine.

I think that the Democratically Elected Legitimate President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych has Not stolen any Money, and the Proof of that is that Crimea will Vote as soon as possible on its Independence from Ukraine, and other Regions of Ukraine may also do that, because Ukraine is now a Puppet Country, rather than being an Independent Country, and Ukraine is no longer a Constitutional Democracy at .

The Reason Anglo-America Maliciously Slander their Victims is because this Deflects Attention away from their Obvious Crimes, and they want to use Malicious Slander as their Convenient Excuses and Tactic to try to justify their Criminality.

The Issues are not whether the Democratically Elected Legitimate President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych is wealthy, because he has the Presumption of Innocence, because the Issues are those that are Concerned with a Non Nazi Ukraine that is Not a Puppet of America, and the Issues that are Concerned with a Constitutional Democracy.

Hide Behind said...

Who actually killed Chavez's Bolivarian Revolution ;Was it the most powerfull, because of their cohesiveness and accumulated off shore wealth havens and US intel connectionse old oil and agricultual oligarchs or the many who were using the umbrella of Chaves to build their own power bases?
It is true that great danger to Chaves Revolution was old owners of Venezuela but one could say that an even graver threat came from within the "Socialist Elements" within the greTer Chavistas's supporters.
COntrary to the mainly southern and retrograded small minds that were easily manipulated and swayed by greedy political and military power players the Chavez people had to fight the socialist that from day one wanted to end the Communitarianism of Chaves.
Even when the populace began to see the advantages under thr new political and economic order various Socialist were alreDy tKing control over who and to what purposes pubic moneys went into.
The Socialist did not agree with the free educationfor all they were eletist themselves and figured why waste resources.
They did not agree to Chavistas granting of access to eucational sources combined with economic resources for private enterprises.
A politicly naive populace knew of democracy but almost ignorant of politics and political manuvering by small socialist hijackers of community action groups.
As to the chance the people of Benezuela will ever as a whole people be able to fullfill their destinys by choice or will outside powers in partnership with the lowest forms of humanity local politicions do it?
The ignorance by our own kill em all populace and the powers of capital will prevail.

Anonymous said...

Well, the Russian responses does not look to be anything like freedom and self-determination for the Ukraine.

Anonymous said...

I realized that a statement I made in my other comment could be misinterpreted, and I wrote that the Concern is that Ukraine does not become a Puppet of America.

That should not be seen as though it is acceptable that Ukraine should be someone else's puppet, but I believe that every Country should be Independent, and they should Cooperate and Trade with their Neighbours, and the rest of the World.

After the breakup of the Soviet Union, All of those Countries became Independent, and Many of those Countries joined the Commonwealth of Independent States, similar to the British Commonwealth of Nations of former Colonies.

There is some talk of Ukraine's Territorial Integrity, and there are Constitution Lawyers who say that the Territorial Integrity of a Country is Legally Totally Dependent on the Integrity of their Constitutional Arrangements.

There are Constitutional Lawyers, and Lawyers on International Law, who say that Ukraine's Territorial Integrity does not exist for as long as Ukraine's Legally Binding Constitutional Arrangements are Disrespected, Bypassed, and Ignored.

That would mean that Ukraine's Territorial Integrity does not exist until the Legitimate President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych is return to Office as President, or until his term would Legally expire in February of 2015.

According to Legal Experts in this Field of Law, Ukraine's Territorial Integrity may also not exist until the previously Scheduled Parliamentary Elections which would be 2016.

Elections for the Presidency and for the Parliament were brought forward artificially and with brute force to May of 2014.

This was done Illegally and Unconstitutionally by Intimidation by Neo Nazis of both the President and of the Honest Members of the Ukrainian Parliament, who were the Agents for Euro-America, as are some Treasonous Puppet Parliamentarians in Ukraine.

Anglo-America with the help of a few European Union Countries has Sponsored and Engineered a Coup in Ukraine, and the Neo Nazis that they used were and are Wrongly Portrayed in the Western Media as Peaceful Protesters.

If there was a Referendum for Crimea to become a New Country, rather than join up with Russia, under the slogan that Crimea is Crimea, or Crimea is not Ukraine, rather than that Crimea is Russia, then this should not necessarily be seen a Declaration of Independence, but Only as a Fact Finding and as Public Information, on which to Assess the impact of Ukraine's lack of a Legal Constitution, and of the lack of any Legitimate or Legal Claim to Ukraine having any Territorial Integrity.

This is how it would be until the Legitimate President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych is return to Office as President, or until his term would Legally expire in February of 2015.

Crimea would have to make a Unilateral Declaration of Independence, before anyone could even think of Crimea as being an Independent Country.

Anonymous said...

Anglo-America loves to label their Innocent Victims who are Decent, Fair, and Law Abiding with the word, Defiant, by saying that their Victim is Defiant.

Anglo-American uses the word Defiant, as if they are the Standard of what is Good, but the Reality is that the Anglo-America are the Nazis, who can Only be Described Accurately and Fairly as Evil, Corrupt, Brazen, Depraved, and Defiant.

History has shown that Anglo-America has been Defiant of Every Good Law, and of Every Good Principle.

Anglo-America Wrongly Accuses, which means to Maliciously Slanders other People of being what they Themselves Were and what they Themselves Are, and of what they have Done, are Doing, or what they Intend to do in the future.

The Reason Anglo-America Maliciously Slanders their Victims is because this Deflects Attention away from their Obvious Crimes, and they want to use Malicious Slander as their Convenient Excuses and Tactic to try to justify their Criminality.

The Issues are not whether the Democratically Elected Legitimate President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych is wealthy, because he has the Presumption of Innocence.

This is because the Issues are those that are Concerned with a Non Nazi Ukraine that is Not a Puppet of Any Country, and the Issues that are Concerned with are with those of a Constitutional Democracy.

the Ukrainian Parliament was Illegally Dissolved under Duress and the President had to Flee for his safety, which is Illegal, and Anglo-America used Neo Nazis and some Treasonous Puppet Parliamentarians in Ukraine to do this.
Anglo-America used Al-Qaeda in Libya who want to impose Sharia Law on All Libyans, and they said that Al-Qaeda wants to bring Democracy to Libya.

America Suppressed and Ignored the Democratic Movements and Peaceful Protests for Democracy, in Bahrain, and some of the Peaceful Protesters were murdered by the Dictatorial Government in Bahrain, but America is in agreement with that.

I do not if they will be calling Ukraine Swiss Cheese, because some Cities and some Regions, just like Crimea may Vote for Independence unless the Legitimate President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych is returned to Office as President.

We know that Switzerland is Not Popular with the European Union, because they held a referendum to limit migrants from the European Union, and the Swiss Banks may be made to Lie regarding the Bank Account Viktor Yanukovych, who is the Legitimate President of Ukraine.

This is because Switzerland has been Pressured and Threatened by the European Union, because Switzerland is a Democracy.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the best, most-comprehensive and balanced articles on Venezuela I've ever seen.
Well done Brandon!
A few points stand out:
1) the pattern of de-stabilization is becoming so routine, (Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela, to name a few) that people from both "left" and "right," genuine (grassroots) "conservative" "liberal" "socialist" "patriot" etc. are beginning to look beyond the categories that have long since divided us. I mean, Venezuela's "socialism" has it's problems, (mostly brought about by foreign-backed de-stabilization/sabotage); but honest observers can at least see the genuine attempt to give the masses a fair share of the wealth.
We can call ourselves by many names; but in the end, it's what we DO that stands out.
2) The signature of the elitist, imperialist vipers is increasingly coming down to one, single factor: violence.
They have no other card left to play; and they're USING "democratic protest" (and some legitimate dissent) as a cover for a program of social destruction.
And their strategic weapon here is the fascist sub-strata of society: those bitter, un-educated, aimless thugs who LOVE the idea of violence, hatred. Punching people out, causing mayhem gives these people a sense of purpose. They have no "life" to speak of, so they're quite willing to risk their own for the sake of blood lust.
We need to deal with this reality, cause its coming home to America in the near future.

Emma Constantini said...

Please come and live in Venezuela before talking

Anonymous said...

The author has no idea of what the reality of living there is like. It's easy to string ideas together and call them facts and dupe readers who are unwilling to seek out the truth on their own. The readers instead applaud the author and spew the pablum as fact to other uneducated people and the cycle goes round.

The reality is that no one is happy there. Poor people take subsidies and steal the rest, many times at gunpoint. The middle class is on terror watch because the poor have impunity to do as they please. The middle class is the class most effected by the gov't. The poor terrorize the middle class, which work for their living to be able to make a better life for their children, many of whom are the college level students protesting. The police/gov't are corrupt and don't even bother investigating murders, thefts, rapes, etc. So the poor does as it pleases because it supports the gov't. Do you really think that there was even a time ever that it was unanimous among the people for support of the gov't? While the Oliver Stones of the world were advertising what a great guy Chavez was for helping the poor, the middle class was getting raped. In a country where there are more poor people than any other class, the middle class was foresaken for poor votes. (In any civilized country, the middle class are the workhorses trying to actually make a better life for themselves).

While international gov'ts are waiting with baited breathe to find out what ultimately will happen in Venezuela, they are NOT the cause of this protest. It is insulting that someone standing behind "Facts and figures"(of which the sources are never revealed) would spread misinformation about the single most important event in modern Venezuelan history and trivialize it by claiming that the citizens there can't think for themselves and have the intestinal fortitude to stand up for their rights without some lame brain liberal America hater claiming that the US had to nudge them into this (because "they" voted for this and everyone was happy to be there prior to "US intervention).

Shame on all of you who spread this "conspiracy" theory.

G Mo said...

What a load of crap. Check the facts. It starts with the made up "fact" that Venezuela is the largest supplier of petroleum to the US. Not even close - V is at 9% while Canada is 3 times higher at 28%. The whole article is a figment of somebody's imagination & can only be classified as fiction.

Anonymous said...

Although many points made in this article are valid and point to the reality of Western Control and Power in the world, I will like to opine as a Venezuelan who returned home two years ago after living in the US and Canada for 25 years. I describe myself as Apolitical, and see many good things the Chavez Revolution, Ideology and movement has done for the marginals in the Country. At the same time, I also see the affirmation of the following phrase happening in my Country: "Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely." This Government of Nicolas Maduro and Diosdado Cabello is no different and highly Corrupted. All powers of the Government are centered and Controlled in the Executive Branch (i.e. President Maduro/Cabello), Media has been censored, and Motorized Military~Type Guerrillas (called Colectivos) funded by the Government of Chavez (at the beginning to control high Crimes in High-Crime Barrios) along with the National Guards are ordered to go to "Clean the Streets" and are shooting at Civilians, some at point blank. The consequences have 19 people dead so far, hundreds injured, many jailed and many more have disappeared just for protesting. College students are harassed, robbed, raped, assaulted and even killed in their own campuses almost on a daily basis. One runs the risk of being robbed or killed on the streets everyday; just taking any public transportation is hazardous. More people get killed in this Country everyday than people in Iraq or Syria and these countries are at war. The Government imports 98% of all products that are consumed in the Country and it is the Government that controls all Foreign Exchange and it's the Government in this case who is in charge of making sure the country is supplied with Medicine, Food and other goods (such as toilet paper, toothpaste, etc), which is not happening and which has created another reason for discontent. Many companies have stopped doing business in Venezuela because the Government is not fulfilling its payment responsibilities. There is no free market, there is no free media, and the elections are believed to be as "real" as it was the Gore/Bush Election in the US, which we saw how it was all rigged. I don't like to see my Country in Western hands but I don't want my Country in Cuba's hands either (nothing against Cubans except the Cuban Military that is being flown at this time to fight with Protesters with bullets). There are innumerable pictures and videos recorded as evidence of Human Rights Violations (ex. a Female National Guard beating with a helmet a female seamstress who was heading home and took her phone out just to record the National Guards violence) happening with this government in this protest. While the Government spends hours everyday on National Broadcasts telling people that all it wants is Peace, on the other hands shoots and kills Civilians exercising their right to protest. Hospitals have been Militarize so the injured can be inmidiately arrested without the medical care. And speaking of medical, what good is to offer free Health Care when the Hospitals have no tools, medicine and supplies to tend to people and the sick have to take their own cotton, bandage, etc.? Or, what good is to have free education when your teachers are badly paid and the schools are falling apart? What good is to take people out of poverty just to make them completely dependent on the Government? Many are the problems, but these few are the main reasons why we Venezuelans are protesting against this particular form of "Socialism," which excludes everyone who doesn't share the Government's Ideology. which is basically their view of you are either a Chavista (with us) or you are against us. ~ <3 ~ PEACE ~ <3 ~

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