New Reports: Possible Israeli Bombing On Lebanese-Syria Border

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Reports are now being circulated by the Western media outlets citing Lebanon’s National News Agency regarding an alleged Israeli bombing of the Lebanese-Syrian border on Monday February 24, 2014.

These raids allegedly took place near Nabi Sheet, a remote Lebanese village in Bekaa Valley. There were no claims as to what the initial target of the attacks may have been.

However, it is being reported by AP that Hezbollah has a strong presence in Bekaa Valley and border regions have served as entry points for Hezbollah into Syria in order to assist Syrian government forces in much the same way that terrorists are crossing the northern border of Turkey into Syria. It should be pointed out, of course, that Hezbollah forces were invited into the country in order to help establish order.

In the face of these reports, the Lebanese military is denying that there is any evidence that the strikes have taken place. A Lebanese army spokesman did state that the military is investigating these claims.

The head of the Nabi Sheet Municipality, Jaafar al-Musawi, told Al-Jadeed TV of Lebanon that there was no airstrike. “We heard warplanes followed by explosions, it could be along the border with Syria,” he said.

Most of the claims of witnesses regarding an aerial strike are based upon civilians who heard explosions but were unsure of what they were.

The pro-death squad organization, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, claims that Israel bombed a Hezbollah rocket launcher near the villages of Janta and Yahfoufa, yet the SOHR states that it is not sure whether or not the explosions went off in Syria or Lebanon.

Still, while the evidence regarding the alleged bombing is still very much out, it is important to remember that Israel has launched attacks against Syrian forces and military convoys on at least five different occasions during the course of the current crisis.

In addition, it is generally understood that Israel was responsible for an attack on a shipment of missiles that were on their way from Syria to Lebanon in October of last year, although the exact location – whether on Syrian or Lebanese soil – is still uncertain.

This situation is obviously something that continues to be monitored.

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