Thursday, October 17, 2013

10 Lessons from the Government Shutdown

Freda Art
Eric Blair
Activist Post

Thank God the government shutdown crisis is over. Not because it averted economic catastrophe, that's still coming, but because the phony narrative was destructive.

It dragged even the most open-minded people into a designated political camp. People who lean right blamed the poor and needy on food stamps, while "progressives" blamed the Tea Party conservatives who must be racist for opposing Obamacare.

It was predictable and disgusting theater.  And most of you bought into it. You may have noticed that we did not post very many articles related to the shutdown, because why feed such nonsense?

As seems to be the new theme among the ruling elite, "Do not let a fake crisis go to waste." Below are the lessons that we should have learned from this charade. Don't let it go to waste.

Divide and Conquer Theater: Americans put aside petty political differences to stop another war of aggression in Syria. That cohesion was threatening to topple the flimsy facade of left-right politics for good. Nothing like a phony crisis to get people to break out their political war paint and chant partisan slogans like zombies. Perhaps next time more will see it for what it is, theater to divide and control them.

Government is Way Too Big: 800,000 non-essential employees! Seriously? And the best you can do to make people feel their loss is to close public parks and taking a few websites offline? Didn't it cost money to hire private goons to block park access and to remove those webpages which remain hosted (the domains are still live)? And these aren't the million-plus people employed to spy on us. Apparently, they are considered "essential" in a bi-partisan tyranny.

Every Politician is to Blame: The blame game for the shutdown has been hilariously hideous with every single politician jockeying for righteousness. It's not even a real crisis, so the blame is on you for putting stock in any of these losers. They all got what they wanted, control over you for a few weeks!

Math Lesson: Isn't it obvious that the politicians are cherry-picking hot button budget issues instead of tackling the real issues? Did you know it only takes 1 day of taxes to pay for a month of food stamps ($7B), but that it takes 4 times that just to pay our monthly interest on debt ($29B)? Or that it takes almost the entire month of taxes to pay for defense, wars of aggression, and foreign aid? Or that the on-going corporate-welfare bank bailout (after untold trillions previously) is $85 billion per month, dwarfing food stamps 12 times over. Yet, changing monetary policy, writing off debt or interest, drawing down wars, or kicking the banks to the curb are off the table? Make no mistake, the debt theater is designed to hide that which all citizens would agree to ax before cutting benefits to the needy.

Defenders of Obamacare Are Clueless: I remain dumbfounded why a 2000-page law and 10,535 pages of regulations transparently written by Big Pharma and insurance companies, read by no one, is still being defended by progressives. They barely know what's in it, neither does their "representative", it's not "universal" in any sense except in punishment, corporate giants and overlords are exempt, prices have already gone way up, the website doesn't even work, doctors everywhere are jumping ship, and middle-sized companies are dumping hours and benefits. It's not a "step forward" as they like to say if the result is this debacle.  And it's not even cleverly hidden corporate welfare which progressives claim to hate, and they now also defend sharing their most intimate information with bureaucracies while decrying NSA spying? Get a clue, get consistent, or shut up.

Lesson for Republicans: Any Republican politician who trashes welfare for the poor while advocating corporate welfare through bank bailouts, wars, spying, oil and farm subsidies, etc. is an obvious fraudster. Even Republicans who denounce the Federal Reserve system as a Ponzi scheme but still consider the debt as sacred are complete phonies. As if the American people somehow owe this money. That's like forcing Madoff's victims to bail him out. Iceland recognized their national debt was fraudulent and simply wrote it off. Republicans taking the debt seriously are just as bad as Democrats who ignore it completely. It's a phony number on a computer screen which is in dire need of a reboot and a software upgrade.

It's the Monetary System, Stupid: Who do we pay interest to on the national debt? Answer: People who were authorized to create this debt from thin air and charge interest on it. No politician deserves any respect on the national debt issue until they start seriously discussing an alternative to the Federal Reserve system. Period.

What They Can't Get from Taxes and Cuts, They'll Steal Directly From Your Bank Account: These ruthless tyrants won't just tax and cut to get it from you, they'll steal it outright from your bank account or pension funds. The IMF, who scolded American politicians for not raising the debt ceiling, recently unveiled a plan to "tax" all EU savings accounts to pay for bank bail-ins, Cyprus style. Meanwhile, countries like Poland are beta testing stealing private pensions to see if anyone will complain. This is the blueprint for all debtor nations, including America.

This Doesn't End Well:  In one of the most truthful articles to ever appear on CNBC, John Carney and Jeff Cox point out that if the interest rate on the national debt just went up to the 20-year average rate of 5.7%, almost all tax revenue would go toward paying the interest -- leaving nothing for healthcare, food stamps, bridges and roads, social security, or defense.  Just interest on debt! They conclude "if Americans find out that the lion's share of their income tax payments are going to service the debt, prepare for a new American revolution."

Collapse is the Plan: Do you really think elite bankers can't do simple math? That which mathematically cannot continue will not continue. Collapse is unavoidable. The top bankers and politicians know this. Yet they'll continue to rape and pillage under this scheme as long as the people let them, and when the people show too much outrage, they'll simply pull the plug. They may even successfully blame the Tea Party for causing the collapse. After the dust settles they'll roll out their "solution" of a less-sovereign currency.  None of this is by accident!

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Anonymous said...

Please change the background color or font color. It is very difficult to read. My friends post articles on here and I mostly ignore them because of this reason.

jnicolettebailey said...

Great article Eric. Only a handful of people can see that this circus had nothing to do with Red vs Blue.

Anonymous said...

It's not Democrats VS Republicans, or Liberals VS Conservatives, it's THE PEOPLE vs THE STATE!!! Been saying this the whole time this charade parade was happening...

michael tew said...

And all the time people spend fretting about this charade is time not spent organizing your community to defend against incoming big box bastards, supporting low paid workers demanding change, or planting your victory garden.

buzzhawk said...

Many times after events like this take place, it feels like you just seen a movie or play.

Ditch Jefferson said...

Your point on clueless Obamacare defenders couldn't be more spot on.

I recently had the displeasure of attempting coherent thought and enlightening conversation on explaing the outs of this healthcare monstrosity to a lower level liberal.

Without even so much as a properly constructed argument he droned on and on about Tea Party Americans ruining the country by causing the shut down. Must have missed the episode where Maddow cleverly connects those dots! But later he attempt to connect racial tensions with the halting of government services, I had nothing at the time to shove up my ass so I stood perplexed(Lewis Black).

I countered with the fact that closing of the monuments that veterans wanted to get in to see had never happened before. He countered with the flase premise that government had never shutdown before. Wow, he hadn't done his homework and I left the conversation on the note that he needed to look into that. Never mind the fact that he works for a publication, atleast he's only in the advertising area.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm sure at least most AP regulars weren't fooled by the latest episode of left vs. right false paradigm theater. Encouragingly, two very well educated people I know who are somewhat resistant to a full awakening took my cue and began to see the government shutdown hysteria for what it was.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure "Eric Blair" will realize his folly when Gov't cllapse leads to his loved ones starving to death on the street. Mike Lee, (R. Mountain Meadows) just found out the hard way that the US Gov is the biggest employer in Utah after he put them out of work for two weks.

Anonymous said...

Bitcoin or a brick currency will replace the fed shortly.

canobs said...

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libertariandad said...

This is a good breakdown of the issues. ut is very frightening to realize that the debt is artificially being held down and any real uptick in the apr would leave the us without any money to spend on so called promises. would it lead to a revolution? Not sure at this point. it would definitely force people to rethink their retirement strategy.
as for right v left. this whole shutdown seems to just feed into this sentiment. msnbc was absolutely gleeful when the shutdown ended. mrs maddow was as smug as ever biasting about how the repubs got nothing. even though they are the ones that constantly talk aboit compromise. it just drives this country further apart.

Anonymous said...

Good article.

Anonymous said...

"A less sovereign currency" to enable a solution. Someone please assist me.... What could that be?

Anonymous said...

WORTHLESS politicians. Get rid of Big Pharma, legalize and control distribution (and bring R&D) of Cannabis. Big Pharma HAS TO GO

Kevin Beck said...

A few thoughts on this list:

The "non-essential" government workers should be reclassified as useless;
The supporters of big government should be identified as clueless;
The coming collapse is already baked in the cake, and nothing any so-called "politician" does can change that outcome; we are already too far gone.

As a nation, we have reached the point where almost everyone is a taker in some form or another from government. We have a system of 80 overlapping means-tested aid programs for different groups of people to try to give everybody something for nothing. And if one takes a look at last year's federal "income statement," you will see that the amount of our federal deficit for the year corresponds very closely with the amount of phony currency units created by the Federal Reserve that were used to purchase this debt; the Treasury is just selling these notes to our nation's big banks via the Federal Reserve. Soon, we won't have to complain about other nations holding our debt; it will all be held by the Federal Reserve.

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