Friday, February 8, 2013

High School Student Sends Letter to Obama Over Drone Assassinations

Alec Scheer, Contributor
Activist Post

President Obama,

It is my understanding, throughout the duration of your Presidency, that you have persistently authorized drone strikes on innocent Middle Eastern civilians who were supposedly working for, or somehow affiliated with Al-Qaeda.

As a further matter, you have gone so far as to publicly announce – in accordance to your Administration’s white paper concerning the legalities and justifications concerning your drone policy, which was leaked to NBC – that you have the authority to drone bomb any American citizen.

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The Hill wrote, “In the document, the Justice Department concludes that a lethal strike against a senior operational leader of al Qaeda — or an affiliated terrorist group — can occur if a three-part test is met: that a high-level American intelligence official has determined the individual poses an imminent threat, that capture is infeasible, and that the strike is conducted according to the laws of war governing use of force.”

The key phrase here is:

“Or an affiliated terrorist group.”

This is chilling. It is jaw-dropping, rather. Why? It’s simple. According to multiple documents – such as the FBI’s “Project Megiddo” document from the late 1990s and the FBI’s and BJA’s “Communities Against Terrorism” documents – we, the American people, are considered “an affiliated terrorist group.”

It is also interesting to note the hypocrisy which you have entangled yourself in. You have made it clear, upon the reauthorization of the NDAA with Sections 1021 and 1022 on December 31, 2011, with this leaked white paper concerning drone bombings, and with your countless public appearances regarding terrorism, that anyone who is affiliated – or somehow deemed a terrorist – shall be denied their Constitutional rights.

However, have you ever noticed the glowing hypocrisy here? Your administration has openly aided the Al-Qaeda rebels in Syria (Reuters, Daily Mail, etc.) firearms.

Aren’t these the very people you’re against? Aren’t these the very people by which you have used to justify the killings of countless innocent civilians?

From what I have seen, and with respect to the policies/actions mentioned above, you and your Administration should be considered a “rogue” group which aids the terrorist faction Al-Qaeda.

If you can’t consider yourself that, then – at the very least – you need to consider yourself “an affiliated terrorist group”. With that said, it seems as though you need to indefinitely detain or drone bomb yourself, right? After all, you do meet the requirements for such actions. Now, of course, this is hypothetical. I wish no harm to you or any of your bureaucrats. However, I am using this to exemplify your hypocrisy.

Moreover, it is my understanding that you have gone so far as to justify the killing of 16 year old American citizen, for being a suspected Al-Qaeda operative, by having your Press Secretary come out and say it was moral and just.

Whatever the case may be, Anwar Awlaki – the 16 year old whom you killed – was denied due process of law, a jury trial, and was not given the opportunity to defend his case in front of a jury of his peers.

I am a 16 year old high school student myself. Am I next? After all, I am considered an affiliated terrorist group because I support the Constitution and Ron Paul. Will you slaughter me, like you did Awlaki?

Mr. Obama, you will have an uprising on your hands if you do not change your antics. I am not calling for an uprising – nor do I support one – but I am warning you that a plethora of Americans are growing angry over your policies.

On behalf of the large group of concerned American citizens and from a concerned American high school student,

Alec Scheer,

Founder of We Are 1776



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Leslie said...

Since, as the bright young person pointed out, the US government has aided Al Quaeda, perhaps it should be declared a terrorist organization and drone-bomb itself.

Anonymous said...

Hurry, the kid's too smart, get em sum fluoride quick.

Anonymous said...

This needs to spread like wildfire

Anonymous said...

I hope millions are made aware of this upstanding young man's stance on the perfidious activites of Obama and his administration. Perhaps he will lead the apathetic out of their dream and inspire all to take back the freedoms they are losing.

Len Aldis said...

Congratulations to this young man, his letter to President Obama, voices the concern of many thousands in many countries.
His letter deserves a reply from the President himself.

Anonymous said...

Zbigniew Brzezinski (National Security Advisor under Carter), along with the CIA, founded Al Quaeda (which simply meant "the base" in Arabic, in the early days). This was done in an endeavor to involve the Soviets in what Brzezinski referred to a "their own Viet Nam," in Afghanistan. Americans secretly supplied the mujahideen with funds, SAMs, and black market AK-47s, as well as training (including how to make IEDs).

Nearly two decades later, well after the fall of the Soviet Union and with these same CIA-created terrorists still extant on the world stage (albeit in a very small role in religion and local Asian tribal politics), the US needed a new boogey-man to justify, ramp up, and sustain the lucrative US military industrial complex which was beginning to languish in peacetime. The "terrorist threat" being a likely casus belli of potential future long-standing (too mysterious to easily identify and defeat, like say, Nicaragua or Iraq), Al Quaeda was taken out of mothballs, dusted off by the CIA, government and the media, and on or about 9-11-2001 suddenly turned into The Greatest Threat on Earth. A good justification for military funding indefinitely, and a terrific saber-rattling talking point for politicians of every stripe.

Also a great excuse for stripping America of whatever freedoms we had left after years of slow but steady erosion of the Constitution since at least the demise of JFK, if not WWI and earlier.

No, people, we didn't merely work with Al Quaeda, we created Al Quaeda.

Anonymous said...

By gosh, this young man is on to something. I wonder if he is still extant. If he is, I wonder for how long...............

Anonymous said...

The number of Americans growing tired of this administration and it's views and policies are growing every day and the clown in the White House doesn't seem to care.

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