Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Public School Teacher Preaches Preemptive War With Iran


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Anonymous said...

First of all, that "teacher" should be hauled before the local Board of Education and dressed down for pushing his personal NEOCON rhetoric in a classroom. Secondly, being the brain-dead NEOCON he is, he spouts the worn-out, already refuted propaganda concerning Iran and its PEACEFUL NUCLEAR ENERGY PROGRAM. If the IAEA is on record about anything it is that it admits that Iran has done nothing to indicate it is either building, planning to build, or is attempting to acquire nuclear weapons. He tells a bald-face NEOCON LIE that Iran refuses inspections. Being a 'Member in Good Standing' with the IAEA (which Iran demonstrably is) means you CANNOT EVER refuse inspections called for by the IAEA. What Iran has "refused" is the U.S. demand that Iran go further than the IAEA requires to prove to the U.S. that Iran is in compliance(something which is not only unnecessary but just a ruse for the U.S. to screw with Iran). Iran owes NOTHING to the U.S. in the way of abiding by the IAEA doctrine, and THAT is what Iran takes exception to. Also, Iran has NOT gone "way farther" on its nuclear program than is necessary for nuclear power and/or medicine. It has NEVER enriched uranium past 20 per cent, and to even begin to come close to producing 'Weapons Grade' plutonium would require a 90 PER CENT enrichment (something Iran has never done). So, this NEOCON mouthpiece needs to be called on the carpet, if not outright dismissed from ever "teaching" again in a public or private school.

Anonymous said...

I Totally Agree with what the other Anonymous has said here. I also loved how the young lady in his class stood her ground. Makes me hopefull for the future of humanity.

Anonymous said...

The man should be fired and sent back to Israhell.

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