Monday, December 31, 2012

Whistleblowers Gather for Conference on Being Targeted by the Surveillance State

Activist Post

Whistleblowers are being targeted to an ever greater degree by each successive administration. With the recent 5-year extension of the FISA warrantless spying bill, just signed into law by Obama, whistleblowers will likely be subjected to even more suppression, harassment, and imprisonment.

Three of the most influential whistleblowers in recent years, Jesselyn Radack, Thomas Drake, and  William Binney gathered to speak at the four-day Chaos Communication Conference. Kevin Gosztola writing for Firedoglake offers some of the pivotal quotes at his blog entry on the event, which you can find here.

The coverage of the "dark side of personal data"-  and becoming enemies of the state - from three of the most knowledgeable voices in activism for whistleblower rights is a must-see in its entirety. These three panelists represent the highest level of courage, and offer key insights into what anyone is likely to face in an era where doing the right thing seems to be subject to criminal penalties. 

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Anonymous said...

The day the goverment started to spy on me was the day the goverment became the enemy. Here is an strange one i was on the net yesterday and went to microsoft i went to support and asked a couple of questions got my answer then left. About half an hour latter i got an email saying thanks for using support and all that. The strange thing is i never signed in so how do they know it was me and isnt that classed as spam. Me think the world is one messed up place its not just the gov who spy's on us its fucking everyone. If you think im the enemy come and bloody get me but stop your bloody spying on me and piss off. This is not why we elected you we elected you to manage the books and you cant even do that so why do you think spying on us is now your job you cant even do the one you are employed to. Yes the goverment is the new enemy just like saddam and his bunch.

Anonymous said...

@the first Anon poster - It's not so much that these people in power view you as the enemy, it's that they view human nature as an enemy.

They see what you as a human being are capable of doing as a threat to them.

That is why they seek to control every aspect of peoples life's - how they think, feel and behave.

By doing so when that human nature takes over and people get angry or what have you and can't stop themselves from acting out they can usually control where that anger gets directed - not at them.

In a way it makes sense and some people could definitely make a case in favor of it, but it is still disturbing to me.

That being said I accepted a long time ago that somebody out there knows everything I do, both offline and online, and beyond that perhaps.

In addition to that being the nature of the 'technocratic' society we live in just in general, based on views I have expressed online and offline over the past several years if I was in their position I would probably be watching me too, so I'm sure they are, haha.

At best I'm maybe just an inconvenience to them with my viewpoints but these days even the most minor of potential threats are monitored pretty closely.

I have no intention of ever using violence for any reason so I don't much care if they monitor me personally.

I'd be willing to do a lot to change the corrupted and destructive system that exists these days but I would never use violence to achieve such ends.

Using violence to achieve "peace" is not ironic, it's just not possible and is counterproductive.

They want that violence, that polarization and radicalization. Don't give it to them if you actually want to oppose them.


Glen Dooer said...

I tried to upload a pic of a lot of burnt live Christians killed by Muslims on Face book but face book ruled there was a upload error ...some how FB could detect what the image was and refuse to upload.

Mike Rose said...

Your bias is showing, Glen.
Why not try uploading photos of any of the US Army's barbaric-targeted depleted-uranium Muslim victims from the 2005 illegal genocidal white-phosphorus Christian bombing campaign all night at Falluja?

Anonymous said...

Happy new year Glen.

The American sponsored and armed Muslims who murdered the Christian (and fed him to dogs, you forgot that part!) in Syria, an action supported by all Democrats and REPUBLICANS, are animals.
Animals that get everything they need from your CIA with your hard earned tax dollars.
But tell me Glen, why would you want photographs of such an ugly crime? Better to inform yourself and work to stop YOUR government of Republicans and Democrats from giving money and guns to these animals.
Jesus would want you to be brave, to be right and to inform yourself so you could do his will, right?
Here you go........loads more articles about Syria, your government role in arming, protecting and training the Al-quada animals that cause you so much concern. Remember, Jesus wants you informed and aware, so you can do his work. Peace!

Anonymous said...

Jonny @8:45..

"I have no intention of ever using violence for any reason so I don't much care if they monitor me personally."

This is a very big error on your part. Ever heard the term ThoughtCrime? The idea being that they won't settle for just being able to monitor your thoughts, they will want to control them as well. As you have proven, they already do.

Anonymous said...

"This is a very big error on your part. Ever heard the term ThoughtCrime? The idea being that they won't settle for just being able to monitor your thoughts, they will want to control them as well. As you have proven, they already do."

Honestly that doesn't really bother me that much, I mean as a matter of principle I despise it but on a personal level I really don't care what they do to me.

At this point I'm not even entirely sure I oppose what they are doing, in a way from their perspective their actions could very well be considered "humanitarian".

I've always viewed them as "misguided idealists" but these days I'm really not so sure they are misguided, but rather just realistic about what it would take to save the human race from it's own ignorant self-destruction.

The things that unite all of humanity more than anything else are used to divide it and to unleash violent and destructive acts on other peoples.

Lately my posting has not been so much about opposing these forces in the world but about trying to get those who do oppose them to understand what they are actually all about, and what they are actually trying to achieve.

It's easy to simply dismiss them and their actions as "evil" but only by using the existing paradigm's standards of "good" and "evil" as dictated by the religious orders' centuries of indoctrination.

Every person on Earth except perhaps some with mental illnesses are born knowing that it just is not right to hurt other people.

It takes religious indoctrination to make people believe it is okay to hurt other people as long as those people have been designated as "evil" by the leaders of their communities.

Humanity today is in a desperate situation and desperate times call for desperate measures.

Knowledge is power and I just want everyone here to have a bit of power for themselves.

Beyond that I really don't care what happens to me.


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