Celebrity Gun Control PSA Coupled With Their Own Hollywood Gun Violence

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Not all celebrities contradict their beliefs, but the 45+ celebrities featured in the video below are stark raving hypocrites.

Have you seen the recent “Demand a Plan” public service announcements with very familiar faces smugly demanding that we tell Congress come up with a “plan” in lieu of recent shooting tragedies like Sandy Hook?

Even more smug is that the burden is on us to figure out . . . something . . . and demand Congress to do . . . something. Although vague, we know that the main point of the PSA is for strict gun control.

Repeatedly, they say “Enough.”

A YouTuber had enough of the 1% hypocrisy and has compiled all the PSA clips and matched them with each actor’s gratuitously violent portrayal of guns. The contrast is astonishing and could be darkly humorous, were it not for the serious nature of the shootings, the victims’ exploitation, and a demand for gun control by those who glorify graphic violence as entertainment while receiving a massive payday from that violence.

Not surprisingly, these PSAs were backed by Mayors Against Illegal Guns, co-chaired by none other than Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York.

Bloomberg is in high gear to revoke gun rights, playing up recent shootings and public fear. New York Times wrote, “Even so, the mayor is looking to move fast, aware that public outrage can fade quickly.”

But will the public also find the following an outrage?

Warning: Violence & Language. A clean version appears here, but still contains violent images. The video includes a link to an extended version, also worth watching.

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