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Drakes Bay Oyster Co. Put Out of Business by Agenda 21

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James Bennett
Activist Post

This is a sad story exposing the brand of contrived science that is the defining M.O. of U.N. Agenda 21 Sustainable Development; this time putting Drakes Bay Oyster Co. -- an 80-year-old company -- located in the Point Reyes Estuary just north of San Fransisco out of business. As you will see in the short documentary below, this is a gut-wrenching tale in and of itself. However, if this tragedy can shed some light and help folks recognize the earmarks of the oppression we find ourselves in the grips of, and how it translates to the decimation of everything we hold dear, then maybe there is reason hiding in the unreasonable.

The Agenda employs proven plays from past oppressions. Divide and Conquer (the Left/Right paradigm, pro-green/pro-business), repetitive propaganda (Goebbels). Hegel's formula for oppression: Problem/Reaction/Solution. It is a Soviet model of governance empowering an alphabet of unelected NGOs, agencies, coalitions and "advocacy" groups employed to make decisions and synthesize "consensus" for the Agenda's implementation all cloaked in a green blanket of lies.

Agenda 21 also uses the Precautionary Principal. This guilty 'till proven innocent postulate basically states that in the absence of their scientific consensus, our activities can be stopped even if suspected to pose any potential risk of harm to the environment. Once such an accusation has been fabricated, the burden of proof that it is not harmful falls on those under this scrutiny. These unfounded accusations can defy common sense, and often do.

Hundreds of dams have been blown up ruining generations of agriculture, ranching, growing, destroying clean hydro-electric operations and allowing fresh water to run to the ocean, by citing the detriment to salmon spawning, or deference to fish that aren't even indigenous to the local ecosystem.

Locals have made suggestions to build salmon bypasses next to dams, but these are ignored. Even if in reality wildlife is unaffected, locals find themselves having to prove a negative to Agenda 21 adherent bureaucrats to defend their rights and property.  Public access is being prohibited over mating habits of birds locals have never even seen. Dream homes or even guest cottages are denied based on frog or salamander habitat in wetlands miles away.

This particular act of tyranny regarding Drake's Bay Oyster Co. will do much detriment to Point Reyes' local economy in terms of their livelihood, tourism and a culture; a way of life carried on for many generations. These operations are orchestrated and engineered to serve globalist ends in communities across our country. Coercions pursuant to the Wildlands Network Project which calls for humans being restricted to designated areas, and the vast majority of North America "rewilded". Carried out by officials selected and well paid for their willingness to go with the program. It is yet another use of the Hegalian Dialectic. As the fear/reaction component of the dialectic can evoke physiological changes to make the populace more receptive to the power of suggestion ... then a solution.

How ironic that well-meaning "greenies" in your community would have their appreciation of nature reduced to old photos if the Agenda is fully realized. Yet they are commandeered as foot soldiers to implement Adolph's Urban Planning 101. It's difficult to enjoy nature when restricted to a Transit Village/Human Settlement gulag.  

Such an evil paradox that this controlling cabal could have their way with our planet with their "geo-engineering", turn our plasma to a microwave, orchestrate the Gulf disaster, etc., etc... Yet seek to impose guilt on our children and oppress the world under an environmental Agenda!

The dreaded phone call came Thursday Nov. 29th to Drake Bay Oyster Co. owner Kevin Lunny informing him that it was over. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar informed the family that Friday, Nov. 30th was the end of another American Dream.

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James Bennett is a business man and prolific activist from Sonoma County Ca. James says that , "Although I've never been politically active, like many I've become someone I never thought I'd that we don't end up with a life we never thought we'd have."



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Anonymous said...

You can be sure if this business was owned by a mega corporation like Kraft, they would have made an exception for it. It's just part of the plan to put all small businesses out of operation. Corporations don't like a free market. Nor do they, or their puppets, give a crap about the environment.

Anonymous said...

you are correct.

Anonymous said...

Powerful video. This is one of the most disgusting abuses of gov't thuggery ever. Environmentalists should also be ashamed of the government's behavior.

Anonymous said...

Ken Salazar cares SO much about wildlife that he
has been facilitating wild mustang roundups on BLM
land and selling them to his neighbor Tom Davis for
transport and sale to slaughter houses in Mexico!

Anonymous said...

THIS is a prime example of the disfunctional Government we MUST secede from, ALL 50 States. Start anew, replace the corrupt politicians from the POTUS down to the Janitor. This is just the beginning of what our current adminstration has in store for us all. Small businesses are DEFINATELY on the chopping blocks. The time will come when the EPA dictates to you, just how many flushes you are ALLOWED per day, I kid you not. It has gotten too far outt of hand. The ONLY fix is to secede from these land grabbers, money grabbers and thieves we call "Politicians".

Anonymous said...

This is just another example of the disconnect between reality and our government. We see it everywhere; in wars, in financial markets, in courts, in elections, in medicine, in education, in everything.

The scary part is that nothing is too ridiculous for our government to say. They tell us that Osama bin Laden changed the laws of physics on 9-11 and we're supposed to believe them.

Oyster farm, 9-11, war: It's all the same.

Anonymous said...

A lot of local natives are getting restless over this one. Could this turn into the Kelo decision of the ag community?

Stay tuned.

Seen said...

People need to understand that this is only the beginning. Agenda 21 also names every man, woman, and child effectively governmental property as a resource/capital to be allocated. This system cements the transition of civil rights into civil privileges determined by the central government.

Anonymous said...

The USA should leave the united nations. Its an evil no good elite club of central banking interests hell bent on control. It was Maurice Strong from Canada who got the ball rolling on agenda 21.

Agenda 21: How Will It Affect You?

Some day people will learn USA is a corporation and as such only operates on paper and needs other corporate fictions to operate. People were changed into corporate persons through the birth certificate. USA is in bankruptcy and has been for a long time.

Here is an interesting story worth reading.

Its time to strangle these defacto governments.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to ICLEI local agenda 21 for San Francisco

Here is the the member list for the whole USA. This needs to be stopped more madness will follow. This story is only the beginning.

Anonymous said...

Ken Salazar needs to revisit his own roots:

"Salazar's family settled in the American West before the United States was a country. After settling in New Mexico four centuries ago, his family planted roots in Colorado's San Luis Valley, where they have farmed and ranched the same land for five generations. Raised on a remote ranch without electricity or telephone, Salazar learned the values of hard work, family, and faith. Thanks to his parents’ lessons, he and his seven brothers and sisters all became first generation college graduates.

A farmer for more than thirty years, Salazar was a partner with his family in El Rancho Salazar. He and his wife have owned and operated small businesses, including a Dairy Queen and radio stations in Pueblo and Denver." (U.S. Dept. of the Interior website)

Just goes to show what politics and money does to a human being. A travesty.

Anonymous said...

The Corporation Of The United States Of America Is It True? We Are Not Under Common Law?

Anonymous said...

Heh it seems this court case was also pivotal for the fraud mentioned above to be perpetrated. It was the the court case that gave corporations the rights of persons. In reality it was the need for the illusion of rights for people as they had been changed to corporations. Cognitive dissonance starting to set in yet?

Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad

Anonymous said...

Repel all boarders.

Anonymous said...

You are all confused. This is not government. This is organized crime pretending to be government. When Abraham Lincoln took on the banksters a coup d’√©tat happened as this country was overthrown. This is not taught in the bankster controlled schools. Kennedy learned what happens when you take on the banksters by printing your own interest-free money.
Wake up and realize that this is nothing short of organized crime. Your 'government' is not protecting you. This is gangster war against the people and this country. This is creeping communism and you are next up for the slaughter!
United we stand, divided we fall.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9:21

Horses are an invasive species in the western hemisphere. There's no such thing as a "wild" Mustang. They are just feral domesticated horses.

Anonymous said...

So are you my friend.
-Native American

Anonymous said...

I went to college with these eco-nuts,and there brainwashed freeks,they believe reducing the population by starvion,taking your jobs,stealing your land,having their police kill you and your children,anything they can to chase everyone out of california is a good thing,want to save your self,move to washington,THIS whole thing is BRITISH backed and short of throwing them all out of california,YOUR SCREWED.............

Anonymous said...

It seems that every day we have to read about another generations old business closing their doors or sending their manufacturing and jobs to China. Probably the biggest detriment to small business in this country is current President Obama and our EPA. If your business is non-union (as most small businesses are) these days, you're SOL. And over-the-top EPA regs have made running many small businesses too costly an endeavor. Someone above mentioned the disconnect between politicians and the public. It's at the point where people need to be considering group actions against the government. Our current politicians just raised taxes on people earning so little money, they live from paycheck to paycheck. And think nothing of charging those same people $12 bridge tolls to get to work every day, while they pay $4 a gallon for gas. But the king of disconnect is NY's own billionaire mayor Bloomberg, who wanted to charge an additional fee to get into midtown Manhattan. That's what he does when he's not too busy making soda pop illegal.

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