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The History Of DHS Ammunition Purchases

This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future.
– Adolf Hitler

James Smith, Contributor
Activist Post

The question of whether a leader is good or a tyrant is an age old question. Being the one who wears the crown opens you up to criticism from all levels, and, to be quite frank, you can’t make everyone love you.

This article is to outline purchases by the Department of Human resources since August 2002, a ten-year span. The Department of Homeland Security was created by then President Bush as a preventative measure from further terror attacks on American soil. And since its inception has been fodder for skeptics and fuel for those demanding a smaller, unintrusive government.

Below you will find the lists of solicitations, hyperlinked to their pages located at

The following filters were used:

US Coast Guard and Secret Service were not accounted for. The USCG rarely requested ammunition, and the Secret Service were mainly “Award Only” notices. No amounts of ammunition could be obtained.

Any “Award Notice” only entries were omitted due to the lack of needed information.

In the first chart, you find the hyper linked solicitation, the total number of rounds requested, and the agency requesting the ammunition. Of all of the sub-departments, only Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) ordered ammunition outside the filters discussed above.

Solicitation Link Date Quantity Agency
Solicitation Number: NFU040075 3/2/2004 970,000 ICE
Solicitation Number:04FAD0085 6/23/2004 200,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number: 05FAD0041 7/6/2005 100,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number: 05FAD0059 8/22/2005 300,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number: 05FAD0060 8/26/2005 100,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number:HSCEOP-05-P-00778 9/10/2005 1,222,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: LGL06Q00043 12/12/2005 1,500,000 FTETC
Solicitation Number: 06CHS0034 1/10/2006 317,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number:NFU060173 4/19/2006 166,000 ICE
Solicitation Number:NFU060209 5/4/2006 39,600 ICE
Solicitation Number: 06FAD0044 5/12/2006 300,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number: HSCEOP-06-R-00011 6/7/2006 100,000,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: LGL06R00063 6/29/2006 21,570,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number:06CBPBP069 7/25/2006 270,000 FLETC
Contract Award Number: LAR06P00100 7/25/2006 5,000,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number: 0088 8/9/2006 50,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number: 06FAD0079 9/13/2006 200,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number: 06FAD0076 9/21/2006 15,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number: LGL07Q00011 3/14/2007 32,425,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number: HSCEOP07P01183 6/25/2007 106,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: HSCEOP07P01185 6/26/2007 83,000 ICE
Solicitation Number:07CBPBP060-061 8/9/2007 109,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number:07ART0450 8/28/2007 100,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number: HSCEOP-07-R-0020 8/31/2007 256,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: HSBP1007Q1489 9/25/2007 57,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: HSCESS-08-Q00003 4/17/2008 375,000,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: HSCESS-08-Q-00005 5/12/2008 100,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: NFU080145 6/4/2008 149,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: NFU080174 6/6/2008 85,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: 08ART0181A 6/18/2008 600,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number: 08ART0181 7/2/2008 6,000,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number: HSTS0708Q00081 7/22/2008 19,572,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number: 08CBPBP072 7/25/2008 208,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number: NFO080239 8/8/2008 200,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: HSCESS-08-Q-00018 8/20/2008 7,375,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: HSCESS-09-Q-00003 12/19/2008 200,000,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: 192109NFU00000064 2/2/2009 240,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: 192109NFU00000061-62 2/3/2009 135,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: 09FAD0034 3/4/2009 25,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number: HSCESS-09-R-00003 4/28/2009 18,000,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: NFU00000242 7/6/2009 30,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: NFU00000247 7/7/2009 92,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: NFU00000253 7/8/2009 65,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: 192109NFU0000291 8/24/2009 130,800 ICE
Solicitation Number: 09CBPBP076 8/25/2009 69,920 FLETC
Solicitation Number: HSFLAR-10-Q-00018A 4/19/2010 213,920 FLETC
Solicitation Number: NFU00000246 8/12/2010 109,200 ICE
Solicitation Number: NFU00000264 8/12/2010 350,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: 20056107 8/22/2010 49,400 ICE
Solicitation Number: HSCEMS-11-Q-00002 12/17/2010 375,000,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: SSA-RFQ-10-2159 5/9/2011 25,750,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: HSCEMS-11-R-00004 7/12/2011 450,000,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: 20066169 8/8/2011 24,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: HSCEMS-12-R-00002 2/6/2012 165,000,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: HSFLGL-12-Q-00119 3/1/2012 10,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number: HSFLGL-12-Q-00029 4/12/2012 8,450 FLETC
Solicitation Number: HSFLGL-12-B-00003 4/17/2012 70,000,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number: HSCEMS-12-P-0000 6/6/2012 12,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: HSFLAR-12-Q-00046 7/20/2012 43,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number: HSFLAR-12-Q-00063 8/16/2012 75,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number: HSFLAR-11-Q-00090 8/17/2012 58,000 FLETC

The second chart, shown below, demonstrates the total number of ammunition requested by year. After that chart, is the breakdown by percentage of the year against the total amount requested. As can be seen, 58% of all the ammunition that has been ordered, was ordered under the Obama Administration.

2004  0.06%
2005  0.17%
2006  6.80%
2007  1.76%
2008  32.40%
2009  1.00%
2010  19.98%
2011  25.30%
2012  12.51%

The last chart provides the chilling breakdown of just how much ammunition was requested. The grand total? A mere 1.88 BILLION rounds ordered in less than eight years time.

Oddities were discovered during this examination. A solicitation for an emergency allotment of 18,000,000 rounds of .40 S&W ammunition was requested to cover a shortfall of until December of 2009, but no major purchase could be found until December of 2010.

Justification for Other Than Full and Open Competition to purchase an “interim supply” of 18,000,000 rounds of .40 Smith & Wesson (S&W) Caliber 135 grain ammunition to bridge the gap in inventory until long term Indefinite Delivery / Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts can be put in place. Contract awarded to Federal Cartridge Company of Anoka, MN.

This also provides justification for such large numbers of ammunition purchases, ie, training. However, in order to be more fiscally sound, the ammunition should be a ball type, or full metal jacket, not a jacketed hollow point, where the cost would be anywhere from two to five times less expensive.

To put this in very simple terms: in the 8 years, 5 months, 23 days that have elapsed since the first ammunition order:
  • 7 rounds every second would need to be shot in order to use every last round ordered as of today.
  • That would be 5.9 rounds per American.
  • For every letter in the King James Bible, 608 rounds.
  • If you were to put the ammunition in the small 50 round box of .45 ACP, it would be approximately 496,382 cubic feet, or 63 Olympic sized swimming pools.
The question of whether all these ammunition purchases are for an outbreak of civilian riots cannot be answered here. There are too many variables to accurately ascertain the likelihood. Many of those who would fight for the government would place family above duty and thereby weaken the chances of a successful martial law across the fruited plain. In limited areas, yes, martial law could and would be implemented. Those areas unmolested by civil disorder would do best by informing the public to arm themselves for the possibility of malcontents and criminals that may want to stir up trouble.

But perhaps what this Administration forgets is the most basic of warfare. It is not ammunition nor weapons that decides a war. It is the indomitable human spirit that cries for freedom that decides who wins and who dies. Tyranny may win battles, but Freedom and Liberty will win the war. Every time. Just ask any American, Spanish, English, Frenchman or Pole.

Weapons are an important factor in war, but not the decisive one; it is man and not materials that counts. - Mao Tse-tung 1938

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This article first appeared at Prepper Podcast Radio Network.

Read other articles by James Smith HERE.

James is a father of four and grandfather to four. He and his wife of almost 30 years have been prepping since 2003. They live in a small town, with neighbors as close as 10 feet away and have raised chickens for 2 years covertly on less than 1/5 of an acre. He is a former corrections officer, insurance fraud investigator, and he served in the Navy for 6 years. He currently works for a corporation dealing with the disabled population and their benefits. He is the host of The Covert Prepper show and the Prepper Podcast Radio Network News, both heard on Blogtalk Radio.


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Anonymous said...

That Hitler quote's bogus. The National Socialists ameliorated the restrictive Weimar gun laws.

Anonymous said...

You forgot the 500 mil, 40 cal, from Remington, Jan 2010 and the 500 mil of same from Winchester Olin in March 2010 as reported in Shooters Industry issues Jan and March 2010. Was listed for DHS. That is one billion rds of 180 g HP 40 S&W

apeman2502 said...

My contact with a career in military intelligence lies to me to maintain his position of a self-conceived social dominance for himself and his friends with money and power. He tells me this information is all bogus. That means it is true and we have a heavily armed criminal government on our hands that is infecting the sheeple with the disease/desire to kill off all competing bloodlines, just like the British royals and Rockefellers and Bushes always did.

These are the bullets they intend to do it with. If you liked the Beatles and Faulty Towers reruns to accent your Brady Bunch and Queen for a Day, you will fit right in to what I see as hell on earth. Monsanto? M-m-m-m-m, good!

Anonymous said...

When getting all spooked about the DHS slobs buying ammo, keep the following in mind;
there were over 3 million 500 thousand hunters using high power, accurate rifles in just the 5 states shown below:

(Licensed Resident Gun Hunters)
Pennsylvania 1,000,000
Michigan 675,000
Wisconsin 656,164
New York 643,534
Texas 570,000

Now imagine adding all the other states...
Now imagine adding all the gun owners who don't hunt...
Now, you tell me what army of a million, much less 100,000 bureaucrats would want to tangle with the 60 to 90 million armed Americans
We are many, they are few, they fear us.

By the way, Americans probably bought 1 billion rds of ammo, LAST WEEK.

Anonymous said...

Licensed gun owners... har har

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter how many bullets Americans have if their guns are taken away. The gov't has already planned for taking away guns. Most Americans will make a big fuss but they won't die for their guns. It will happen.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

They ARE, however, willing to take your life for resisting them if they show up at your residence.

Anonymous said...

The DHS can buy all the bullets and guns that they want. 240,000 employees is still going to be 240,000 employees regardless.

Anonymous said...

More and more of my comments keep disappearing.

In response to the loud booms in the foothills I would guess its DHS.

I also wonder if it has anything to do with the increased earthquake activity.

Whatever it is I do not believe its natural nor do i believe in this many coincidences.

Anonymous said...

And I thought hollow points were not in accordance with the Hague Conventions.

The Hague Convention of 1899, Declaration III, prohibited the use in international warfare of bullets that easily expand or flatten in the body.[3] This is often incorrectly believed to be prohibited in the Geneva Conventions, but it significantly predates those conventions, and is in fact a continuance of the St. Petersburg Declaration of 1868, which banned exploding projectiles of less than 400 grams, as well as weapons designed to aggravate injured soldiers or make their death inevitable. NATO members do not use small arms ammunition that is prohibited by the Hague Convention.

Nam Marine said...

The major thing to remember is they do NOT have enough people! The NRA claims that over 200 Million Americans are armed! That would be the largest military on this planet! True, many will die, but the false Government will NOT prevail!

Anonymous said...

Yikes! What planet am I on?

Anonymous said...

If they come door to door I predict a lot of guns will become "lost".

Anonymous said...

When they come for the guns they can have them bullets first :)

Anonymous said...

I have plenty of guns and ammo. But I afraid that would be no match for tanks, artillery, and air attacks if the s...t hits the fan! They will kill you.

Anonymous said...

DHS is comprised of various agencies to include USSS, ICE, CBP, HSI, TSA, FPS and Coast Guard. There are approximately 54,600 gun carriers/law enforcement officers in DHS. The average gun carrier is required to qualify on a quarterly basis and fires approximately 560 rounds of ammunition per year. Here is how the numbers break down:
54,600 gun carriers x 560 rounds per year = 30,576,000 rounds needed per year for re-qualification purposes. If we divide 1,500,000,000 rounds by 30,576,000, this would mean that DHS has a 49 year supply of ammunition. I find this number astounding. Why does DHS need a 49 year supply on hand? I think the conspiracy theorists may be on to something.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes I will!!

Anonymous said...

What if the ammo is to be used by foreign special forces, who do not have their families in the US, disarming the US population?

Anonymous said...


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