Monday, July 23, 2012

Is Galactic Perspective Missing in Climate Change Debate?

Nicholas West
Activist Post

The recorded history of mankind is incredibly limited vs. the vast time of Earth's existence and development. Those who question the man-made climate change argument remember well, for example, the U.N. and Al Gore's alarming hockey stick graph, which proved to be nothing more than a creative way to use a very limited data set to encourage a pre-determined conclusion.

It is for this reason that we should not jump about in panic when we are faced with "nature gone wild" scenarios (such as the current U.S. drought) presented as solid indicators of why we need immediate, knee-jerk actions to be taken. Perhaps a much-needed galactic perspective is required, as is presented in the video below.

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Regardless of what position we take as we are hit from both sides by scientific arguments and deliberate obfuscation, it is the current set of proposals to combat global warming that should makes us all cringe when we see the vast array of globalist institutions that are literally invested in convincing us that humanity is the main source of this supposed problem.

It might ultimately be most effective to continue our investigation, and debate the findings; realize that we are living on a volatile planet that is subjected to the fluctuations of the cosmos; and in the meantime endeavor to prepare ourselves as best as possible to survive the widest range of potential outcomes.

What is your view of the information presented in this video? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Anonymous said...

Very thorough for a short presentation. Would love to see more info.

Anonymous said...

All I DO know is that Al Gore and the banksters behind climate change and carbon taxes are 100% full of S***

Anonymous said...

1. Cap and trade is a 100% scam
2. 2/3 of gasses claimed to be causing global warming are water vapor
3. The planet is undeniably warming, it has been observed. How they find the temps:
4. Your weatherman has never been able to predict the weather a weak ahead of time, how can scientists really claim to make their predictions? I would bet all the good scientists use a million disclaimers never reported by press.
5. A good amount of independent scientists (not IPCC or Heritage Foundation, etc) will show you that the earth is warming and there at least a couple good arguments about it:
6. The medieval warming period was not global:
7. These scientists can only say the current warming trend is strange compared to the last 1,300 years:
8. Normal people never get their hands on the real science to figure out that it's an eensy bit more complicated than the media likes to make it seem and in my opinion we probably don't know whether or not humans are causing it. More reasons to keep investigating. Be careful, deniers and supporters are both guilty of bad science (selective data usage, poor models, not taking everything into account, etc) from time to time.

Anonymous said...

Amazing that this debate rages on when anyone without a mental deficiency realizes that the noon day sun makes your surrounding climate hotter than it does at 8 a.m. But the sun activity can't affect the planet? SHEEPLE!

david llewellyn foster said...

It is misguided and sophist to be deflected by "climate" controversies. Extreme climate events are symptomatic and indicative of how we live and how we should live. The core issues are species extinction and environmental degradation. As Chris Hedges says in his recent interview with Bill Moyers
we are fighting for "the sanctity of life." It is disingenuous to blame others for our shortcomings and utterly irrelevant to preoccupy ourselves with comforting red herrings. Face the truth: we must change the way we live or we shall destroy the very ecosystem services that support life. The blame game is for servile goons. Take responsibility for your own actions and be counted as a human being, a steward of sanity.

magistre said...

I just think it is funny how many can't take the word of scientists but have no problem swallowing the tripe handed out by politicians!

Anonymous said...

I trust the mafia more than I trust politicians. Yes, man is probably somewhat responsible for this, but the majority of differing climate patterns has to do with rotational activity of the solar system. Man does need to clean up his act, as one poster above said, but we first need to reign in companies like monsanto, dow chemical and a few drug companies who pollute everything in sight before "man" can say they acted responsibly. "Man" is not responsible for the fact that it's hot during the summer and cold during the winter. Der . . .

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