Is Galactic Perspective Missing in Climate Change Debate?

Nicholas West
Activist Post

The recorded history of mankind is incredibly limited vs. the vast time of Earth’s existence and development. Those who question the man-made climate change argument remember well, for example, the U.N. and Al Gore’s alarming hockey stick graph, which proved to be nothing more than a creative way to use a very limited data set to encourage a pre-determined conclusion.

It is for this reason that we should not jump about in panic when we are faced with “nature gone wild” scenarios (such as the current U.S. drought) presented as solid indicators of why we need immediate, knee-jerk actions to be taken. Perhaps a much-needed galactic perspective is required, as is presented in the video below.

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Regardless of what position we take as we are hit from both sides by scientific arguments and deliberate obfuscation, it is the current set of proposals to combat global warming that should makes us all cringe when we see the vast array of globalist institutions that are literally invested in convincing us that humanity is the main source of this supposed problem.

It might ultimately be most effective to continue our investigation, and debate the findings; realize that we are living on a volatile planet that is subjected to the fluctuations of the cosmos; and in the meantime endeavor to prepare ourselves as best as possible to survive the widest range of potential outcomes.

What is your view of the information presented in this video? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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