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Woman Receives Anonymous Threats after Opposing Monsanto

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After losing a 3-day old daughter to kidney failure, a woman named Sofia Gatica from Argentina made a decision to spearhead an anti-Monsanto movement with other mothers of sick children.

Monsanto is a biotechnology, agrochemical company which has been polluting the environment and human health with herbicides, pesticides, genetically modified foods, and other substances for decades. Numerous cases have been brought against Monsanto for biological damage and even death — such is the recent case in which farmers say the biotech giant’s creations spawned ‘devastating birth defects‘.

Near where Gatica lives, there are soybean fields covering the land where farmers spray loads of chemicals on the crops. The primary weed killer used on the fields is the one and only Roundup; the most popular herbicide used by farmers which contains the active ingredient glyphosate. Gatica didn’t initially connect the chemical exposure to her baby’s death until she noticed that many of her friends and neighbors were also experiencing health problems.
'I started seeing children with mouth covers, mothers with scarves wrapped around their heads to cover their baldness, due to chemotherapy…There are soybeans to the north, to the south, and to the east, and when they spray, they spray over the people because there’s no distance,' Gatica said to a Grist reporter.
In fact,  researchers found that people in her area had three to four agricultural chemicals in their blood, including one chemical, endosulfan, which is banned in over 80 countries.

The researchers also found that 33 percent of the residents were struck with cancer. In other previous German findings, Monsanto’s Roundup was present in all urine samples tested at an amount of 5 to 20-fold the established limit for drinking water, showing how prevalent these chemicals really are.

In retaliation to Monsanto and their highly used chemical creations, Gatica worked to create an international movement against Monsanto with other activists. A few years ago, after co-founding a group called Mothers of Ituzaing├│, she and her group initiated the first epidemiological study of the area which found high rates of neurological and respiratory disease, birth defects, infant mortality, and cancer rates more than 40 times the national average. She then continued to find researchers to study the links between pesticides, herbicides, and health problems, while engaging in protests voicing concerns over the issues.
 'We blockaded the spraying machines. We would get into the fields to block them. We carried out protests at the Ministry of Agriculture and the Health Ministry. We took sick people to the ministry,' she said.
Over the course of a few years, mandatory buffer zones between aerial spraying and neighborhoods have been put in place thanks to the activist movement. In addition, Argentina’s Supreme Court decided that agrochemicals could not be sprayed near living areas.
However, while Gatica and other activists successfully created change, the process wasn’t necessarily easy. In fact, there were even direct threats.
"Somebody came inside my house with a weapon. I was told not to ‘screw around with the soybeans.’ I would get phone calls where I’d be told that I would only have two children the next day,” she said. “I had the police investigate this, but I was told that the file was secret,” she added after being questioned as to whether she ever found out who made the personal attacks.
Interestingly enough, previous research found that Monsanto’s best-selling herbicide Roundup exhibits direct toxicity to human cells, effectively killing them off even at low doses. The toxicity and negative impact on young children is even greater, and is most detrimental to infants or unborn babies.

Although Gatica started alone and was even directly threatened, she rose above these complications and effectively ignited change – she will not be the last.

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Anonymous said...

Could this be what is causing the massive increase in Autism?

Anonymous said...

Monsanto is at the top of the list of corporations with evil intent and activity worldwide,....and they need to be stopped: taken down, exposed, and their managers,board and directors prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.When the public finds out the extent of what Monsanto has been doing, its not going to be the public that needs protection from harm; it will be anyone associated with Monsanto that will be begging for sanctuary. Monsanto's time is coming,.....soon.

Peter Boxall said...

Please See This Article, It Explains Why We Are So Opposed To This Terrible Corporation & It's Poisonous Products. The Whole GM, GMO, Round Up Line Of Products Has Come Out Of The Terrible Vietnam War Defoliant Used Against The Vietnamese People To Strip The Earth Bare, But It Had The Most Horrific Side Effects, Burning People's Clothes & Skin Was The First Sign, But It Was To Have Long Lasting Birth Defects, Infant Mortality, And Long Lasting Cancerous Tumours Causing Deaths As Well As Sterility, Future Generations Are Still Suffering, The Soil Is Polluted & Will Remain So. Now All These Health Effects Are Appearing In Their Round Up & GM Products. Surely It Is Time To Close This Terrible Corporation Down & Make The Use Of It's Products Illegal Worldwide. Every Day More Proof Of It's Devastating Effects On People's Health & The Environment Are Coming To Light,
Peter Boxall RAS

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