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First, we are very pleased with the huge response for our first writing contest.  However, the volume of entries has made it difficult for daily visitors to find the core of our site. We are dedicated to bringing our readers the latest news and analysis, so this needs to remain our focus.

We have taken to heart the criticism from long-standing readers who feel that our site is out of balance right now with contest entries appearing in our main feed, as well as being fed over to Facebook, Twitter, and the many other auto feeds we have.  In searching for a solution, we have decided to post all contest entries to our Forum from this point forward until the closing of the contest on June 15th.

Each entry will clearly appear in our Forum with its entry number first, then the title.  An additional benefit to the Forum is that general pageviews can openly be seen by all.  Unique pageviews will be verified by Google Analytics to be sure that all clicks are legitimate. 

As for the first 80+ entrants, you will receive full credit for pageviews to date, and your entries will remain where they have been posted in our main feed, as well as the current corresponding link in the Forum, so that you do not have dead links from having them deleted.

We encourage you to continue sharing your entries with family, friends, and within your own social media platforms to bring attention to your work.

Thank you very much to our loyal readers for alerting us to your dissatisfaction; you have requested a change, and we will implement your suggestions immediately.

And thank you to those participating in the writing contest for your understanding and patience as we seek the best format for this contest, as well as future writing contests that we will organize.

Kind Regards,

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