Tuesday, January 31, 2012

British Tourists Arrested For Tweets of Terror

Emily Banting and
Leigh Van Bryan via DailyMail
Heather Callaghan
Activist Post

Homeland Security is making more enemies after seizing two British tourists over ridiculously misconstrued tweets. Leigh Van Bryan, age 26, tweeted to a friend that he was free to talk before he was going to “destroy” America. He was excited to visit Hollywood and perform the British slang “destroy,” which is to party hard and “get trashed.”

For federal agents to detain and arrest him and his travel companion, Emily Banting, is akin to raiding someone because they used the term “hit-up a friend's house.” His other tweet in question was: “3 weeks today, we're totally in LA p****** people off on Hollywood Blvd and diggin' Marilyn Monroe up!” This was only an out-of-context quote from TV comedy Family Guy, nothing more. But it was enough for agents to tear apart and search their luggage looking for literal shovels.

“It's just so ridiculous it's almost funny but at the time it was really scary,” Bryan said. “The Homeland Security agents were treating me like some kind of terrorist.”

Unfortunately, that was only the beginning of the nightmare for the two “terror suspects.”

DHS sets up false accounts and scans for “sensitive” words to track the offenders. Byran had been tracked and flagged by them. The pair made it through Los Angeles International (LAX) Airport's passport control but were then seized by armed guards for planning to “commit crimes.”

His explanation of the terms brought no common sense from the agents or any type of acquittal. Bryan said, “I kept saying to them they had got the wrong meaning from my tweet but they just told me 'you've really f***** up with that tweet boy.'”

That's when they looked through the suitcases for digging equipment, holding Banting just as fully responsible for being the “look out” or accomplice, while Bryan was to theoretically dig up Monroe's corpse. Banting, 24, had to choke back laughter at the imagery. She was put through a full-body search and their passports were taken.

They were interrogated for five hours, handcuffed, and locked up in separate cells overnight with illegal immigrants. In the van ride, Bryan was put in a cage where he suffered a panic attack. In the prison cell, Mexican coke dealers took his food. During the whole ordeal he had nothing but a prison juice box for sustenance.

They were eventually deported and sent to...Paris?

Electronic Privacy Information Center enacted a FOIA for DHS to disclose more about their scans. Some words DHS scans for are: drill, virus, trojan, illegal immigrant, deaths, outbreak, human to animal, strain, and recovery. They must scan lots of news updates. So far, EPIC's request has been ignored, but it's probably safe to consider “destroy” and “dig” a part of that list.

According to RT.com, not only did Homeland Security not figure on cultural barriers, but Monroe is encased in a stone crypt in Los Angeles.  Russian Television also joked, If the decomposed corpse of Marilyn Monroe is robbed from the grave, the terrorists have won.

Banting stated, “We just wanted to have a good time on holiday. That was all Leigh meant in his tweet. He would not hurt anyone.”

These two came to America to party like rock stars, and all they got were terror charge sheets. Do you think they'll ever come to “party” America again?



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Unknown said...

I wouldn't come back, and I'd tell everyone else to stay away. This making the news will probably help that agenda.

I swear the U.S. has the stupidest people on the planet in 'enforcement'.

Joe said...

Anybody who doesn't really dig the DHS should be destroyed, apparently.

Joe said...

Perhaps it's time for every illegal immigrant to give up the normal drill, bear the strain, and have a proper human to animal discussion with the DHS at every available opportunity.

Hopefully this will prevent the outbreak of stupidity that the virus of paranoia infecting the DHS has evidently caused.

Perhaps this trojan horse against Civil Liberties which the DHS has become can undergo some form of recovery. This will undoubtedly prevent many deaths in the future!

Anonymous said...

America and its meathead economy based on Homeland Security, endless war, and Ultimate Fighting Championship - in essence insecure, rotting empire that passes time by watching grown men brutalize each other in a caged pen. Rome died in a similar fashion. Tropism?

I have never had a good experience with DHS, they really are what I imagined Nazis to be - sadly, I no longer have to imagine, there are Nazi facsimiles on America's streets. Great my grandfathers risked their lives believing they did so so their grandchildren could live in a fascist free world - in reality all they fought for was to make sure the fascism was English speaking, not German.

Anonymous said...

i concur with every post here. this country is NOT the USA i was lead to believe it should be. i was taught something different than the supposed leaders of this country. i don't even know what to call it. the incorporated states of america, the united soviet states of america, the united states of isreal, the zionist states of america? which sounds more appropriate? i know the armed forces members of the past (and some here in the present) NEVER fought for what is happening here now. my very words, here, could have my citizenship revoked and have me permanently detained by the military. at this point we, as citizens, really have nothing to lose. what the elites don't realize is, that is when people lose it. i guess they may be in for some surprises.

PJ London said...

For employment in DHS, Police, and all the other oppression forces, you have to take an Intelligence test. If you obtain average or above, you will not be employed.
You may be smart enough to think for yourself, and question the "S**t " your are expected to carry out. Only dumb, obedient drones are of any use to the "Overlords".
On my last visit to USA(pre-2001), I determined never to go back again. At all other airports, there are lanes for holders of the National passport, and lanes for others. At JFK, we non-US passport holders were told to let the US nationals go ahead of us (in all lanes), then the next flight arrived and the US nationals were again pushed ahead of those who had been waiting in line. This happened several times as it took us 75 minutes to clear passport control.
As Noah Dearborn said, "I suspect your mothers did not teach you any manners"
Americans in uniform - "Ill mannered idiots"

Anonymous said...

This is why i went back to England to escape American homeland security,commercialism,GMO foods, and on and on..I encourage people to NOT go to america.I just cannot wait for this flipping accent to go away so people stop asking me how great America is.It has its good parts yes.But things like this are happening too.

Anonymous said...

I hope ANY potential visitor learns of this and takes it to heart. Stay OUT of the USA for your own good ...................
It is a well documented FACT that TSA has NEVER caught a Terrorist, but, TSA Human Resources has FOUND a whole lot of TERRORISTS. As a matter of FACT, TSA Human Resources only HIRES Terrorists. The best "anti-terrorist" move the USA could make, would be to ARREST everyone tha TSA Human Resources hires because THAT IS ALL THEY HIRE, Terrorists. Rapists, thieves, muggers, pedophiles, drug smugglers. -----------------
"Integrity, Team Spirit, Innovation" is sewn around the border of the newest TSA patch. Have you ever seen an organization that had to SEW A REMINDER not to STEAL, LIE, and CHEAT on their own shoulders!!!! They STEAL from the "confiscated" items, BACK-STAB the PASSENGERS and their CO-Workers and "INNOVATIVELY" CHEAT on their own tests.
Supervisors PADDING their hours to make house payments.
Supervisors staggering in drunk.
Supervisors yelling all NON-Christians should leave the country
Supervisors expressing their desire to see certain U.S. Senators DEAD

Anonymous said...

what we should all do is have a section at the bottom of our emails, tweets, blog postings, etc with the words dig, illegal immigrant, etc etc...then DHS will have to waste time looking thru everyone's messages.

Anglo Saxon said...

In response to Anonymous commenter #1.

Frankly, I am already thoroughly sick and tired of Commenters (especially those from America) who cannot write anything on-line about anything without making one or more half-baked references to "the Nazis" and to Fascists.

The Zionist-Jews have really done your brains over big-time. Can I tell you something? You can't see the wood for the trees.

What is going on in America right now w.r.t. Homeland Security has got NOTHING to do with Germany under the NSDAP.

But, everything to do with Bolshevism in the Soviet Union ... especially between the years 1919 to 1940. What is being done in the USA today is a re-run of the Ashkenazi Jewish dominated and run Bolshevism, and absolutely zero to do with Germans, Germany, and this silly word ... 'Nazi'.

If you cannot write a comment without including the words: 'Nazi', 'Hitler', and 'Fascism' in it somewhere, then would you please sod off, grow up, or go live on Mars?

I tell you this because your silly obsessions and inaccuracies are in truth just destroying the ability of those with weaker minds to understand anything clearly. Our situation is already complex enough as it is!

It's Bolshevism stupid!

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to all those who have spent their hard-earned money to come to visit the US with high expectations of enjoying their visit, only to return with the feeling that the trip from hell is finally over. Guilty until proven innocent is becoming the norm here, I guess.
What a waste of time/money!! I'd be highly pissed-off to no end.

Those of you who commented from abroad must understand that we Americans are being treated as domestic terrorists by our own paranoid government; according to, those stupid laws called the Patriot Act; and, now the NDAA. These so-called laws were forced upon the American people; without, our consent. Now we have SOPA/PIPA/ACTA to contend with; and, who knows what other crappy laws they will enact to further chip away at our human freedoms on a worldly scale.

They want a New World Order, we should shove it up their treasonous you-know-whats on our terms, not theirs.

More and more people are slowly waking up and being convinced of the real truths they are only too desperate to hide.
Human Justice is best served cold to those who would dare try to take our freedoms away.

One last comment:
If you are going to teach, wouldn't it be best to teach others with honor and respect for those who may not be as learned on any given subject? Otherwise, you will definitely continue to be "thoroughly sick and tired" and be treated with the same arrogance that you treat others with.

Besides, what about "Nazi" Pelosi of DHS??

Throughout history, there has been Empires that wanted to dominate the world with the same greedy dictatorial attitude of making the world their own, under their rule.
It's obvious you won't understand this; given, your "weaker mind to understand anything clearly." Obviously, there is a lack of tolerance concerning labels.
Maybe you should grow up and stop asserting your wannabe power over others by your bullying rhetoric. I guess your childish display is what's called: stupid smart.
Just saying!!

Anonymous said...

If at some point we don't start sticking together and find a way to even have conversations without badgering one another and resorting to name calling on the internet, how will we ever be able to show a united front when it really counts? We must begin to find a way to accept each other or we will never get rid of the elite garbage.

Anonymous said...

This might be the reason that more and more people from the states and England like to come to good old OZ!!
The problem is that we start getting these same kind of idiots here in gouvernments and might finish up like the USA

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