Monday, January 3, 2011

Unemployed: Stop Searching for a Job, Learn to Forage and Produce

Good jobs are not returning to America anytime soon.  It's time to stop hoping someone will pay you to do useless tasks and learn to forage and produce for yourself.

Howard Beale
Activist Post

A good friend of mine has been unemployed for over 18 months.  He is 32 years old with a master's degree from a respectable university and an impressive resume of non-profit charitable work, as well as international business experience.  He is even fluent in two languages; English and Spanish. Yet he is just beginning to realize after countless job applications, with few interviews, that he is a dime-a-dozen in in America's new paradigm of over-educated, over-qualified people who can't find a job to sustain them.

In his tenacious quest, he joined a cooperative that provides office space with Internet and phone service, job training courses, and kinship for the unemployed.  He even applied to the only entity that seemed to be openly hiring -- government:  The United Nations, the U.S. State Department, the CIA and, yes, the IRS too.  He attended a high-level interview for a U.N. position that was set up by a very connected family friend.  Apparently the U.N. hired someone with even more connections and qualifications.

It is probably a blessing that he never received call-backs from those federal agencies, but at the time it didn't feel that way to him.  In essence, he has used all of tools in the matrix to pursue employment, but to no avail.  It seems the wheel no longer needs his cog.

My friend, like many others going through the same struggle, is finally beginning to see the system for what it is: a rigged game to create dependence.  Dependence for employment, or dependence on government assistance.  It is a system that makes the unemployed feel worthless and hopeless. Unfortunately, this horrible feeling may be a necessary phase of waking up to the nature of this prison.

As everyone already knows, the manufacturing jobs will never return to America in any measurable way, because the incentives have been sent offshore.  Therefore, the only American job growth will take place in a Ponzi-style economy in non-productive sectors.  Since America no longer produces anything, it seems that they must break things in order to create false economic "growth."  Consequently, they can't implement any genuine solutions, because that would threaten even more jobs.

For instance, they can't end the foreign wars, or the War on Drugs, because where would all of the soldiers, contractors, DEA agents, prison guards, court workers, and all their support staff find new employment?  They can't simplify the tax code because where would all the accountants, bookkeepers, tax attorneys, and accounting professors work? They can't undo the Patriot Act because where would the millions of people who make up the surveillance-industrial complex work? They can't clamp down on the exotic games at the Wall Street casino, or virtually no one would be left with a job.

This is the nature of the phony matrix we call the American Economy.  Even if you're "lucky" enough to have a position in the above-mentioned professions (and many other non-productive capacities), you must realize that your job depends on the system remaining broken.  Indeed, many will fight to keep the broken system for their own self-interest.  This was blatantly obvious when police organizations were one of the biggest contributors for the campaign to defeat Prop 19 to legalize marijuana in California.

Since most people subconsciously know that their daily tasks are fundamentally worthless, or at least replaceable, job insecurity is at an all-time high.  It is the system's mechanism to perpetuate the rule of self-preservation that has deliberate consequences.  It creates an atmosphere where moral individuals will engage in immoral acts to preserve their livelihood. So, our survival instinct allows us to justify any moral or intellectual compromise.  In turn, they've convinced us that it is the only way to survive; hence our "dog-eat-dog" world. It's an evil trap and even the best-intentioned can fall prey to it.

The good news is that the system will eventually implode because it is built on an illusion, by fake money, and can only "produce" by destroying things through literal and figurative wars.  It destroys people, property, freedom, and basic morality. The bad news is that while it crumbles the human suffering will get much worse before it gets better.  The only way we can avoid or limit this suffering is by becoming aware and changing our approach to the matrix.

Back to my buddy.  A lot of good his $100,000-plus education has done for him in this system. He is only now taking the initiative to create something productive for himself out of sheer necessity. Can you imagine the level of production he could have accomplished in eighteen months working on a personal project, side business, or learning new skills?

It seems that the times are ripe for the hopelessly unemployed to realize that the only person they can depend on to create labor is themselves. The wonderful thing is that you finally get to choose how you will deploy your precious time and effort.  Sure, you may not make boatloads of money, or have health insurance right away, but some positive income can be achieved.  And if you're truly driven by passion, your labor becomes effortless and enjoyable and will ultimately result in whatever level of income you desire.

You may have to learn to forage for a while before you find the best income vehicle for your passions.  Learning to appreciate incremental gains when they do come is also vital to success, as any gain is certainly better than wasting away as a blob in front of the TV, polishing your résumé , and circling want ads for the next 6 months.

There are countless ways to turn your passions into income by foraging.  You can start a blog for free about topics you care deeply about; learning how to monetize it as your audience grows.  You can treasure hunt for valuable relics at yard sales and shops and sell them online. You can grow, make, and sell homemade products to your local cooperative or farmers market.  And why not organize a local co-op in your community if there isn't one?

The point is: our belief, dedication, and complacency to a "system" that has been defined for us has led to a lost ability to forage and create. The key is taking the first step on our own and seeing where it leads.

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Anonymous said...

Well done! Realistic about the bad news, yet inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Good article. Our whole economic system is an illusion exactly as you stated. Our economy depends on two things: useless consumption & government spending (via borrowing & now printing).

It's amazing its lasted this long.

Anonymous said...

Clinton gave China PNTR after he and the DNC received illegal contributions from the communist Chinese Government in the '90's. The result since then has been millions of jobs shipped to China over the last 10 or so years.

This is part of an overall process one could call 'contraction and convergence" where the rich nations economies contract and the poor nations economies improve until they meet somewhere in between. In other words, this is a designed process by leftists to reduce America's standard of living.

“Only one rational path is open to us—simultaneous de-development of the ODC's [overdeveloped countries] and semi-development of the underdeveloped countries (UDC’s), in order to approach a decent and ecologically sustainable standard of living for all in between. By de-development we mean lower per-capita energy consumption, fewer gadgets, and the abolition of planned obsolescence.”
- John P. Holdren, Paul Ehrlich, from the book "Global Ecology"

Anonymous said...

Self sufficiency, and social reliance,
both have broken down in modern society. What then? What about sharing? (not spam)

JNohe said...

I agree with you 99%. It would be more accurate to say "the United States" instead of "America".

Anonymous said...

If you like to work in your yard then
write me and I will tell you how to start
your own lawn & landscape company and make
$100,000 plus and enjoy life.

I am not charging anyone anything !

Bob The Lawn Man

Jo Blow said...

Why doesn't anyone complain that the majority of the wealth, 97% is tied to 1% of the population. Who are these people and why haven't we gone after them. After all, how are we working folk to survive when we can't make a living because most of the money is being HOARDED?

Why do you think Europeans came to this country in the first place? If we look at history, every society ended when the few possessed most of the wealth and the poor had no choice but to fight them...

Brainworms said...

So how do you put food on your table, pay the rent, make the car payment, pay for the car insurance, by the kids school clothes, pay the utility bills, etc. while you're writing on your free blog or waiting for the snow to melt so you can plant those veggies that you might be able to harvest next July? At least during the GREAT depression, there were bread lines. This depression ain't so great.

Craig said...

Realizing that the relationship between the U.S. economy and U.S. jobs has been severed is a good place to start. Phase Two, return Manhattan to the native Americans so it can become a bonifide casino operation. Phase Three, connect the tunnels and send it adrift into the Atlantic so it would be physically offshore. Phase Four, do the same with D.C.

Anonymous said...

Don't be a hippy/communist. Deal with it and find a job, hooah

Anonymous said...

great post!

Anonymous said...

Well finally some educated Americans that realise the American dream is a load of bull crap, the rest of the world have been telling you this for years but only know you start listening.

Mind I perhaps shouldnt just single out Americans but alot of people in Europe have been awake for along time now to the fact as the late great George Carlin says "We are being f%*ked up the arse by the state on a daily basis".

And may I add what is wrong with being a hippy/communist its much better than being a hyocritical capitalist.

Activist said...

I thought innovative entrepreneurship was capitalistic...not hippy/communist. Boy, the elite have done so well to divide and conquer that people have lost the meaning of what they are fighting against -- or for. We need to drop meaningless labels and get on with freeing ourselves from dependence of the system.

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!


Shaun said...

Great article. Tho when you said that America no longer produces anything, you neglected to mention the arms industry, which is huge and props the whole ugly mess up, allowing those that are in control to stay in control!
I certainly believe that self empowerment, sustainability and community are the way forward for those looking to escape a life of wage slavery, and to ride out the chaos when it does all topple!
Here in the UK it's exactly the same and a difficult system to buck but I'm certainly going to keep trying! :o)

Anonymous said...

I agree! Great article. As an IT Recruiter, I must say that most people are oblivious to the economy or depression just because "they" are the working class! It makes no sense and I actually felt relieved in the fact that I, along with several other co-workers "quit" our positions to build earth homes across the nation for the homelessness. Land is often times donated and a group of us got together realizing that we were being over-worked, over-stressed and penalized due to times when we needed time off, so what the employer was demanding is more work with less head-count. No thanks! Spreading the good Karma, educating others as to how to grow their own vegetable/fruit gardens in their backyards to being innovative and creative in their kitchen seemed to bring a deeper satisfaction, an inner peace and comfort. We, as a community can strive but hopefully, many will wake up to the hard reality that nothing is as it seems. There is GOD and His Truth will be very obvious, this is coming to ALL of us. Thanks God for the inner spirit that shines if one can just take a moment to see, sense and feel once again, our light and the inner voice that speaks elegantly bringing truth and guidance. Let nothing trouble us, for if we loose our way, we can center, breathe and pray about it. Prayer works and I don't belong to any organized religion but I do believe in the Higher Power, there is a greater sense of that and it will become more and more apparent. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Big difference between working for a wage and being a capitalist. If someone's investing money into your business as with publicly traded companies on the stock market, you're a capitalist. If you're just making a profit, that's not capitalism. Sorry. Any idiot in any economic system can make a profit on something as long as profit-making's not illegal, and even if it was they'd do it on the black market, and have.

You don't have to be a communist to be a hippie. Damn. Crack open some books about the actual hippie movement that weren't written by COINTELPRO and other right-wingers, who by the way are the ultimate apologists for this corporatist state that's got you over the barrel now. The hippie movement was embraced by a wide spectrum of ideologies from Jesus freaks to atheists and from libertarians to socialists and every point in between. Even a soldier prefers peace to war, man, where have you been?

Quit calling people names and shutting your brain off and resorting to labeling. You need to understand what you are talking about, quit with the duckspeaking. Quack quack quack and it's all meaningless, just the same five labels recycled over and over again with the meanings changed to fit the current politics. That's not thinking. We need to be thinking.

Clinton was the best Republican President we've had since Eisenhower, never mind which party's ticket he ran on...

By the way there's no such thing as being over-educated. That's not over-education the college grads are suffering from. You're lucky to find any sort of a real education at the university level anymore. People are too busy bragging about what they know to understand what it is they *don't* know and need to learn. They don't know how to think and they haven't known for a very long time now. And the current mess is a result of that.

kyle said...

The intentions for manufacturing this dependency may not have been as visicious as you claim it to be.
Look at all the positives it has brought into so many live; giving meaning to those not creative enough to innovate a profitable business (even though the majority of us do not see this).
Evil creeps in though as every invention has its pitfalls (the TV and internet are our best examples). It's left to us to clean the mess up and why not?

Michael said...

I could not agree more. This article hits the snail on the head about as well as anything I have read. Independence is a step away from dependence.

I may not be able to change the world, but I can change myself.

Rock On!

Robert Stanford said...

I was expecting more of an instructional how-to on self sufficiency, this seems more like a rant.

mrdprince said...

We have been trapped too long in the current system that depends on people working at a typical job. There will always be those who can never work at a job...but...they can still be productive. That is what we need, a system that maximizes productivity in a way that even the smallest amount will help these people to experience enough wealth to live a decent life.

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