So Broke We Can’t Pay Attention

You spent the whole day yesterday worrying about today, and now that it’s here, was it worth it?

Howard Beale

It’s a scary feeling not being able to pay your bills.  It can be so stressful that it consumes the entirety of our thoughts and emotions.  We may fight with our spouses, or prematurely snap at our children over meaningless nonsense because we are constantly on edge over finances.  
Day after day, week after week, month after month we live stressed to the max.  If we’re able to break our funk trance for a moment and look back, we just may realize that all of the agonizing was not worth it as, somehow, we made it to today in one piece.
An excellent article this week on the Economic Collapse Blog decisively proved that is impossible for a family of four to survive in America on a middle-class income of $50,000 per year.  Since more than half of the U.S. population makes less than that amount, and another 35% of American families make less than $100,000 per year; we can only assume that the overwhelming majority of the population lives with chronic financial-stress syndrome — which Big Pharma will happily treat for us.

This 85% of the population has little time or energy to think of much else.  In other words, we’re so broke we can’t pay attention to the world around us — which is what the system was designed to do. The system keeps us running on the rat wheel, terrified it will stop, or that our employers will kick us off. 

We become so primal about defending our position, our sustenance, that we ignore our basic humanity. Who has time to think about such things like other people’s problems?  The system turns us against our neighbors in an ultra-competitive dog-eat-dog economy.  And if that doesn’t work they’ll use religion, race, or politics to divide us.  Scratch that; they use it all, all the time. 
The public is kept in a constant state of dense negative energy, where we inevitably contaminate those around us with bad vibes, who then pass them on to their peers and so on.

Sooner or later we live in dense, negative, selfish society.  This denseness has even affected the crowd that can afford to pay attention, because they are aware of the sinister methods being used to keep humanity within our shrinking prison walls.  Thankfully for us, this prison of stress and manufactured division is an illusory distraction that we can ultimately free ourselves from.

Sure, we all have very real concerns about paying bills and putting food on the table.  However, we must fully appreciate that we are alive and well today, just as we were three months ago when we were stressed out of our minds.    
We lived the last three months in constant discomfort, distracted from reality and, despite all that, we survived.  Would it not have been better to spend those three months with a positive attitude, or at least a level of comfort knowing that we’ll be fine no matter what the system throws at us?  
Perhaps with this slight adjustment in attitude, we might find that we do have time to pay attention and be more productive in ways that go beyond finances.  In fact, we may even attract abundance to ourselves if we understand (not just believe) that positive thoughts and energy will attract the same to us.  
Surely it must be better than the alternative, which is letting the system manufacture our emotions for us.  Especially when the goal of such system engineering is to keep us in a perpetual state of non-thinking denseness that limits our potential to that of a rat in a seemingly inescapable maze.

Our individual potential is only limited to what we allow ourselves to imagine.  In a world of decreasing personal freedoms, we each have the power to bust out of the cage of denseness into real liberty — liberty of the mind.

So today, let’s each take some time to concentrate on positive things like love, laughter, and joy — if even for a few quiet minutes. Let a genuine smile overtake you.  Beam those feelings of love and joy to the people around you.  If you think it’s hokey, just do it as a calculated experiment to see how it affects your day.  Finally, we must believe, know, and fully accept that we will be okay no matter what perceived chaos surrounds us.

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