Thursday, October 7, 2010

ALERT: Please Support Alternative News

Activist Post Special Announcement

We are at the crossroads of a very important time in history.  Free humanity is waking up globally to the designs of a corporate-government fusion, and an overarching agenda which does not place individual liberty as a priority.  Each day it seems that a new piece of the puzzle is revealed, and previous shadow dealings see the light of day.  This is due in no small part to the pioneers of liberty such as InfoWars who have used their passion for the truth to research and investigate how this system of control came to be.

As the mainstream media continues to mislead the public, alternative news sites have gained popularity simply by exposing the truth.  However, the truth tends to be pretty damning to the Corporate State.  Therefore, alternative news organizations rarely get large sponsorship -- they require viewer support.

Like many alternative news Web sites, it would be very unlikely that Activist Post could have gained the attention it has in such a short time without Alex Jones and Infowars.  Infowars consistently publishes our articles, and for that we are grateful.

InfoWars has initiated a Moneybomb for October 14th.  Activist Post is pledging $500 to their goal of reaching $500,000.  Naturally, with the state of the global economy, we urge you only to give the amount that is comfortable, but it only takes 999 more equal donations to help them topple their goal.

We want to be clear that we are not affiliated with Alex Jones; not paid by Infowars; and they have not requested that we issue any type of endorsement. We are, however, of like mind and purpose in exposing the truth.  If you prefer another alternative news site, then please donate to them and visit their sponsors, as we all need your support to continue our work.

Please watch Alex's video tour of his new studio, which promises to take the InfoWar to a whole new level.  We are more than happy to contribute to such an important undertaking; we hope that you are as well.

Kind regards,
Eric Blair and Michael Edwards
Activist Post

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Anonymous said...

Alex Jones is a shill. Don't give him your money.

Activist said...

No one is without fault, including Alex Jones. We hope you'll support an alternative news organization that you believe in.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our website!

Anonymous said... and need your support also.

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones isn't a shill. He's funded by his own sponsors and his DVD sales. I'd say having sponsors that sell water filters and gold is a lot better than selling prozac and aspartame like the mainstream media.

Unlike Glenn Beck, Alex Jones doesn't have the multi-billion dollar companies there to fund him. CNN, MSNBC, Fox News.. they're all funded by just a few corporations.

Why do people attack Alex Jones for trying to raise money to fund his operation? This seems to be a growing tactic, attack Alex Jones for having sponsors and ads, saying he's only trying to make money. Guess what? You need money to live in a house and eat food. Guess another thing? Fox News and CNN are about 50% freaking ads but they are somehow immune to the same attacks? Alex Jones actually has less ads than CNN, etc.. just turn on your TV, it's all commercials.

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