Documentary: Deception At Our Southern Border

By Neenah Payne

How Crazy Will Migrant Crisis Become? explains how serious this situation is at the US southern border.This is far bigger than millions of people coming for asylum or work. President Biden unleashed the worst illegal mass immigration crisis  ever to hit America. It allows a growing number of men of military age (enemy combatants) entry into in the US. If that isn’t treason, what is? This is a well-planned strategy that endangers all Americans in multiple ways. To solve these problems, we have to know they exist   The documentary below explains that illegal migration is being weaponized with the help of the United Nations and US government!

Border Deception: How the US and UN Are Quietly Running the Border Crisis (video) 9/29/22

America’s border crisis is not organic. Behind the nearly 4.9 million illegal immigrants who entered the United States since President Joe Biden took office are criminal cartels, orchestration from the United Nations, and financing from the U.S. government. And while taxpayers are being told that local law enforcement and the National Guard are working to resolve the crisis, in reality, they’re being used to funnel migrants to networks of non-governmental organizations which traffic them for resettlement throughout the country. In this investigative report, Crossroads host Joshua Philipp tours both sides of the U.S.–Mexico border to uncover what’s really behind the “Border Deception.”

Border Deception: How the US and UN Are Quietly Running the Border Crisis (video) 10/13/22

An Epoch TV special report entitled “Border Deception: How the US and UN Are Quietly Running the Border Crisis” reveals that what Americans are being told about the border crisis is an illusion. In the report, which aired Sept. 29, Joshua Philipp, editor and senior investigative reporter for The Epoch Times and host of the Epoch TV segment “Crossroads,” uncovers alarming details about what is really happening at our nation’s border.

Philipp says his investigation found “a coordinated effort, with the cooperation of foreign governments, financing from the United States, and a pervasive program being run by various NGOs and the United Nations, to facilitate human trafficking every step of the way, all through Central America, up through Mexico, and into the American heartland.” Philipp begins his investigation at the mouth of the Rio Grande, as he interviews noted war correspondent Michael Yon. Yon says he’s been tracking migrants worldwide. He explains that many immigrants must get through the cartels to get to Mexico, often crossing multiple countries’ borders in a dangerous trek.

Yon makes it clear that the human rights crisis is real. But are the cartels facilitating the crisis, as many believe? Since the migration journey often begins in Colombia and Panama, and sometimes even further south, it’s clear that governments in each country are involved in pushing migrants northward. Is this a coordinated effort, and what is the motive?

Who Are These Immigrants?

Retired Marine Corps officer Tim Lynch, a resident of Roma, Texas, tells Philipp that in the past, the illegal immigrants coming to his town were families claiming asylum. Eventually, border agents recognized the same children reappearing every week. In response, agents began separating the families and doing DNA tests, finding that 30 percent of the children did not belong to those crossing with them. Lynch comments that everything happening at the border involves politics. The expectation is that illegal immigrants will reliably vote Democrat, he says. If they were expected to vote Republican, the Democratic Party would ensure they were kept out of the country.

Local rancher Blake Ward tells Philipp he recalls illegal immigrants coming to his house when he was a child, asking for water. He recalls that they were humble, in need, and always looking for work. Now, the immigrants approach him multiple times a week and often display demanding and entitled behavior as they ask for food and demand to charge their phones. These are very different from the immigrants who had holes in their shoes, had clearly made a long trek, and were truly in need. Now, the immigrants are well-dressed and even appear to be profiting from what they do.

Philipp found that these immigrants are assisted by charity groups, which is not surprising. But how can charity groups cover such high costs? If law enforcement is passing immigrants to charities, is it through a legal agreement? Who pays for it? Is this a local issue or something bigger? To find more answers, Philipp interviewed Sheriff Brad Coe of Kinney County, Texas. Coe says that crime from illegal immigrants, including human smuggling cases, takes up his entire manpower each week. His department is kept busy catching immigrants and handing them over to buses that transport them further into the country. NGOs pay for the buses, but he is kept in the dark about the organizations to which he has to pass the immigrants.

How Are the US Government and the United Nations Involved?

The Epoch TV episode features Wisconsin Congressman Tom Tiffany, who has been personally investigating the border crisis. Tiffany has accused the federal government of running a human trafficking operation. He explains that one of the first things President Joe Biden did after his inauguration was get rid of the Trump era “remain in Mexico” policy, begin what is known as “catch and release,” and end border wall construction.

As a result of these policies, millions of people come over the border illegally. Tiffany says it is evident that the U.S. government, at the behest of the Biden administration, is facilitating illegal immigration. Its behavior sends a signal to the rest of the world that has put illegal immigration “on steroids,” and incentivizes people to come to the United States illegally. Tiffany connects some of the dots between the U.S. government and the NGOs facilitating the transfer of immigrants from the border into the country. He shows how a foreign entity facilitates the resettlement of illegal immigrants within America, rather than the U.S. government.

Michael Yon is a former Green Beret. His dispatches from Iraq and Afghanistan starting in December 2004 earned him the reputation as the premier independent combat journalist of his generation.  Yon’s work has been featured on “Good Morning America,” The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CNN, ABC, FOX, as well as hundreds of other major media outlets all around the world. He has studied migration in Morocco, Greece, Lithuania, Colombia, Panama, Mexico, and the United States.

Yon explains that the UN’s International Organization for Migration (IOM) is the main organization facilitating illegal immigration into the US. Yet, most Americans have never heard of IOM. Yon explains that a way is being built for the much of the world to enter the US illegally as food supplies around the world are being deliberately disrupted.

Terrorist Sleeper Cells Are Already in the US: Blackwater Founder Erik Prince (video) 3/2/24

Erik Prince, former U.S. Navy SEAL officer and the founder of the private military company Blackwater, gives his insight on the true reason that the Biden administration is so hesitant to deal with the Houthi issue in Yemen: the fact that Iran-backed terrorist cells have already come through the U.S. southern border and are waiting in the wings here in the United States. The far-reaching conversation covers many aspects of this problem, as well as the many conflicts raging across the globe. Agree with him or not, Erik’s unique take is invaluable in a world increasingly at war.

Elon Musk Issues ‘9/11’ Warning; 320,000 Illegal Immigrants Secretly Flown Into US (video) 3/8/24

The federal government has now admitted that it has been actively flying illegal immigrants directly into the United States. So far, it has facilitated air travel for 320,000 illegal immigrants. This is in addition to the others who travel to the U.S.–Mexico border and surrender themselves to authorities to enter the amnesty system. Behind this program is a government app that is gaining more attention, known as CBP One, and allows migrants to schedule appointments with U.S. authorities to illegally enter the United States. In this live Q&A with Crossroads host Joshua Philipp, we’ll discuss this topic and others, and answer questions from the audience.

Ann Vandersteel explains in the video below that there are now 47 million illegals in the US since 2021! She says that General Flynn has discussed seven divisions of the Chinese army already in the US. Michael Yon says Chinese Communist Party is working to take over the United States. He discusses the marijuana farms run by the Chinese in America.

Michael Yon Ann Vandersteel Confirm Chinese Troops Invading U.S. Through Open Border 3/6/24

When Will We Call It Treason?

American Invasion – When Are You Going to Call It Treason?

Chinese Military Invasion of America

Dr. Brett Weinstein points out in the video below that the COIVD mandate seemed designed to force out ethical members of the US military so that’s what left are just obedient followers. He points out that the Chinese, unlike other illegal immigrants, do not seem to be coming to the US for economic opportunities. Also unlike other migrants, they seem to be primarily young military-aged men rather than families. Chinese migrants are housed separately from other migrants. While Dr. Weinstein was free to interview other migrants, he was not allowed to interview the Chinese whom he also found to be hostile. Dr. Weinstein characterizes the Chinese migrants as an invasion by the Chinese military. He says the massive migration is making it difficult for Americans to recognize the Chinese invasion which is a distinct phenomenon. If they are allowed to join the US military, it could be an occupation force.

How China and the UN are Fueling the Invasion of America 2/1/24

Bret Weinstein traveled to the Darien Gap to understand who’s behind the invasion of our country.

His conclusion: “It’s not a friendly migration.” He sits down with Tucker Carlson to explain.

The video below explains that in 2021, 450 Chinese came across the southern border. However, in 2023, more than 20,000 Chinese migrants crossed the border. Chinese are the fastest-growing nationality among illegal immigrants entering the US and are often single men of military age. Chinese illegal migrants have been observed taking target practice with semi-automatic guns at gun ranges! The video explains that it looks like China is putting together an army in the US to attack the US infrastructure! How smart would it be to let these illegal immigrants join the US military?

It Begins… Chinese Migrants Invasion California  Makings of a Chinese Army Texas Border Crisis 2/22/24

Chinese Army Is Forming in US

Makings of a Chinese army’ has begun in US: Expert

Gatestone Institute senior fellow Gordon Chang on the foreign policy impact of Congress’ aid package and growing tensions between the U.S. and China.

China Wants War

Amazon Description

The Communist Party of China is fast-tracking the largest military buildup since the Second World War; it is sanctions-proofing itself; it is stockpiling grain; it is surveying America for nuclear weapons strikes; and, most ominously, it is mobilizing China’s civilians for battle.

In the past decade, ruler Xi Jinping has militarized the Chinese political system. As a result, the People’s Liberation Army has become so powerful that, like the bloodthirsty Japanese military of the 1930s, it believes it can do whatever it wants.  Xi Jinping has no answer for mounting internal crises. He knows the Chinese people are increasingly angry. His only way out is to unify the nation with the prospect of conflict. Inside the Party, there is an almost irresistible imperative for war. Meanwhile, Washington and other Western capitals lack urgency. Naysayers tell us that war is neither inevitable nor imminent, but how many times in history has a militant regime embarked on a breakneck military buildup and not launched a war of aggression?

China’s Threat To Our Power Grid and Water Supply

The video below explains that Chinese illegal immigrants pose threat to our infrastructure.

‘VERY SCARY’: China has placed ‘Trojan horses’ inside the US, expert warns 2/3/24

Heritage Foundation senior fellow Michael Pillsbury highlights the threat posed by China to the U.S.

Hacking America | Chinese hackers target devices 2/9/24

Critical infrastructure across America is at risk. The FBI Director is warning of a growing threat of Chinese cyberattacks against our electrical grids, pipelines, water treatment plants, transportation systems and more.

Proposal To Let Illegal Immigrants Join US Military

The Military’s Shocking Solution to Its Recruitment Crisis [subscribe to TCN to see full interview]

The U.S. military is having recruitment issues, and Democrats in Congress have a solution: enlist illegal immigrants. Even suggesting that would have seemed like satire years ago. But it’s really happening. Colonel Douglas Macgregor spent his entire career in the Armed Forces, and he joined Tucker Carlson Uncensored to offer his perspective on this mind-boggling story. Click the image below to watch.

Douglas Macgregor tells Tucker: “People should look at some of the film footage from New York City and other cities in the country where large numbers of illegal migrants have been transported… What happens when you arm those people? Do they miraculously transform overnight into stalwart members of the American society and community? I doubt it.”

Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth (D) has refused to support bills to close the southern border. Instead, she proposes to let illegal immigrants join the US military. Is it in our national interest to let military age men from countries like China and Iran who oppose the US and who came to America illegally join our military? Wouldn’t it put Americans at increased risk?

US military should recruit more non-citizens, including illegal immigrants, US senator says with new bill 7/21/23

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