The Fight For Freedom of The Press

By Neenah Payne

In the video below, Tucker Carlson and Russell Brand discuss the growing assaults on freedom of the press. Brand points out the collusion between the government and corporations through shadowy intermediaries. He explains that this is a new form of totalitarianism in which people are being tricked into compliance through assurances that all the measures are only for our protection.  They point out that this is a fight over centralized global control or decentralization which empowers nations and individuals. Carlson and Brand agree that this is a major turning point in human history and that everything is on the line now.

The Tucker Carlson Encounter: Russell Brand 1/30/24

Three Categories of Censored Information Now

Game-Changing Tucker Carlson Interview! shows that on January 5, Tucker Carlson interviewed  Dr. Brett Weinstein an evolutionary biologist who earned his PhD at the University of Michigan before teaching at The Evergreen State College for 14 years until 2017.

In Watch: ‘A Terrible Truth’: COVID Response Was About Profits and Power, The Defender of Children’s Health Defense reported about this interview:

The value added from this interview is truly incalculable. It’s not only the reach, which quickly passed three million a day after its release. That’s a vast number of influencers who now know what’s what.

Weinstein explained that the Department of Homeland Security issued a memo that defines three categories of “terrorism”: “misinformation” (errors), “disinformation” (intentional errors/lies), and “malinformation” which is “based in truth but causes people to distrust authority”.  As Tucker points out, that third category applies when journalists catch the government lying!

Bret Weinstein Exposes the World Health Organization’s Dark Agenda

Censorship: First Sign of Dictatorship

Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger is a former member of The Research Ethics Review Committee  at the World Health Organization. She explained in 2022 in the video below that Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of the WHO, and his team were not doing science. Since the Koch Postulates were not used, it has not even been established that there is a COVID virus! The authorities were lying and the world’s media was being paid to report what Big Pharma wanted. Since the money comes from our taxes, we financed the vaccine campaign and the death of reportedly 17 million of people.


WEF Doubles Down on “Disinformation”

Speakers Challenge World Economic Forum’s Globalist Agenda shows that the World Economic Forum now sees any challenges to its narrative as the greatest threat facing the world. The following links show that the WEF said at Davos in January that disinformation and misinformation are the number one concerns in the Global Risk Report!

Global Risks 2024: At a turning point

Ursula von der Leyen: misinformation is world’s gravest problem.

The EU chief wants leaders to tackle ‘industrial-scale’ fake news.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen today declared that “misinformation and disinformation” are greater threats to the global business community than war and climate change.

“For the global business community, the top concern for the next two years is not conflict or climate,” she said in her speech at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos. “It is disinformation and misinformation, followed closely by polarisation within our societies.”

The solution, according to von der Leyen, is for businesses and governments to collaborate to quash disinformation. “Many of the solutions lie not only in countries working together but, crucially, on businesses and governments, businesses and democracies working together,” she said. “While governments hold many of the levers to deal with the great challenges of our time, business have [sic] the innovation, the technology, the talents to deliver the solutions we need to fight threats like climate change or industrial-scale disinformation.”

To illustrate her point, von der Leyen mentioned the upcoming election-heavy year, calling it “the biggest electoral year in history”, and warned that bad actors may exploit the openness of democracies to influence elections with disinformation.

In the latest WEF Global Risk Report, misinformation and disinformation were ranked as a greater risk to the world than everything but extreme weather.

Global Organizations/Corporate Media Bemoan Lack of Trust The

The World Economic Forum met in Davos, Switzerland January 15-19 to discuss Rebuilding Trust because so few people trust the WEF’s plans for The Great Reset which has promised us that by 2030 “You will own nothing”! The video below reports that WEF Founder Klaus Schwab said, “The anti-system movement is dismantling the system”. He says there’s a “revolution against the system”.

A Revolution Against The Elites!” – WEF’s Klaus Schwab Openly Worries

Highwire airs online Thursdays from 2-4 PM ED. The episode below shows that both the World Health Organization and the World Economic Forum are strugglingly with a growing lack of trust. The globalists and corporate media are learning that to be credible (and trusted), they must provide the data on which their statements are based. As Del Bigtree, host of The Highwire explains, that’s what he calls “The Highwire Protocol”.


The WHO, WEF, and legacy media are lamenting the lack of trust they are now experiencing by the public. We provide evidence for where exactly the fault for their lack of trust and popularity lie.

Historic Power Shift Now: Centralization vs Decentralization

Joe Rogan interviewed Maajid Nawaz on 2/20/22. Nawaz explained the global takeover by the World Economic Forum. It was a wakeup call to humanity and millions of people who may not have heard of The Great Reset suddenly got interested.

This is a 2-minute preview of the show: Watch Joe Rogan Get Red Pilled On The WEF, Klaus Schwab, and Digital ID’s aka The Great Reset “WATCH — Maajid Nawaz explains that people in power shut down debate to create a void where reason, logic, and truth no longer exist, but where power can define reality.”  For a 15-minute snip of the show, watch: The Great Reset | Maajid Nawaz BLOWS Joe Rogan’s Mind Explaining Klaus Schwab’s Agenda (video).

WTF?? Great Reset Total Global Control Plan Exposed on Joe Rogan? 2/22/22

At 2:15 in the 3-hour show Joe Rogan Left Speechless on WEF infiltrating Governments, The Great Reset Is Now Out In the Open, Nawaz explained that we are in a pivotal moment in history because of the ways in which the internet and cryptocurrencies are decentralizing information and money — and thus power. He says this is similar in the shift in power caused by the Gutenberg printing press. Nawaz said decentralization of the media is causing a critical shift because whoever define truths defines reality. Whoever defines the story controls the world.

The Powers That Be that are losing control of the narrative and the money supply needed to retain power. Nawaz says, “So, it’s an internal civil war over truth and over information.” The conflict is not about Left or Right. It is about Centralization or Decentralization. He says humanity is facing a crossroads now — total centralization (slavery) or decentralization (freedom).

Globalization looks like the West’s new attempt to control the world – but with an anti-human story, a story of transhumanism that Harari and the World Economic Forum promote. Humans are hackable animals, We can manipulate, control and even replace people – YUVAL HARARI (video).

Nationalists are fighting to defend humanity by protecting their national identity and sovereignty but are crippled by outdated stories. To combat the globalist transhumanist agenda, nations and humanity need an honest, inclusive story based on the truth of the contributions of all the world’s cultures. ”The truth shall set you free”.  A later article will suggest ways to do that.

In addition to influencing media content, they use algorithmic omission as in the example from 2017 – not at all obvious to readers of those publications, and the hardest kind of deplatforming to trace….it is: part of the larger Big Tech/Big Media strategy to control what we see, hear, feel, and think about in a difficult and challenging time in American history. The fact that these organizations are devoting so many resources to suppressing genuine alternative political thinking speaks volumes.

But the good news is that their game is becoming exposed. Ultimately, these often ham-handed efforts to suppress and distort reveal more about the perpetrators than about those they target. More and more of the American public is catching on to these attempts to curate a single version of the truth, understanding how they threaten the diversity of thought and opinion on which our democracy is founded.

By Louis Menand

January 30, 2023

Almost as soon as Donald Trump took office, he started calling the news media “the enemy of the American people.” For a time, the White House barred certain news organizations, including the Times, CNN, Politico, and the Los Angeles Times, from briefings, and suspended the credentials of a CNN correspondent, Jim Acosta, who was regarded as combative by the President. “Fake news” became a standard White House response—frequently the only White House response—to stories that did not make the President look good. There were many such stories.

Suspicion is, for obvious reasons, built into the relationship between the press and government officials, but, normally, both parties have felt an interest in maintaining at least the appearance of cordiality. Reporters need access so that they can write their stories, and politicians would like those stories to be friendly. Reporters also want to come across as fair and impartial, and officials want to seem cooperative and transparent. Each party is willing to accept a degree of hypocrisy on the part of the other.

With Trump, all that changed. Trump is rude. Cordiality is not a feature of his brand. And there is no cooperation in the Trump world, because everything is an agon. Trump waged war on the press, and he won, or nearly won. He persuaded millions of Americans not to believe anything they saw or heard in the non-Trumpified media, including, ultimately, the results of the 2020 Presidential election.

The press wasn’t silenced in the Trump years. The press was discredited, at least among Trump supporters, and that worked just as well. It was censorship by other means. Back in 1976, even after Vietnam and Watergate, seventy-two per cent of the public said they trusted the news media. Today, the figure is thirty-four per cent. Among Republicans, it’s fourteen per cent. If “Democracy Dies in Darkness” seemed a little alarmist in 2017, the storming of the Capitol on January 6, 2021, made it seem prescient. Democracy really was at stake.

That we need a free press for our democracy to work is a belief as old as our democracy. Hence the First Amendment. Without the free circulation of information and opinion, voters will be operating in ignorance when they choose whom to vote for and what policies to support. But what if the information is bad? What if you can’t trust the reporter? What if there’s no such thing as “the facts”?

As Michael Schudson pointed out in “Discovering the News” (1978), the notion that good journalism is “objective”—that is, nonpartisan and unopinionated—emerged only around the start of the twentieth century. Schudson thought that it arose as a response to growing skepticism about the whole idea of stable and reliable truths. The standard of objectivity, as he put it, “was not the final expression of a belief in facts but the assertion of a method designed for a world in which even facts could not be trusted. . . . Journalists came to believe in objectivity, to the extent that they did, because they wanted to, needed to, were forced by ordinary human aspiration to seek escape from their own deep convictions of doubt and drift.” In other words, objectivity was a problematic concept from the start.

The classic statement of the problem is Walter Lippmann’s book “Public Opinion,” published a hundred and one years ago. Lippmann’s critique remains relevant today—the Columbia Journalism School mounted a four-day conference on “Public Opinion” last fall, and people found that there was still plenty to talk about. Lippmann’s argument was that journalism is not a profession. You don’t need a license or an academic credential to practice the trade. All sorts of people call themselves journalists. Are all of them providing the public with reliable and disinterested news goods?….

Lippmann had another point: journalism is not a public service; it’s a business. The most influential journalists today are employees of large corporations, and their work product is expected to be profitable. The notion that television news is, or ever was, a loss leader is a myth. In the nineteen-sixties, the nightly “Huntley-Brinkley Report” was NBC’s biggest money-maker. “60 Minutes,” which débuted on CBS in 1968, ranked among the top ten most watched shows on television for twenty-three years in a row.

And the business is all about the eyeballs. When ratings drop, and with them advertising revenues, correspondents change, anchors change, coverage changes. News, especially but not only cable news, is curated for an audience. So, obviously, is the information published on social media, where the algorithm selects for the audience’s political preferences. It is hard to be “objective” and sell news at the same time.

Importance of Freedom of The Press

Why freedom of the press is more important now than ever

An independent press is one of the essential pillars of a democracy, and we need to support journalists and whistleblowers alike to protect it, says lawyer and free press advocate Trevor Timm.

The First Amendment of the US Constitution is only 45 words, but it packs a punch. It protects free speech and a free press in America (in addition to religion, assembly and petition); without it, the country would look completely different. “The First Amendment is the safety valve of our democracy,” says US free press advocate Trevor Timm (TED Talk: How free is our freedom of the press?). “It has always been the bulwark against secret government, against authoritarianism and against tyranny.”

For More Information

When Free Speech Dies, The Killing Begins

Neenah Payne writes for Activist Post

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