Genetic Harvesting — The Globalists Push for Collecting Your DNA to Target and Control Your Behaviour

By Paul A. Philips

An unsuspecting alliance between the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) and Royal Mail was formed to set up a rather dubious charity that offers £10 to anyone who submits their DNA to them. Some 20 million-plus UK citizens have been “randomly contacted” and asked to submit their DNA.

The so-called charity ‘Our Future Health’ is pitching the offer under the auspices of studying your DNA for the purpose of ‘people’s future health benefits…’ For more on this go Here.

Does this government-backed and funded human DNA surveying operation smack of hidden ulterior motive to you?

Is this nationwide request part of a DNA evaluation process to study those jabbed with mRNA vaccines…? And what about studying the effects on individual DNA with graphene and 5G…? Consider this in relation to the internet of things.

Although you may not live in the UK will the idea behind this project expand worldwide?

Further, will those acting for the globalists power cult having access to your DNA from the database make you an unsuspecting target one day?

In other words – Do you have the following characteristics?

* You’re someone with high integrity.

* You’re aware of the bigger picture seeing a higher perspective through an alternative lens.

* Having been awakened you feel morally dutifully bound to be an activist, having the conscience to act on what’s fair, right and just…

* Your activism is based on exposing corporate criminal activity, treasonous governmental and political corruption…

* You give your full support to the second amendment.

*You endorse pro-constitutional views…

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Ticked all boxes? Then congratulations, you deserve a badge of honour! You have an involvement in the only game that’s really worth playing, I digress.

As someone against the New World Order perpetrators, however, you could be a victim of their military-industrial based energy weapon technology directed at your DNA for you having the above behaviour-related characteristics.

Through mass-surveillance, the idea of using hi-tech stealth weapons on an unsuspecting public to manipulate and control their behaviour into subjugation is nothing new. Consider what DARPA have been doing covertly over the years.

Yes, as I pointed out in so many words in an earlier article, it’s quite ironic that your hard-earned cash is getting deducted from you as tax and is then used to turn on you through DARPA surveillance and manipulative behaviour modification controlling technology!

Over the years there has been mounting whistleblower testimony, leaked documentary evidence and declassified material to verify this horrifying weaponry on we-the-people. In context, this only further adds to how ruthlessly evil these globalists are.

Further, with all its developments, who really knows just exactly how advanced this military underground technology has become: Targeted victims having been gang stalked from a hidden remote location well and truly have some creditable knowledge about the mind controlling effects they have experienced.

Effects on the targeted victim may include:

*Memory erasure: Fake memory replacement.

*Hearing the ‘voice of God,’ an example of the many potential false perceptions impacted on the targeted individual.

*Adherence to the cybernetic hive mind, as revealed by whistle blowers such as ex-CIA engineer Robert Duncan who had been a victim himself. Other political activist brave whistle blowers include the likes of Oxford University Physicist Dr. Katherine Horton, PhD, former security specialist Brian Kofron, Scientist Dr Nick Begich, Sabrina Wallace, Dr Daniel Lebowitz, M.D., and many more in the growing list.

*Manipulation/alteration of thoughts, feelings and emotions. -The net effect can be anything the controllers desire. A targeted individual could feel like they’re going mad…

*Sexual arousal.

*Dream scenario implanting.

*Physiological alteration such as hormonal control capable of wreaking havoc on the targeted individual’s body.

*Did you know that even your thoughts can be read. Such is the extent of the technology’s capability.

Hacking into Your Biofield and DNA for Surveillance and Remote Control

In a recent very interesting video Makia Freeman reports on Sabrina Wallace and her presentation. Essentially, Sabrina’s presentation points out that deep state technology is collecting information on people’s energetic biofield or auric DNA.

In effect, this collected biofield or auric DNA information is the gateway to surveillance monitoring and the subsequent directing of data back at the targeted individual to produce an outcome: The desired manipulative behaviour modification.

Frequency and resonance based, the technology is directed at the body tissue, making microchipping redundant, as people can be controlled in this way wirelessly.

Sarina comes from a military-based technology family who had worked on secret black projects. You may be astounded to know that according to her:

-For more on this see video at the end.

Talk about Huxley’s Brave New world. Ultimately, the deep state wants to use this technology to control people to the point of turning them into automated zombies, incapable of thinking, acting or being themselves.

All this intended to be done without the people having any idea of the behavioural modification that has been or could be used on them if they step out of line…

In Reflection

It’s not the intention of the author to instil fear into those reading this. However, we cannot ignore what’s going on.

Over the years this has been regarded as a somewhat fantastical, contentious subject. However, the evidence has now become so overwhelming as proof of the military-based technology and the detailing of its effects on citizens.

This first step is to realize that this darkest technology does exist so that we can do something about it.

We have to stand up against this infiltration, invasion. Stand up for our sovereign human rights. Take back the control of our biofield. We have to stand for our free will on every level: the mental, physical and spiritual.

Wholeheartedly, I encourage you to do your own due diligence on this highly concerning subject. Have an open mind. There are ways to protect yourself that are available online from whistleblowers such as Sabrina Wallace.

As already mentioned have a look at this interesting eye-opening video where Makia Freeman goes through the technology and presentation from Sabrina Wallace.


Source: iNewParadigm

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