When 12-Year Old Suffered Debilitating Side Effects During Experimental Covid Vax Trial, Doctors “treated her like a crazy person”

By B.N. Frank

Vaccines have been controversial for decades.  Of course, Covid-19 vaccines have been especially controversial, even inspiring a documentary.  Sadly, serious issues with the Covid-19 vaccines were identified even during early trials but that didn’t stop doctors and U.S. government agencies from strongly encouraging Americans of all ages to take them anyway.

From Full Measure News:

Vaccine Trials

by Full Measure Staff

Florida’s surgeon general recently called for a halt in Covid vaccines due to safety questions, while the federal government continues to heavily promote them for adults and kids alike. Today we begin with a little-told story about Covid vaccine injuries. It’s the story of Maddie, one of the children who took part in Pfizer’s vaccine study on children. It’s a remarkable account of what happened when Maddie got very, very sick, leading to accusations that Pfizer, the FDA, and the study leaders tried to bury her case.

Stephanie de Garay: All three of my kids were in the Pfizer clinical trial for 12-to-15-year-olds at Cincinnati Children’s.

In summer of 2020, Stephanie de Garay and her family learned an important clinical trial was about to be launched at nearby Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. It would test Pfizer’s experimental Covid-19 vaccine on 12-to-15-year-olds to see if it was safe and effective.

The de Garays, firmly pro-vaccine, didn’t hesitate to let their children take part. Among three siblings, 12-year-old Maddie alone was chosen to get two doses of Pfizer’s vaccine, rather than a harmless placebo. It proved a fateful and debilitating roll of the dice.

de Garay: Her second dose was Jan. 20 of 2021. And that was my son’s 16th birthday, literally the day. I have a picture of the three of them on that day. That night, in the middle of the night, that’s when it all started. So, less than — it was, maybe, let’s just say, 12 hours after her second dose.

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Sharyl: What kinds of things did she wake up with or was she suffering?

de Garay: She just came in and asked if she could sleep in our bedroom, which was not normal. She said, “I don’t feel right. Can I sleep in your room?” So she slept in between us, so, very odd. And then, in the morning, she ended up going to school, just because she hates missing school, because then you have to make up the work. So by the time she came home from school, Mike, my husband called me at work, and said, “Maddie’s having some sort of reaction.” She had, like, what she described as electrical shocks going up and down her spine. She said she felt like her heart was being ripped out. So, chest pain. She had severe abdominal pain. She was hunched over when she walked through the door. Her toes and her fingers were white, and they were like, when you touched them, they were ice cold and painful.

Sharyl: Did you think right away that this was probably a vaccine reaction?

de Garay: 100%. There was nothing wrong with her prior to that.

Before long, Maddie lost feeling in her legs. Here, she’s scooting on the floor and using her hands to lift her legs.

de Garay says she was shocked when the lead study doctor offered no help. She found herself reluctantly following the advice of physicians who insisted Maddie’s paralysis, seizures, passing out, all of it, were caused by anxiety.

de Garay: I’m embarrassed how much I was brainwashed and believed them. She did cognitive behavioral therapy, which is seeing a psychologist.

Sharyl: At what point did you think to yourself, “I’ve tried what they said. I know my daughter’s not suffering a psychological event.”

de Garay: I always had in the back of my mind that I knew that it wasn’t. So, when she was in her hospital stay in April, they treated her horribly. Like, they treated her like a crazy person. And, at that point, I knew. Plus, she wasn’t getting better.

Maddie was rushed to the ER nine times. By the time she was hospitalized for the third time, she had heart problems, seizures, was passing out, vomiting, unable to swallow, and was fed through a tube. She was in the hospital that time for a month and a half.

Studies are conducted to identify and investigate any health risks. Maddie’s reaction was a giant red flag for Pfizer’s vaccine. But the de Garays say those involved seemed more interested in blaming Maddie’s illnesses on anything but the obvious culprit. While Maddie was fighting for her life, the FDA granted emergency use of Pfizer’s vaccine for kids as young as age 12, based on the study Maddie took part in.

In a press release, Pfizer reported its vaccine had “a favorable safety profile observed across 6 months of safety follow-up data after the second dose.” No mention of what happened to Maddie. Parents across the country started rushing to get their children the heavily-promoted shots.

Sesame Street clip (June 28, 2022), Telly Monster: You were super-duper today getting your COVID vaccine, Elmo.

Elmo: It was a little punch, but it was okay.

Dr. Anthony Fauci (CNN, December 19, 2020): I took a trip up there to the North Pole. I went there and I vaccinated Santa Claus myself.

Sharyl: It sounds like you have the sense that government, slash, the drug company and study folks did not want to acknowledge this as a vaccine adverse event.

de Garay: No. They did not.

Sharyl: And you feel they were not honest about the reporting of her case?

de Garay: No, they weren’t. They left out a lot of information. They reported it as functional abdominal pain, so that’s basically a stomach ache that you can’t explain.

Congress, heavily funded by pharmaceutical industry donations, has avoided the subject of vaccine injuries for years. There were no official hearings on Covid vaccine side effects. In November of 2021, Maddie and her mother appeared at an expert panel held by Sen. Ron Johnson.

Senator Ron Johnson (November 2, 2021): I’ve got a quick question. Obviously, we invited the CEO from Pfizer or some representative from Pfizer. Nobody showed up. Pfizer has to be aware of you. Have they reached out to you?

de Garay (November 2, 2021): Neither Pfizer, the FDA, or the CDC has ever talked to us, or attempted to. We have never heard anything from them.

By then, Covid vaccines had been given to young people for six months with sometimes tragic results.

Carrie Peterson-Edberg’s son Milo got the shot in December of 2021 and ended up with a serious heart problem that’s associated with Covid vaccines.

Carrie Peterson-Edberg (The Unseen Crisis documentary): He got vaccinated on like a Friday, and on Sunday, he actually, Sunday morning at 1am, was on life support. He was diagnosed with myocarditis. Doctors, of course, would not say it was vax-injured, but why would a six-year-old have myocarditis?

Daniel Hartman’s 17-year-old son was rushed to the hospital four days after his shot in September of 2021.

Daniel Hartman (The Unseen Crisis documentary): My son Sean played hockey his whole life. To continue to play hockey he had to get a vaccine. He took one Pfizer shot and died 33 days later.

And 16-year-old Ernesto, son of single parent Ernest Ramirez, dropped dead of an enlarged heart five days after his Pfizer Covid shot.

Ernest Ramirez (The Unseen Crisis documentary): When I got there, they were loading him up in the ambulance. I chased the ambulance to the hospital. When I got there, they we’re working on him at the hospital. There was a young doctor, he came out. He goes, “Your son’s dead. You can go home.”

The de Garays gave the government and those who experimented on Maddie permission to talk with us about her case. However, Pfizer, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and lead study scientist Dr. Robert Frenck declined comment and wouldn’t answer our questions. Same with CDC, which also wouldn’t tell us how many adverse event reports in children it’s received for Covid vaccines. The FDA told Full Measure, “The FDA takes vaccine safety very seriously, and continues to monitor reports of all adverse events.”

Left to their own devices, Maddie’s parents began doing research to try to figure out what was really wrong.

de Garay: In July of 2022, we saw a neurologist that specializes in autoimmune reactions that cause neurologic problems. And she was diagnosed with chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy. So basically, that’s where your body attacks your nerves.

That’s an immune disorder known to develop after other vaccinations too. And it’s reported in other Covid vaccine recipients after Maddie.

Today, Maddie is still using a wheelchair and a feeding tube. She can swallow small amounts of water and food, though it wreaks havoc with her stomach, so she’s seeing a new specialist for that.

de Garay: She’s getting more feeling back, like in her legs. It’s like moving down. At one point, she couldn’t even hold up her neck. She can hold up her neck now.

In small advances, de Garay says there’s hope Maddie will eventually recover. Though the family will never be the same.

Sharyl: If you were to tell somebody what this is a story of, what’s something you might say?

de Garay: It’s a story of opening up my eyes. Seeing things. I trusted the government, I trusted doctors, I trusted hospitals. What I thought they were is not what they are.

Sharyl (on-camera): We asked federal health officials if they agree with Pfizer’s published claim that, quote, “there were no vaccine-related serious adverse events” in their study on children, but they declined to answer the question.

Activist Post reports regularly about Covid-19, the FDA, and unsafe products.  For more information, visit our archives.

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