Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is Nothing Other Than a Subversive Globalist Scam

By Dr. Mathew Maavak

The presidents of Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) were recently hauled before the US Congressional House Committee on Education and the Workforce over allegations of antisemitism in their campuses. This ultimately led to the resignation of Harvard’s first black president, Prof Claudine Gay, and renewed debates over the cancerous diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) policies.

The hearing took place against the backdrop of the Israel-Gaza war which began on Oct 7. All three campuses witnessed mutually-hostile pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli gatherings which allegedly generated some “genocidal” or racist statements. This is a tad ironic as nearly all US universities excel in institutionalised racism against whites and Asians. It is all about the “educayshun”.

A racist 2021 Harvard podcast titled “Disrupting Whiteness in Classrooms” — to pick just one sample out of many — did not raise eyebrows as the education system was now beholden to the schizophrenic woke phenomenon.

Wokeness cannot succeed without African Americans being roped in as disposable sops in a shamelessly racist pantomime. Decades-long affirmative action policies as well as the more recent DEI racket were supposed to empower them. Yet, there are hardly any African Americans holding C-Suite positions at Big Tech and innumerable other US-based MNCs.

On the other hand, there are a good number of foreign-born ethnic Indians holding such prominent positions. Maybe, they were fortunate enough to miss a good portion of the US education system and its discriminatory DEI filters?

Disempowerment via DEI

DEI is nothing but a rainbow-hued bonanza for shameless opportunists. It opens the door for the new identitarians to exploit various DEI initiatives. Gender-transitioned white males are now triumphing in women’s sporting events when they are not filling up coveted positions in the government and academia. The feelings and aspirations of women matter less as the following snapshot from ChatGPT shows.

Woke policies in the United States have in fact widened the black-white wealth gap to levels not seen since slavery was abolished. It has trapped blacks into being mere “performers” in the entertainment, activist, sports and political arenas. These limited career paths had historically acted as “intellectual reservations” that mimicked the physical reservations of Native Americans.

There was a time when blacks could thrive in a variety of endeavours. Did you know that a quarter of cowboys in the post-Civil War era were actually blacks? Or that one of the pioneers of the modern blood bank was an African American? Dr. Charles Richard Drew’s innovations had reportedly saved thousands of allied lives during WWII, and countless millions thereafter. Surely, you did not learn these facts from Hollywood, Comedy Central, Oprah Winfrey or the Democratic National Convention, did you?

Hollywood’s idea of black empowerment is generally limited to ridiculous revisionist flicks and Wakanda-type fiction. Same goes with the mainstream media. Ultimately, genuine minority success stories are politically inconvenient for the establishment.

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