Why The West Needs A Better Story To Survive

By Neenah Payne

Yuval Harari is an historian and tenured professor in the Department of History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is the author of Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow,  21 Lessons for the 21st Century, Sapiens: A Graphic History: The Birth of Humankind (Vol. 1) and other books.

In the video below, Harari explains the critical importance of stories. He says human civilization is based on a shared story. We understand our world and ourselves because we share stories about our history, the present, and the future. However, he points out that people have recently lost belief in the stories we were told. He says it is terrifying not to have a story because we don’t know who we are and there is no vision for the future.

Harari explains why the story of each nation is no longer sufficient and argues in favor of a global story. The fight is on now between globalists and nationalists. In the past few years, there has been a sharp turn to defend nationalism just as the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization, and the United Nations work to introduce a global government run by unelected bureaucrats in Switzerland who are beholden to Big Pharma and other mega corporations. Mussolini defined fascism as the merger between government and corporations. Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic is calling for just such a merger in “stakeholder capitalism” to replace shareholder capitalism.

Yuval Noah Harari; Human Are Story Telling Animal

In this video, Yuval Noah Harari is talking about the human are a story telling animal. For thousands of years we have developed the shared story and we believe them. In 19th or 20th century, we have developed the story of capitalism and democracy or communism and billions of people follow them.

The most successful story is capitalism. In the 21st century, we have developed lots of stories and we now believe them.

Globalization vs Nationalism

Harari explains that there were three main stories in the 20th century: American Democracy, German Fascism, and Soviet Communism. With the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II and the collapse of the Soviet Union in  1991, it looked like American Democracy had won. However, there are titanic shifts now with the rise of Communist China and moves by unelected globalists to take over the world.

Growing Return of Nationalists

The Growing Revolution Against Globalists shows that globalists are increasingly being defeated by nationalists. That includes Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and Jacinda Ardern Prime Minister of New Zeal from 2017-2023.

  1. Brexit was the British vote against the European Union and for nationalism
  2. Donald Trump ‘s election in 2016 represented a vote for nationalism against globalization
  3. Giorgia Meloni became Italy’s Prime Minister in September 2022
  4. Kyriakos Mitsotakis became the Greek Prime Minister on 6/26/23
  5. Robert Fico became Slovakia’s Prime Minister on 10/25/23
  6. Javier Milei became Argentina’s president on 12/10/23
  7. Geert Wilders was elected as the Dutch Prime Minister on 11/22/23

Spanish Nationalist Opposition Leader

Tucker Carlson’s interview below with nationalist VOX Party opposition leader Santiago Abascal in Spain provides insight into what’s happening now with the Western story. Carlson points out that historians say what happened in Spain in the late 1930s was a preview of what happened in the rest of Europe and the world in the following years. He says the ideological, political, and legal battles in Spain now are a preview of what will happen in the United States, Great Britain, France, and in the entire West.

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The Spain Interview
Published Nov 17, 2023

Spain’s descent into tyranny seems eerily familiar. Opposition leader Santiago Abascal is one of the few people standing up to it. We traveled to Madrid to talk to him.

Abascal is fighting the communist/leftist/woke takeover of the Spanish government which he equates with globalization. Abascal and his colleagues are willing to go to jail to defend Spain and recognize that their stance is also helping to defend other European and Latin American nations and all of the West including North America.

Tucker points out that George Soros is a major player in Spanish politics. Soros was the first person to meet leftist Pedro Sanchez when he was elected President of Spain. Abascal explains that there is a connection between the extreme left and global multi-millionaires who want to rule the world. Tucker explains that Soros has pushed mass integration in the West.  Abascal asks why Soros is funding organizations like Open Arms which is engaged in human trafficking in the Mediterranean.

Abascal says most Spaniards (including socialists) are against mass immigration and want the immigrants deported – especially if they have committed crimes. Mass immigration causes a lack of security and degradation of public and health services. However, the leftist, globalist media machine cancels anyone who opposes unlimited immigration. People who want immigration to be legal are stigmatized as “xenophobes”. Yet, this mass immigration is totally incompatible with the Spanish way of life of equality between men and women. Abascal points out that the Islamification of France, Sweden, and Germany has been brutal.

Tucker explains that since the Spanish birth rate is low, in a hundred years, Spaniards are likely to be a minority in Spain. Abascal says there is no incentive for a demographic renaissance in most of Europe. However,  in Hungary couples who have three children are exempt from paying income tax for the rest of their lives. So, there is an incentive there to have more kids that does not exist in Spain or the other European countries. Abascal says Europe has to find a formula for demographic renewal.

Tucker raises the question of censorship in Spain where it’s against the law to have certain opinions about Spanish history. Abascal says that “Wokeism” has been taken to the extreme. If you discuss extreme feminism or gender laws, you are labeled “sexist” or “transphobic”. If you discuss Spanish history, you are called a “fascist”. If you believe in national unity, you are called an “authoritarian”. He says that right-wing  thinking has been equated with hate so that only the left can be legitimate.

Even in the parliamentary record, some of the expressions used are eliminated. There are two separate yardsticks. The Left can say whatever it wants, but no one else is allowed to speak. The  Left has the support of Communists, extremists, and separatist groups that don’t believe in Spain and don’t care what happens to the country. They don’t care if Spain’s economy tanks.

Carlson points out that less than a hundred years ago, there was a mass slaughter of the Christian clergy in Spain. He asks why the Church is not speaking out now. Abascal says Spain faced brutal and unparalleled religious persecution and the Church has suffered some of the greatest persecution against Christians anywhere in the world.  However, the Church was always closely tied to power including during the Civil War.

However, those are precisely the things Spaniards are not allowed to talk about now. They want Spaniards to believe that the Left and communism defended democracy. However, that’s not true. The Left and communism defended Stalin and persecuted religious freedom. The Left, communists, and socialists hate freedom in all arenas. They have only brought death and ruin wherever they go. Abascal says, “There is no place in the world where socialism or communism have brought anything good anywhere on this planet. That’s what they don’t want us to say.”

Abascal points out that with the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Leftists lost the banner of class struggle. Now in the Americas and Europe, the working class votes for parties like VOX. So, the left needed to find other forms of social confrontation and division – gender, climate, etc. Now it’s cultural Marxism. If you don’t accept what they say, you hate women. If you don’t accept climate legislation that prohibit exploration and extraction of our own natural resources, they call you an enemy of humanity. The left has divided society to gain power.

Carlson points out that the Left calls people who oppose them “woman haters”, but their policies have resulted in violent rape. Abascal explains  that rape has multiplied in Spain since Pedro Sanchez came to power because the Leftists passed a laws intended to protect women, but which have put 120 dangerous rapists back on the street! Massive illegal immigration from other countries where there is no respect for women is also behind the surge of sexual crimes in Spain and Europe that we couldn’t even imagine. Gang rapes have multiplied in Spain – and that’s under the most feminist government in history!

That’s under a government that has created a “Ministry of Women”. This government is a total lie. The government has betrayed its own people. They have no scruples – just a thirst for power and an ideological obsession. They don’t believe they have to govern for all. They are sectarian, extremist people with a thirst for power. That is what communism and socialism have always been.

Carlson asks Abascal what lessons he is learning that he would  share with people the West who care about democracy. Abascal says that if Pedro Sanches is able to take office, he won’t be just the President of the Spanish government because it is Spain’s turn to be at the head of the European Union. So, Spain’s influence can go beyond its borders.

Abascal says that for years, Spaniards have suffered from a terrible lack of national self-esteem which is rooted in a sense of guilt about their history. There is a legend that has made Spaniards often feel shame about their country. Abascal says the Left has forsaken the nation which it associates with the right wing and has totally rejected Spanish history. The flag and national anthem disgust them. That has been one of Spain’s greatest problems. He points out that when there is no pride or vision, a nation can fall into any hands and any action.

Carlson discusses the protest in Madrid the night before which was in its 12th night.

Abascal says the protests should last in this or some other form as long as the current administration is in power. If they take office, Spain will be faced with an illegal government for four years. It’s a government that says the law applies only to its opponents, but not to its partners. It’s a government that does not believe in the separation of powers and doesn’t believe in Spain. Abascal says the danger is so great that Spaniards will have to adopt permanent protest.

Abascal responded to Carlson’s question about his future by saying that he doesn’t think much about it. He explained that he has four children and thinks a lot about their future. He is extraordinarily worried about the country they will inherit. Abascal said the nation transcends us. Spain is not made up of just all the Spaniards here today. The nation is in the history. The nation is the sum of the living, the dead, and those yet to be born. Abascal says even if they don’t win, they can lay the foundation so  future generations can win and the fight will have been worthwhile.

Collapse of The Spanish Story

Harari points out that we know who we are based on the story we tell ourselves about ourselves. That sense of identity is established if our story is confirmed by others. A nation is the story the people tell themselves about their history, their present activities, and their goals for the future.

Abascal explained  that the nation transcends us. Spain is not made up of just all the Spaniards here today. The nation is in the history. The nation is the sum of the living, the dead, and those yet to be born. Another way of saying that is the nation is the story we learned, believe, and transmit to future generations. When the story of our past (history) is challenged, it undermines our sense of identity and our vision for the future.

Abascal says one of Spain’s greatest problems is that for years, Spaniards have suffered from a terrible lack of national self-esteem rooted in a sense of guilt about their history. Spaniards often feel shame about their country and the Left has totally rejected Spanish history. He points out that a nation can fall into any bad hands when there is no pride.

Tucker Carlson tried to reassure Abascal that Spain has a glorious history because “It ended child sacrifice in the Americas”. However , Carlson was really grasping at straws. The reality is that the Spanish conquistadores starting with Columbus unleashed the largest genocide in history – killing an estimated 100 million people in the theft of the Americas.

The Sound of Freedom also shows that child sacrifice continues in the Americas on a large scale today in a different form. The 2023 hit film is “based on the incredible true story which shines a light on even the darkest of places. After rescuing a young boy from ruthless child traffickers, a federal agent learns the boy’s sister is still captive and decides to embark on a dangerous mission to save her. With time running out, he quits his job and journeys deep into the Colombian jungle, putting his life on the line to free her from a fate worse than death.”

Spain is challenged now because the story it has told itself about its history is unravelling. That story becomes difficult to maintain as a growing number of cultures that reject that story gain power. The truth is Spain’s history gives it very little to be proud of now. That is also true for the rest of Europe, the US, Canada, and Australia. This reality is one of the greatest challenges facing the West now.

The West’s Deep Debts To Other Cultures

The West’s story is being challenged on multiple fronts now by peoples the West has felt superior to for 500 years  but to whom it now has to acknowledge its very deep debts. As these truths emerge, the West is being served large slices of Humble Pie that destroy its pride (arrogance) and sense of self. So, it now must face the reality that its story is no longer confirmed by others and  it no longer has an identity it can be proud of because there are now other powerful cultures on the world stage that know the truth of history.

Spain (like the rest of the West) must now begin to revise its story to conform to that truth. Doing so is not going to be easy or comfortable. Looking now at the man in the mirror, Westerners increasingly see someone they no longer recognize, like, or feel proud of. This is shaking not just Spain, but all of the West and is providing fertile ground for destruction of nations and a globalist one-world government ruled by unelected bureaucrats.

The Failing Myth of White Supremacy

The story the West has told itself for 500 years was designed to maintain The Myth of White Supremacy used to justify the theft of the Americas, genocide of the peoples here, and the enslavement of Africans. The Myth says Europeans are the only people who have created anything of value in the world, they are the only civilized, smart people – and are the only beautiful people. Everyone else is backwards, stupid, barbaric, ugly, and has never contributed anything. Therefore, other peoples have no rights – no right to their land or even to their lives or freedom.

That story is based on the belief  that the ancient Greeks were the founders of Western civilization and democracy, and the West created the Renaissance, Enlightenment, and Industrial Revolution. The story is also based on the idea that America created democracy and the American Dream is the shining light for the rest of humanity. The story ignores among other facts the foundational contributions of the ancient Egyptians, The Golden Age of Islam (750-1258), and the high civilizations of the Americas which were more advanced than those of Europe.

A later article will look at the fascinating reality of Spanish history and why that’s such a challenge for Spain now. The human mind is the most important battlefield now as the world fights over which stories to accept. Truth matters. For 500 years, the West had the military power to force its version of the world story on the rest of humanity. With the rise of the internet, that is no longer possible.

Historic Power Shift Now: Centralization vs Decentralization

Joe Rogan interviewed Maajid Nawaz on 2/20/22. Nawaz explained the global takeover by the World Economic Forum. It was a wakeup call to humanity and millions of people who may not have heard of The Great Reset suddenly got interested.

This is a 2-minute preview of the show: Watch Joe Rogan Get Red Pilled On The WEF, Klaus Schwab, and Digital ID’s aka The Great Reset “WATCH — Maajid Nawaz explains that people in power shut down debate to create a void where reason, logic, and truth no longer exist, but where power can define reality.”  For a 15-minute snip of the show, watch: The Great Reset | Maajid Nawaz BLOWS Joe Rogan’s Mind Explaining Klaus Schwab’s Agenda.

WTF?? Great Reset Total Global Control Plan Exposed on Joe Rogan? (video) 2/22/22

At 2:15 in the 3-hour show Joe Rogan Left Speechless on WEF infiltrating Governments, The Great Reset Is Now Out In the Open, Nawaz explained that we are in a pivotal moment in history because of the ways in which the internet and cryptocurrencies are decentralizing information and money — and thus power. He says this is similar in the shift in power caused by the Gutenberg printing press. Nawaz said decentralization of the media is causing a critical shift because whoever define truths defines reality. Whoever defines the story controls the world.

The Powers That Be that are losing control of the narrative and the money supply needed to retain power. Nawaz says, “So, it’s an internal civil war over truth and over information.” The conflict is not about Left or Right. It is about Centralization or Decentralization. He says humanity is facing a crossroads now — total centralization (slavery) or decentralization (freedom).

Globalization looks like the West’s new attempt to control the world – but with an anti-human story, a story of transhumanism that Harari and the World Economic Forum promote. Humans are hackable animals, We can manipulate, control and even replace people, YUVAL HARARI.

Nationalists are fighting to defend humanity by protecting their national identity and sovereignty but are crippled by outdated stories. To combat the globalist transhumanist agenda, nations and humanity need an honest, inclusive story based on the truth of the contributions of all the world’s cultures. “The truth shall set you free”.  A later article will suggest ways to do that.

Neenah Payne writes for Activist Post

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