7 Serious Concerns As Transhumanism Threatens Our Humanity And The Human Race

By Paul A. Philips

Transhumanism in relation to artificial intelligence has been regarded by some people as an upgrade to Homo sapiens mark 2.

Avid proponents have claimed that the new so-called Homo sapiens mark 2 will be such an improvement over Homo sapiens mark 1 it will lead to having superhuman qualities. Some of those qualities they say are beyond our current imagination!

However, it could be argued that these proponents are so disinterested in the current human form that they have wilfully ignored the many wonderful attributes we presently hold.

Because of these wonderful attributes that we humans already hold, is transhumanism an overlooked idealism that comes with serious concerns? Is transhumanism a trapping and in its development will take our human race in the catastrophically wrong direction?

Consider the following 7 gravely serious concerns: why transhumanism could be a massive threat to our humanity and the human race. Consider the actions needed to stop transhumanism.

1 – Billionaire transhumanists exploiting the masses for a globalist takeover

While in their quest for a money/power grab world takeover, the globalists want to reach a state of “immortality.” In spite of the huge developmental costs, they see transhumanism as a way of becoming God-like immortal beings.

In their selfish quest, what these globalists may not realize is that we humans in our current state are already God-like immortal beings!

All it will take is for humans to transform and reach the “next level” is to become more consciously aware to realise this! Who we already are!

2 – Irreversible losses to our spirituality and spiritual connection

To blindly, unquestioningly and unheedingly accept transhumanism: just seeing it from the what’s-in-it-for-me viewpoint and all its cybernetic bionic enhancements, mind-state changing pharmaceuticals, nano-tech, robotization, gene-modifying biotechnology… poses a serious threat.

That serious threat is a loss of our spirituality and spiritual power: the oneness that we truly are. Our connection to God; Goddess; All-There-Is.

This is where our human qualities reside: love, caring, sharing, compassion, empathy… without which the whole human race in whatever form would come tumbling down.

Without which the globalists would render us powerless…

3 – Humanitarian forfeiture

To reiterate: in relation to 2, the above human qualities would have to be irreversibly forfeited. We’d be nothing but vacuous loveless shells, shadows of what we used to be.

No, it isn’t money folks that makes the world go ‘round, it’s love.

4 – Hive-mind Controlled

The Equation is simple: Hive Mind = Loss of Individuality

As a summarisation of the above 1-3, don’t be fooled by the “convenience” con or offer of “enhancement” and its related abilities.

Granted, the technology will be great for those in need of disability aids, things such as prosthetic limb replacements… etc… but, above all, ultimately, the technology will be used to dehumanise the masses.

The masses will be integrated into the ubiquitous A.I controlling hive mind and “internet of things,”  becoming part of the A.I controlling hive mind.

Greatly flawed ideology, humans will lose their individuality.

Humans not addressed as individuals, not allowing their self-expression, will revolt and cause many problems for the controlling technocrats.

5 – Close surveillance of the masses

Every aspect of the masses will be under close surveillance. For example, what about mass surveillance by monitoring drug doses through pills that are microchipped?

This technology could be used by the technocrats for hidden nefarious purposes. The system could be used for mood changes or mind control, pending the effect the drug and its dosing would have on the targeted person…

Don’t think your thoughts can be read? Consider the sinister implications from this video:

How about that for the ultimate gotcha where we want you?

6 – Exposing major health issues

In recent years, more than ever before, vaccines (experimental) have been used and are capable of changing a human’s DNA. Disturbingly, not fully understanding the outcome, these mRNA vaccines are made to incorporate into the DNA of the body’s host cells.

This will irreversibly change the genetic make-up and how genes express themselves.

As part of the transhumanist agenda, what could possibly go wrong??!

Then there’s another example of a major health issue/concern. It’s related to vaccinating pregnant women.

It has been said by a number of doctors that the vaccines in vaccinated pregnant women manage to traverse the placental barrier and contact the foetus. These toxic vaccines then have the effect of brain damage on the developing foetus. Inflammation of the foetus has been found. A combination of more vaccines and paracetamol drugs to lower the inflammation results in more brain damage for the developing foetus.

Further, when the child is born, during infancy, its condition is further exacerbated: the brain damaging continues through having to receive more toxic anti-inflammatory drugs and vaccinations…

In effect, the child’s brain does not develop in the normal way. The brain structures affected are the pre-frontal cortex needed for cognitive (thinking) processes and a hindbrain (back) structure called the limbic system. The animalistic affected limbic system results in the mal-development of emotion and emotional responses.

The third vitally important brain structure also affected in its development is the cingulate cortex (apologies for the jargon here). The cingulate cortex is involved in relaying neural network communications between the pre-frontal cortex and hindbrain limbic system.

These three brain structures together when damaged cause behavioural disorders. An affected child may not be able to express itself emotionally or show empathy. The ability to show humanity could be lost for the rest of its life…

Implications, implications?!

Autism in the child is one example of the above consequences.

Because of this and other reasons a number of doctors have campaigned for ending vaccinating pregnant women.

This seriously concerning issue needs to be known to all pregnant women. Please share this article to anyone you know who is pregnant.

7 – Transhumanism and Weaponization

The current onslaught on our humanity incorporates an invisible war using a variety of stealth weapons.

There’s the use of aero-sprayed chemicals (chemtrails), nano-bot nano-technology, psychotronics, implanting, scalar wave-generating, energy-directing, chemical weapons, magnetic technology… all designed to assault the human race. Most humans have no idea that this is going on.

Then there’s the idea of using mass surveillance to check that citizens are getting their mandatory US military-overseen DNA-changing experimental vaccines…

In Conclusion

This transhumanistic war not only threatens our humanity but also jeopardizes the entire human race. All this done because a bunch of well-off people in high places want to control us and become so-called immortal.

Transhumanism threatens to divide us as a humans. There will be those tiny select handfuls having the money and power to become Homo sapiens mark 2, while the rest of us could be enslaved and disempowered…

We need to spread the word get active and do something to stop this takeover agenda now.

As already stated. We are already God-like immortal beings!

Source: iNewParadigm

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