2023 Year in Review — “Solutions Watch” with James Corbett

By The Corbett Report

It’s the end of another year, so you know what that means: it’s time to go back through every single edition of #SolutionsWatch for the year 2023 and go through feedback, updates and commentary on these ideas. What worked? What didn’t? What changed? How have you applied these ideas in your life? Find out in this lengthy year-end edition of everyone’s favourite solutions podcast.

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JAN 11

#1 – Truth Finds A Way – #SolutionsWatch

JAN 17

#2 – ContentSafe – #SolutionsWatch

JAN 24

#3 – Rage Against the War Machine – #SolutionsWatch

You can watch the footage from the event . . .

Or find info about their upcoming event at their website.


#4 – The Magic Words – #SolutionsWatch

You can get the Conspiracy Theory toque from Liberty Maniacs of Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve fame, of course!

Feb 15

#5 – Building Community – #SolutionsWatch

You can get the No Rulers hoodie from LibertyManiacs.com (not sponsored, by the way, just like their products!)

Feb 22

#6 – Students Against Mandates – #SolutionsWatch

Visit the Students Against Mandates website to follow their latest work

Feb 28

#7 – Finding Your Lifestyle of Liberty – #SolutionsWatch

Mar 8

#8 – Nullification – #SolutionsWatch

Mar 15

#9 – Decentralized Communication – #SolutionsWatch

Check Bastyon.com and Qortal.org and Minds.com for the latest updates

Mar 21

#10 – Alternative Solutions to the Banking Crisis – #SolutionsWatch

Mar 29

#11 – Finding Mental Health – #SolutionsWatch

Apr 12

#12 – Meeting People is Easy – #SolutionsWatch

Apr 25

#13 – National Citizens Inquiry – #SolutionsWatch

You can see my testimony to the commission in Episode 445 – James Corbett Testifies at the National Citizens Inquiry.

The Commissioners’ Final Report was released in late November along with a Summary report and a Transcript of all witness testimony.


May 2

#14 – Testing and Filtering Your Water – #SolutionsWatch

Contact Andrew direct at (405) 531-2784 or email him at andrewhoffman1776 [at] proton.me

May 8

#15 – A Better Way – #SolutionsWatch

If you want to see my contribution to the Better Way Conference, check out:

Episode 446 – Finding The Better Way

May 16

#16 – Thwarting Facial Recognition – #SolutionsWatch

Follow Michael Maharrey’s blog at the Tenth Amendment Center website

June 28

#17 – Laughing At Tyrants – #SolutionsWatch

Peter Swann’s obituary

See DayJobOrchestra’s website and the Thoughtcrime7 channel for an archive of Peter’s work

July 6

#18 – Stop Buying Their Crap! – #SolutionsWatch

July 12

#19 – How (and When and Why) to Cite Your Sources – #SolutionsWatch

Aug 02

#20 – The Self-Reliant Way – #SolutionsWatch

Find out more about The Self-Reliant Way at Benny’s website

Aug 15

#21 – The Dutch School of Understanding – #SolutionsWatch

Find our more info about the newly renamed Worldview Masterclass at WorldviewMasterclass.com

Discover more about Nova Academia at novacad.org

Aug 23

#22 – Take Back Our Tech – #SolutionsWatch

Aug 30

#23 – A Concrete Solution for Fukushima – #SolutionsWatch

Sep 05

#24 – White Rose Mucho Grande – #SolutionsWatch

Visit Government-Scam.com for more info on “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History and CLICK HERE for The Art of Liberty Foundation – Annual Report 2022-2023

Sep 13

#25 – Monkeywrenching the New World Order – #SolutionsWatch

SEP 21

#26 – How To Defeat BlackRock – #SolutionsWatch

Sep 27

#27 – The Newspaper Revolution – #SolutionsWatch

You can follow the developments with Druthers at Druthers.me and The Light at TheLightPaper.co.uk

Oct 11

#28 – A Gentleman’s Guide to Trolls, Bots, Sealions, Forum Spies and Other Pests – #SolutionsWatch


Oct 25

#29 – Teaching Children About Conspiracies – #SolutionsWatch

Nov 1

#30 – Pick Your Pieces – #SolutionsWatch

Read Pick Your Pieces – Some Thoughts to Think About

Nov 14

#31 – Freedom’s the Answer! (What’s the Question?) – #SolutionsWatch


Dec 6

#32 – Community Gardening – #SolutionsWatch

This episode was translated into Japanese by Jimakudaiyo!

(I know there was some talk about translation in the comments recently. Thanks to HRS for pointing to previous Solutions Watch on Translate the Truth)

Also you can find the translation video and an “outtakes/bts” video on the Noh Mask channel

Dec 11

#33 – Open Source Education – #SolutionsWatch

Explore the curriculum at OpenSourceEducation.online

Source: The Corbett Report

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