The Abstract Episode 23 “Report to the Governor” The Information War Goes NUCLEAR! 🤯

By Peter A. Kirby

When addressing the ongoing issues of homelessness, crime and filth in their cities, local politicians and bureaucrats will simply throw up their hands saying that these are extremely difficult problems bordering on the unsolvable… and so they persist. A recent book written by a team of career investigators and litigators provides evidence for the notion that homelessness, crime and filth are actually being actively promoted by government so that international drug cartels may flourish. “Report to the Governor” by John Thaler became available late last month and it provides evidence for the notion that things are the way they are in many American cities because international drug cartels are exerting a tremendous corrupting influence over American government and that these Third World-like conditions are a direct result of this influence. This entire article quotes heavily from Thaler’s book.

Focusing primarily on racketeering and government corruption in the state of Arizona, Report to the Governor details how international drug cartels have infested themselves into American governments through bribery and other means.

The fact that obscene amounts of narcotics are flowing freely into America over our southern border should be a surprise to no one. Americans consume more than $150B of illicit drugs every year. As a White House document says:

“Mexican Transnational Criminal Organizations (TCOs) are the greatest drug trafficking threat to the United States; they control most of the U.S. drug market and have established varied transportation routes, have advanced communications capabilities, and hold strong affiliations with criminal groups and gangs in the United States. Mexican TCOs supply the majority of the heroin, fentanyl, methamphetamine, cocaine, and foreign-produced marijuana available in U.S. illicit drug markets. These drugs are also smuggled into the United States across other land, sea, and air borders, but not on the same scale as the substances transported across the SWB.”

For the cartels, the staggering amount of revenue resulting from these narcotics sales (as well as from associated activities such as gambling, prostitution, and human and weapons trafficking) creates a new set of problems. Or as Frank Lopez said in the movie Scarface, “And then you’re going to find out that your biggest problem is not bringing in the stuff, but what to do with all the F*CKING CASH!!!” The money needs to be laundered, or ‘cleaned’ as they say, in order to disassociate the funds from illegal activity. This ‘cleaning’ of illicit funds involves massive government corruption and has given rise to myriad other scams. But this process most commonly involves real estate.

Our fraudulent government

Evidence presented in Report to the Governor details how proceeds from cartel operations are commonly laundered through real estate fraud, especially involving single family homes. This fraud involves government corruption at every level and supports a host of other, associated crimes. Hiding the profits from cartel operations also involves tax evasion, payroll theft, bankruptcy fraud, falsified charitable donations, tuition fraud, insurance fraud, bribery, extortion, judicial misconduct and more. These other illegal activities also serve to diversify cartel operations and maximize profits. These scams commonly require forged documents as well as ‘phantom’ individuals. These fraudulent documents and phantom individuals are accepted into Arizona’s central government database and now appear as wholly legitimate, allowing the cartels to conduct officially sanctioned racketeering. In this section we explore details of all this as we quote heavily from Report to the Governor.

Beginning in Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa in the early 1980s, cash earned or otherwise collected in the sale of illegal narcotics and from human trafficking activities conducted by the Sinaloa Cartel and other Mexican drug cartels has been laundered through the purchase of single-family homes. Laundering of cartel monies in Arizona through purchases and sales of single-family homes began in or about 1994. It focused on new construction and to this day homebuilders are integral participants. Currently, cartel money laundering activities exist in most states but are most prevalent in Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Nevada, Tennessee, Texas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, North Carolina, and Florida. Since 2010, said money laundering in these twenty states has exceeded more than $100 billion.

Money laundering through purchases of residential real estate is achieved with the use of phantom individuals (identities of people that do not actually exist) and illegal aliens as purchasers. Sometimes the real estate is purchased using all cash, other times a mortgage is involved. Illegal alien purchasers are commonly given safe passage into the United States by the cartels in exchange for signing the necessary purchase documents. With respect to fraudulent mortgages, these transactions involve mortgage companies that provide money for legitimate and falsified mortgages as well as mortgage companies fictitiously created to launder funds. Money is also laundered through other organizations and individuals involved in real estate transactions such as realtors earning inflated commissions, appraisers earning inflated fees, title companies charging excessive processing fees, and other similarly situated businesses. Nearly all of the illegitimate mortgages in Arizona originate from companies outside of Arizona. Thaler et al specifically implicate Wells Fargo and HSBC among others in all of this.

As necessary components of the crimes outlined here, phantom individuals are created and then inserted electronically into the payroll systems of large-scale Arizona employers. Said phantoms then draw paychecks and other benefits, including life insurance policies. After several years of ‘employment,’ phantoms are killed off to collect the life insurance benefit proceeds.

Multiple state agency databases have been infiltrated or hacked, thus allowing falsified documents to be uploaded into them or allowing legitimate documents to be removed. To date, more than 10,000 falsified documents have been recorded with Arizona’s Maricopa County Recorder. It is estimated that more than 35,000 warranty deeds and trust deeds evidencing fraudulent transactions exist in the database. It is estimated that falsified notarizations exceed 15,000. In multiple instances, including rules governing notary publics, bribed legislators have rigged the rules specifically to prevent the detection of government-based fraud. Since 2015, hundreds of falsified court documents have been loaded into the database. These documents include falsified default judgments, criminal restitution orders, and child support orders used in ‘swatting’ activities against individuals posing a threat to the racketeering activities. In fact, when the Maricopa County databases for the Recorder’s Office and the Superior Court were designed in 2014, they were set up for outside infiltration so that falsified documents could be loaded into the database and legitimate documents removed. Further, the databases for the University of Arizona, Arizona State University, and Northern Arizona University have been infiltrated or hacked to permit individuals to be given degrees who never attended or graduated from these schools and to allow phantom individuals to be awarded degrees, thus lending legitimacy to their existence. Further still, state licensing databases have been infiltrated or hacked to permit individuals with fake degrees or phantom individuals to have state-issued licenses. Said licenses include accounting, real estate (broker and agent), mental health care (Ph.D. and M.F.T), and law (including State Bar membership). Infiltration leading to fake licenses and credentials exists in several other states including California, New Mexico, and Colorado.

With respect to bribery, Thaler et al found public officials who have received bribes include multiple state officeholders in the State House and the State Senate, local office holders, county supervisors, judges of the Maricopa County Superior Court, judges of several city courts (including two presiding judges), judges’ assistants, prosecutors within certain cities in Maricopa County, prosecutors for Maricopa County, as well as peripheral legal specialists including attorneys, court-appointed advisors and related specialists. In the Superior Courts for Maricopa County, Pinal County and Pima County, at least 25% of the active judges have accepted bribes in exchange for protecting the racketeering activities. Bribe payments generally begin before the individual is appointed to the bench. Bribes are usually paid prior to the judge taking office and begin as an incentive for the attorney to leave private practice. Administrative agencies intended to monitor and discipline members of the State Bar have been corrupted with the placement of executive members who have accepted bribes. Agencies involved include, but are not limited to, the Arizona State Bar and the Arizona Commission on Judicial Conduct. Lastly, offices of federal agencies located in Arizona have been infiltrated with individuals accepting bribes who then support the racketeering activities. Agencies infiltrated include the Internal Revenue Service, whose agents routinely harass individuals believed to be threats to the racketeering operations.

Thaler et al have also found the city of Mesa, Arizona to be a racketeering organization, as that term is defined in 18 U.S.C §1961, which actively engages in the activities outlined here. The city’s government is operated and controlled by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons). Under their control, civil rights are systemically and systematically violated to preserve racketeering activities. Fines and cash-only bail are used to collect monies, which are then skimmed and redirected into racketeering enterprises.

Further, Report to the Governor exposes the City of Mesa, Arizona Police Department as operating within a private police force that is used to support and protect cartel racketeering enterprises. Officers participating in this force are compensated with monies paid through the phony mortgage schemes and other related fraud. Officers operating within this private force systematically violate 4th Amendment rights by breaking and entering into and onto private property, wiretapping, computer hacking, cell phone hacking, and by using related surveillance techniques without a warrant. Officers also plant evidence and hide exculpatory evidence.

Facilitating the corrupt City of Mesa Police Department, Thaler et al found Mesa City Prosecutor Paul Hawkins whose office routinely files charges and convicts innocent individuals that knowingly or unwittingly pose a threat to the Mormon Church and their racketeering enterprises. Judges John P. Tatz and Alicia Lawler preside over these invented cases filed by the City Prosecutor Paul Hawkins; falsely convicting and sentencing the defendants.

Thaler is not the first to find massive government corruption in Arizona. From 2009 through 2011, the State of Arizona itself conducted an investigation of public corruption. In doing so, the State hired outside accounting firms and forensic accountants to perform an analysis of the income and expenses of certain public agencies. The investigative reports concluded that many of Arizona’s state agencies had been corrupted through the cash flow emanating from Russian organized crime, particularly in Southern California. The report further concluded that members of the Mormon Church were complicit in the infiltration of state and local agencies and were participants in the laundering of cash earned through corruption.

Believe it or not, there is much more government corruption and details thereof in Report to the Governor. Thaler et al name many specific individuals and organizations. But in the interest of expediency, we must move on. It suffices to say that there is so much illegal activity going on here that if the monies generated from this culture of corruption were abruptly eliminated from the state’s economy, Arizona would be bankrupt.

The Mormons

As noted above, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (a.k.a. the Mormon Church) has been found to be heavily involved here. A significant portion of the illegal narco dollars earned through transactions in Arizona is laundered through businesses operated by Mormons in Utah and Arizona, including through mortgage lenders where legitimate and illegitimate business is so inextricably intertwined so as to make detection and disentanglement nearly impossible. Further, Mormon elected and appointed officials facilitate illegal activities, concealing the activities from federal law enforcement and the public and punishing those who, intentionally or inadvertently, get in the way.

Members of the Mormon Church control multiple city governments, including the City of Mesa and the Town of Gilbert where Church members hold a majority of elected and appointed positions. Resources, including city government agencies in Mesa, Arizona controlled by members of the Mormon Church, are integral to the laundering activities.

There are more than 1.5 million Mormons living in Mexico.  Most Mormon communities are agrarian. The Church has an arrangement with the drug cartels: You leave us alone to farm, and in exchange, you can make use of our money laundering enterprises. Nearly 50% of the produce Mormons grow in Mexico is shipped to China.

Election fraud

Report to the Governor also exposes details pertaining to the integrity of our elections. As you may already know, American elections have been greatly compromised and Arizona has been a central focus of efforts needed to correct this situation. This is because since 2004, elections within Pima County and Maricopa County have been manipulated through infiltration of the county databases resulting from bribes paid to executives at election service providers, including but not limited to Runbeck Election Services. The county’s current computer database, which was built between 2014-2015, was infiltrated and hacked. Its architects specifically designed the system with multiple backdoor entry points. Beginning in 2017, the access points have been used to change vote totals and, thereon, election results. In addition to impacting local elections, bribes and infiltration were used to affect the outcomes of the races during the 2020 federal election; including the outcomes of the race for Maricopa County Recorder and the race for Governor, Secretary of State, and Attorney General.

Illegal transfers of funds have been provided to Runbeck Election Services’ namesake Robert Runbeck (principal of Runbeck Election Services) and Jeff Ellington (CEO, Runbeck Election Services). Runbeck CEO Jeffrey Ellington is also the Chief Operating Officer of Precision Aero, an Arizona-based aerospace company. Precision Aero’s majority owner is Black Mountain Investment Company. Black Mountain’s primary business is property investment. The principal of Precision Aero and Black Mountain is Mahai Toma, which he operates with his brother, Andrei. Mihai and Andrei’s brother is Ben. Ben Toma is the Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives.

Ben Toma

Representative Toma is just one of many state legislators with documents evidencing the acceptance of bribes through the phony mortgage schemes outlined above. In July 2023, a Black Mountain subsidiary purchased a majority stake in Runbeck Election Services.

From 2017 through 2020, Adrian Fontes was the County Recorder for Maricopa County. The fix for 2020 and 2022 started in 2017 with appointments to election oversight positions of individuals having falsified notarizations on housing deeds as well as monies being laundered through the appointment of phantom individuals. During his tenure as Recorder, Fontes made fourteen appointments to election oversight positions. All of these appointments have falsified notarizations. Some have forged signatures for the ‘appointee.’ All took months between the alleged appointment and the alleged approval of the appointment. All were approved on the same day: December 9, 2020 – weeks after the election. Some of the ‘workers’ have falsified, yet recorded healthcare provider (AHCCCS) liens. The Maricopa County Recorder’s office also has at least five appointments made by Adrian Fontes who are phantoms: non-existent individuals. Said phantom individuals hold positions related to election services. As of January 1, 2023, Adrian Fontes is now the purported Arizona Secretary of State because he ‘won’ his 2022 election.

Adrian Fontes

Fontes’ successor as Maricopa County Recorder, Stephen Richer has his own falsified appointment document with forged notarization from the same phantom notary that notarized the fraudulent Fontes documents.

Stephen Richer

Celia Nabor was the Assistant Elections Director for Maricopa County. She supervised mail-in ballots. Her ‘appointment’ dated February 6, 2020 has a forged notarization, a forged clerk date with traced signature, and a forged signature. In late January 2023 Ms. Nabor was subpoenaed to testify regarding election fraud and specifically about a plethora of fraudulent activities concerning signature verifications on mail-in ballots. Ms. Nabor never showed up for it. At this time, she is considered a missing person and Ms. Nabor has apparently been removed from the county payroll system.

Celia Nabor

As for the most famous crook in Arizona, the so-called ‘Governor’ Katie Hobbs has deeds evidencing falsified notarizations.

Katie Hobbs

Like the sun rising in the east

All of the findings in Report to the Governor have been given to the appropriate authorities. Unsurprisingly, the response has been disappointing to non-existent. In June of 2021, preliminary findings from their investigation were presented to state and federal officials. In May of 2022, Governor Doug Ducey was presented with certain preliminary findings. On February 23, 2023, Jacqueline Breger, on behalf of John’s office, presented findings related to election integrity to an Arizona joint legislative committee and invited legislators to contact John’s office if they were interested in reviewing the materials supporting the findings.

Immediately following Jacqueline’s testimony, not a single legislator contacted John’s office. When pressed by the public as to why no one had contacted his office, people received responses like: “We investigated the charges over a weekend and found nothing to support them.” And despite Harvard University consistently ranking Arizona as the most corrupt state in the Union, initially there was of course the ‘unnamed law enforcement official’ who assured everybody that there is nothing to see here.

Members of the legislature and members of the media were then further invited to contact John’s office to review the evidence. To date, no one from the Arizona Republic or from the major media networks has called. A few concerned legislators did call. Most didn’t. Instead, several small groupings of politicians made ridiculous claims that they ‘reviewed’ the allegations made in Jacqueline’s presentation and determined the allegations to be false. Finally, a few law enforcement officials, when pressured to respond to the allegations, took the same fake path: they reviewed the allegations and determined them to be false.

Although John has made many well-received appearances in our New Media, the response from his local corporate media has been predictable. The Arizona Republic newspaper sent Ray Stern, a character assassin dressed up as a reporter, to ‘investigate.’ In a series of articles, Mr. Stern has been doggedly attacking Mr. Thayer while proclaiming any and all evidence presented to be false. Mr. Stern’s colleague Dennis Welch at KTVK has been throwing up all over his audience as well:

Government of, by and for the cartels

Evidence presented by Thaler et al. strongly suggests that this corrupting influence of international crime cartels is so pervasive throughout our government that the cartels have caused legislatures throughout the Country to create a legal situation conducive to their nefarious activities.

Laws such as those that decriminalize petty theft, laws that decriminalize narcotics possession and use, laws that allow people to camp on the sidewalk and laws that allow for public urination and defecation all benefit international drug cartels at the expense of the citizenry. All of these types of laws have become prevalent in the American cities most affected by crime, grime and homelessness.

Laws that decriminalize petty theft allow thieves and fences to steal and deal in stolen merchandise unimpeded. This helps drug dealers because their customers most commonly steal things to support their habits. These types of laws also provide drug dealers with opportunities to accept stolen property in exchange for drugs and/or cash.

Laws that decriminalize narcotics possession and use obviously help drug cartels because, despite the decriminalization, the only place to actually get the narcotics is still from the street dealers who work for the cartel. If one could buy Fentanyl or heroin off the shelf in a drugstore legally, we probably wouldn’t have such a huge problem on our hands, but that is a debate for another day. I’m sure that many of you will disagree with me on that point, but we need to deal with the situation currently at hand, so please read on. The bottom line is that laws which decriminalize narcotics possession and use, in the fashion that they currently do, help the cartels to conduct business unmolested by local law enforcement.

Laws that allow people to camp on sidewalks or otherwise live in public spaces benefit the cartels because these laws allow drug addicts to stay out of homeless shelters and jail. Traditionally, the choice for a bum passed out on the sidewalk would have been to either go to a homeless shelter or be arrested and go to jail. Neither one of those places allow the continuing use of narcotics. If homeless drug addicts want to keep buying and using drugs, they need to stay on the street. Laws that allow for individuals camping in public places allow drug addicts to do just that. These laws leave the cartel’s customers on the street, using their drugs and thusly benefitting the drug cartels.

Laws that effectively allow for public urination and defecation further help homeless drug addicts to stay out of jail and continue to live on the street, buying and using the cartel’s products. If you’ve been to San Francisco in recent years, then you know what I’m talking about. Allowing people to urinate and defecate all over the place is just plain disgusting and should not be allowed.

Compounding the problem, the areas in America most affected by this current tsunami of bums, crime and filth are giving away all the accoutrements needed for narcotics consumption at taxpayer expense. In these areas one can walk into a local storefront and come out with glass pipes, needles, inhalation straws, tourniquets, lighters and more for free, all paid for with public monies. It goes without saying that this type of operation benefits drug cartels.

The lack of control over our border with Mexico obviously benefits international drug cartels.

All of these types of laws and policies mentioned here make very little sense in the context of protecting and serving American citizens. But these laws and policies make nothing but sense if the goal is to protect and serve international drug cartels. The evidence strongly suggests that this is what is happening.


China is heavily implicated in all of this. So much so that cartel operations simply reek of China-sponsored efforts to take advantage of and destabilize the United States. Quoting heavily from Report to the Governor, we find that China has been identified as a significant source of precursor chemicals used in the production of synthetic drugs, such as methamphetamine and fentanyl. These chemicals are smuggled from China to Mexico where they are used by cartels to manufacture their goods. Chinese criminal networks have been involved in money laundering activities that intersect with the operations of Mexican drug cartels. These networks facilitate the movement and laundering of drug proceeds, utilizing complex financial systems and illicit money transfer networks. The use of Chinese shipping companies and networks has been reported in drug trafficking operations. There have been instances of Chinese firearms and other weapons being trafficked into Mexico, potentially ending up in the hands of drug cartels: this includes firearms of Chinese origin or those manufactured in other countries but sourced from China. Chinese nationals are crossing the U.S.-Mexico border into the U.S. in unprecedented numbers this year, with the first few months of FY 2023 already eclipsing the total for 2022. In Utah, China has fostered connections with the aforementioned Mormon Church in order to influence U.S. affairs. China and its advocates have been building relationships with state government officials and lawmakers in Utah over the past five years. Some of these connections include the Mormon Church. As a result, Utah lawmakers delayed or nixed legislation in the state that the Chinese government opposed, including measures meant to officially convey disapproval of Chinese actions. Meanwhile, Chinese interests continue to secure political allies at the local level as they have to date bought up over 380,000 acres of American land.

The abduction of America

The full title of his book is Report to the Governor: How the Discovery of Racketeering and Mass Corruption in the State of Arizona Led to the Abduction of McKinley Harris Thaler. This is because Mr. Thaler’s book is much more than a mind-blowing exposition of racketeering and government corruption. It is also an extremely personal story of how he came into this information and how his discovery of this evidence led directly to the abduction of his son.

McKinley Thaler

In 2018, when McKinley Thaler was just a few months old, his father John went about creating a trust fund for his son, just in case something bad should happen to him. This was probably a good idea because John Thaler had, at that time, already made many enemies through his career of exposing institutional fraud. Creating this trust involved looking up documents in his wife’s name from the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office. Doing this, he found that his wife Brittany Chavez had many documents on file containing fraudulent information. He even found evidence that his wife was married to somebody else. John began falling down the rabbit hole.

Over the next six months, those initial revelations led to the discovery that his wife and her family were participants in a series of interstate racketeering enterprises. John found that the Chavez family are ‘cleaners.’ They launder money. Over the past twenty years, Brittany and her mother, Dawna Chavez, have prepared the ‘official’ documents necessary to move billions of illegally obtained dollars. John found that Brittany and Dawna facilitate insurance fraud, payroll theft and bankruptcy fraud. John also found that in Arizona, they facilitate bribes or favors to elected and appointed officials who ensure that the criminal enterprises detailed here operate unfettered.

Initially, when he confronted his wife with these revelations, Brittany was compliant. She wanted out and had wanted out for several years. Then, in February 2019, institutional clients retained John to conduct an investigation as to the damage done by the racketeering and how to best go about plugging the systemic holes that had allowed infiltration into their electronic systems and databases. Brittany cooperated. She provided documents and related evidence. When her family discovered this, they threatened her. Then they directed their threats at John. On November 17, 2019, Brittany asked John and a colleague if they could make an application for her to enter WITSEC – federal witness protection. As they began, the threats continued. By early December, Brittany was in a state of near emotional collapse. Fearing John would use the information she had provided against her to obtain full custody of their son, on McKinley’s second birthday, December 12, 2019, Brittany abducted him for the first of three times. On September 19, 2020 Brittany with the aid of her mother abducted McKinley for the third and final time. McKinley and his father have had no contact of any kind since. That final abduction, in violation of a court custody order, was a poorly conceived extortion attempt to stop the investigation. The Chavez family told John in no uncertain terms that if he ceased the work immediately, McKinley would be returned.

Throughout the course of all of this, there have been six attempts on John’s life, one of which nearly killed one of his clients. John has also suffered more than 100 ‘swatting’ attempts, fake claims made to state bars, falsified court orders, fraudulent misdemeanor charges, repeated hacks of his personal computer, repeated credit score tampering and more than $175,000 stolen from him including the savings for his eldest son’s college education. And yet he persists. You are reading about the premiere information warrior in the Country. We should accept what he gives us and run with it.

Report to the Governor, on a deeper level, is about something that has been abducted from all of us. John Thaler has suffered one of the worst things that a person can suffer: not knowing where his child is … not knowing if little McKinley Thaler is all right or not or if he is going to be all right. But every American is suffering as well. McKinley Thaler’s story is an allegory for what all Americans have suffered at the hands of this hopelessly corrupt government. Under this current situation of government corruption and cartel infiltration, no American is safe. Like McKinley Thaler we, as a society are constantly in an unsafe situation. The mechanism that is supposed to provide societal stability and safety (the government) is doing the opposite. They are causing societal instability and danger. They have absconded with our societal piece of mind and severely damaged our ability to be happy, healthy and prosperous. How do we get ourselves out of this mess? It starts with knowing the truth.

Please stay tuned

As you may know, your author is in the process of producing his third book titled The Fall of San Francisco which documents the long, slow process of San Francisco’s transformation from the most beautiful city in the world into the poster child for everything wrong with America today. For the production of this book, information presented in Report to the Governor and supporting documents will be applied to the specific case of San Francisco. I’m even hoping that Mr. Thaler or someone from his team might do a little extra digging and come up with some juicy, San Francisco-specific documents that have not yet been presented. I can probably also do more successful digging of my own so, either way, plenty of applicable information has already been provided and Report to the Governor looks to play an important role in The Fall of San Francisco.

Starting with this article and corresponding episode of The Abstract, I plan to release a series of articles and episodes pertaining to The Fall of San Francisco. I plan to release these articles and episodes as I write the individual chapters. This series of articles and episodes should lead up to the publication of the book, with at least one bonus article and episode released after the book becomes available. The Fall of San Francisco should be available in the first half of next year, 2024. Please stay tuned. Thank you.


Report to the Governor: How the Discovery of Racketeering and Mass Corruption in the State of Arizona Led to the Abduction of McKinley Harris Thaler a book by John Harris Thaler, self-published 2023

Peter A. Kirby is a San Rafael, CA researcher, author, and activist. Please buy his book Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project available now exclusively at Amazon. Also please follow his TruthSocial feed or join his email list at his website

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