5G Telecommunications Safety and Needing to Have (Real) Skin in the Game

By Patricia Burke of Safe Tech International Top Image courtesy Floris Freshman

In the late 1990s, when I wrote for New England’s largest holistic magazine, I heard the first rumblings from massage therapists working in the mountain regions of the Northeast.  From the Catskills to the Berkshires, body workers were reporting changes in the skin of city-based vacationers. They noticed bodies becoming less supple.  Skin appeared to be aging more quickly and reportedly felt like a tough animal hide or leather under the fingertips of the experts. An underground network of hands-on practitioners from other areas of the country reported similar observations.

They were worried.

This was an early warning that was not heeded.  It was not the only one.

Other Early Warnings, 2007-2008: White-Nosed Bats, Bees, and Trees vs. Man-Made Artificial Microwave Radiofrequencies

Although not involving humans, in 2007, another wave of concern emerged.

As reported by the U.S. Geological Survey National Wildlife Health Center, “Since the winter of 2007-2008, millions of insect-eating bats in 40 states and eight Canadian provinces (as of July 2023) have died from this devastating disease. Bat population declines are expected to have substantial impacts on the environment and agriculture. Bats eat insects that damage crops and spread disease. Consumption of insects by bats saves farmers billions of dollars in pest control services annually.

White-nose syndrome is caused by a fungus, Pseudogymnoascus destructans, that infects skin of the muzzle, ears, and wings of hibernating bats.”

Given that bats navigate via radar, informed and forward-thinking environmentalists were concerned that the species was especially vulnerable to the effects of artificial, man-made, microwave radio frequency radiation.

This was compounded by emerging worry about bees.

Image Courtesy Lori McCray

“In 2007, the term Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) was coined when honeybees in 24 U.S. states and four continents began disappearing. Worker bees failed to return to the hive, leaving the uncapped brood abandoned. Normally, honey scavengers including wasps and bees from other hives rob a failing bee colony. But in the startling case of CCD, the hives were left untouched.” – Source

With honeybees, the varroa mite appeared to be the straw that broke the camel’s back.  The neonicitinoid class of pesticides was also implicated, with calls to change chemicals. But it is often the most recent “insult” to a particular species that receives the most attention, rather than noticing early warnings, cumulative effects, or a universal stressor and gradual decline.

Deaths of bats and bees has been accompanied by the decline of many tree species, including the Ash.

This trend of species decline continues.

In addition to trees dying. research indicates that trees under stress produce more protective terpines, making them more flammable and increasing fire risk.

Within ages of polarization, the ability to engage in open-minded, thoughtful systems analysis is compromised. Yet for a marginalized group, inquiry extended to the question of whether or not it was compromised immunity caused by a widespread environmental exposure that was causing such extensive losses.

For those willing to ask the question, the primary suspect, again, was wireless technologies and infrastructure.

Microsoft Word – Endfassung2 21.11.2007_EN edited.docx (emfanalysis.com)

Why Would Consumers Assume that 5G is Safe “Because it only penetrates the skin?”       

Fast forward to 2023, and the proclaimed safety of the 5G telecommunications network has become entangled with claims about skin, with consumers assuming that if a product is in the marketplace, it has been adequately safety tested.

Specifically, the industry claim that “5G is safe because it only penetrates the skin,” implies that the skin is not a part of an interconnected, intelligent, energetic field that continuously communicates with and alchemizes with the natural electromagnetic rhythms of the cosmos.  (This includes, for example, the body’s nutritional adjustments to the change of seasons.)

The ‘wireless is benign’ belief system does not (yet) view artificial frequencies as a stressor or pollutant. This is complicated by the West’s mass medicine world view.

How the West Views Skin

On September 30, 2023 the Guardian published Science Editor Ian Sample’s article “The science of skin: everything you need to know about your body’s biggest organ – and how to protect it.”

The title of the Guardian’s article about skin could be modified to read, “The science of skin: everything you need to know about your body’s biggest organ – and how to protect it – from a mainstream Western medicine perspective that does not comprehend the body as an interconnected energetic field and uses an inanimate dummy to test cellphones.”

He wrote, “The complexity of the skin begins with its structure. It has three main layers: the outer epidermis or top layer, the dermis or middle layer, and the bottom layer, the fatty hypodermis. The epidermis itself is a multi-layered tissue, thick on the palms and soles of the feet, but incredibly thin on the eyelids – all the better for blinking with. There is no blood supply to the epidermis: the outer surface is a flexible sheath of hardened and dead cells that keeps water, germs and pollution at bay. The dead cells are constantly replenished from below. The fresh supply replaces the 40,000 or so skin cells the body

 “Scientists talk of intrinsic ageing and extrinsic ageing. Intrinsic ageing is the gradual weakening and deterioration of skin where genetics, heritage, hormone levels and certain diseases shape its appearance and performance. Extrinsic ageing is the impact of everything we throw at it: sunlight, diet, pollution, smoking, stress. Intrinsic ageing is slow and barely visible before the age of 60 or 70. Extrinsic ageing occurs much faster, manifesting decades earlier.”

“Skin cells deep in the epidermis need sunlight to produce vitamin D, which is important for healthy bones, teeth and muscles. For most people, the skin provides plenty of vitamin D in the spring and summer, but from October to April, health officials recommend a daily 10µg supplement.”

As a purely physical barrier, the skin defends against bacteria, viruses, fungi and other infectious organisms. The defence is bolstered by an extraordinary array of protective substances and immune responses that are built into the skin. Secretions from the sweat and sebaceous glands combine to form a thin, acidic film on the epidermis that limits which microbes can grow there. Sweat contributes a substance called dermcidin, which kills a range of bacteria. Sebum, meanwhile, contains other antimicrobials such as lauric and sapienic acids.” – Source

Consumers remain unaware that RF is being tested on plastic engineering models that do not replicate the complexity of the human body, including, for example, skin layers, secretions, PH, biochemistry, and defense against bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Image courtesy Floris Freshman 

To answer questions about 5G safety, every aspect of the body’s capabilities, including the production of Vitamin D and melatonin, needs to be evaluated in the presence of juxtaposed exposures to RFR, taking into account individual variations, including age and skin tone.

Instead, engineering modeling is used, for example, this study which concluded that “Skin-Bone-Brain layer simulation results demonstrate that both electric and magnetic fields vanish before passing the brain layer at all three focal frequencies of 2.4GHz, 28GHz, and 100GHz.”

The model bears no resemblance to the characteristics of a human brain or living organism.

Also missing is recognition of the energetic field that surrounds and protects the organism and the skin. Light from the sun is filtered first through the protective field that surrounds the earth, and secondly by local environment (trees and foliage), and then by the two-way energetic field generated by the individual organism.

A hole in the ozone layer can be replicated in a damaged human energetic field.

A symptom like dry eyes can indicate that the field itself has been compromised. Humans do not live in a vacuum.

The measurable but invisible field, and not the skin, is the first layer of both interaction and defense in terms of the external environment. The behavior of this individual energetic field in the presence of RFR requires investigation if the question of safety and health is to be resolved.

The collapse of the field, as well as changes in blood samples, was demonstrated in the 2017 smart meter documentary film Take Back Your Power.

At about 54 minutes, the impact of a smart meter on the human energy field (and blood) is presented.

Technocracy has invaded and altered each layer of planetary protection, immunity, and health, from satellites to cell towers to Wi-Fi, without necessary scrutiny.

The mainstream Western model, derived heavily from autopsies and based on what can be seen, does not recognize the invisible electromagnetic pathways of communication and energy transport that form the basis of Oriental medicine. If the significance of these energetic functions were understood, would society be idly watching the wireless industry repeating the Late Lessons from Early Warnings of so many products once assumed to be safe?

2010, Systems Toxicity and Retained Pathogens via Organ Pulses –Traditional Chinese Medicine

As noted, back in the 1990s, bodyworkers were quietly sharing notes about changes in the skin of their clients.

In 2010, Leon Hammer and Ross Rosen wrote about a different set of physiological changes that they were observing in acupuncture patients – alarming alterations in the organ pulses.

They wrote, “Whereas the Choppy quality was once found rarely on the initial impression of the [ ] Uniform Qualities, in the past fifteen years it has become a common quality [ ]. These findings indicate systemic toxicity and retained pathogens, also known as “residual pathogenic factors.”  [ ] We have observed this on the pulse increasingly since the first Gulf War and coincidently with the Gulf War Syndrome, which a congressional research committee has now definitely linked to organophosphates. While exposure to toxins has been often documented since the beginning of the industrial revolution two hundred years ago, usually related to specific industries (welding) and inhalant solvents by artists, since WWII the proliferation of the use of oil-based hydrocarbons in the manufacture of plastics, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides has escalated by the thousands.”

But the article by Leon Hammer and Ross Rosen was not about chemical exposures.


“The Pulse, the Electronic Age and Radiation: Early Detection” proposed that radiofrequency microwave radiation from wireless technologies was causing imbalances, not in the skin, but in the functioning of – and to the interrelationships between – the deep internal organs.

From the lens of a science systematized thousands of years ago by Chinese seers, there are diagnostic indicators, including several pulses on the wrists, that provide data about the balance between the qualities of internal cold, heat, dampness, dryness, summer heat, and wind (roughly translated) in the internal organs and in the electromagnetic pathways of the body.

From this perspective of systems analysis, western medicine and international wireless policy is flying blind.

The acupuncturists wrote, “Abstract: Over the years, our population has been affected by a marked and rapid increase in toxicity from ordinary sources (environmental inhalant and contact toxins) and now from extra-ordinary sources (hydrocarbon based plastics).

With the use of Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis we see the increased incidence of the Choppy quality—once rare and now common. Recently we have observed the sudden increase of another quality— Leather, associated with electro-magnetic radiation, also once rare and now common.

This paper discusses the etiology (cell phones and wireless devices, iPods etc.), pathogenesis, diagnostic pulse signs, pathology and management (treatment) of this subtle yet pervasive toxin and especially the role of the pulse in the early detection of what we predict will be a “radiation epidemic.””

“What is increasingly clear is that the consequences of the extraordinary increases in exposure to radiation due to the exponential increase in all of sources mentioned above as well as supportive devices such as towers and power lines is beginning to manifest signs of deficiencies in yin (fluids), blood, and essence (the stored energy and substance of the body) and increases in toxic heat in the vessels as manifested in the pulse qualities Leather and Ropy described above.

The result is an acceleration of the drying and destruction of tissues in people similar, as mentioned above, to that observed in people with radiation treatment for cancer. Furthermore, in young people we and our colleagues are encountering pulse qualities (Ropy, Leather, Robust Pounding, Slippery and Choppy) associated with the arteriosclerotic process, previously not ordinarily encountered until late middle and old age. Radiation-induced pathogenic heat presents unique challenges to a remarkably adaptive human organism.” – Source

This indicates that even if the engineering measurements on an inanimate dummy do not indicate an increase in core body temperature, the Liver, the Blood, the Kidneys, or other organs may be adversely affected by pathogenic metabolically induced heat.

Of particular concern is the Gall Bladder, because Gall Bladder surgical removals are currently so widespread:

“The pathogenesis of blood stagnation from these toxins (hydrocarbon derivatives) associated with the Choppy quality is the failure of the attempt by “metabolic” heat to eliminate the toxin, usually from the Liver. This heat accumulates and becomes “excess” heat in the Liver that is dangerous to that organ. The Liver normally eliminates heat through the bile into the Gallbladder. When this system is overloaded the ‘excess’ heat is eliminated into the blood that it stores. This heat dries the vessel walls that gradually lose flexibility and coagulates the blood that slowly loses the yin component. The pulse sign of this loss of flexibility is the Ropy quality described below, while the Choppy quality is the one associated with the coagulated blood.” Source

The deterioration of Gall Bladder function in humans is another warning sign. The removal of the organ has been likened to taking the bulb out of the warning light on the car dashboard. Whereas Westen medicine often treats a symptom (the branch – as an example, dry eyes) Chinese medicine seeks to treat the roots (a collapsed energy field).

Even within the limitations of the Western medical model, consumers across the country have been reporting various symptoms associated with wireless exposures, especially coinciding with the installation of smart utility meters.

Many of those harmed were women, and many of the complaints centered around functions housed in the head and the heart, which are the two most electromagnetically active areas of the body.

Courtesy EMF Safety Network

To increase understanding, the reported symptoms can be mapped against the Eastern paradigms. India’s ayurveda explains the damage another way, – we are burning our ‘ojas.’ As Banyan Botanicals explains, “I love the metaphor of ojas as the body’s natural honey: it is the delicate and refined essence we produce from the plants and other vital essences we take in. Ojas is the force that enables us to sustain change over time. Think of it as your psychophysical container or shield. The more ojas we have, the more impervious we are to the negativity of others, as our own spirit has a good, strong container. Ojas gives us an overall sense of satisfaction with life. As you might suspect, our modern Western culture is chronically low in oja.”

Society chooses, with each new 5G installation, between inanimate engineering models and the abundance of the natural electromagnetic environment which sustains the ojas.

Energy is the source and choreographer of all life of earth. We can remember.

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