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We figured that our boy would take an incredible mug shot. But man, were we ever unprepared for this.
Donald Trump’s expression is aimed at two groups. The first are the reprobates, the scoundrels, the traitors who have perverted this once great nation into their personal money laundering scheme. At them Trump directs a steely gaze of pure defiance – a promise that no amount of persecution can deter his righteous fury. It is derisive contempt for the Deep State and its vile cronies who know their days are numbered.


Donald Trump Mugshot Design


The second are the people – the patriots, who will never abandon our hero however stridently the Democrats and their Fake News Media puppets squawk their fictitious grievances. By demonizing their greatest enemy, they only galvanize our resolve to support the true President of the United States … and perhaps one day exact true justice on the mendacious cadaver currently putting stains on the Oval Office upholstery. Trump’s determined visage underscores what real Americans have known all along: that freedom and liberty only belong to those who will stand up and fight for them.

Trump mug shot merchandise is currently about as rare as air molecules. But only Libertas Bella offers this piece of American history as interpreted by Ben Garrison (the world’s greatest editorial cartoonist according to everyone whose opinion actually matters). Don’t miss your chance to show your support for the 45th – and soon the 47th – president.

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