Will AI Replace Airline Pilots?

By Neenah Payne

The airlines would save a great deal of money if they could replace pilots with humanoid robots because robots don’t need salaries, vacations, sick days, pensions, etc. They don’t stage strikes or make other demands. So, if the airlines wanted to replace pilots with artificial intelligence, what steps could they take that would not cause opposition from pilots or criticism from the public?

At 2:11 minutes in the video below, Alex Jones explains that he predicted three years ago that when the pilots were forced to take COVID shots and a large percentage of them start having heart attacks and dying, airlines would say there’s a pilot shortage and would go to one pilot which he says the airlines are doing now. He predicted then that the airlines would finally move completely to AI pilots.


Growing Shortage of Commercial Airline Pilots

Forbes: The Pilot Shortage Is Playing Havoc With Air Travel. Here Are Some Remedies 4/10/23


Oliver Wyman forecast in early 2021 that an impending pilot shortage was on the horizon. This was contrary to reality at the time, as COVID-19 was decimating the airline industry and any recovery appeared years away. But as air travel demand continues to recover in 2022, our most recent forecast now projects that demand for pilots will outstrip supply in most regions globally between 2022 and 2024 — and continue to worsen over the next decade. We now expect global aviation to be short nearly 80,000 pilots by 2032, absent a downturn in future demand and/or strenuous efforts by the industry to bolster the supply of pilots.

Source: Oliver Wyman analysis

A severe pilot shortage in the U.S. leaves airlines scrambling for solutions 5/16/22

Push For Solo Pilot Flights

Why airplanes might soon have just one pilot 1/13/22

Soon, however, things could streamline further, and one of the two remaining pilots – technically the first officer – could soon go, leaving behind only the captain. Many smaller and military aircraft are already manned by a single pilot, but for commercial aviation this would mean venturing into a brave new world…. But how do you safely get rid of one pilot? One way is to greatly increase automation in the cockpit, devoting more tasks to computers.

Airlines push for lone pilot flights to cut costs despite safety fears 11/25/22

Airlines and regulators are pushing to have just one pilot in the cockpit of passenger jets instead of two. It would lower costs and ease pressure from crew shortages, but placing such responsibility on a single person at the controls is unsettling for some.

Over 40 countries including Germany, the U.K. and New Zealand have asked the United Nations body that sets aviation standards to help make single-pilot flights a safe reality. The European Union Aviation Safety Agency has also been working with planemakers to determine how solo flights would operate and preparing rules to oversee them. EASA said such services could start in 2027.

The plan doesn’t sit well with pilots. It’s a hard sell for passengers, too.

Could solo pilot flights soon be a reality overseas? 11/27/22

Humanoid Pilots To Solve “Pilot Shortage”

AI Humanoid Pilot ‘To Solve Pilot Shortage 8/25/23

Our readers know there’s yet to be a quick solution to the US pilot shortage, which may linger until 2032. Current data shows a staggering 17,000-pilot gap.

This shortfall can be attributed to several factors:

  • Early retirements spurred by the pandemic.
  • The unyielding retirement age of 65.
  • A dwindling number of pilots from the military.
  • The unappealing prospect for civilians to embark on a pilot career.

Airlines can only train 1,500 to 1,800 pilots a year. The deficit has triggered all sorts of flight disruptions, with the latest from American Airlines.

However, South Korean researchers from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST) developed “Pibot,” a life-sized humanoid robot that can fly planes and understand complex flight controls. Flight news website Airways Magazine explains more about Pibot’s capabilities:

As the world continues to adapt to the growing trend of Artificial Intelligence (AI), South Korean scientists have unveiled a humanoid robot capable of piloting an aircraft.

Named Pibot, the life-sized robot, measuring 160 cm tall and weighing in at 65 kg, is capable of gripping the controls, memorizing aircraft manuals, and even responding to emergency situations. It is fitted with multiple cameras capable of monitoring the aircraft’s systems and operational conditions.

Currently under development by the Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST), researchers utilized Al chatbots such as ChatGPT to create ways for PiBot to learn the pilot manuals for various aircraft.

The robot can then be changed onto an alternative airframe by clicking the type. It can also memorize worldwide Jeppesen aeronautical navigation charts, an impossible task for its human equivalent. PiBot can also communicate with air traffic control (ATC) and other humans on the flight deck, meaning it can operate via a Captain or First Officer. This has been done using Voice synthesis. By plugging the robot into the aircraft, it can communicate directly with the airframe.

Airways Magazine explained the humanoid pilot has already demonstrated it can control an aircraft safely.

While it’s clear a robo-pilot is not something the US Federal Aviation Administration would clear anytime soon — it might catch the agency’s attention amid the worst pilot shortage ever.  US airlines have been quietly lobbying Congress to allow them to use just one pilot in the cockpit instead of two. But with an increasing number of pilot deaths — some even in mid-air — one has to wonder: Is the FAA open to considering a mix between human and robot pilots in the cockpit?

Will Pilots be Replaced by Robots or AI? says:

As for the in-cockpit automation system, AI-driven autopilot is already a reality. The airplane is now able to monitor and control the plane’s speed, altitude, and other parameters with near-perfect precision – all without human intervention. However, a single pilot must take off, land, and operate flight controls during turbulent conditions. Should the pilot be incapacitated, a co-pilot is present to complete the flight safely.

In the future, we might see a single-pilot operation model that is fully automated with the assistance of pilot AI. Currently, any autonomous pilot would lack the emotional intelligence to make decisions on the fly, and any failures in judgment could have dire consequences….

As for onboard service, we can expect to see an AI aircrew labor in-cockpit automation system in the foreseeable future. AI bots could help with mundane tasks such as serving food and beverages, taking orders, or providing guidance on the plane’s amenities. The pre-flight safety demonstration could also be automated. Picture a robot providing passengers with a more engaging experience.

Anyone who’s been on a busy commercial flight knows the pain of waiting in line at the check-in desk. AI can help alleviate this issue by automating the entire process. An AI system integrated into the flight bookings engine would allow passengers to select their seats, check-in baggage, and board with minimum hassle. Biometric data (such as facial recognition) can be used to swiftly and securely verify identities.

At the airport, automated check-in kiosks are already being used in some parts of the world. They provide a more efficient way for passengers to handle their travel documents, with minimal input from human workers. Autonomous operations like these tend to reduce flight delays and long queues, making them a viable option for airports. The remaining airline personnel could then be reallocated to other tasks….

How close is AI to replacing the human pilot?

It’s worth noting that pilots are probably the furthest from being replaced by AI. First, countless legal, regulatory, and safety requirements need to be met. New laws would have to be written and tested to allow AI-controlled aircraft, which could take many years. Then, there is public perception to consider.

Many passengers may not feel comfortable boarding an aircraft operated by AI, so changes must be made to gain acceptance. Finally, there is the cost factor. Pilots are expensive, but buying and maintaining a fleet of AI-controlled planes would require significant upfront investments that most companies cannot afford.

What we are most likely to see soon is a co-pilot AI. AI Co pilot would leverage the recent advances in sensor technology, machine learning, and natural language processing to provide real-time navigation advice and assistance to the pilot. One of the goals of automation is to free up the pilot’s attention and increase safety, so having an AI co-pilot can be beneficial in this regard.

Drawbacks of AI in aviation

Although the autonomous taxi sounds like a dream come true, many drawbacks still exist. Without a pilot on board, passengers would need to trust AI to make the right decisions in any given situation. However, even the most advanced AI technology is susceptible to being hacked, damaged, or malfunctioning. Without human intervention, a problem that could have been solved by a pilot could turn into a disaster. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been poured into developing autonomous aircraft, which could potentially raise the cost of air travel and make it unaffordable for the average airline passenger.

Vaxxed Pilots Pose Risk To Flying Public

In 2021, nearly all major airlines required pilots to get the COVID shots to keep their jobs. However, many pilots injured by the shots now are reportedly hiding their health conditions to keep their jobs!

Report Alleges Up To 5,000 Pilots Unfit For Duty Fraudsters
5,000 Commercial Pilots Investigated: Hiding Health Problems
5,000 pilots suspected of hiding major health issues. Most are still flying.

FAA Investigates 5,000 Pilots Who May Have Concealed Health Conditions
FAA Suspects Nearly 5,000 Pilots Concealing Medical Issues to Keep Flying
‘Lie to Fly’ Is Part of Pilot Culture. An Air Force Doctor Wants to Change That
Nearly 5,000 U.S. Pilots May Be Hiding Medical Conditions That Make Them Unfit To Fly

While “Fact Checkers” deny that vaxxed pilots pose any risk to the flying public, pilots say otherwise as do whistleblowers in the military. There have been an increasing number of very close calls. The videos below show that this problem has been known for over two years, but is being ignored and/or denied by the  Federal Aviation Administration, the US government, and the corporate media. That doesn’t protect pilots or the public. It just protects Big Pharma, the US government, FAA, airlines, and everyone who mandated the COVID shots for pilots.

In the video below, Canadian Radiologist and Oncologist Dr. William Makis explains that many pilots who were forced to get the COVID shots are suffering with many side effects and cardiac injuries. However, they don’t know what to do because the authorities aren’t paying attention to their injuries. The FAA even lowered its guidelines for reading EKG’s to avoid having to fail a large number of pilots. So, the FAA is now allowing pilots to fly who according to previous FAA guidelines would have been considered unsafe to pilot commercial flights!

Dr. William Makis: Is mRNA Connected To Sudden Deaths & Cancer? 4/5/23

Dr. William Makis is an oncologist and cancer researcher who has been reporting on an alarming increase in cancer rates – and possible connections between sudden deaths and mRNA vaccines.


Dr. Makis points starting about 42:40 that he wrote a Substack article on pilot incapacitation and sudden cardiac arrests on major commercial flights. There were five in 2022. There were seven just in March 2023 alone. Dr. Makis says one British Airways pilot died in the hotel just before piloting a flight from Cairo to London. A Southwest Airlines flight from Las Vegas was diverted on March 22 when the pilot collapsed shortly after takeoff. A non-Southwest pilot on the flight as a passenger took over and landed the plane! It was the fifth pilot collapse in three weeks.

Dr. Makis points out that these are truly frightening situations! He says these incidents are on the rise. He is concerned that if nothing is done, there may be a major airline disaster! However, any Canadian doctors who speak out about the COVID shots risk being attacked and having their licenses threatened. He is free to speak because he is now semi-retired.

Dr. Makis explains that he wrote another substack article about bus drivers who got the COVID shots and are being incapacitated while driving! In the past month, four drivers became incapacitated and lost control of the school bus. A teacher or student took control to save the students. One driver died sitting in the bus waiting for students.

Dr. Makis mentions a number of supplements to mitigate the damages caused by the spike protein in the mRNA COVID shots including NAC, quercetin, olive leaf, white pine needle tea, and dandelion leaf and roots. He recommends eating natto kinase (natto/K2) to break down blood clots caused by the COVID shots which lead to many of the injuries and deaths. Eat Natto To Protect Your Heart and Bones! explains that natto is the world’s greatest super food. Also see Why You Need Vitamins D3-K2 Urgently!  New York Natto variety pack is a Japanese Probiotic Superfood in organic and non-GMO varieties.  All four flavors have a nutty taste and coffee aroma. However, natto is an acquired taste!


The two videos below interview Joshua Yoder of U.S. Freedom Flyers, founder of a group of pilots opposed to the COVID shot mandates whom the rich are now using to fly their private jets as shown further below! The first video includes an interview with Dr. Makis.


Asymptomatic Cardiac problems are Skyrocketing in Pilots and FAA is turning a Blind Eye to the Vaccine Injured saying it is not a major problem. A 675,000% Increase in Myocarditis is not a concern to the FAA. If untreated, there is a 20% mortality rate within 2 years and 50% in 5 years.

The concerns are when planes are taking off and landing, the critical times of flight when reaction times of the other pilot may not be fast enough to prevent crashing. Pilot Bob Snow went full cardiac arrest just 6 minutes after landing and it’s only a matter of time before this occurs during critical flight.


Flying is definitely not as safe as it was 3 years ago thanks to vaccinated pilots! Joshua Yoder is here to discuss how the FAA reduced heart health standards in order to maintain the flight status of vaccinated pilots. The vaxx mandate drove many pilots from their jobs and now the ones left are having vaxx induced heart problems! All pilots must be tested for subclinical myocarditis because oftentimes the first symptom is sudden death.

Wealthy Flyers Demand Unvaxxed Pilots

The “Fact Checkers” claim that vaxxed pilots pose no risk to the flying public. If that’s the case, why do the wealthy who can afford to fly in private jets now require only unvaxxed pilots?

Wealthy Elites Now ‘Require’ Unvaccinated Pilots to Fly Private Jets

Wealthy elites are now insisting that crew members on their private jets are unvaccinated, a pilot has claimed. Former Jetstar pilot Alan Dana says it has now become a “requirement” for private jet pilots and crew to be purebloods – people who haven’t been vaccinated for Covid.

The move is in stark contrast to commercial airline companies, many of which have refused to let crew fly without being “up-to-date” with shots and boosters. According to Dana, elites are actively seeking out unvaxxed pilots and crew to fly their jets. Speaking during an interview with reporter Maria Zeee, Dana revealed that wealthy businessmen are contacting the U.S. Freedom Flyers, an anti-vaccine mandate group of pilots, to find crew.

Dana said Josh Yoder, the head of the U.S. Freedom Flyers, is receiving inquiries from elites interested in hiring unvaccinated pilots to fly their business trips. “He’s getting calls now from wealthy businessmen and companies to fly their executives around on business jets with unvaccinated crew,” Dana said on “Maria Zeee Uncensored” this week.

“They get the luxury of being able to choose because there are still a large amount of crew available in the United States who are not vaccinated because the companies they work for didn’t mandate it.” “These wealthy businessmen are requiring unvaccinated crew on their business trips,” Dana added.

5,000 pilots suspected of hiding major health issues. Most are still flying.

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