“If There’s No Code, I Can’t Address It” — Famous Words from a City of Scottsdale Planning and Reviewer, May 6, 2016 …and He’s Still There!

By Floris R. Freshman

I applied to volunteer for the City Building Advisory, having been in real estate for almost ten years, documenting safety inspections for 80 rental homes in the Greater Phoenix valley my Broker managed. Most were brand new, stucco with Spanish tile roofs. After reading a Smart Meter Hazards brochure a friend mailed to me, and after viewing Sedona’s Marianna Heartsong’s troubling video, I found there was a digital meter on my house which I was told was the old meter (analog mechanical). I discovered in June of 2014 that a smart meter was slapped on my home since January of 2010, and I had immediate debilitating muscle cramps, loss of concentration, couldn’t finish my WW2 book, couldn’t even read to do research, ringing in the ears and more. They didn’t choose me, wonder why?

Here is the 16-minute recording to city planning:


Transcript (PDF)

Additionally, I spoke on 12-12-14 twice; once with the foil-covered bike helmet, later with it off, as after six hours of the hearing on a rate case for mechanical meter retrofit, because people left with their cell phones so the EMFs were tolerable (electromagnetic fields/radio frequency/Wireless fields, stray voltage).

Marianna:  https://smartmeterharm.org/2014/08/07/video-smart-meter-hell-in-sedona/

Dr. Martin Blank flew in to speak about WiFi (wireless fields – no viable safety level] – harming the blood-brain barrier. Former Arizona Corporation Commissioner Gary Pierce on public video stated that he wouldn’t let his grandchildren play in the room with that meter on the other side.

I noticed corrosion around the meters, the stucco was disintegrating, and you could see the mesh wire underneath. I had to document this so the tenant wouldn’t be held responsible for this damage at move-out.

When I called the power company servicing me on a few items I found they’re all bought by Crown Castle and the smart meter’s power usage they said they pay through to the meter, then it’s on you. I told them the easement stops at the drip spout (if wired from a utility pole, subject to flying palm leaves in the hiccup in the quake) … he sounded surprised. Before that, I had heard from several sources the bill is only estimated and averaged. I’ve paid almost $3K to opt-out for an opt-in program 2014 over $20 a month towards meter reading and tax from the city on a fee. They told me it’s allowable. Emails from LA to a Cherry guy stating that poor people can’t afford the opt-out fees so they will have to accept the smart meter. Barrie Trower explains in his informational and educational manner he has of a true teacher (representing EHS/EMS sufferers in court for free stating the science of microwave irradiation)…in his march 2020 exeter video lecture he mentions burnt retinal tissue enzyme when burned turns into cyanide (dangerous lighting; LED, laser on 5G, CFL’s, RF or metal halide HID lamps/bulbs most with gas not filiments).

From various sources I also learned that the power bills are only estimated and averaged. Seems from the get-go there were usage transmission problems from wireless data. Easily hackable, a quarter of a million smart meters made in China have been called into question in the UK after installation in 2022 for being a national security issue – they’re designed to be shut off remotely if you dont pay your bill – nonetheless, wireless is easily hackable; these were even easier – anyone with a laptop could interfere with the transmissions.

All smart meters pose a national security breach designed for remote grid shutdown. Nuke plants won’t cool the rods so they’ll explode, as Elana Freeland warned in her first book, and patent attorney Dr. David Martin also warns. So even the “safest” mechanical/analog meter can get moisture and debris underneath, but the smart meters here have thinner prongs, allowing arcing sparking mysterious fires. Don’t leave a crockpot on overnight. So an old crockpot for Shabbat Stew was the culprit, strange, the Dad his only night away ever what a coincidence. So I warned the Chabad of Scottsdale about the crockpots left unattended overnight for chulent stew during the Sabbath and the SM’s shorting them out, remote-on-off-on-off pulsing thru antiquated wiring defying safety building codes.

When I applied, the committee description stated that they update building codes. I even spoke briefly with the Supervisor, Mr. Clack in 2016 after I made the phone call to a Reviewer, Mr. Pappas having gotten no satisfaction from the call to Planning and Development. I handed Mr. Clack a smart meter legality and adverse reactions brochure. That was it. He is now the Chair of the Building advisory Board of City Council.

So now it’s 2023 … Smart Cities cropping up everywhere – no landline jacks – smart meters on every line, shabby construction with no earthquake brackets, thin walls and ceiling, video cameras in every duct.

The reason I recorded the call with the reviewer is because my right thumb had been broken many years ago from a baseball batting machine when the hardball hit my thumb while at bat. My dream of becoming a masseuse went up in smoke. My drawing hand, nonetheless. My right grip weakened and I massage it and put warming oil so it doesn’t become arthritic, and a Shaman adjusted it in place so the pain decreased, but the weak grip remains.

Then he says the U/L approves the smart meters so there’s nothing he can do. Well, after researching the U/L [underwriters laboratory] I found out they only approve of appliances, and you have to pay to get rated. Appliances use power. There’s no code for a power-using appliance on your breaker box. The smart meters are electronic but use your power to run on. The “coded” mechanical meter uses magnets. So there’s un-coded vibration violation that is thwarted by…GRANTS! I heard about one guy in Idaho who got 100k early for full “deploy.” Isn’t “deploy” a war term? Each Smart metering device on the power line radiates microwave 2.1 miles each in a 30 degree cone, patented “Ageing Accelerator.” A number of the side stickers on the smart meter reads “Warning… may cause injury, burn or death.”

SGIG funds the change-out to smart metering devices (all meter rental money paid for by taxes already paid off the old grid), called the “Smart Grid Investment Grant,” that refunds whatever is spent to put military assault weapons on everyone’s house, school, stores, jogging paths, etc.

I drop pencils, coffee cups, etc. forgetting my thumb is injured. So I didn’t want to miss a beat; if he gave me someone to call I’d have a record in case I dropped the pencil.

So it seems the one suggestion he had – I called the Fire Commissioner four times, left messages with no response. So smart meters are legal? Treason and fraud? It’s perfectly legal to record without the other party knowing, especially if it’s on safety issues. I researched how to de-radiate from the microwaves sent swirling through my house. I listened to scientists, people harmed, remediators, building biologists, and did whatever I could to feel well again.

Curtis Bennett (Thermoguy.com), told me to educate AZHHS (Arizona Department of Health and Human Services), about the plastic head (SAR scam), and spoke and emailed Matthew Roach there; he responded on an email he received the plastic head photo. His assistant, Kaleb Tsang, also knew about it but he later switched deptartments. Then this clown Dr. Crista Cruz took over, urging everyone to get a lethal injection. Yes, the HHS’, United Nations and the WHO (World Health Organization) are all in on it together: Hi-Tek Holocaust.

I use that word, not just because my parents survived the Nazi camps, but even though the word is misused by other groups, it still defines what’s going on behind our backs, using our tax dollars to do so.

Also, Dr. Dykema in Phoenix has a story to tell, almost arrested at her practice for refusing the smart meter install even with an MD note of Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS – now an ADA disability not being accommodated or recognized – they write “delusional” on your medical record).


Warren Woodward talks about ecg/smart meter:

Later, in 2020, I recorded a call to the Jewish News, hurt that the April 2020 issue endorsed the lethal injections thru the HHS and the PHA {Phoenix Holocaust Assn], of which I was a founding member. In that issue, [the article changed to a Bio since then], 10% of the Survivors died, as predicted by Dr. Montagnier and Dr. Yeadon, that where I had to call from was a faraway RV park and the wifi signals were so loud on the video I had to type a transcript as well, admitted she saw the ‘hot mike’ video of April 24, 2020, the two reporters in DC proving the scamdemic is just that. But so as not to lose her job she plays dumb and millions died.

See transcript PDF HERE

Link to hot mike clip:  https://youtu.be/RX7P3IaAvTw

Side label on smartmeter:

photo 2018 Phoenix burnt smartmeter

SAR plastic head test fraud

This says it all:

The FCC website lists all the attributes of the newer FOCUS meters: 10-station 2-way radio. Can emit more than one frequency at the same time. Microphone recording you. Worse case 900-1000 Kilohertz so 1000 KHz= ! Gigahertz = one billion times per second of vibrating frequencies. 5G and 6G use millimeter waves the same size as a 6-week old fetus [Barrie Trower]. Barrie mentioned that the frequencies imitate sick organs therefore making a healthy organ think it’s sick.

Dr. Klinghardt gives tips on lowering radiation in the sleeping space first here:

Violations of building code vibrations – this 24/7/365 seismic vibrating smartmeters eventually can crack foundations and rattle pipeline fittings loose resulting in gas explosions. Not saying this one for sure but sure seems like it:

Live footage and:

This is another very interesting video, although some of his comments dont match my opinions.

So, is this IR invisible beam coming thru the LCD readout on this ‘box-style’ smartmeter, is this beam doing to us what the laser lab demo showing the IR laser burning a piece of paper?

Evidence of Infrared (IR) damage:

So, therefore, just charge a blanket fee and do away with metering devices. Gas lines have them, now waterlines too. The labels now read the same as an LED lightbulb – may get interference from radiofrequency and must accept interference from RF.

“Smart meters emit audible noise”… Eric Anderson, sound engineer, Phoenix AZ 2015 APS court hearing.

Comments from Mark Steele:


Video taken: It was in a LAB. Just showing how Lasers work

ULEZ is a fusion technology that uses LIDAR RADAR CAMERA SENSORS RANGE FINDERS ETC. Its a toxic mix.. These images are just lasers which make up only one part of the fusion.

See transcript PDF HERE

The Cooking of Humanity Oct. 2013:

Mysterious fires:

Michelle Sherman dies in a fire in Reno:  https://stopsmartmeters.org/2014/09/15/smart-meter-fire-death-injuries-reported-in-reno-nv/

Larry Nikkel dies in a fire in Calif: https://stopsmartmeters.org/2013/06/21/when-smart-meters-kill-the-story-of-larry-nikkel-details-emerge-of-vacaville-ca-smart-meter-fire-death/

2011 CT kills 5

Bobby Reed: Fired in Texas for doing his job: https://smartmeterharm.org/2016/08/03/federal-labor-board-discusses-smart-meter-fire-problems/

Josh Del Sol’s award-winning film Take Back Your Power 2017 original version with Virginia Farver’s story (begins at 1:02 hours) about her son Rich’s demise from a cell tower placed on his college campus:  https://www.takebackyourpower.net/watch-take-back-your-power-2017/

Virginia Farver has been on Radio interviews about the cell tower the government placed on the SDSU campus (San Diego State University) in California. She has made several trips back there to gather more data on illness clusters at that area.

Also see Cal Washington’s InPower Movement HERE for letters of liability and interviews.

And see property owners PDF HERE

Art by Floris R. Freshman

Bio: Florie grew up in New York on the Seagate Beach. She graduated the High School of Performing Arts ’72 and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Theatre Arts State U of NY ’76. She studied Voice with Lou Rodgers, Dance with Justin Ross and Piano with Les Horan. She also studied Spanish, Computer Art and Fine Art and draws caricatures and cartoons. Her book, “Uncle Hershel Overmine Shoulder” is published by Inkwell Books LLC. She currently resides in Arizona.

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