New Design: Biden – Pay More. Live Worse


Biden - Pay More. Live Worse Design


Product Description:

Suppose that your political party branded itself as a friend to the poor. Would you:

A) Make every reasonable effort to help poor people by implementing an agenda that lowers prices for consumer goods; or

B) Cripple your country’s domestic energy production, thereby causing prices for consumer goods to skyrocket?

If you answered B, then you are correct. Helping poor people would actually shrink the party’s voter base – but plunging more American families into financial destitution can only grow it! And once we’ve convinced them that the world will literally end unless we illegalize any internal combustion engine that isn’t presently located inside one of our party members’ or donors’ luxury cars or private jets, their only hope of salvation will lie in – you guessed it – voting blue.

Imagine an America where no one can afford to own a home, go on vacation, or purchase food that wasn’t processed in multiple industrial facilities (unless they are a party member or donate enormous amounts of money to the party). It will be a paradise – totally free of income disparity so long as you don’t count party members and their donors! That’s the vision Joe Biden would have for our country if he were mentally capable of having a vision. When we said “vote blue no matter who,” we meant it!

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