EMF/RF/5G: Get Off the Gigantic/Titanic Wireless Party Boat

By Patricia Burke of Safe Tech International, Image courtesy Floris Freshman

The FDA and the FCC and political partners from both parties, along with the military, have been having quite a party while counting their riches and thinking of ways not to recognize the harm that new technologies are causing.

Many wireless consumers are too young to remember scientists and industry executives working for the tobacco companies, lying to congress.

In this example, companies were denying, under oath, that cigarettes are addictive:

Searcy Law Video

Regarding health, B and W whistleblower Jeffrey Wigand asked, “Have you done any biological studies?” “pharmacology?” “effects on central nervous system?”

The companies had studies indicating harm, but they suppressed the findings.

60 Minutes

Even as the public began to learn about the risks associated with cigarettes, including cancer, many smokers were unable to pivot because they were addicted.

The industry threw everything they had at consumers to foster a presumption of safety, including claiming that women preferred small birth weight babies, and creating a “tobaccommeter” to measure tar and nicotine while ignoring evidence that cigarettes (not tobacco itself) caused harm to many systems throughout the body.

The public was brain-washed to focus only on lung cancer in smokers, with a long gestation period and a smokescreen that could implicate other factors.

Why does this sound so familiar?

Former Attorney General Mark Butterworth of Florida stated, “The issue has been deceit.  The [ ] companies made a decision that they would withhold valuable information from the American public, information that the consumer would need to make an intelligent decision…”

Many of the companies involved, including Brown and Williamson and R.J. Reynolds, are no longer in business – because the party boat eventually sank.

It was not until evidence of damage from second-hand exposures was clear (lung cancer in the non-smoking widows of smokers) that the legitimate, necessary course correction began.

But more importantly, most of the victims and their families were never compensated. The legal fights continue decades later, with smokers still being denied participation in class action lawsuits.

Informed Consumers are the Industry’s Worst Customers

Where are “second hand” exposures to non-benefitting, non-consenting parties now rampant??

A growing portion of the consumer population is questioning claims being made by the wireless industry; for example, the article published by SDxCentral implying that because bananas emit radiation, that cell towers and 5G are of no concern.

“Human skin, it was found, deflects nearly half of all power emitted by high-frequency waves that 5G uses. Radio frequency, including that in the 5G range, doesn’t contain enough energy to break down human DNA molecules. While cell towers and cell phones do emit a small amount of radiation, so do bananas. This is an unnecessary concern for the environmental impact of 5G.”

SdXCentral is not a fringe publication. SDxCentral’s partners include Aruba Networks, Cisco, Ericsson, Fortinet, GSMA, Juniper Networks, Kyocera, NEC, Nokia, Palo Alto Networks, and Replify.

For some educated consumers, rejecting the ridiculous banana claim is theoretical, for others, living and/or working next to proximal infrastructure has destroyed their lives.

While the banana claim is not universal, what is not unique is the wide-spread wireless industry claim that 5G is safe because “it only penetrates the skin and not the deeper organs.”

Like the Titanic, and countless other industrial paradigms such as asbestos, we need to circle back and question the safety.

To Serve Unmet Market Demand?

I have a friend who started his own company while in college producing keyboards for left-handed computer users. He saw an unmet need and served a niche market.

There is an enormous untapped potential for small and not-so-small companies to cater to customers who are receding from the wireless marketplace, including

  • cars (Toyota – please bring back the 2005 Corolla) for drivers seeking safer vehicles that do not irradiate them
  • simple sonic toothbrushes that do not have an app or wireless signals
  • analogue hearing aids
  • unsmart appliances
  • hard-wired homes, offices, medical centers, and schools (including communal and higher density housing) that are truly accessible and future-proof
  • protected environments

Wireless, Telecom, Surveillance, Control, and Warfare

In earlier iterations, fire alarms only sent a signal when fire was detected. Society drunk on wireless has been led by an industry drunk on power and profits to accept technology such as smart meters that send and receive signals thousands of times per day in a mesh, simply to maintain the integrity of the network, creating a massive planetary footprint collecting, transmitting, and storing useless data. Surveillance and control are the unacknowledged downsides. Silicon Valley and others have devised technology that consumes as much wireless as possible, with no cognition of sustainability or conservation, because they are growing the economy and fostering increased demand and consumption.

Whereas nations historically were at war with one another, the Chinese wireless control grid demonstrates the risks of a nation in the throes of an auto-immune disease, turning on its own citizens.

It’s not just China.

Every seemingly innocuous decision that consumers make regarding wireless and the dual functions for control and surveillance enables top-down control and overshoot.

Why are societies not testing and monitoring wireless devices and infrastructure for safety?

Because the paradigm is not designed for simple telecommunications.  If it was, the lack of safety and resource and energy consumption issues would already have been confronted and addressed.

if you could have played a part in stopping lead in paint, or asbestos in schools, or mercury in water would you have done it?

If it’s time to question the Titanic Gigantic wireless paradigm, why can’t or won’t so many consumers join the call?

Food for Thought:

 The Testing Behind Your Wireless Devices. Decoding the Telecom Industry’s Silence

When We Are Not SAM founder Rinat Strahlhofer was immersed in the telecommunications industry for many years, she became aware of the measures the industry took to hide the lack of rigorous testing. While rolling out the 3G network, Rinat noticed that the valid and legitimate concerns over the potential health risks from the new network were largely ignored. Deeply disillusioned by the lack of industry regulation and safety science, she stepped away from her role and the industry. On returning to Australia in 2019 after a period of time in Europe, Rinat was dismayed to find that little had changed, despite the additional implementation of 4G and the planned 5G networks. This enormously profitable industry was, and still is, seeing profits trump the truth and safety. She decided to speak up and take a stand. https://www.activistpost.com/2023/07/the-testing-behind-your-wireless-devices-decoding-the-telecom-industrys-silence.html

What If Wifi Was Visible?

From Katie Singer’s Substack: Why I don’t consider climate change our root problem— and I’d welcome economies that recognize limits to growth

“A few days ago, my car’s thermometer registered 108 degrees. My landscaper-husband and I have lived in New Mexico Fe for more than three decades and have never known high temperatures like these. He can’t work outside in such heat; I can only last for short spurts. Our (rented) house has no air conditioning. To get through this unprecedented month, we hang out in cafes or the library or sleep through the afternoons. Mainly, we wait for cooler weather. I see climate change at work here; and—I do not consider it our root problem. At the root, we’ve got overshoot: unlimited manufacturing and consumption of goods on a planet with finite raw materials. Like wildlife habitat loss, increased population and income disparities, climate change is a consequence of overshoot.”

(((Surrounded))) A Memoir with a Message for the Modern World Watch free this week only July 26-30 online https://surroundedfilm.com/trailer  sponsored by the Building Biology Institute.

“Environmental Procedures at the FCC: A Case Study in Corporate Capture” by a former FCC official In licensing and authorizing facilities associated with telecommunications, broadband, and broadcasting technologies, the FCC intentionally and routinely fails to meet its environmental obligations and epitomizes “regulatory capture.” It treats environmental laws as obstacles to be circumvented or ignored, first by promulgating rules that fall short of what NEPA requires and then by failing to properly implement and enforce its own substandard rules. The chronic failure has cumulative, incalculable, and largely unknown environmental impacts. “Environmental Procedures at the FCC: A Case Study in Corporate Capture”

Legislative Bills Making Their Way Through the U.S. and Europe:

U.S. HR 3557 “To streamline Federal, State, and local permitting and regulatory reviews to expedite the deployment of communications facilities, and for other purposes.”

TEXT – https://www.congress.gov/bill/118th-congress/house-bill/3557/text

List of organizations thus far opposing HR 3557, courtesy of CA for Safe Technology https://cal4safetech.org/opposition-to-hr-3557

The bill is opposed in a joint letter by the National League of Cities (NLC), the United States Conference of Mayors (USCM), the National Association of Counties (NACo), the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors’ (NATOA) –– as well as the Alliance for Community Media (ACM), the Maryland Association of Counties (MACo), and the Jersey Access Group (JAG).

See this explanatory link at Wire America  https://wireamerica.org/hr3557/#compare

Take Action to Prevent the Next Wireless Invasion – Stop the American Broadband Deployment Act of 2023 from Being Enacted

If H.R. 3557 passes, it will result in a truly unrestricted proliferation of cell towers and small cell installations near schools, playgrounds, and homes without any local or community input. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/community-forum/take-action-to-prevent-the-next-wireless-invasion/

Similar legislation to HR 3557 and its companion bills unfortunately, is also ravaging Europe. See: https://digital-strategy.ec.europa.eu/en/library/gigabit-infrastructure-act-proposal-and-impact-assessment.

The party boat is sinking. Be on the right side of history.

Source: Safe Tech International

Top image: Floris Freshman Art

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