The Testing Behind Your Wireless Devices. Decoding the Telecom Industry’s Silence.

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Exploring the dangers with #WeAreNotSam

What you need to know:

In our ever-connected world, we love and rely on technology. While the risks are touted as being safe, there’s a bubbling undercurrent of concern around the methods used to test the radiation emitted by wireless networks to our handheld devices.

The problem is, cell phone testing is done on a plastic dummy, named SAM (Specific Anthropomorphic Mannequin). This method, used to determine the effects of radiation, hasn’t changed in decades and worryingly disregards over 2000 peer-reviewed reports showing biological harm from wireless radiation.

Today, there’s a growing community of people advocating for change, calling for better testing and more transparency. This is about safe technology, and empowering people to understand more about the everyday wireless technology we all take for granted.

To help highlight these outdated testing protocols, a short film has been created by a global team of over 100 volunteers; this is key to getting the message out there about the risks that are becoming more evident over time.

This important initiative is being led by Rinat Strahlhofer, founder of the We Are Not SAM campaign. Discover more about her vision for global awareness.

I’m not anti-technology, far from it, but what I want to do is empower people to investigate and make informed choices.


SAM (Specific Anthropomorphic Mannequin) is a dummy used to test cell-phone radiation for safety. Based on the physique of a 100kg, six-foot-tall adult male military recruit. Only 3% of the population fit the stereotype of SAM. Are you SAM?

SAM is a mannequin filled with liquid, intended to replicate the tissues in a human body and “he” is subjected to only six minutes of phone time, from which the safety of the wireless radiation is decided. Across the UK in 2021, reported that the average daily mobile phone usage is four hours – that is 40 times longer than the ‘test’ period. Not only that, but instead of holding the phone directly to the head/ear of SAM, testing stipulations allow it to be held up to 10mm away (not generally how a human being would use a phone!), thus diluting the results further. Research has shown that as children have much thinner skulls than adults, they absorb up to ten times more radiation than adults. There are no safety tests done that take into consideration children using mobile phones, or even being in close proximity.

Just to clarify, if you are a 100kg, 6ft male military recruit who only spends 6 minutes on his phone per day, and holds it 1 cm away from his head, you should be fine. If, like 97% of the population you aren’t, then there is no guarantee that you are safe.


When We Are Not SAM founder Rinat Strahlhofer was immersed in the telecommunications industry for many years, she became aware of the measures the industry took to hide the lack of rigorous testing. While rolling out the 3G network, Rinat noticed that the valid and legitimate concerns over the potential health risks from the new network were largely ignored.

Deeply disillusioned by the lack of industry regulation and safety science, she stepped away from her role and the industry. On returning to Australia in 2019 after a period of time in Europe, Rinat was dismayed to find that little had changed, despite the additional implementation of 4G and the planned 5G networks. This enormously profitable industry was, and still is, seeing profits trump the truth and safety. She decided to speak up and take a stand.

I’m not anti-technology, far from it, but what I want to do is empower people to investigate and make informed choices. Primarily, the testing on SAM is just fraudulent and negligent. The only reason that the regulators and companies are accepting this testing method is because if they didn’t, none of these 4G and 5G technologies would be allowed.

With regards to health, I’m not just talking about cancer, although that is the side effect most commonly acknowledged, perhaps because it can take decades to develop and therefore buys the industry some time. And of course, there’s the ongoing damage caused to animals, plants and bacteria too.

We have to be careful about what is being marketed to us. History has shown that we have to take safety into our own hands – I want people to be taking this as seriously as the tobacco, DDT and asbestos movements. It’s that alarming.


A short film, put together by a team of volunteers supporting We Are Not SAM shows an obviously dated testing facility and procedure. It may seem antiquated, yet this remains to be the extent of the testing carried out by the billion-dollar telecom industry, supposedly responsible for the safety of you, me, our family and friends. Would you trust the procedures shown in this video?

Thousands of doctors, scientists, researchers and lawyers are amongst the rapidly increasing voices challenging this outdated approach to testing. The research presented just doesn’t add up to safety.

Scientists agree that SAM does not have the electrical properties of a human brain. The fact is women, children and the elderly are not considered nor protected by this testing method. Our research shows that a 10-year-old absorbs 153% more radiation than SAM. This SAM certification process is the reason why millions of new cell phones are allowed on the market each year. This test is dangerously outdated – it’s time for new safety standards. — Om P. Gandhi, Emeritus Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering with the University of Utah, taught courses on biological effects of antennas, RF and microwave electromagnetic fields for over 50 years.

Wireless radiation has biological effects, period. These effects are seen in all life forms; plants, animals, insects, microbes. In humans we have clear evidence of cancer now. There is no question. — Dr. Sharon Goldberg, MD Integrative and Functional Medicine Physician, Clinical expertise in environmental intolerance including Microwave Sickness.

5G is going to require a transmitter for every three to ten houses, so we’re talking about a small cell tower placed in front of your home… That should alarm people. — Kevin Mottus, President of US Brain Tumor Association.

We Are Not SAM. Will you stand up and fight?

*Other known side effects also include: oxidative stress, short-term memory and concentration, sleep disruption, headache and dizziness, fatigue, immune disruption, skin rashes, bacteria issues, sperm and fertility damage, blood disorder, changes in cardiac function and more.


View Film on YouTube HERE

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