COVID Déjà Vu: Stay Inside & Wear a Mask (The Sky is Burning!)

By John C.A. Manley

To protect oneself from the hazy skies resulting from the forest fires in Quebec, the CBC was advising people in Ontario that “It’s best to [stay inside] as possible, and if you can’t stay home, you might need to wear a well-fitting respirator type mask.”

Sound familiar? Same con, new fear tactics: Stay at home and wear a mask.

Think about this: Toronto schools are having indoor recess because of forest fires over 800km away. These are the same schools that clean their interiors with toxic chemicals… that give their kids water poisoned with chlorine and fluoride… that profit off sugary drinks and other junk food. These are the same indoctrination camps that forced kids to wear masks when study after study showed they did nothing to protect people from disease (whilst causing physical and psychological harm).

To put it in anther perspective…

A hundred years ago, people hung out in pubs where the smoke from pipes, cigars and fires was so thick you couldn’t see the drunken sailor on the other side of the room. I’m not endorsing smoking, but just saying, how did we go from singing songs in smoked-filled pubs to being afraid to go outside because the sky’s hazy?

And as far as a breathing filter goes, we already have one: It’s our nasal passage. If the government was really concerned about people’s health they’d be telling them to breathe through their nose — where hairs, mucous and other natural functions prevent  particles reaching the lungs. Plus, breathing through the nose raises CO2 and nitric oxide, both blood vessel dilators, helping your liver remove any toxins that do make it to your bloodstream.

Every morning I go for a 7km run and workout, breathing exclusively through my nose (as you can see in this video). A hazy sky has made no difference to my routine. If anything, more pollutants in the air only motivates me to exercise more, not less.

Much Ado About Corona: A Dystopian Love Story

by John C.A. Manley

John C. A. Manley is the author of the full-length novel, Much Ado About Corona: Dystopian Love Story, which Patrick Corbett, former director/producer for W-5, Beachcombers and Dateline, calls ” a ripping story of courage, awakening and love.” Find out more at:

Image: HowStuffWorks

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