FDA: “Operation Quack Hack”: Medical Mafia vs. Medical Health Freedom Fighters

By Maryam Henein

“The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became truth.” 1984, George Orwell

IRONY ALERT! “No form of human misery can be allowed to go unexploited, and the coronavirus pandemic is no exception.” WebMD

Under the guise of safety (read: control) and fueled by a narrative that COVID-19 is a pandemic devastating the world, the U.S. government has issued a veritable witch hunt against online health professionals and natural ancient remedies like silver, vitamin C, magnesium, and mineral salts (MMS).

Headed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Operation Quack Hack is cyberstalking and softly terrorizing hundreds of doctors and health professionals who actually care about bolstering people’s health. And yes, “Operation Quack Hack” is the actual name the FDA has given this operation.

They laugh. We pay.

While the groundwork for this pharmaceutical and governmental overreach started long ago with the advent of Rockefeller medicine, the “Rona Regime” gets carte blanche. It is remarkable to consider that even the CDC data illustrates this virus is less fatal than the flu, with a 99.7% recovery rate.

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Quack Hack in full effect

When I reached out to the FDA via email, Press Officer Jeremy Kahn confirmed that “Operation Quack Hack” was launched in March 2020 in response to “scammers on the internet selling products that fraudulently claim to mitigate, prevent, treat, diagnose or cure COVID-19 in violation of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.” I was unable to locate a press release announcing this particular Covid-related “effort.”

Kahn also educated me as to how the FDA came up with the name “Quack Hack.”

“People who peddle false cures, medical charlatans, are commonly referred to a ‘quacks.’ Here, ‘hack’ was meant to refer to using various approaches to disrupt the activities of those who are selling false cures on the internet.”

Um, Excuse me? 

Professionals in the health space know NOT to use the “C” word, which in this case is “Cure.” Most providers openly declare their products will not cure COVID-19, but now the FDA frowns upon words like “treat” or “prevent” used in the same sentence as “coronavirus.” Such a transgression is enough to trigger warning letters.

As a result of what can be described as arguable attacks, some who have been targeted have suffered strokes, had their homes raided, their sons arrested, and woken up to find their company website disabled at the server level, a business of twenty-plus years gone in a flash (more horrid details later).

Quack Hack is headed by the Center for Drug Evaluation (CDER), a division of the FDA that regulates over-the-counter and prescription drugs, including biological therapeutics and generic drugs. CDER reportedly “performs an essential public health task by making sure that safe and effective drugs are available to improve the health of people in the United States.”

CDER employs around 1,300 employees in “review teams” that evaluate and approve new drugs. Additionally, CDER features a “safety team” with 72 employees to determine whether new drugs are unsafe or present risks not disclosed in the product’s labeling. CDER was run by Dr. Janet Woodcock before she went on this May to lead the “therapeutic” initiative at Operation Warp Speed.

The FDA’s overall budget for approving, labeling, and monitoring drugs is roughly $290 million per year. Of that, the CDER’s safety team monitors the effects of more than 3,000 prescription drugs on 200 million people with a budget of about $15 million a year.

CDER, currently run by Acting Director Dr. Patrizia Cavazzoni, oversees more than just medicines. For example, they consider fluoride toothpaste, antiperspirants, dandruff shampoos, and sunscreens as “drugs.” Who knew? And when did they start deeming nutrients like vitamin C as “drugs”?

Meanwhile, a kitchen sink of agencies collaborates on catching “quacks,” including the Cybercrime Investigations Unit and the Office of Regulatory Affairs Health Fraud Team within the FDA’s Office of Regulatory Affairs, as well as the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Some participants apparently have not been strict enough. According to Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer, the FTC, for instance, needs to take the gloves off and “crackdown.”

“Right now, what is the FTC doing to these quacks, to these fake scammers who are trying to take advantage of people in a desperate situation? Nothing,” Schumer said. “A slap on the wrist. They send them a so-called warning letter that has no consequence. You can take this warning letter and rip it up and put it in the garbage.”

It’s a common tactic:  Have some public figure go “tsk, tsk” to justify the agency’s Gestapo measures.

The FTC told USA TODAY that it has taken aggressive action against marketers who want to take advantage of the anxiety caused by the current health crisis. “We have done so to prevent consumer injury. There is no other motivation.”

When I asked FDA’s Khan whether he can elaborate on how exactly the Department of Justice fits in with the FDA, he pointed me to an FDA link to the Office of the Chief Counsel which reads in part:

“The Office of the Chief Counsel (OCC), which is the Food and Drug Division of the HHS Office of the General Counsel, is composed of litigators, counselors, and support staff. Litigators handle both civil and criminal enforcement cases and defend challenges to provisions of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FDCA), the implementing regulations, and FDA policies, initiatives, and decisions. . . .The litigators frequently work closely with senior officials at the Department of Justice and play an active role in all of FDA’s cases, including matters before the United States District Courts, the Courts of Appeal, and the United States Supreme Court.”

“The DOJ basically does the FDA’s dirty work,” Mark Grenon of Genesis II Church told me before being imprisoned in a Colombian jail in early August. Incidentally, Grenon was vaccine-injured and developed Guillain-Barre syndrome after getting a “free” shot in high school.

Critics like Grenon agree that COVID-19 is being used as a dragnet to further justify the encroachment on our health and natural remedies by government organizations such as the FDA, HHS, WHO, NIH, and other three-letter agencies.  When was the last time the COVID-19 Task Force reminded you to get fresh air, sun, eat real organic food, exercise, and bolster your immune system?

Unfortunately, it appears the powers-that-be are dead-set on enforcing their edicts against anyone promoting anything that might compete with the Operation Warp Speed COVID vaccines. Apparently, the medical mafia will even resort to arguably illegal means to do so.

“The healthcare system in this country is rigged against inexpensive, safe, and effective natural remedies in favor of expensive pharmaceutical drugs,” Clark Hansen, a naturopathic medical doctor in Arizona, told USA TODAY.

“The US medical system won’t ignore a treatment that is patentable and can provide a multi-billion profit for some giant healthcare company.”

As an example of what products interest the FDA, consider that one of their latest targets is the liver supplement N-acetyl cysteine (NAC). What they do not tell you is that NAC is being trialed as a treatment for COVID-19. If they are successful, the pharma companies involved with the trials will patent NAC for the specific application to COVID-19. As patent owners, they will then be free to “help” the FDA pursue “rogue” supplement sellers of NAC.

As if the Rona was not damaging enough to small businesses, Quack Hack has further compounded health-oriented outfits.

“Imagine being unable to process credit cards or advertise on Facebook,” says Ms. Silver, who used a pseudonym for fear of further persecution. “If this is what the FDA can do with one letter, it frightens me what else they are able to do to the companies who mount an effort against them. I am so afraid of what I can say and cannot say—and the repercussions of stepping over that invisible and moving line of legality. But I’m mad as hell!”

By the way, the lockdown’s justification was to “protect our health.” But if masses of people lose their health insurance and homes—becoming homeless—will the impact of that be less than COVID-19, a “disease” which lasts on average two weeks and that, for most people, resembles a mild-to-moderate case of the flu?

President Trump warned, “the cure can’t be worse than the disease.”

More than 100,000 small businesses—albeit not all health-oriented—were recorded to have permanently closed since March 2020 due to the coronavirus.

Medical mafia vs. medical freedom fighters

On Friday, March 13, 2020, President Trump declared that, due to COVID-19, the country was now in a national state of emergency. Bolstered to act, the FDA took urgent measures to protect consumers against “bad actors” who claim to “mitigate, prevent, treat, diagnose, or cure COVID-19,” and who therefore put the public health at risk.

The Operation Quack Hack team, which continues to “’actively” monitor the online ecosystem, has reviewed thousands of websites, social media posts, and online marketplace listings, resulting in more than 220 reports sent to online marketplaces, and more than 266 abuse complaints sent to domain registrars to date.

The FDA even created its very own Flickr album to help further identify “quack products” associated with COVID-19 disease.

When I first began my investigation in April 2020, after finding out that I was also on their hit list, the FDA had posted 7 Warning Letters. Shortly after, there were 54 letters. Then 93. Then 161. To date, there are 199 Warning Letters.

Since the onset of the pandemic a year ago now, USA TODAY reports that the FDA and the FTC have sent out an average of 13 letters a week, warning companies and individuals to stop making false claims about their ability to prevent or cure COVID-19.

If the government does not receive an adequate response to its warning letter, they can file suit, seek a restraining order to shut down the company’s websites and operations, arrest the owner, and/or command them to recall and destroy their products and raw materials and refund customers.

The irony and hypocrisy is that under the coronavirus, the FDA has given carte blanche to hundreds of products under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). None of these are FDA-approved. They are FDA-issued in which EUA allows the government a sort of suspended animation in which the usual rules do not apply.

Since September 2020, the FDA has to date authorized 242 tests under EUAs, including 194 molecular tests, 44 antibody tests, and four antigen tests. NONE of these lauded treatments are FDA-approved. They are basically unapproved approved products to be used in an “emergency.” Under Emergency Use Authorization, anything can be mandated.

Are we still in an emergency? The mainstream narrative says we are, so I guess they are right . . .? 

If you look under the hood, it is a bit Mickey Mouse or what I call McMedicine. Let me explain. Under EUA, for instance, there are hundreds of companies who sell RT PCR tests responsible for the current “casedemic.”

However, the RT PCR is NOT a diagnostic tool, an important nugget that even inventor Kary Mullis stated before he died in August 2019. Conveniently, he can no longer contest the validity of the PCR Test. This product has NO business telling someone that they are infected. Since it uses amplification to look at genetic code, it produces false positives if the cycle threshold is set at 35 and above. The false-positive rate is 90%.

“We’re destroying the world with this test and it’s 97% inaccurate,” Del Bigtree recently said to investigative journalist Jefferey Jaxen on the HighWire.

With all the ferocity to test Americans, how many millions of dollars are these products alone generating for what is arguably a manufactured pandemic? Who are the real quacks hacking fear and banking on sickness?

Pharmaceutical companies make obscene amounts of money. Ten companies, including nine pharmaceutical giants, accounted for half of the health care industry’s $50 billion in worldwide profits in the third quarter of 2018, according to an analysis by Axios’s Bob Herman.

If you haven’t noticed, those in power accuse others of the nefarious things they are doing themselves. This is likely the directive at the Ministry of Truth—take the script, and flip it.

“Consider that in 2014, the World Health Organization issued an ethics ruling that applies to all outbreaks, stating it is ethical to try even unapproved remedies during a pandemic outbreak,” remarks retired attorney Ralph Fucetola, co-trustee of the Natural Solutions Foundation, better known as the Vitamin Lawyer.

“And so when the FDA decides to go after, oh, Alex Jones and others for suggesting that nanosilver might have a role to play, the FDA was actually ignoring WHO’s own ethical determination.”

Rather than tolerate coexistence with alternative practitioners, the government has long been the shock troops of the establishment medical community. During this unprecedented corona pandemic, now more than ever, lines in the sand are being drawn and outliers persecuted. Hence, the brown-shirt mission known as Operation Quack Hack.

By contrast, where is the zeal to go after doctors, hospitals, and drug companies? It is estimated the U.S. has over 987,000 medically-caused (iatrogenic) deaths every year, surpassing even heart disease and cancer as the leading cause of death. How many humans needlessly died because they were placed on ventilators for $39k a pop or were unable to get therapeutics like Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)?

While the FDA regularly issues “Warning Letters” notifying organizations that they have “significantly violated FDA regulations,” of the approximately 3,000 outstanding FDA Warning Letters, how many are aimed at iatrogenic deaths? Even if all 3,000 letters targeted conventional medical entities—which they do not at all—that would be just a mere .003% of the harm done.

Once again, the Federal authorities are putting themselves squarely against common sense and fairness in order to maintain the fiction that the government is here to help.

Other deadly facts about iatrogenic deaths include :

  • 12,000 deaths from unnecessary surgeries
  • 7,000 deaths from medication errors in hospitals
  • 20,000 deaths from other errors in hospitals
  • 80,000 deaths from infections acquired in hospitals
  • 106,000 deaths from FDA-approved correctly prescribed medicines

This comes to a total of 225,000 deaths.

But medical freedom fighters face jail time for daring to suggest that natural solutions boost the immune system.

Alex Jones, silver, and rona in the jungle

I arguably got caught in the crosshairs of Operation Quack Hack via Alex Jones. But before I share that story, I can attest that I landed on Big Ag and Big Pharma’s radar in 2008 when I blew the whistle on Bayer Crop Science. The company’s systemic pesticides are at the heart of colony collapse disorder whereby neonicotinoids are 5,000-10,000 times more toxic than DDT.

It was during my four-year shoot on the documentary film Vanishing of the Bees, narrated by Elliot Page, that I realized how adulterated our food supply is and how wicked corporations are when it comes to their thirst for profits, and the lengths they will go to cover up the truth.

“If you expose Bayer, you better watch your tires,” a state entomologist in Florida told me while I was shooting Vanishing of the Bees. He went on to work for Monsanto, which has since been bought out by Bayer.

I did not know my research into what was killing honeybees would lead me to one of the biggest evil monoliths ever to exist. My film, which has been screened around the world and won several awards, has been instrumental in raising awareness about the use of Bayer’s neonic pesticides worldwide.

Up until I blew the whistle, I used to write for mainstream media outlets such as MSNBC, BBC, Maxim, The Hollywood Reporter, and Penthouse. Eventually, I started writing about food politics, Rockefeller medicine, and vaccine safety. Alas, in the past few years, because of censorship, some of my articles and interviews have been scrubbed from the Internet.

My personal journey as a health activist began before the bees flew into my life. In 2004, I was hit by an SUV, dragged 49 feet, and left with six broken ribs, a torn rotator cuff, a major hip laceration, a smashed L1 vertebrae, a broken tailbone, and a fractured left femur which was eventually outfitted with a 14-inch titanium rod. Surviving that near-death experience, I found myself in battle with Western medicine. Because I was a Canadian where medical health is covered, I had no insurance and was not prescribed any physiotherapy. Due to the trauma, my body exploded with one health issue after the next. Four years later, I fought to remove the metal rod. I changed my diet. I studied nutrition along the way. Western medicine was nowhere to be found to help me.

After making Vanishing of the Bees, I ironically was a victim of a pesticide spray while attending an environmental film festival in the Dominican Republic. Shortly after that, I was diagnosed with lupus and fibromyalgia.

In reality, my “chemical body burden” was off the charts, meaning I had been exposed to more toxins than my body could eliminate.  However, my endocrinologist had no idea what I was talking about and simply prescribed drugs. She told me I would never improve and prescribed Cymbalta and prednisone which I never took. Through years of self-healing, detoxing, nutrition study, and experimenting with natural remedies, I reversed my autoimmune condition. In the meanwhile, I’d launched a health and wellness magazine and marketplace. Today, I am healthy and a certified functional medicine coach and consultant.

Contrast my in-depth, alternative knowledge of healing with the more conventional approach practiced by most doctors and hospitals—variously referred to as the Rockefeller or AMA (American Medical Association) approach. Most US medical schools even fail to provide the recommended minimum of 25 hours of nutritional education, in their four years of education. Holistic methods are rapidly gaining ground as the public increasingly clamors for more nature-based, gentler forms of healing—ways of knowing the AMA school of thought long ago expunged.

Pre-Covid, IBISWorld, a global economic research firm projected that revenue for the alternative health care market was expected to reach nearly $89.2 billion in the United States in 2016.

Our own revenue at HoneyColony jumped from $200,000 to one million dollars in sales in 2016 with the introduction of CBD sales, which we offered long before many other alternative entrepreneurs were selling this miraculous plant compound.

But then, along with others in the supplements space, we began feeling the wrath of what I call “technofascism.” Our company was shut down by all major processors, losing $250K instead of generating our projected revenue of three million. I referred to 2017 as The Year of Playing Whack A Mole. The following year, my company experienced a 76% plummet in traffic. I learned that Google eradicated organic searches and was burying health influencers and health-oriented websites via their “Medic Update.”

As I dove deeper, I discovered that Google, the most powerful search engine, is also a drug company with ties to The Decade of Vaccines. Google also uses mind control tactics. I was horrified. Soon after, I happened to come across Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies. I reached out to see if he could cement my findings, which indeed, he did.

Given my whistle-blowing big mouth, I am not surprised I wound up in the crosshairs of Operation Quack Hack.

On or around April 11, 2020, while under lockdown in the jungle of Costa Rica, Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies received an email from Alex Jones. He referenced an FDA letter, dated March 26, which mentioned a video I’d titled Coronavirus: Is This the Virus That Didn’t Cry, Wolf.  Zach, who was independently sponsored by Alex Jones at the time, had hired me to co-host/co-produce. On January 16, 2020, we filmed a man on the street on the Hollywood Walk of Fame about the coronavirus. I published the video on YouTube on February 9. My entire channel was deleted months later. The segment referred to taking silver to build your immune system. Ironically, I was plugging Alex Jones’ silver and not HoneyColony’s.

Four days later, the FDA launched an investigation into HoneyColony based on an “anonymous tip” according to Warning Letter #607346. The letter referenced an article where I dared to tell my audience that the best way to avoid the coronavirus was “prevention,” another word that the Ministry of Truth has seemingly expunged. The person I had hired to do our social media shared this information.

Later, I learned that Media Matters had published a piece entitled, An online “health” magazine with over 100,000 Facebook followers is selling colloidal silver as a coronavirus preventative.”

The mainstream media works hand-in-hand with the Medical Mafia, often writing smear pieces that then justify the supposed “anonymous tip.” In fact, Media Matters admitted that the warning letter was issued following their piece.

“The action comes after Media Matters reported on the company, whose site and founder have also frequently pushed dangerous conspiracy theories.”

Not only is that poor sentence structure, but it is also a flat-out LIE.

Writer Eric Hananoki smeared my company and me along with “right-wing media hosts” Jim Bakker, Alex Jones, and Wayne Allyn Root. In the article, Hananoki writes:

HoneyColony, an online magazine and store headed by a conspiracy theorist [that’s me], has been trying to sell pricey colloidal silver products by falsely claiming that they can prevent the coronavirus.”

For the record, we did not state that silver can cure coronavirus. We have been documenting the science of silver and selling it for more than seven years.

The Media Matters article went on to state, “On Twitter, Henein has written that silver is a coronavirus solution, along with links to her store.” For the record, my company has never claimed to be a solution for the virus. Rather, I stated that silver had kept ME off antibiotics after DECADES of urinary tract infections.

It is ironic to be called out by someone who parades as a journalist, hiding behind a nonprofit backed by professional propaganda machinery. Hananoki, who claims he is an “investigative reporter,” holds a degree in political science but has created a niche for himself writing hit pieces that help ruin people’s credibility and livelihoods. Bravo. He calls me a conspiracy theorist, which is kind of surreal when he is arguably spreading disinformation and conspiring to denigrate others.

Media Matters ended up writing a total of four smear pieces. Or maybe it was five. One followed a newsletter I’d titled “C*r*na V*r*S Is Not the Grim Reaper We Were Told,” to my 45K newsletter list. I thought I was having a private virtual conversation. It is suspected that my newsletter was accessed via Milled, a search engine for email newsletters.

In my newsletter, I wrote:

“The propagation of the virus is real and powerful, but a life-threatening situation is relevant only for people with compromised immune systems. This is why we need to focus on taking care of ourselves, sans the fear equation (which further compromises the immune system).”

I also announced to my audience that Media Matters is a George Soros-funded lobbying organization. Liberal billionaire Soros has reportedly denied claims that he funds the left-wing media watchdog group, but he is listed on their page as a donor. And it’s been reported that Soros has donated at least one million dollars to the digital rag.

The FDA letter and smear pieces now come up first when you search HoneyColony or my name via Google.

Because Big Tech is now fully embedded with Big Pharma, websites like the FDA’s have all received online facelifts. If you are malicious, you can now easily tweet warning letters.

By the way, on May 6th, 2020, former FDA commissioner Stephen Hahn called out my company. He was purportedly at home quarantining that week.

“I am honored you’re publicly shaming me on Twitter,” I replied. “Studies show, doctor, that silver can help the immune system.”


For the record, we have been selling these products since 2014. Furthermore, our magazine articles exercise freedom of speech and source links and cite experts.

The Medical Mafia had successfully managed to disrupt my company.  I certainly was not alone.

Tales of medical tyranny: church of bleach

I have tried many alternative remedies such as swallowing mineral salts in water—chlorine dioxide—which is a mineral salt supplement better known as MMS (aka Miracle Mineral Solution).

I had looked into its mode of function, and before he was deleted off Twitter, I shared Jordan Sather’s tweets, explaining the benefits of MMS.  Mark Grenon, the Genesis Church bishop, and godfather of MMS donates mineral salts to consenting adults. He was one of the first 50 to receive a Warning Letter in April for selling MMS, a health aid that has been used for decades. The injunction letter ordered his website to be taken down and its supplies be destroyed.  He responded via letter versus showing up in person as he lives in Colombia.

Earlier, Grenon had appeared on Alex Jones where he was touting the benefits of MMS in relation to the Coronavirus.

“You know how most have disclaimers? As a church, I have a proclaimer. I can say the “C” word all day long,” Grenon told me when I reached out to learn why his sons had been jailed. In May, following the first letter, a federal judge sent him a court order.

On July 8, 2020, with choppers circling overhead and mainstream media deployed to write scathing lies, U.S. marshals in Hazmat suits and guns raided Genesis Church’s office in Bradenton, Florida. They confiscated money from a safe by bashing it open when they could have just as easily asked Grenon to open it. Authorities seized 50 gallons of muriatic acid and 8,300 pounds of sodium chloride, as well as 22 gallons of the finished Miracle Mineral Solution.

They arrested two of Mark’s sons, Jonathan and Jordan, who have been in jail without bail since July.

“We may be the scapegoats, but they will regret the day they went after a church. . . . We are prepared to return to the United States, but we’re not running or turning ourselves in, and we’re coming with the full force of the law.”

The FDA stated that Genesis Church did not show up in court and that it was not enough to respond to the injunction letter with another letter or a series of letters. The government also seized their bank accounts, denying the church access to funds that might be used for its own legal defense.

“This is one of the key elements of government tyranny: When they terrorize you with false arrest, they also seize your financial assets so you are unable to defend yourself against the full force of the government, which has access to unlimited funds to prosecute you,” says Mike Adams aka The Health Ranger.

A few months later, Grenon and his son Joseph were arrested in Colombia. They put them in masks and put them in jail. I was in touch with Grenon up until he was locked up in September.

Silver: more precious than gold?

Since the Warning Letters are so accessible, I started reaching out to a few of the recipients to see if they would share their stories. I conducted a pre-interview with one doctor who wished to remain anonymous. When I called her a few days later, she told me that after our call, she got a knock and found five FDA agents at her doorstep with a search warrant.

They went through every single nook and cranny in her home and left with three bottles of silver, silver lozenges, along with all her computers, a hard drive, and a phone.

“I’m totally shell-shocked as to this overkill behavior. I have no idea what this is about and why it required them to drive six hours to present a search warrant and leave with a couple of bottles of silver and all my bank statements and my devices.”

The doctor had to call the FDA to tell them she would not be able to address the changes requested in their letter since she was now missing her computer.

Meanwhile, the FDA filed a temporary injunction against Xephyr LLC, doing business as N-Ergetics, to prevent the sale of colloidal silver products for COVID-19. The business owner found that the entire website had been hacked and taken down. It was a devastating takedown.

“Xephyr’s claims about their unapproved colloidal silver products will not be tolerated. Americans expect and deserve medical treatments that have been scientifically proven to be safe and effective, especially during this ongoing pandemic,” said Deputy General Counsel of the Department of Health and Human Services and Chief Counsel of FDA Stacy Amin. “The FDA will continue our efforts to make sure that this and other like-minded sellers comply with the law.” 

Jim Bakker, the former televangelist, went out of business and suffered a stroke after a fake story hit headlines worldwide that he was selling silver as a cure. It was a well-orchestrated sham show with no justice or rationale.

Silver is my company’s top seller for a reason. While we cannot say that it prevents viruses from replicating, we can say that silver supports normal cell membranes. Silver is the original antimicrobial that blue-blooded aristocrats used before the advent of antibiotics. The Army uses silver. FDA-approved sterile silver gauze is used to disinfect surgeon’s instruments.

The EPA lists silver ions as a disinfectant against SARS-Cov2. There are studies that show the antiviral properties of nanoparticles of silver. Here is another study that surprisingly still exists in light of the fact that many studies have been scrubbed off the internet.

A respected scientist says leaders in the silver industry space are “up in arms at the highest level” with regards to Operation Quack Hack.

“We would like to form some legal coalition and go after the FDA, although some feel that actually forcing the FDA’s hand to accept silver as an NDI (New Dietary Ingredient) with specific therapeutic capabilities is the best and least costly approach.”

COVID-19 and censorship don’t mix

A Trojan Horse for a New World Order?

Today, journalists, doctors, scientists, and whistleblowers critical of the official COVID-19 narrative are being digitally assassinated every day. My company’s website and personal social media platforms alone have been censored, buried, and shadowbanned. Prohibited from using GoFundMe, PayPal, and Kiva, I have been demonetized. I am the proud recipient of six smear pieces that appear to have the government’s fingerprints all over them. The mainstream media accept upwards of $5.2 billion in annual advertising on TV ads. Can you say, “conflict of interest”?

I have lost my entire YouTube channel for challenging the COVID-19 narrative.

Tell me, why is the World Health Organization headed by an Ethiopian commie, aka Dr. Tedros, telling YouTube what is acceptable? Do they take their directives from China? Is China inadvertently telling Google what the proper COVID-19 narrative is? WHO is telling YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki that videos that endorse vitamin C should get banned, yet there are many actual studies that exemplify the benefits of vitamin C on the immune system while the NIH admits it can play a role in combating COVID19.

“Operation Quack Hack is a reap,” says psychiatrist and M.D. Rima E. Laibow of Natural Solutions Foundation. In 2014, Dr. Laibow discovered that her bank account was emptied, and 200 bottles of silver disappeared on their way to Sierra Leone. She has been attacked with hit pieces and says that her husband, Major General Albert N. Stubblebine III, was wrongfully killed because of Big Pharma. “I am a widow because of their evil.”

Maryam Henein is an investigative journalist, and founder and editor-in-chief of HoneyColony. She is also the director of the award-winning documentary film Vanishing of the Bees, narrated by Elliot Page. Follow her on Twitter: @maryamhenein. Email her: maryam@honeycolony.com.

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