Ronavax Rundown

By Julie Beal

Many are wondering if the new vaccines will genetically modify the human race, or what else they could do to people. Geneticists themselves admit that permanent changes to the genome could occur, but think it’s unlikely. However, previous trials with gene therapeutics have caused serious illness, and even deaths (e.g. Jesse Gelsinger).

Considering the lengths governments are going to, just to maintain the illusion of a pandemic, anything seems possible right now. But a huge amount of effort has also gone into procuring investment, changing regulations and digital architecture, and censoring people, all in the name of the coming vaccines. So it’s also possible that, for now, the vaccines are what is being claimed, or at least similar, and it’s worth having a look at how they’re designed.

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Note, first of all, that there are actually about 150 ronavax in development, but the likes of AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Sanofi, Novavax and Moderna are the ones with the contracts – they also have the clinical trials in place, and the ones using the most concerning techniques.

There are four main types of ronavax being developed, all of which are genetically engineered and loaded with toxins: the first type contain either bits of virus or bits of protein the virus makes (i.e. virus like particles and protein sub-units). This approach is similar to how traditional vaccines are said to work, in that they contain something the body is meant to interpret as a virus, to cause us to launch an immune response (e.g. by producing antibodies). The proteins for the vax are first manufactured in a vile broth in bioreactors by adding DNA to cells from various animals, insects, bacteria, etc. However, it takes months for the proteins to ‘grow’ or replicate using this method.

The other three kinds (the ones making the news and winning the contracts) are the genetic vaccines (let’s call them genvax). They all use methods of getting DNA or mRNA into the cells of the body using a ‘vector’, which is a delivery vehicle to protect the genes as they travel from the site of injection towards cells in the blood, tissues, and organs. Each of these vectors encodes the protein for the alleged rona, which means it contains the instructions for the body to make the protein itself.

These three vectors are:

  1. a genetically modified virus, e.g. a monkey cold virus (simian adenovirus)
  2. lipid nanoparticles containing mRNA
  3. bacterial plasmids (a ring of DNA found in bacteria)

The vectors are used in gene therapy, and they have been in development for 30 years! But none have been licensed! Some of them contain not just DNA, but also XNA or xeno nucleic acids (where ‘xeno’ means alien, or not found in nature). The idea is to expand the genetic code.

Plus, as I show in other articles about the ronavax, the vaccine rollout could also lead to widespread use of genetic patents, by using the World Health Organization to over-rule the Convention on Biodiversity, and thus unleash monstrous synthetic, ‘alien’ life forms and health interventions, and so much more.

An important thing to note about the vector vaccines is that they are plug-and-play platforms. The vector remains the same, only the code is different. This means that once the technology is rolling, pumping out vaccines on a daily basis, they can easily make a slightly different code and pop that into the vector instead. Within days, they could be pumping out a vaccine for a new virus, rather than the rona.

So perhaps instead of, or as well as, a ‘second wave’, there will be another type of virus which either does or does not cause a real pandemic. Then it could be claimed that the genvax are the only ones that can be made in time to ‘save’ us.

Other concerns are that the vax will contain RFID chips, hydrogel, or microneedles, or use a quantum dot tattoo, making us trackable, and controllable. Whilst all of these technologies exist, none of them are planned, allegedly, to be used in the ronavax, except for one vaccine that uses microneedles (see below).


Of all the uses for hydrogel listed on Wikipedia (other than contact lenses, diapers, and hydrogel pads for burns and blisters), the uses that might relate to vaccines and/or biosurveillance include:

  • Environmentally sensitive hydrogels (also known as ‘Smart Gels’ or ‘Intelligent Gels’)
  • Injectable hydrogels which can be used as drug carriers for treatment of diseases
  • Sustained-release drug delivery systems
  • Hydrogels that are responsive to specific molecules,[11] such as glucose or antigens, can be used as biosensors

Hydrogel can be combined with lipid nanoparticles, so perhaps some of the vaccines that use lipid nanoparticles (e.g. Moderna) use hydrogel.

Microneedle array

The Pittsburgh Coronavirus Vaccine (PittCoVacc) is delivered through “a fingertip-sized patch of 400 tiny needles that deliver the spike protein pieces into the skin, where the immune reaction is strongest. The patch goes on like a Band-Aid and then the needles — which are made entirely of sugar and the protein pieces — simply dissolve into the skin.”

Quantum dots and luciferase

Luciferase is a bioluminescent gene that can be synthesized and used for a variety of purposes. For example, a firefly gene which encodes luciferase can be incorporated into other synthetic DNA then injected into the body – it is sometimes used in trials of DNA vaccines, so that the way the DNA spreads throughout the body can be monitored, because it GLOWS!

Luciferase can even be injected into a plant with a gene gun as a gene editing technique to make the plant glow, as described in this video.

Biocompatible, near-infrared quantum dots have been proposed for vaccines where they can be ‘read’ by a smartphone to check the person has received the ‘right’ vaccine, at the required time. It’s been proposed that microparticles containing quantum dots, and embedded in dissolvable microneedles, be used.

Gene editing

It’s entirely possible that this is the plan – but to produce a particular effect on the genome, the DNA being injected would have to be designed to target specific parts of the body, for instance by using CAS-9. The International Commission on the Clinical Use of Human Germline Genome Editing has just been set up (September, 2020) to provide guidance on using gene editing to make changes that are passed on to children (called ‘heritable genome editing’). Gene editing in a child or adult can create changes that affect the individual but they aren’t passed on to offspring (that we know of).


This is something many people have raised concerns about for decades now, and has never seemed so likely as in this age of government terrorism. So yes, perhaps the vaccines will contain something zombifying, or sterilizing, or a microchip. But perhaps it’s more likely we’ll be forced to use a smartphone and/or have a biometric/microchipped ID. At least for now. This has been accelerated by the global coercion campaign to use a ‘health app’ to rejoin society.

Why pay to put chips in the vax when many people won’t survive the coming hardships anyway? Even the poorest people in the world have had to pay for being given a global ID number. And they weren’t given a microchip – their fingerprints were catalogued instead.

As part of the push to enrol millions in the ID2020 program around the world, hikers, skiers and pack animals carrying equipment were used to reach poor people in less developed countries, so they could be signed up to the ID scheme. These people had to pay (around $1) to give up their biometrics for their ID, even though they would probably never use it, given the lack of power and internet connectivity. And, to stop them stealing the equipment, “registration officers were the first to be issued IDs, which were then linked to a specific kit”.

In much the same way, people living in industrialized countries will probably pay for their own enslavement; whether it’s a chip in the phone, or under the skin, it’ll be up to the individual to go out and get it. The complexities of digital identification these days are so multi-layered, they can’t all be put on a remotely-readable bio-chip. So, for now, microchips under the skin will probably just be linked to the phone with the apps required for leaving the house. Everywhere you go, you’ll need to show the green code for the health app on your phone to the police and to gatekeepers of shops, banks, etc., and it won’t be long until people get sick of doing this, and pay for a chip in their hand that’s linked to their phone, their ID, their money.

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Julie Beal is a UK-based independent researcher who has been studying the globalist agenda for more than 20 years, focusing on a wide range of information around Agenda 21, Communitarianism, Ethics, Bioscience, and much more.

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