Gold Resurrected Amid Market Manipulation — Fed Cuts Coming

We Bring You This Critical Alert, Contributed By and Their Founder, Lior Gantz, Who Our Staff Looks At For Accurate Economic Forecasting.

Gold was on its way to $1,700; all of a sudden, multi-BILLION dollar trades began to come in and take it down hard. These manipulative banks know no boundaries, but the markets are STRONGER than short-term suppressions.

You cannot stop what’s happening, not when bond investors are pricing in not one, not two, but two-and-a-half CUTS this year.

If the Federal Reserve implements this before the elections, Trump would go from hating Powell to being his biggest cheerleader.


If this happens, the situation could truly go into the twilight zone.

If that’s not enough, Hong Kong announced helicopter money and Germany has raised its debt ceiling; everywhere you look, the printing presses are running out of ink. The world is awash with debt.

We are entering a period of unique conditions, and every day your savings are idly eroding in the fiat kingdom, is a lost day in the gold and silver paradise.

Trusting central banks and national governments with your savings is the worst decision you can make. Anyone who hasn’t learned this lesson in history class is himself about to be part of it!

Also, make sure you are educated on how to deal with volatility, pressure and lots of noise.


On Tuesday, for example, as you can see from the chart above, more stocks ended IN THE RED than in any day (including 2008) going all the way back to the year 2000.

Turbulence is assured.

Being synched-up, ready, fortified emotionally and strong physically, is part of the game.

Respect yourself and cherish your time on this planet by understanding that, first and foremost, you’re an individual capable of INDEPENDENT thinking.

Nothing could be more revolutionary for your life than to hold your vision steadfastly and act with conviction to achieve your goals.

Nothing replaces accurate knowledge, combined with relentless action-taking.

Keep Rockin’!

Hong Kong, one of the last BASTIONS of capitalism, has gone rogue. They’ve just announced HELICOPTER MONEY. The government is deeming it a relief program, in which every adult resident will come forward and collect ABOUT $1,300.

Recessions and cyclical slowdown, which birth ingenuity, lesson learning, emotional discipline, studying defeat, and breed STRONGER people and companies, have been banned by these clueless central planners. Replacing it is DEBT – more and more DEBT.


Hong Kong has been through retail apocalypse. Seriously, that small region has been through a lot in the past year. Next door to them, in China, Covid-19 is grappling with the economy. These factories that are currently shut down will run 24/7 soon in order to make up for lost time.

In 2020, though, portfolio managers have come to realize the importance of gold. In the first 57 days of the year, gold is UP by 6%, while stocks are DOWN by the same amount.


The 10-year bond is now yielding only 1.3%, the LOWEST on record. My brain cannot understand this, but institutions are sentencing depositors’ money to death by stupidity when paying these prices for bonds.

Mark my words on this: when yields finally NORMALIZE, there will be more tears shed by investors than by homeowners in 2008.

Sovereign debt is the largest bubble in human history, by far.

Compared with bonds, the S&P 500 is a bargain, just to give you an idea of how billionaires are looking at the situation, even with the S&P 500 trading for high multiples.


Human nature is unpredictable, so to keep calm and distance yourself from these wild swings, instead of talking about buying or selling stocks, use the word “businesses.”

If you’re considering purchasing or liquidating a stock, think that you’re contemplating the acquisition or the ridding of a business.

Ten years ago, helicopter money was a distant dream. Today, it’s a reality. Ten years ago, home prices and stock prices at all-time highs looked impossible. Today, it’s a reality.

In order to prepare for an unknown future, we diversify into gold. In order to prepare mentally, we THINK. Don’t settle for the superficial news; be inquisitive and get to the bottom of things. Confidence stems from knowledge and having a support network – a team.

We are all making our way through uncharted waters together.

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