Telecoms Want to Hide Detailed 5G Installation Maps from The Public AND The Feds

By B.N. Frank

The role of the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) is to protect the public by regulating the telecom industry.  Unfortunately, they’ve been doing the exact opposite for many years now.  The “Race for 5G” has taken this to a whole new level of awful and the agency is being sued by many entities for promoting 5G and forcing its installation (see 1, 2, 3, 4).

Telecoms have admitted they have NO scientific evidence that 5G is safe and many experts say 5G isn’t (see 1, 2, 3, 4).  People and their pets are becoming sick where it has already been installed (see 1, 2, 3)Meteorologists, NASA, NOAA and the U.S. Navy warn 5G will reduce the accuracy of weather predictions and large urban areas will be impacted first.

Now telecoms don’t even want the FCC to know where they are installing 5G.  Maybe it’s because if nobody knows where it is they can’t sue them when the poop hits the fan.

From Ars Technica:

With the Federal Communications Commission planning to require carriers to submit more accurate data about broadband deployment, AT&T and the mobile industry’s top lobby group are urging the FCC to exclude 5G from the upgraded data collection.

“There is broad agreement that it is not yet time to require reporting on 5G coverage,” AT&T told the FCC in a filing this week.


Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. “[A]s CTIA points out, service standards for 5G are still emerging, precluding reporting of service-level coverage for 5G networks (other than the 5G-NR submissions already required),” AT&T wrote.


But CTIA said requiring more than that would be “premature” because “industry consensus is still emerging around how best to measure the deployment of this still-nascent technology.” Verizon also told the FCC in September that “adoption of standardized parameters is premature” for 5G.

Calling 5G a “still-nascent technology” that can’t properly be measured yet raises the question of why carriers have been telling the FCC and public that 5G is guaranteed to revolutionize modern life and that carriers need regulatory favors to speed its rollout. The mobile industry didn’t think it was “premature” for the US government to preempt local regulation of 5G deployments, an action FCC Chairman Ajit Pai took more than a year ago.


The FCC in October voted to require home Internet providers to submit geospatial maps of where they provide service instead of merely reporting which census blocks they offer service in. The FCC hasn’t yet imposed such extensive requirements on mobile providers, but that’s because it hasn’t finished its investigation into complaints that Verizon and T-Mobile lied about the extent of their 4G coverage. The FCC is seeking public comment on how to incorporate mobile coverage into the new mapping system.

T-Mobile has published maps of its 5G coverage, but an FCC requirement could force carriers to provide more accurate and detailed data than they are willing to share voluntarily.


AT&T also wants limits on requirements for reporting the speed of non-5G networks. AT&T said that carriers should only have to report two speed tiers: one for everything below 5Mbps download and 1Mbps upload speeds, and another tier for everything at or above 5Mbps and 1Mbps.

Just a reminder – the FCC is seeking public comment on how to incorporate mobile coverage into the new 5G mapping system.  Apparently the opposition, lawsuits, and warnings haven’t made enough of an impression on them yet.

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Image credit: Pixabay

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