Chemtrails Exposed: The Deep State And The New Manhattan Project

By Peter A. Kirby

Who is behind putting hundreds, perhaps thousands of large jet aircraft in the sky that routinely dump megatons of toxic waste over us and our biosphere?

We know it is happening. Emissions from jet aircraft that visibly stretch from horizon-to-horizon and spread out as they persist for hours obviously consist of particulate matter. We see these things regularly in all the industrialized countries of the world. Many rainwater sample test results routinely show highly anomalous levels of many different toxins including aluminum, barium, and strontium. The California Air Resources Board has found alarmingly high levels of aluminum and barium in the air that we breathe. Career scientists from the Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Forest Service, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture as well as a retired U.S. Air Force Major General have all blown the whistle.  A world-famous PhD scientist, in many published, peer-reviewed journal articles, has confirmed that the substance being sprayed is coal fly ash; a toxic waste. None of this hard scientific evidence can be disproven.

Motives are plenty. Control of the weather is God-like power and has many military and financial market applications.

Your author has for many years now been exposing huge swaths of this secret global weather modification project he appropriately calls the New Manhattan Project. For a good exploration of the currently known evidence, hard or otherwise, please refer to the author’s book Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project.

As far as the day-to-day dirty work is concerned, the most probable culprits are: the Air Force, the Navy, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Mitre Corporation, Raytheon, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the National Center for Atmospheric Research, Lawrence Livermore National Labs, the Department of Energy, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and others.

But who is the power behind the throne?

This Project requires only the most effective and comprehensive global support network. And although this Project has only been fully operational domestically for a little over 20 years, it has been in development since the mid-1940s. So for all this time, who and what has coddled and nurtured and executively organized this Project from behind the scenes?

The deep state

The deep state refers to a parallel secret government, organized by the intelligence and security apparatus, financed by drugs, and engaging in illicit violence, to protect the status and interests of the military against threats from intellectuals, religious groups, and occasionally the constitutional government. – UC Berkeley Professor Emeritus Peter Dale Scott

There has been a recent addition to the view afforded by our current Overton Window: the deep state. We have been hearing about it a lot in the New and Old Medias lately and a recent poll by Monmouth University finds that a large bipartisan majority feels that National policy is being manipulated or directed by it.

Sponsored by the global corporate superstate, the deep state is now being recognized for what it is: a cancerous growth that has infested itself into our otherwise legitimate democratic republic and metastasized to become like a 38 lb. tumor around our collective necks. The deep state consists of groups of individuals working together to secretly misuse the force of our government for their own selfish purposes. Just like the New Manhattan Project, it’s big, it’s highly organized, and it’s bad.

Although chemtrails and the New Manhattan Project have yet to enter the view currently afforded by today’s conventional wisdom, there is lots of evidence indicating that these things have been brought to us by the deep state and this article explores that evidence.

This article is the product of a lengthy investigation into the American government’s seedy underbelly and its contributions to the biggest scientific effort in history. The names uncovered here read like a who’s who of the establishment. Here the reader will see the evidence indicating that deep state players such as: the Central Intelligence Agency, the Nazis, the Council on Foreign Relations, General Electric, Bush, Rockefeller, and others are the most probable culprits. They’ve left their fingerprints all over it! Let us begin.

The Nazis and the CIA

And ye shall know the truth. And the truth shall make you free. – John, VIII: 32

There is no shortage of evidence indicating that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is the overall, day-to-day manager and coordinator of today’s New Manhattan Project (NMP). Created just after WWII with the National Security Act of 1947 and later enhanced by the Central Intelligence Agency Act of 1949, the CIA is a creature of the global corporate superstate and it uses the resources of our government, most notably our military, to accomplish its ends. We’ve known for a long time now that the New Manhattan Project is of a military nature, so that makes nothing but sense.  And the other thing… oh yeah, corporations run the world.

In his book Chemtrails Exposed and in many articles, your author has presented lots of evidence linking the CIA to the NMP. From these sources, we already know that the CIA has historically owned and operated large fleets of covertly operating aircraft. The CIA has worked extensively on lots of high-technology applicable to the New Manhattan Project. The CIA has a huge influence over our media which can be used to cover-up and tell lies about the NMP. In fact, in the course of their doings, the CIA has participated in the publication of many documents with direct relevance to the NMP. Many key players in the NMP’s development have had direct connections to the CIA. One apparently very important player, William F. Raborn was briefly the director of the CIA. More recently, the author has uncovered yet more evidence linking the CIA to the NMP. As our story unfolds, this new evidence will be presented here.

It all goes back to the beginning. The origins of the CIA are very telling and they are germane not only to the rest of this section, but they also provide a background for the rest of this article. It all started in the final years of World War Two. As it was beginning to dawn upon the Germans that they were going to lose this thing, upper management decided to make deals with one Allen Welsh Dulles who, in theory was representing the United States Government but, in practice was working for the global corporate superstate; also known as the deep state.

Allen Dulles (1893-1969), stationed in Bern, Switzerland at the time and working for the CIA’s predecessor, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), was among the most influential people in laying the groundwork for the later formation of the CIA. Although there is no officially recognized founder of the CIA, a strong argument can be made for Dulles being that person. He and a handful of others went on to fill the CIA’s nascent ranks with Nazis. This process began before the conclusion of WWII with a secret mission called Operation Sunrise. Among the few Germans most instrumental in beginning this process were Nazi Generals Reinhard Gehlen (1902-1979) and Karl Wolff (1900-1984). After WWII, the bulk of the former Nazis came to America as part of something called Operation Paperclip. Allen Dulles ended up being one of the earliest directors of the Agency and to this day he is the longest serving director of the CIA. He ran the CIA for 8 years with virtually no congressional oversight and the impact of his legacy continues today. For these reasons, Allen Dulles and his more famous brother Secretary of State John Foster Dulles are persons of interest here and are referred to throughout.

Allen Dulles

Journalist Linda Hunt writes in her groundbreaking and thorough 1991 book Secret Agenda, “At least sixteen hundred scientific and research specialists and thousands of their dependents were brought to the U.S. under Operation Paperclip. Hundreds of others arrived under two other Paperclip-related projects [Project National Interest and Project 63] and went to work for universities, defense contractors, and CIA fronts.” The CIA was instrumental throughout this entire process.

Many of the former Nazis who became CIA agents were drawn from something called Amt VI (Department 6) of the SS RHSA (Reichssicherheitshauptamt or Reich Main Security Office). This was Nazi Germany’s equivalent of the CIA. During the war, the German intelligence experts working for Amt VI of the SS RHSA were commonly involved in hunting down and exterminating Communists and Jews.

Most of the other portions of the CIA’s early ranks were filled with Americans; mostly Ivy League and Wall Street types; many from Yale University in particular, the home of the notorious Skull and Bones secret society.

One may wonder how this happened. Wasn’t Nazi Germany horrendously evil? Why were they not completely destroyed? Didn’t the Nazis systematically exterminate millions of innocent men, women, and children? They did. But, they were also supported by the Western deep state. And in that case, the rules of the game are very different.

Even though Hitler was an outrageous anti-Semite and infinitely aggressive war-monger from the beginning and through to the end, the Nazis enjoyed tremendous early business and moral support amongst many of the most rich and powerful people in the Western World. In fact, the deep state built the Nazi war machine. Many of the biggest American and European corporations did tremendous business with the Nazis after World War One; during the building and maintenance of the Nazi WWII war machine. Many executives from the German subsidiaries of General Electric, Standard Oil, and other large American corporations were part of an inner circle of Heinrich Himmler’s friends doing business in Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany. Of course, later, when it became socially unacceptable to support or to have anything to do with the Nazis, and as they were losing the war, the public sieg-heilling amongst the Western elites came to an end. The evidence now shows that it simply went underground.

But the facts remain. International Business Machines (IBM) custom built early punch card computers specifically to manage the Holocaust which they then leased and regularly maintained. Henry Ford was famously an acolyte of Hitler whose company did lots of very serious business with the Nazis. We will soon explore the roles of General Electric and Rockefeller’s Standard Oil in all of this. Allen Dulles himself was a big wheel at a Wall Street law firm by the name of Sullivan and Cromwell where his brother John Foster Dulles was a partner. John Foster Dulles was an international attorney for dozens of Nazi enterprises. Sullivan and Cromwell financed the German arms manufacturer Krupp AG and managed the finances of I.G. Farben, the German chemical company that was the Nazi war effort and manufactured almost all of the Zyklon B gas used to exterminate millions of Communists and Jews.

From his landmark book Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, ivy league academic Antony Sutton provides further illustration here as he chimes in right on time, “It is important to note as we develop our story that General Motors, Ford, General Electric, DuPont and the handful of U.S. companies intimately involved with the development of Nazi Germany were – except for the Ford Motor Company – controlled by the Wall Street elite – the J.P. Morgan firm, the Rockefeller Chase Bank and to a lesser extent the Warburg Manhattan bank.” Most, if not all of these firms also donated (through their German subsidiaries) significant funds to the Nazi party’s political campaigns. Sutton’s work is based on documents which surfaced during the post-war Nuremberg Trials. Information refuting Sutton’s assertions pertaining to these matters is based on hearsay.

We are linking the Nazis and their fellow travelers to the New Manhattan Project here because: they share an intertwined history with the CIA, they had cutting edge technology such as that which is employed in the New Manhattan Project, they were very militaristic and the NMP is a military project, and many of them (especially at the top) had little to no regard for the sanctity of life, such as that which is exhibited by the people omniciding Humanity and the Earth with chemtrail spray today as part of the NMP. For these reasons it is logical to assert that the Third Reich and its documented continuing legacy play an important role in the New Manhattan Project. It is for these reasons also that this paper now expounds upon Operation Paperclip’s indiscretions and, more importantly, the possible roles of former Nazi scientists in the production of the New Manhattan Project. It is also for these reasons that, a little later, we will examine in this paper the role of many rich and powerful people and organizations that share compelling connections to both the Nazi regime’s rise and fall and the New Manhattan Project.

The main reason given for importing Nazi scientists into America was that we needed to deny the Soviets attaining these individuals. But the man running Operation Paperclip, U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel William Henry Whalen was later convicted of being a Soviet spy. There is evidence that the dreaded Soviets had penetrated Operation Paperclip almost from the beginning.

In reality, Operation Paperclip was carried out in order to maintain and grow the deep state and the New Manhattan Project. Our good friend and founder of the New Manhattan Project Vannevar Bush advocated strongly on behalf of Operation Paperclip Nazi scientists. Sputnik in 1957 greatly accelerated their importation.

German Paperclip scientists were inserted into just about every major organization associated with the development and production of the New Manhattan Project including (but not limited to): Radio Corporation of America, CBS Laboratories, the Naval Ordnance Testing Station at China Lake, the Desert Research Institute, Pennsylvania State University, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and General Electric.

Another reason given by the CIA for secretly importing former Nazis is the high quality of German science. The German scientist in particular was good at what he did because Germany is the birthplace of modern science. Let us refer to eminent historian John Cornwell and his excellent book Hitler’s Scientists:

By the end of the first decade of the twentieth century, Germany had become the international Mecca of science. Researchers, basic and applied, flocked to German universities from all over the world; learned German to read the leading science journals and to participate in conferences and seminars. Germany was well placed to take a leading role in the development of a new physics that would transform the technology of the century, involving from the outset Max Planck, Albert Einstein, Max Born, Werner Heisenberg and Erwin Schrödinger, German-speakers all, alongside scientists from Denmark, the Netherlands, France and Britain. In turn, the new physics led to quantum mechanics and, ultimately, to nuclear physics, the science of the atom and the hydrogen bomb.

Although most of the Operation Paperclip scientists and researchers were not the worst offenders here, a great number of the Operation Paperclip Nazis were guilty of horrific war crimes. American intelligence officials regularly covered these facts up by illegally expunging evidence of much of this from the records of hundreds of Operation Paperclip Nazis. Because of this, we don’t know all of what the Operation Paperclip Nazis did over the course of the war. They probably expunged the worst stuff. What we do know is not good. Some of the more infamous benefactors of Operation Paperclip’s amnesty were: Karl Wolff, Otto von Bolschwing, Robert Verbelen, Klaus Barbie, Alois Brunner, Eugen Dollmann, Herbert Wagner, Georg Rickhey, and Otto Ambros. We will now take a brief look at a few of these Operation Paperclip Nazis.

The aforementioned General Karl Wolff was third in command of the entire SS and responsible for arranging the transportation of people to the concentration camps. A German court would later find Wolff complicit in the murder of three hundred thousand men, women, and children.

During the war, Otto von Bolschwing (1909-1982) instigated a massacre of innocent civilians in Bucharest and was a senior aide to the ‘Architect of the Holocaust’ Adolf Eichmann. Bolschwing later worked for the CIA.

Robert Verbelen (1911-1990) was sentenced to death in absentia for war crimes including the torture of two U.S. Air Force pilots. He also worked as a contract spy for the U.S. Army, which knew about his background.

Klaus Barbie (1913-1991), also known as ’The Butcher of Lyons,’ was the head of the Nazi Gestapo. During the war, working out of occupied Lyons, France, Barbie deported Jews to death camps, tortured and murdered French resistance fighters, and served as the local political police. Barbie went on to work for U.S. intelligence in Germany. Barbie also went on in 1971 to recruit a mercenary army of neofascist terrorists which conducted a three-day coup in order to install a narco-friendly regime in Bolivia. The resulting large increase in coca production benefited his shipping firm Transmaritania.

Otto Ambros (1901-1990) was a director of I.G. Farben who took part in the decision to use Zyklon B gas to murder millions of people. Hunt explains that he, “personally selected Auschwitz as the site of an I.G. Farben factory, which he later managed, because Auschwitz concentration camp prisoners could be used as slaves in the factory.” At this factory the slave laborers were worked to death and often murdered. Hunt tells us that, “Ambros was found guilty of slavery and mass murder at Nuremberg, but he was sentenced to a mere eight years’ imprisonment.” Even during his time in jail, the U.S. government kept Ambros listed as available for employment. At the order of the High Commissioner of Germany, John McCloy, Ambros was released from prison in 1951. He immediately went to work as a consultant to W.R. Grace, Dow Chemical, other American companies, and the U.S. Army Chemical Corps operating out of Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland. At the Edgewood Arsenal, Ambrose conducted poison gas experiments upon over 7,000 American soldiers. Now do you think that the people running this show would hesitate to spray our civilian population with coal fly ash as is done today?

More pertinently, some of the benefactors of Operation Paperclip’s amnesty are also known to have gone on to do work in the atmospheric sciences and other areas relevant to the New Manhattan Project. These men include: Wernher von Braun, Walter Dornberger, Martin Schilling, Kurt Debus, Arthur Rudolph, Ernst Czerlinsky, Hans Joachim Naake, Albert Pfeiffer, and Hans Dolezalek. We will now take a look at each.

Wernher von Braun (1912-1977) was an SS officer who developed rockets with his mentor and fellow Operation Paperclip benefactor Nazi General Walter Dornberger at the hellish Peenemünde slave labor camp. Von Braun applied to join the Nazi SS in 1933, was a Nazi party member since 1937, and later joined the SS at the personal behest of SS chief Himmler in 1940. Von Braun’s story is told in the most detail here because he was the de facto political leader of the Operation Paperclip Nazis. In fact, von Braun hand-picked about 120 researchers for the Operation. Many former Nazis worked under and around him. Von Braun’s story is the story of many of his fellow Operation Paperclip Nazi scientists.

Wernher von Braun

Von Braun’s early work in America involved the further development of missiles based on the German V-2 rocket which the Nazis had used to terrorize Britain during the war. This work was conducted at the U.S. Army’s Fort Bliss in Texas, at the White Sands Proving Ground in New Mexico, and at the Redstone Arsenal in Alabama. Von Braun and many of his fellow Operation Paperclip Nazi scientists later worked for NASA.

Let us refer again to historian John Cornwell:

Helped by the British, the Americans, led by Colonel Holger Toftoy (Chief of US Ordnance Rocket Branch), shipped to the United States V1 and V2 rockets and all the spares they could lay their hands on. The Americans also grabbed an entire supersonic wind tunnel from Bavaria, a submarine with an advanced propulsion system, and many different types of aircraft including jet prototypes and rocket planes. The loot transported to the Air Document Research Center at Wright Field in the United States included tons of designs.

At the White Sands Proving Ground, von Braun and his fellow former Nazi scientists lived in barracks alongside men working for General Electric. Before GE became involved, the army was working on its budding missile programs with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. The White Sands Proving Ground in New Mexico is also the location where the world’s first atomic bomb blast known as Trinity occurred. On the 16th of April, 1947 the combined German-GE team launched their first rocket.

The move to Huntsville began in April of 1950. Michael Neufeld writes, “Moving several hundred personnel, plus shops and test equipment, out of Fort Bliss and setting them up in converted buildings at Redstone Arsenal was a job that took six months.” Neufeld continues, “For Wernher and Maria von Braun, and for almost all the other Germans who came with them, Huntsville quickly became home. For the first time they could live outside of a fenced-in base and integrate themselves into American daily life.”

At the Redstone Arsenal, von Braun’s initial title was project director of the Ordnance Guided Missile Center. As a result of a big order from the auto manufacturer Chrysler, von Braun expanded his operations. Neufeld tells us that, “The construction of this in-house industrial capacity, along with cumulative army decisions to build substantial laboratories for guidance, computers, and other fields, gradually rebuilt von Braun’s empire to dimensions not seen since Peenemünde. In mid-1952 he and the other Paperclip Germans were converted to regular civil service status; in January 1953 he became the civilian head of a division for the first time: the Guided Missile Development Division of the renamed Ordnance Missile Laboratories, now commanded by Holger Toftoy. As part of a decentralization of authority in Ordnance, Toftoy had been promoted to brigadier general and sent down from Washington, displacing, much to von Braun’s relief, Hamill and his ‘regime of junior officers.’ By September 1954 von Braun had 950 employees; four years later that number had quadrupled to 3,925. Once again he proved to be a virtuoso in building and managing huge, complex, technically demanding programs.” In 1955 von Braun and 102 other Germans were sworn in as American citizens in Huntsville.

Operation Paperclip Nazi scientists

Von Braun and his fellow Operation Paperclip Nazi scientists were officially transferred to NASA on July 1, 1960. As the first director of NASA’s sprawling Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, von Braun worked with his fellow former Nazis producing the rocket that would launch America’s first satellite and, separately, the gigantic Saturn rockets designed to take Americans to the moon. But more important to this discussion are his contributions to the field of atmospheric science. At NASA von Braun helped develop modified versions of the German V-2 rocket for use in atmospheric soundings; a way to map and therefore gain a better understanding of Earth’s atmosphere.

As part of his work in the atmospheric sciences, von Braun also participated in operations Argus and Hardtack which involved detonating nuclear bombs in the high atmosphere (lower-ionosphere). These operations allowed our scientists to better map the auroral electrojet; a major aspect of our planet’s space weather, which has a direct effect on the weather we experience daily down here in the troposphere.

It is interesting to note that operations Argus, Hardtack, and other similar operations were funded and coordinated by the newly formed Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA). ARPA was founded in 1958 with the help of von Braun’s boss at the Redstone Arsenal, Major General John Bruce Medaris. ARPA’s first director was GE Vice President Roy Johnson. We will look into GE’s pervasive connections to the New Manhattan Project shortly.

Because weather satellites play an important role in the NMP, it is also very interesting to understand that von Braun apparently had something to do with the production of the first line of dedicated American weather satellites. Eminent historian Michael J. Neufeld writes, “When the Defense Department made it clear in early 1958 that space reconnaissance was an air force mission, a typically inventive von Braun told an RCA engineer: ‘Let’s look at clouds!’ The army/RCA proposal evolved into a weather satellite project that later went to NASA as Tiros.” Tiros was the first line of American weather satellites dedicated to weather observation.

In his later years, von Braun became the vice president for engineering and development at an American aerospace firm called Fairchild Industries. It was during his time with Fairchild in September of 1974 that von Braun travelled to the North Slope of Alaska to visit the Prudhoe Bay Oil Field; not a very popular destination. This is of note to our discussion because the world’s largest and most versatile electromagnetic energy generator known to be able to control the weather in the fashion of the New Manhattan Project (HAARP) is powered by the natural gas coming out of the ground at Prudhoe Bay.

Now let us take a look at the other Operation Paperclip Nazi scientists who did work in the atmospheric sciences and other areas relevant to the New Manhattan Project.

Von Braun’s mentor Walter Dornberger (1895-1980) was the head of V-2 rocket development at the Peenemünde slave labor camp. Later in the war, Dornberger also convinced Hitler to build the Nordhausen rocket factory where at least 20,000 prisoners from the nearby Dora concentration camp were worked to death. After the war, he was initially interned in British POW camps, but in 1947, immediately after his release, he went to work on a classified rocketry program at the then Wright Field near Dayton, Ohio. Today this installation is known as Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and it is the most probable location used to develop the proprietary aircraft of today’s chemtrail fleet. Dornberger went on to become a senior Vice President of the Bell Aerosystems Division of the Textron Corporation. He was never officially questioned about his role at the Peenemünde death camp.

Martin Schilling (1911-2000) was a developer of the German V2 rocket during WWII as well. In 1958 he went to work for Raytheon where he went on to attain the rank of vice president for research and engineering. Evidence suggests that Raytheon manages much if not all of the directed electromagnetic energy portions of today’s New Manhattan Project.

Kurt Debus (1908-1983) was a member of the SS, the SA Brownshirts, and two other Nazi groups. He was also the V-2 flight test director at the Peenemünde slave labor camp. Debus went on to become the first director of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Over the course of his work in America, Dr. Debus launched more than 150 missiles and space vehicles including the USA’s first earth satellite Explorer I. NASA has produced many technologies pertinent to the New Manhattan Project. The U.S. Army gave him its highest civilian decoration, the Exceptional Civilian Service Medal in 1959.

Arthur Rudolph (1906-1996) was the director of NASA’s Saturn V rocket program designed to send Americans to the moon and the former head of production at the Mittelwerk slave labor death camp.

Ernst Czerlinsky, a former member of the SS, went to work at the Air Force Cambridge Research Center. The Air Force Cambridge Research Center did work on technologies later used in the New Manhattan Project such as advanced air traffic control systems and ionospheric heaters.

Hans Joachim Naake was a radar specialist. Radar, and specifically over-the-horizon radar, plays an important role in the development of the New Manhattan Project as these things are the predecessors of the ionospheric heaters which modify the weather as part of today’s NMP. Being that Naake was a radar specialist, he was probably working on over-the-horizon radar because that was the most cutting edge radar technology of the time.

At the U.S. Army’s Edgewood Arsenal, Albert Pfeiffer, a high-ranking Nazi scientist during the war, worked on new ways to disseminate airborne chemical warfare agents. Does that sound familiar?

Lastly, Hans Dolezalek is a distinguished German meteorologist who worked for the Wehrmacht Weather Service during WWII. He was also an early member of the Nazi SA Brownshirts. Even though Nazi scientists were not supposed to be brought in after 1948, an exception was made. Dolezalek visited America in 1958 in order to attend a major meteorological conference and subsequently accepted a job with AVCO (Aviation Corporation) in Wilmington, Massachusetts. In 1985, AVCO was acquired by the aforementioned Textron for $2.9B. With this acquisition, Textron nearly doubled in size. Initially the acquired AVCO became a division of Textron known as Textron Defense Systems. Textron Defense Systems evolved into today’s Textron Systems Weapons & Sensor Systems; a leader in intelligence-gathering capabilities and ‘advanced protection systems.’ This is the same Textron Corporation that employed von Braun’s mentor Walter Dornberger.

Dolezalek has worked extensively in the vein of the New Manhattan Project. He has done lots of work in the area of atmospheric electricity and artificial ionization. He has also done work for the Office of Naval Research; an organization with strong implications for the development of the NMP.

In 1989 the Department of Defense announced that they were filling exempted positions under the ‘program for utilization of alien scientists.’ This program was being run by the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency’s Research and Engineering Enterprise. This is the group that took over Operation Paperclip after it was disbanded in 1962. Thirteen of the new recruits were to work at NASA. The new hires included an unnamed ‘world-renowned climatologist.’ These NASA scientists worked at: the Langley Research Center (near the CIA’s headquarters), Ames Research Center at Moffet Field, and Goddard Space Flight Center.

Operation Paperclip had the official support of the United States and its military. That means that many high-ranking US military officers were fully aware of the situation and what was going on. Some were enthusiastic about it. Among those enjoying secretly bringing in the former Nazis was Army Air Corps Colonel Donald L. Putt.

Colonel Donald Putt was among those who initially reviewed captured Nazi aircraft at the Hermann Göering Aeronautical Research Institute in Brunswick, Germany. According to Linda Hunt, after seeing the facilities, swept-back wing aircraft, and other inventions there, “Putt gathered the Germans together and, without approval from higher authorities in the War Department, promised them jobs at Wright Field if they would go with him to a holding center for captured personnel in Bad Kissingen. He also promised to send their families to the United States, then instructed the scientists to sell all of their belongings and to travel light.”

By the Fall of 1946, there were 140 former Nazi scientists working under Colonel Putt at Wright Field. They included: Theodor Zobel, Adolf Busemann, General Herhudt von Rohden, and Rudolf Hermann. Although many of Putt’s Nazis were known to have committed heinous acts of violence during the war, Putt coddled, protected, and covered for his subordinates every step of the way. Putt went on to be promoted to the rank of lieutenant general and to become the military director of the Scientific Advisory Board to the Air Force Chief of Staff.

Donald L. Putt

A top ranking CIA man named Frank Wisner handled the CIA investigations of all Operation Paperclip Germans and helped obtain visas for Paperclip scientists. Wisner was the officer who formally accepted the aforementioned Nazi General Reinhard Gehlen’s surrender. Later, as director of the CIA’s Office of Policy Coordination, Wisner was also instrumental in the founding and later purchase of Civil Air Transport (CAT). CAT is one of the logical predecessors of today’s dedicated chemtrail fleet and, as we will see near the end of this piece, CAT ran the opium out of Southeast Asia. Wisner is most famous for being the CIA man who ended up going crazy and subsequently blowing his own brains out with his son’s shotgun.

Frank Wisner

Frank Wisner’s son Frank Wisner, Jr. went on to serve as a U.S. ambassador to: Zambia, Egypt, the Philippines, and India. He has also served as the U.S. Under Secretary of Defense for Policy and the Under Secretary of State for International Security Affairs. Most curiously though, Jr. was serving as the acting Secretary of State in 1996 when the large-scale domestic spraying operations began.

Frank Wisner Jr.

The CIA is on record as having sponsored domestic aerial spraying of biological agents.

A researcher by the name of Frank Olson and another by the name of Norman Cournoyer conducted CIA sponsored research out of Camp Detrick, Maryland. David Talbot in The Devil’s Chessboard writes:

After the war, they [Olson and Cournoyer] had traveled around the United States, supervising the spraying of biological agents from aircraft and crop dusters. Some of the tests, which were conducted in cities like San Francisco as well as rural areas in the Midwest, involved harmless chemicals, but others featured more dangerous toxins. In Alaska – where the two men sought to stage their experiments in an environment that resembled wintertime Russia – “We used a spore which is very similar [to] anthrax,’ Cournoyer recalled. ‘So to that extent we did something that was not kosher.’ One of their research colleagues, a bacteriologist named Dr. Harold Batchelor, learned aerial spray techniques from the infamous Dr. Kurt Blome, director of the Nazis’ biological warfare program.

Nazi biological warfare research, led by Dr. Kurt Blome (1894-1969), included experimentations on prisoners in concentration camps. Blome was later hired by the U.S. Army Chemical Corps to conduct new biological weapons research.

Kurt Blome

Frank Olson was the guy who, one week after being covertly dosed with Central Intelligence Agency LSD, died when he leapt (or was pushed) from a tenth floor window of the Statler Hotel in midtown Manhattan.

Frank Olson

So, in short, yes it’s most probably the CIA and there are apparently former Nazis and their families and friends and probably their offspring working with them. This type of stuff has been going on for a long time now.

The CIA’s Directorate of Science and Technology

A most probable place for the New Manhattan Project to reside inside of the CIA is in their Directorate of Science and Technology (DS&T). This Directorate has been at the cutting edge of two areas of technology relevant to the New Manhattan Project: satellite reconnaissance and over-the-horizon radar. Satellites can monitor atmospheric conditions and track atmospheric particles while over-the-horizon (OTH) radar is the direct predecessor of today’s ionospheric heaters which can modify the weather in the fashion of the New Manhattan Project.

Largely funded by the air force, the CIA’s Directorate of Science and Technology was created in 1963 by CIA chief John McCone. With the exception of a few, more esoteric systems, the technologies perfected by the Directorate are commonly turned over to the Defense Department. Shortly after the Directorate’s formation, Robert McNamara and the Pentagon led an effort to put the military in control of all technical collection which eventually became one of the reasons that Director McCone resigned. William Raborn’s directorship followed.

Richard Bissell as the head of Clandestine Services, was a driving force behind the development of space satellites for intelligence purposes.

The Directorate ran OTH radar facilities in Pakistan and later in Taiwan under the project names EARTHLING and CHECKWROTE respectively.

The Directorate enjoys a very cozy relationship with academia. The authors of The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence write that, “The Directorate of Science and Technology employed individual professors, and at times entire university departments or research institutes, for its research and development projects.” Marchetti and Marks continue, “in many cases, the CIA’s research involvement on the campuses went much deeper than simply serving as the patron of scholarly work.” The authors go on to note that, “the Clandestine Services had their own research links with universities, for the purpose of developing better espionage tools (listening devices, advanced weapons, invisible inks, etc.).” The authors then go on to note that, “The Clandestine Services at times have used a university to provide cover or even assist in a covert operation overseas.”

The first director of the Directorate, Albert ‘Bud’ Wheelon worked extensively on satellites. He left the DS&T in 1966 and went to Hughes Aircraft where he eventually became CEO and chairman of the board. During his time at Hughes, they became the world’s preeminent supplier of communications satellites. These facts are significant because satellites are an integral part of the New Manhattan Project and Hughes Aircraft has many connections to the NMP as well.

Albert ‘Bud’ Wheelon

Another most notable head of the CIA’s Directorate for Science and Technology is one Donald Kerr. He served in that position from 2001-2005.  Before that he worked for the Department of Energy as the Deputy Assistant Secretary and Acting Assistant Secretary for Defense Programs and later for Energy Technology. He has published many papers on ionospheric research. He currently serves on the advisory board of MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory. He graduated from MIT. He holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, a master’s degree in microwave electronics, and a doctorate in plasma physics and microwave electronics. He is currently the Vice Chairman of the Mitre Corporation; the NMP’s most probable executor of all of the NMP’s scientific aspects. It is also very interesting to note that, along with Samuel Goudsmit of Operation Alsos (a forerunner of Operation Paperclip), Kerr worked with Luis Alvarez and Alfred Lee Loomis on early air traffic control systems and he worked on early over-the-horizon radar research that eventually resulted in today’s ionospheric heaters which employ electromagnetic energy to control our weather. These experiments were carried out under the auspices of MIT’s wartime Radiation Laboratory. In short, over the years, Donald Kerr has worked with many of the key players, in many of the key areas, on many of the key projects, and for many of the key organizations involved in the production of technologies germane to the New Manhattan Project.

Donald Kerr

The Council on Foreign Relations

Along with the Operation Paperclip Nazis, another group inextricably intertwined with the most probable managers of today’s New Manhattan Project (the CIA) is the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). They’ve been going on endlessly about the need to spray us with massive amounts of material from aircraft. We are also interested in the CFR because in 2016, the former director of the CIA John ‘Stratospheric Aerosol Injection’ Brennan famously advocated for geoengineering at their headquarters in Manhattan known as Pratt House. Immediately after this section, we will have more about the enigmatic Mr. Brennan, but in the meantime we will take a look at the CFR and their role in the New Manhattan Project.

The Council on Foreign Relations serves two purposes. It is at once a globalist think-tank and an establishment mouthpiece. Most other high-profile think-tanks are not nearly as vocal. The CFR enjoys an extremely cozy relationship not only with our U.S. State Department, but also with the CIA. With alarming frequency, the ideas emanating from the CFR become official United States Government policy. The CFR is the public face of the deep state lobby upon our government.

The CFR was formed in order to influence public opinion. James Perloff, in his book The Shadows of Power recounts the story:

Well before the Senate’s vote on ratification, news of its resistance to the League of Nations reached Colonel [Edward] House, members of the Inquiry, and other U.S. internationalists gathered in Paris. It was clear that America would not join the realm of world government unless something was done to shift its climate of opinion. Under House’s direction, these men, along with some members of the British delegation to the Conference, held a series of meetings. On May 30, 1919, at a dinner at the Majestic Hotel, it was resolved that an ‘Institute of International Affairs’ would be formed. It would have two branches – one in the United States, one in England.

The American branch became incorporated in New York as the Council on Foreign Relations on July 29, 1921.

Once again, Allen Dulles and his more famous brother John Foster Dulles show up. The brothers Dulles were among a small group of influential and wealthy individuals who founded the CFR. John Foster Dulles was a founding member of the CFR and regularly contributed articles to their most widely-read publication called Foreign Affairs beginning with the first issue. In 1926 Allen Dulles joined the CFR and in 1927 he was elected as the first president of the Council on Foreign Relations.

From his soundproof room at Pratt House, Allen Dulles wielded tremendous power. David Talbot, author of The Devil’s Chessboard writes:

When it came to undertaking secret missions, Allen Dulles was a bold and decisive actor. But he acted only after he felt that a consensus had been reached within his influential network. One of the principal arenas where this consensus took shape was the Council on Foreign Relations. The Dulles brothers and their Wall Street Circle had dominated this private bastion for shaping public policy ever since the 1920s. Over the years, CFR meetings, study groups, and publications provided forums in which the organization’s leading members – including Wall Street bankers and lawyers, prominent politicians, media executives, and academic dignitaries – hammered out major US policy directions.

Talbot continues, “If CFR was the power elite’s brain, the CIA was its black-gloved fist.”

Many members of the CFR have documented connections to the New Manhattan Project. Those members include: Glenn Seaborg, Alfred Lee Loomis, James Killian, Harlan Cleveland, James Conant, Lauchlin Currie, Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., Jerome Wiesner, Marina von Neumann Whitman, John Deutch, and Frank Wisner.

Boeing, Raytheon and General Electric are (or have been) corporate members of the Council. Five of GE’s directors and three of Boeing’s have been CFR directors. These are all companies connected to the NMP.

Beginning in 1990, the Council started organizing study and discussion groups devoted to the topic of climate change and they have since gone on to issue many publications about Solar Radiation Management (SRM) which involves spraying substances out of aircraft in order to stop the CIA’s dreaded global warming.

In 2004, CFR member M. Granger Morgan teamed up with top geoengineer Ken Caldeira and six other authors to produce a paper titled “A Portfolio of Carbon Management Options.” In it, they advocate for geoengineering Earth’s climate with stratospheric aerosols.

In 2008 CFR member David G. Victor published a piece titled “On the Regulation of Geoengineering” in which he advocates for the establishment of an international framework of laws pertaining to geoengineering.

Also in 2008, the CFR released a report titled “Confronting Climate Change: A Strategy for U.S. Foreign Policy: Report of an Independent Task Force.” In it, they discuss, “injecting reflective aerosols into the atmosphere.”

2008 was a big year for geoengineering at the Council. In addition to the two documents noted above, in 2008 the CFR issued a paper titled “Unilateral Geoengineering: Non-technical Briefing Notes for a Workshop at the Council on Foreign Relations.” In this document, the authors propose spraying aluminum oxide dust into the stratosphere.

Among many other subsequent articles about global warming and climate change, CFR members David G. Victor, M. Granger Morgan, Jay Apt, John Steinbruner (1942-2015), and Katharine Ricke wrote a piece published in 2009 by the title of “The Geoengineering Option.” As one might guess, in this article the authors fear monger about climate change then suggest that we should ‘launch reflective particles into the atmosphere’ in order to save us from it. The authors are quite insistent, writing, “Governments should immediately begin to undertake serious research on geoengineering and help create international norms governing its use.” Rare in such propaganda, the authors also note that geoengineering is not a new idea and hearken back to the 1965 presidential document “Restoring the Quality of Our Environment” among other early developments. The piece, of course, then goes back to fear mongering, then on to ridiculing the opposition, then, lastly to reiterating its psychotic thesis.

Also in March of 2009, Foreign Affairs published an article called “Q&A With David Victor About Climate Change: What governments, scientists, and big business can do about global warming.” A woman named Lucy Berman interviewed the aforementioned David Victor and they chatted about spraying us with megatons of toxic chemicals. What a lovely topic of discussion!

Later in December of 2009, CFR member Granger Morgan wrote an article for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s MIT Technology Review advocating for SRM geoengineering research. It was titled “Why Geoengineering?”

In January of 2010, the most prestigious journal Nature published an opinion piece by CFR member Granger Morgan and two other authors including top geoengineer David Keith. They called their piece “Research on Global Sun Block Needed Now.” In it they advocate for SRM geoengineering research.

In July of 2010, CFR members Katherine Ricke and Granger Morgan had an article published in the prestigious journal Nature Geoscience titled “Regional Climate Response to Solar Radiation Management.” In it they found that spraying stuff out of planes might ‘stabilize’ our climate.

CFR members Granger Morgan and John Steinbruner held a panel discussion at Pratt House in 2010 titled “Developing an International Framework for Geoengineering.” During the discussion, Morgan stressed the urgency of the geoengineering situation as he raised the specter of a ‘black program’ currently conducting SRM geoengineering which everybody finds out about later. He said, “I think it would be truly disastrous if, you know, we discovered a few years from now that there was a black program that some government had stood up to sort of learn on the quiet how to do this.” Yes, we’ve found out about it already, Mr. Morgan and we plan to make this as disastrous as possible for your PR effort.

CFR member Granger Morgan contributed to the report resulting from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s 2011 Expert Meeting on Geoengineering held in Lima, Peru. He suggests, “Adding small reflecting particles in the stratosphere.”

CFR member Katharine Ricke (sounds like ‘reich’) published a doctoral thesis in August of 2011 titled “Characterizing Impacts and Implications of Proposals for Solar Radiation Management, a Form of Climate Engineering” in which she suggests that Solar Radiation Management geoengineering might be a good idea.

CFR members Frank Loy, Granger Morgan, and David G. Victor all contributed to the big 2011 report by the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Task Force on Climate Remediation Research titled “Geoengineering: A National Strategic Plan for Research on the Potential Effectiveness, Feasibility, and Consequences of Climate Remediation Technologies.” The authors note that, “it may be desirable or even necessary to enlist international fleets of aircraft, satellites, and hardware as well as international sources of funding and management capabilities.”

A CFR member by the name of Jay Apt wrote a 2012 paper with top geoengineer David Keith titled “Cost Analysis of Stratospheric Albedo Modification Delivery Systems” in which the authors write about spraying 1-5 million metric tons of materials from airplanes at an altitude of 18-30km up in the sky every year. Their top choice for the job was the Boeing ‘747-400.’ The Boeing 747 is a close relative of the Boeing KC-135 which the author has identified as the most probable make and model of the most prevalent type of dedicated chemtrail fleet aircraft.

In the Spring of 2013, CFR member Granger Morgan and two co-authors published an article in Issues in Science and Technology titled “Needed: Research Guidelines for Solar Radiation Management.” In it, they advocate for geoengineering research, call for help from the federal government, and write that, “a small fleet of specially designed aircraft could deliver enough mass to the stratosphere in the form of small reflecting particles to offset all of the warming anticipated by the end of this century for a cost of less than $10 billion per year.”

Another article published by CFR members Morgan, Apt, et al. in March of 2013 was titled “The Truth About Geoengineering: Science Fiction and Science Fact.” In it, they speculate that, “Flying a fleet of high-altitude aircraft that spray particles into the upper atmosphere would cost perhaps ten billion dollars per year -“ The authors also warn that, “Small-scale field trials in the upper atmosphere to test components of an SRM [Solar Radiation Management] system are particularly urgent.”

In February of 2015, geoengineer Jane C.S. Long and CFR members Granger Morgan and Frank Loy had an article published in the prestigious journal Nature titled “Start Research on Climate Engineering.” In it they advocate for small-scale SRM geoengineering experimentation.

On November 3 of 2015, CFR member and member of the Carnegie Institution Department of Global Ecology, Katharine Ricke published a paper, along with two other authors, titled “Climate Engineering Economics.” In this paper the authors write, “The most likely approach to implementation is high-flying aircraft outfitted with aerosol precursor dispensing systems (McClellan et al. ,2012)” As have many other authors, Ricke et al. found that using aircraft to achieve SRM is the cheapest way. In conclusion the authors urge, “Finally, we need to begin to explore specific mechanisms to ensure an efficient and equitable implementation of climate engineering technologies. While some early steps have been taken in this direction, we need to understand, from an economic perspective, how to create institutions that can accommodate these novel climate risk reduction strategies.”

Now let us take a look at some of the individual CFR members behind this duly noted body of documentary evidence.

M. Granger Morgan appears to be in charge of this effort at the CFR. His Carnegie Mellon biography tells us that he is the co-director of the Center for Climate and Energy Decision Making, the co-director of the Carnegie Mellon Electricity Industry Center, a member of the board for the International Risk Governance Council Foundation, a member of the Advisory Board for the E.ON Energy Research Center, a member of the Department of Energy’s Electricity Advisory Committee, and a member of the Energy Advisory Committee of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. In the past, he served as Chair of the Science Advisory Board of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and as Chair of the Advisory Council of the Electric Power Research Institute.  He is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and the Society for Risk Analysis.  He holds a BA from Harvard College (1963) where he concentrated in physics and an MS in astronomy and space science from Cornell (1965). All of these organizations either have or potentially have connections to the NMP. His Carnegie Mellon biography says that, “His research addresses problems in science, technology, and public policy with a particular focus on energy, electric power, environmental systems, climate change, the adoption of new technologies, and risk analysis.”

M. Granger Morgan

According to her Carnegie Institution for Science, Department of Global Ecology bio, Katherine L. Reich Ricke started in 2001 as an undergraduate research assistant at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She went on to earn a degree in earth, atmospheric and planetary science from MIT 2004. Between 2004 and 2007 she worked for something called ABT Associates in support of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency programs. In 2008 she was a visiting researcher at the Climate Dynamics Group of the University of Oxford’s Department of Physics. Between 2007 and 2011, Ricke’s time as a graduate research assistant at the Center for Climate and Energy Decision Making produced her Ph.D. dissertation titled “Characterizing Impacts and Implications of Proposals for Solar Radiation Management, a Form of Climate Engineering.” Advising her on this dissertation was M. Granger Morgan and top geoengineer David Keith. She then went on to become a postdoctoral researcher at the Carnegie Institution for Science’s Department of Global Ecology at Stanford University under top geoengineer Ken Caldeira. Shortly thereafter she became a fellow of the Carnegie Institution for Science’s Department of Global Ecology. She is currently a research associate at Cornell University’s Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

Katherine Ricke

According to his 1997 NASA biography, Jay Apt earned a doctorate in physics from MIT in 1976. Also in 1976, Dr. Apt was a post-doctoral fellow in laser spectroscopy at MIT. From 1976 to 1980 he was a staff member of the Center for Earth & Planetary Physics, Harvard University, supporting NASA’s Pioneer Venus Mission. Dr. Apt served as the Assistant Director of Harvard’s Division of Applied Sciences from 1978 to 1980. In 1980 Dr. Apt joined the Earth and Space Sciences Division of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. From 1982 through 1985, he was a flight controller responsible for Shuttle payload operations at NASA’s aforementioned Johnson Space Center. He is currently a member of: the American Astronomical Society’s Division of Planetary Science, the American Geophysical Union, the American Physical Society, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Jay Apt

According to an online biography, Frank E. Loy was Under Secretary for Global Affairs during the Clinton administration. He worked in the areas of the environment and climate change. He was the lead U.S. climate negotiator for three years. Since 2003, he has personally funded the Frank Loy Award for Environmental Diplomacy; an award given to State Department officers working in the area of climate or the environment. He is a member of the board of directors at: the Environmental Defense Fund, the Environmental Defense Action Fund, the Nature Conservancy, Population Services International, the Round Table of Environmental Health, Sciences, Research and Medicine of the National Academy of Medicine, the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, and ecoAmerica.

Frank E. Loy

According to David Victor’s Brookings Institution and UC San Diego biographies he, “is a professor of international relations at the School of Global Policy and Strategy and director of the Laboratory on International Law and Regulation (ILAR). Victor co-founded the ILAR which works in the area of climate change regulation. Prior to joining the faculty at the University of California, San Diego, Victor was a professor at Stanford Law School where he taught energy and environmental law.” It continues, “His research focuses on regulated industries and how regulation affects the operation of major energy markets. He has a dual understanding of the science behind climate change and how international and domestic public policy work.” He is also a co-director of the Deep Decarbonization Initiative at the University of California, San Diego, an adjunct professor of Climate, Atmospheric Science, and Physical Oceanography at the The Scripps Institution of Oceanography of the University of California, San Diego, a co-chair of the Cross-Brookings Initiative on Energy and Climate at the The Brookings Institution, and a leading contributor to the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Victor is a member of the advisory council for Nature’s journal dedicated to the study of global warming titled Nature Climate Change and a board member of the journal Climatic Change. Victor is also the author of a 2011 book titled ‘Global Warming Gridlock’ which suggests geoengineering as a solution to the supposed problem of man-made global warming. Victor got his doctorate from MIT in 1997 and his BA from Harvard in 1987. He then went on to become a research scholar of the Project on Environmentally Compatible Energy Strategies of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis. Between 1998 and 2009, Victor was the Robert W. Johnson, Jr. Senior Fellow for Science and Technology of the Council on Foreign Relations. He then became the director of the Program on Energy and Sustainable Development at Stanford.

David Victor

John O. Brennan, the former CIA Director?

As mentioned earlier, John ‘stratospheric aerosol injection’ Brennan is the former director of the CIA who in 2016 famously spoke about SRM geoengineering at the headquarters of the CFR. John Brennan may also have a very interesting indirect connection to the New Manhattan Project.

John Brennan

John Brennan’s potential indirect connection to the New Manhattan Project is a bit complicated. In short, our John O. Brennan may be related to a man named James J. Brennan who worked extensively for the aforementioned Civil Air Transport and as an assistant to a U.S. congressman from New Mexico named John J. Dempsey. The full explanation follows.

The American corporation that enabled the Flying Tigers of the early 1940s held office space at Rockefeller Center. As readers of this work now know, the Flying Tigers were most probably the beginnings of today’s chemtrail fleet. After the United States officially entered WWII on the side of the Chinese against the Empire of Japan, Nelson Rockefeller did tremendous business with his in-house founders of the Flying Tigers by working with them to export pharmaceutical drugs to WWII China through something called the Sydney Ross Company; a subsidiary of Sterling Drugs. The name of the corporation that enabled the Flying Tigers was China Defense Supplies. As the assistant to New Mexico Representative John J. Dempsey, James Brennan served as the Congressional liaison to China Defense Supplies.

In 1932, Congressman Dempsey was appointed a member and later President of the Board of Regents of the University of New Mexico. After WWII in New Mexico, and specifically with the assistance the University of New Mexico, a lot of important early weather modification experiments were conducted by those pioneers of the scientific era of weather modification: Langmuir, Schaefer, and Vonnegut. As mentioned earlier, New Mexico is also home to the White Sands Proving Ground where the world’s first nuclear bomb blast occurred; a product of the original Manhattan Project.

James J. Brennan played an active role in Civil Air Transport (CAT) from the start and, as the executive vice president, attempted to save the airline in the late 1940s by making severe spending cuts. James Brennan was a 8.5% owner of the company.

Was James J. Brennan any relation to our John O. Brennan, the former Director of the CIA? Brennan says he is from in and around New York, NY. The Rockefellers are too. We will soon see their many possibilities here.

General Electric

We have a lot of evidence showing General Electric’s hand in all of this. We’ve known for some time about how three General Electric scientists (Langmuir, Schaefer, & Vonnegut) working with the navy began the modern era of weather modification way back in 1946 and how Vonnegut went on to do work in the vein of the New Manhattan Project. We also know that General Electric (GE) has also gone on to produce lots of electronic equipment which could be used as part of a global weather modification project like the one outlined here.

Amongst a lot of other evidence linking GE to the New Manhattan Project, in 1958 a General Electric vice president by the name of Roy Johnson was named the first director of the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA/DARPA); an organization which appears to provide upper level scientific management to today’s NMP. GE’s Space Sciences Laboratory has supported atmospheric research in Alaska applicable to the NMP. Not only all that, but making them even more interesting here is the fact that GE also has a big Nazi past. In fact, as mentioned earlier, General Electric men worked alongside Wernher von Braun and the other Operation Paperclip scientists at White Sands, New Mexico.

But it all goes much deeper than that.

General Electric’s story here goes back to Weimar Republic Germany and earlier. It really goes back to Tesla vs. Edison, but we’ll get into that at another time. For the purpose of this discussion, we note that General Electric was among the core of a small group of American and German banks and industrial companies that enabled Hitler’s rise to power. As explained earlier, most of Hitler’s funding ultimately came from American investors. Big, monopolistic companies like General Electric were the vehicles that made the Nazi war machine happen. In the case of GE particularly, it behooves us to look at exactly how that whole situation came about. Shall we?

Not long after World War One, way back in the days of Weimar Republic Germany, General Electric and the Rockefellers were funding German science. As noted earlier, Germany is the birthplace of modern science. Cornwell illuminates us again:

By the mid-1920s physicists were beginning to collaborate once again with their overseas colleagues. Science funding, hard to come by in Germany and Austria up to 1923, now began to benefit from a new system which eked out scarce resources with additional money from industry and some notable sources abroad. A new agency was established in Weimar Germany called Notgemeinschaft der deutschen Wissenschaft (Emergency Society for German Science). The Notgemeinschaft represented the Kaiser Wilhelm Society and its institutes, the universities and technical universities and the academies of science. It provided money not only for institutions but for research programs and individual scientists. Its funds came from the Reich government in Berlin, but it also attracted funding from General Electric and the Rockefeller Foundation in America.

This was all very convenient for GE as in 1928 a man by the name of Owen Young (1874-1962) was the chief U.S. delegate to the Young Plan reparations meetings. The Young Plan reparations meetings produced the agreements for the reparations leveled against Germany after their loss in World War One. Young co-authored the Plan with J.P. Morgan and others. The resulting Young Plan enabled General Electric and a group of their cronies to do tremendous monopolistic business during Germany’s reconstruction, resulting in the eventual production of the WWII Nazi war machine.

In 1930, after overseeing the production of his eponymous Young Plan, Owen Young became chairman of General Electric’s board of directors. If that’s not some deep state action, then this author doesn’t know what is. Young was also chairman of the Executive Committee of Radio Corporation of America (RCA), another company implicated in the New Manhattan Project.

John Foster Dulles was an executive at North American Edison.

GE is a Premium corporate member of the Council on Foreign Relations and about one third of GE’s board of directors are CFR members. One GE board member, Ann Fudge is also a CFR director.


Speaking of Nazis, the Bush family political dynasty is up to their eyeballs in this thing. Yes, the family we all love to hate has apparently been at it again. We all know how cool these guys look on TV in their $10,000 suits and how Bush Senior has been canonized by the lamestream media, but here are the facts.

The Bush family bank, Brown Brothers Harriman funded the Nazis from their anti-Semitic, hate-filled, war-mongering beginnings to LONG AFTER they invaded Poland. The Bushes have no excuses and we shouldn’t give them any. It doesn’t end there.

On Oct. 20, 1942, 10 months after the U.S. had entered the war, under the Trading with the Enemy Act, the U.S. government took over the Union Banking Corporation of which Prescott Bush was a director. Three of the shareholders who had their shares seized were Nazis. Two other businesses associated with the Union Banking Corporation were also seized. The following month, the Nazi interests invested in the Silesian-American Corporation, a company long managed by Prescott Bush, were seized under the Trading with the Enemy Act as well.

It gets darker. Roger Stone, in his book Jeb! And the Bush Crime Family suggests that old Prescott Bush was getting his hands very dirty in Nazi Germany. Stone writes, “According to a Dutch intelligence agent, Prescott Bush managed a portion of the slave labor force from Auschwitz.”

The Bush family has all sorts of other connections to the Nazis involving people and organizations such as: William Stamps Farish, William Stamps Farish III, Fritz Thyssen, William H. Draper, Jr., William H. Draper III, the Rockefellers, I.G. Farben, Standard Oil, Hermann Schmitz, and the U.S. Agency for International Development. Discussion of all these instances is slightly beyond the scope of this paper.

The Bush family also has ties to the original Manhattan Project. Senator Prescott Bush (Bush Senior’s daddy) sat on the board of directors of something called the Vanadium Corporation which supplied unrefined uranium to the Manhattan Project. Prescott Bush also sat on the board of directors of a company called Dresser Industries which produced special pumps used in the production of the refined uranium needed for the world’s first atomic bombs. Now that’s called playing both sides and that’s how the old boy network does it.

Dresser Industries was a company that worked frequently with the CIA. Prescott Bush was a member of the Dresser Industries board of directors for 22 years until 1952 when he entered the Senate. Once there, Senator Prescott Bush became Allen Dulles’ day-to-day CIA contact man.

Dresser Industries is an extremely interesting player in all of this, but it takes a little bit of explaining. Please bear with.

As we already know, the New Manhattan Project involves the electromagnetic manipulation of atmospheric particles. The manipulation of atmospheric particles in the fashion of the New Manhattan Project is a field of scientific study all unto itself and Dresser Industries has been at the forefront of this field for a very long time. Without going into the history of it all too much, it suffices to say that Dresser Industries has historically brought this field of study forward with its production of equipment designed to move and collect vaporized substances which would otherwise be lost to industrial processes.

Dresser’s signature products are the massive electrostatic precipitators attached to many coal-fired electrical power plants all around the world. These electrostatic precipitators use electrostatic energy to collect the coal fly ash (smoke from burning coal) that would otherwise be pumped out into the surrounding atmosphere.

Coal fly ash has been scientifically determined to be the exact substance with which we are being sprayed.

It is reasonable to assume that Dresser not only builds these coal fly ash electrostatic precipitators, but that they also install and service them. Servicing them would most probably involve removing and carting away megatons of fresh coal fly ash.

Way back in 1928 the Bush family bank (Brown Brothers Harriman) bought Dresser and it is reasonable to assume that Bush family members are invested in the company to this day.

Is Dresser Industries providing the coal fly ash needed for today’s New Manhattan Project?

If the reader wants to look into it further, the author has recently written a separate article about all of this. For further reading, please enjoy the author’s Dec. 2018 article “Chemtrails Exposed: Dresser Industries and the New Manhattan Project.”

Another company called Ling Temco Vought shares interesting connections to Dresser Industries and another Bush family business known as the Carlyle Group. Again, it’s a little complicated. Like Bob Marley said, “They build their world in great confusion to force on us the devil’s illusion.” So let’s clarify.

We first became interested in Ling Temco Vought (LTV) years ago when we learned about an early 1970s spin-off from LTV called LTV Electrosystems. LTV Electrosystems for a long time had a key player in the development of the New Manhattan Project on its board of directors; the aforementioned William Raborn. Raborn is well known to readers of this work. LTV Electrosystems went on to become E-systems. E-systems built the first version of the world’s most powerful and versatile ionospheric heater, HAARP; the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Project. An extensive network of ionospheric heaters (possibly including HAARP) are used today to manipulate the weather as part of the New Manhattan Project. For more about Raborn, please refer to the author’s 2017 article “William Raborn and the New Mahattan Chemtrail Project.”

Ling Temco Vought’s headquarters, known at the time as the LTV Tower, sits next to the giant Dresser Building in downtown Houston. It was acquired by Dresser in 1975.

Here’s where the Carlyle Group comes in. In August of 1992, with help from the Mellon family, Carlyle in conjunction with Loral and Northrop won a year-long struggle to acquire LTV Corp.’s Defense and Aerospace Division for $475M. The deal greatly solidified Carlyle’s position as a serious player in defense industry buyouts. After the purchase Carlyle renamed the division Vought Aircraft. Later, in July of 2000, Carlyle bought Vought Aircraft outright. For many years, Dresser Industries was headed by Henry Neil Mellon of the Mellon family that helped push through the original deal.

Author Dan Briody familiarizes us with the Carlyle Group in his book The Iron Triangle. Briody writes, “Carlyle is among the largest private equity firms in the world. It employs 491 people in 21 worldwide offices. It has more than 535 investors from more than 55 different countries. And as of June 2002, the company had over $13.5 billion under management and 21 different funds.”

Curiously enough, Briody writes that Carlyle’s LTV started as “an aerospace company spun out of Ford.” This is made all the more interesting by the author of the definitive book on the subject of LTV. Stanley Brown, in his book Ling: The rise, fall, and return of a Texas titan writes:

The postwar metamorphosis of the Ford Motor Company involved a monumental instance of corporate self-deception, the Ford family was determined to undo the founder’s crank image and his near wrecking of the company in his declining years. They cleaned out old Henry’s cronies and surrounded his young grandson with an assemblage of talented executives from outside the company, including a group of ex-Air Force officers known as the Whiz Kids, who were said to have practically invented operations research, systems analysis, and all the other trappings of modern scientific management. In stamping out the old man’s cult of warped personality, they replaced it with their own new gospel. For several years things went well as the company undid a lot of the damage done by the old management at the same time creating a marvelous new corporate image.

The Ford Foundation went on to be well represented on the aforementioned Mitre Corporation’s first board of directors.

George Soros is famously invested in the Carlyle Group. What more does one need to know? Here’s more: the Carlyle Group is a corporate member of the CFR. Bush Sr. was a director of the CFR.

So we have the Bush family with serious connections to the production of aircraft, coal fly ash, and ionospheric heaters. That’s three out of the four elements of the New Manhattan Project; the fourth being command and control centers.

It suffices to say that it truly goes on and on with these people; to the point where one just becomes numb to it all. I mean, the Bushes are into all of it: depopulation and eugenics, mind control, media manipulations, weapons trafficking, drug trafficking, money laundering, the CIA, the CFR, the Nazis and their death camps, Enron, secret societies, the New World Order, bioweapons, overthrowing governments, assassination plots, ad nauseam. By all appearances and simply put, the Bush family is the very public face of the deep state and probably would have no qualms about mass murdering the domestic population and omniciding the planet in the fashion of the New Manhattan Project. To truly understand the Bush family, one must understand the mind of a psychopath. That’s not easy for people with good intentions.


In the author’s previous writings and in this article we have already seen compelling and interesting connections between members of the Rockefeller family and the New Manhattan Project. Can you believe that there is a lot more? Believe it. Here it is.

The Rockefeller Foundation was founded in 1913 (the same year as the private U.S. Federal Reserve Bank) to promote nothing less than the welfare of all mankind. The Rockefellers intended to use science to solve the global problems of: sickness, poverty, underdevelopment, and ignorance. Spraying megatons of toxic waste from aircraft is apparently their idea of how to achieve these goals.

As mentioned earlier, the Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company was instrumental in the building of the Nazi war machine. A big way in which they participated was in providing the Germans with the equipment and information needed to produce synthetic gasoline from Germany’s plentiful domestic coal supplies.

Today, everybody knows how to do stuff like this. Heck, we’re making gas from shale now cost-effectively. Making gas from coal is easy, right? Yes, but in the 1930s, these types of technologies were cutting edge and proprietary.

The Nazi war machine ran on hydrocarbon fuel and had a seemingly insatiable need. The Rockefellers’ Standard Oil sated it. Standard Oil also provided the Nazi war effort with the means to produce synthetic rubber and ethyl lead; two other substances needed for waging their reigns of terror. In fact, the production of a war effort such as that raised by the Nazis necessarily needed all sorts of chemicals and raw materials. In many of these cases, the Rockefellers’ Standard Oil worked closely with the aforementioned I.G. Farben to produce them.

The Rockefellers were represented on the board of American I.G. not only by W.C. Teagle (a director of Standard Oil), but they were also represented by C.E. Mitchell, the chairman of the Rockefeller’s National City Bank. Their National City Bank financed the German General Electric.

Oh, look who’s here! It’s the Dulles brothers again, with General Electric! John Foster Dulles was a trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation from 1935 to 1952 and also served as chairman of the board. He was also a Rockefeller family in-law. Owen Young of General Electric was a trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation and General Electric held a Rockefeller Foundation corporate directorship. Allen Dulles had extensive offices at Rockefeller Center.

The Rockefeller brothers, Nelson and David, were very close associates of CIA founder Allen Dulles as well as very active and powerful members of the Council on Foreign Relations. Talbot writes that, “Nobody occupied a more central position in the Dulles brothers’ power circle than the Rockefeller brothers.” Talbot writes that, “The Rockefeller brothers served as private bankers for Dulles’s intelligence empire.” Laurence Shoup in his book Wall Street’s Think Tank writes that, “The Rockefeller Foundation is the foundation most closely tied to the CFR.” David Rockefeller (1916-2017) was the longest serving director of the CFR from 1949-1985 (36 years) and chairman from 1970 to 1985.

Chicago University was founded with funds from John D. Rockefeller Senior. This is significant because lots of weather modification work has been done at Chicago University. Also, it was at the University of Chicago where the the first known self-sustaining nuclear reaction was created; an important development in the history of the original Manhattan Project.

John D. Rockefeller IV as a senator representing West Virginia was a member of the Select Committee on Intelligence which oversaw John Brennan’s confirmation as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency in 2013.

The best has been saved for last. The Rockefellers have a direct connection to the Mitre Corporation. That’s the company that most probably orchestrates all the technological aspects of today’s NMP.

In the same year that Gordon J.F. ‘How to Wreck the Environment’ MacDonald became a trustee of the Mitre Corporation, 1968, a man from Rockefeller Family and Associates named Dr. T.F. Walkowicz became a trustee of the Mitre Corporation as well. Dr. Walkowicz was a major in the Army Air Corps and the boss of something called the National Aviation and Technology Corporation of New York, NY. He stayed on the Mitre Corporation board of directors for at least 10 years.

Dr. Walkowicz

Dr. Walkowicz was also a consultant to the production of a 1946 Army Air Force report titled “War and Weather.” “War and Weather” was but one of many reports issued as part of a series titled Toward New Horizons. Toward New Horizons (also known as the von Karman reports) featured as contributors a constellation of leading American weather modifiers and experts in applied electromagnetic energy.

Similar to the much later Air Force 2025 set of documents which contained the infamous “Owning the Weather in 2025” report and outlined the New Manhattan Project multiple times, Toward New Horizons spoke to a broad overhaul of U.S. military air operations. Dr. Walkowicz was the lead author of a report in the series titled “Future Airborne Armies.”

The report “War and Weather” provides lots of insight into the New Manhattan Project, so we will now examine it further.

The authors of “War and Weather” write that, “Long-range forecasts may be employed in planning an entire military campaign instead of one tactical maneuver.” Now we have a better understanding of the deep state’s obsession with long-term climate predictions.

The authors of “War and Weather” repeatedly stress the importance of their mission writing, “The importance of pursuing research projects in peacetime, directed at fulfilling the future requirements of the military weather services, cannot be overemphasized.” They go on to make many recommendations as to how this should be accomplished. By the end of 1946 (the year of “War and Weather’s” publication), General Electric and the navy were rolling out the modern era of weather modification.

Generally consistent with what many leading Manhattan Project scientists have stated, “War and Weather” notes that, “Atomic energy may be used to control certain weather phenomena.” What makes this quote particularly interesting and different from others is the fact that the authors write generically of ‘atomic energy’ rather than the detonation of nuclear bombs specifically as having an effect upon weather.

When they wrote of using atomic energy to modify the weather, Manhattan Project scientists who went on to do work in the atmospheric sciences such as Edward Teller commonly wrote only of atomic bombs being detonated in the atmosphere. The detonation of atomic bombs is only but one use of atomic energy. The term ‘atomic energy’ loosely applies to anything having to do with molecular physics (a.k.a. quantum mechanics). Heck, the term ‘atomic energy’ can very loosely apply to simple electricity (which is technically sub-atomic). The authors’ use of the generic term ‘atomic energy’ here opens the door to a whole range of possible applications of atomic energy as a way to control the weather; including the use of electromagnetic energy which is what is used today to control the weather as part of the New Manhattan Project.

In fact, on the last page of “War and Weather,” under the heading ‘Atomic Energy Applied to Meteorology’ the authors write, “The controlled use of atomic energy by meteorologists may result in the synthesis of certain weather phenomena or forced local release of atmospheric instability … Furthermore, it is conceivable that the peacetime applications of such concepts may be more significant than their military uses [author’s emphasis].” When these authors write of ‘the synthesis of certain weather phenomena or forced local release of atmospheric instability,’ once again they are writing about the so-called ‘butterfly effect.’ This is the notion that a relatively small amount of directed energy can have a tremendous later effect upon the weather. This is a thesis central to the peacetime New Manhattan Project.

Black budgets, missing trillions, and the global narcotics trade

We have seen that since the end of WWII the New Manhattan Project has been in development. We have also now seen compelling evidence as to who has been developing it. Another logical question is that of funding. In this penultimate section we will see that there is no shortage of ways to supply the trillions of dollars needed to carry this ultra-massive project forward over the course of 70 years plus. We will start with the infamous black budgets.

It is not a secret that, every year, the United States taxpayer funds billion-dollar military budgets which include so-called ‘black’ funds.  Although this type of spending is prohibited by our Constitution, these ‘black budgets’ as they are called have been disbursed at the discretion of the President, the Secretary of State, and the Director of Central Intelligence (the head of the CIA) since WWII. Black budgets began, appropriately enough, with the original Manhattan Project. They became a permanent part of the government with the creation of the CIA in 1947. Not only that, but the CIA has the legal ability to send and receive money to and from any and all U.S. Government offices; providing them with a way to distribute and receive any funds they wish.

For these reasons, and in consideration of the evidence presented here implicating the CIA, it is reasonable to assert that these black funds have been used to, at least in part, fund the New Manhattan Project.

Providing for even more possible funding, the annual overt defense budget is filled with code words, euphemisms, and other camouflage that allow our military to obfuscate many other clandestine efforts. There is no shortage of ways for the United States government to directly fund the development of the New Manhattan Project and we can assume that this is what has taken place. After all, elements of our United States military have repeatedly stated their position that climate change is a matter of national security and must be dealt with.

Further, $21T is apparently ‘missing’ from the Pentagon. We all know how Rumsfeld held a press conference way back in 2001 on the day before the 9/11 attacks to let us know that $2.3T was somehow missing from the Pentagon. Well, now a short article (with a collection of videos) has appeared on Catherine Austin Fitts’ website about how $21T of our taxpayer dollars has met the same fate. $21T is probably more than enough to have brought the New Manhattan Project forward over the decades.

Even more interesting, though, is the notion that today the domestic spraying operations and everything else that the New Manhattan Project entails is funded by the $400B global narcotics trade. For this assertion there is quite a bit of precedent.

Oh yeah, the Cocaine Importation Agency (CIA), has been running megatons of narcotics. There is no doubt about that. It would be quite tedious to go through all the books, movies, news reports, court cases, and other such solid evidence supporting this assertion.

Further, eminent historians such as UC Berkeley’s Peter Dale Scott can tell you that, at least since the time of China and Britain’s Opium Wars in the mid-19th century, the deep state and their many nefarious activities have been funded by the narcotics trade. There is a certain chapter of this long, sordid history which is particularly relevant to the New Manhattan Project. It is something called Operation Gladio. Operation Gladio is explored here because the proceeds from these types operations may have provided funding for the development of the New Manhattan Project and a similar type of operation may be funding the NMP today.

Operation Gladio was a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and CIA collaboration that involved staging terrorist attacks throughout Europe to be blamed on communist factions while, in actuality, the attacks were perpetrated by fascist (capitalist) ones. This was done in order to galvanize public opinion for capitalism and against communism. As we learn of their involvement here, we can see how the CIA participates in the most dastardly of deeds in order to grow their power while creating the perception of virtue. It’s kind of like how geoengineers propose spraying the Earth and all of its biota with megatons of toxic materials in order to save us from global warming.

Journalist Richard Cottrell, in his groundbreaking 2012 book Gladio: NATO’s Dagger at the Heart of Europe writes:

The sound of bullets, screams, the whumpf of great explosions, shattering glass, the scream of emergency vehicles, fell cross Europe. Bombs planted in a prominent city bank, in railway stations and trains, and in beer tents overflowing with jolly drinkers. Snipers fired at will into squares heaving with crowds of peaceful demonstrators, or supermarkets as weekend shoppers queued to pay for their groceries. A slaughter of the innocents. To meet its own political ends, the United States fostered the mirage of communist subversion of the European continent. In so doing it worked through the CIA and secret war departments of every NATO country, and ruthlessly milked and nourished latent forces of fascism left over from WW2.

As a direct result of Operation Gladio, 491 people were killed and 1,181 injured or maimed.

To understand how all this came about and to understand its relevance to the New Manhattan Project, we must, once again, go back to the beginning; to the devil’s pact mentioned earlier between Allen Dulles and the Nazis.

As noted earlier in this piece, towards the end of WWII Allen Dulles of America’s OSS made a deal with high-ranking German officials. This deal was instrumental in the creation of the CIA, but it also resulted in the creation of the so-called ‘stay behind’ armies ostensibly designed to be a capitalist (fascist) failsafe against a post-WWII European invasion by communist Russia. If the Russians were to invade a weakened Europe, the theory went, then these stay behind armies would be activated to defeat the communist aggressors. It’s not like the Russians were not weakened as well. They had just borne the brunt of WWII; suffering somewhere north of 20 million casualties and they had been our ally during the war. But nonetheless, this was the stated fear and this was the story. Creating new, secret armies consisting of Nazis and directed by Nazis and Nazi sympathizers apparently wasn’t a concern. To the contrary, according to the CIA, it was good.

Shortly after the conclusion of the Yalta Conference in February of 1945, when it became crystal-clear that Germany was going to lose the war and preliminary arrangements for the post-war Europe had been made, Dulles arranged for the transportation of the aforementioned German General Reinhard Gehlen and his top people to Fort Hunt, Virginia where it was agreed that Gehlen would return to Germany under US protection to establish the Gehlen Organization which was to be funded by United States taxpayer dollars. The Gehlen Organization subsequently set up shop in a former Waffen SS training facility near Pullach, Germany. The primary purpose of the Gehlen Organization was to create and expand the stay behind armies with men taken from the ranks of the soon to be defeated German military. The soldiers of these stay behind armies were known as ‘gladiators’ with the operation being named Gladio after the short swords the gladiators of ancient Rome used to finish their opponents.

Reinhard Gehlen

Also involved here was an Italian member of the Catholic Black Nobility by the name of Prince Junio Valerio Borghese (1906-1974) also known as The Black Prince. Borghese commanded troops for the Italian fascists under Mussolini during WWII and later organized many thousands of men from Italy, Germany, France, and Austria into the stay behind armies in Italy. By 1946, when the OSS morphed into the CIA, hundreds of Gladio units were already in place throughout Western Europe in countries such as: Italy, Germany, Turkey, Belgium, Sweden, France, and Greece.

The $200M of original funding for the stay-behind armies came from the Rockefeller and Mellon foundations, but these Western European stay behind armies needed a more stable, recurring, and covert source of funding. Not only was a stable source of funding desirable just for Operation Gladio, it was desirable for the continued funding of all of the CIA’s covert intelligence activities. Here’s where it gets interesting.

In the mid to late 1940s, near the end of WWII, it was Colonel Paul E. Helliwell’s (1915-1976) job in the Far East as Chief of Special Intelligence for the OSS to support Chaing Kai-shek’s Nationalist Chinese forces. He observed that a contingency force of Chaing Kai-shek’s army operating in an opium producing region of Burma was selling the drug locally in order to fund their continuing efforts against Mao Zedong’s communist forces. The sale of the opium at that time, though, was done in the ancient ways of many middlemen and slow ground transportation; a very inefficient process. Helliwell had the idea to begin transporting opium by aircraft to major market centers directly. This could allow not only for the more efficient movement and sale of the opium, but also for a more efficient movement and sale of the arms Chaing Kai-shek’s soldiers needed to fight the communist aggressors. The arms could be flown in, the opium could be flown out, and the Chinese Nationalist forces could be better supplied; a win win. Helliwell ran his idea by his boss, OSS chief General William ’Wild Bill’ Donovan (1883-1959) and Wild Bill shared it with Dulles. Everybody loved it. They went about bringing Helliwell’s idea into existence and the airline that eventually began taking care of these missions was the aforementioned Civil Air Transport.

As alluded to earlier, Civil Air Transport (CAT) was the CIA’s proprietary airline which came after the Flying Tigers, preceded Air America, and is (as are the Flying Tigers and Air America) most probably a direct ancestor of today’s chemtrail fleet. Believe it or not, the CIA’s Civil Air Transport is actually on record as having performed weather modification activities over Japan; the author’s thesis.

In his book Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance Between the Vatican, the CIA, and the Mafia, well-respected researcher Paul Williams gives us more insight into the founding of CAT:

By the close of World War II, Helliwell and a number of fellow Army intelligence officers – E. Howard Hunt, of Watergate fame; Lucien Conein, a former member of the French Foreign Legion with strong ties to the Corsican Mafia; Tommy ‘the Cork’ Corcoran, a lawyer serving the Strategic Service Unit; and Lt. General Claire L. Chennault, the military advisor to Chaing Kai-Shek and the founder of the Flying Tigers – had created the Civil Air Transport.

The original funding needed to get these guns-for-drugs airlift operations in the Far East off the ground came from Nazi gold that had been laundered and manipulated by Dulles and a man named William ‘Little Bill’ Stephenson, a British master spy. This was all done through something called the World Commerce Corporation. The World Commerce Corporation was formed by OSS chief Wild Bill Donovan with the help of a small group of very wealthy friends including: Nelson Rockefeller, Joseph C. Grew, Alfred DuPont, and Charles Jocelyn Hambro of the Hambros Bank. From its founding onward, the World Commerce Corporation’s primary function was to trade US surplus weapons and munitions to groups such as those producing the opium in Burma.

Once the opium had been airlifted out of the wilds of Burma, it was brought to Bangkok, Thailand where General Phao Sriyanonda, the director of Thailand’s national police, had his officers load it onto the freighters of the Sea Supply Company, a CIA front run by Helliwell. The opium was then shipped to Cuba where it was turned into heroin with the help of individuals from the most important families of the American Mafia as well as Schiaparelli, one of Italy’s most respected pharmaceutical companies. The heroin was then distributed by the mob to major cities throughout America. The target customers were the African-Americans of our inner-city ghettoes. All this, again, was Helliwell’s idea. Coupled with the subsequent burgeoning urban jazz scene of the 1950s, this venture proved to be a smashing success. An entire drug culture had been created and the CIA was in the money.

Opium and heroin production was later expanded to include: opium production fields in Laos, heroin production laboratories located in Marseilles, France run by the Corsican mafia, and Turkish opium brokers.

The CIA expanded their operations again later in the 1980s with street gangs and cocaine, once again targeting America’s black populations living in urban ghettos; this time feeding off of the gangster rap phenomenon to create the surrounding culture. We can now stop wondering as to how the CIA has become so powerful. Their narcotics trafficking has been a resounding success for a very long time.

The CIA and their cohorts have also organized similar weapons for drugs programs used to topple governments and install ‘friendly’ regimes all over the world, but It all started with Gladio.

The profits from the early CIA heroin production and distribution ventures of the 1940s, 50s, and 60s detailed here were laundered through The Institute of Religious Works, also known as the Vatican Bank. The funds were then distributed to the administrators of Operation Gladio through Swiss banks. This is how Operation Gladio became sustainably funded.

The CIA used their global narcotics trade to finance extremely heinous acts of depravity during Operation Gladio and subsequent operations. They got away with it the first time. Why would they not do it again? By all appearances, the CIA still runs the global narcotics trade today.

As we have seen, the CIA is also most probably responsible for the massively expensive and destructive New Manhattan Project. In consideration of all the evidence presented here, it is reasonable to assert that the CIA and their Nazis have been using the proceeds from their global narcotics racket to fund the New Manhattan Project.


[The CIA is] a secret government – a shadowy government with its own air force, its own navy, its own fund-raising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of the national interest, free from all checks and balances and free from the law itself. – Senator Daniel Inouye in his closing statement to the Iran-Contra hearings, Aug. 3, 1987

As we have seen here, the deep state is fully capable of orchestrating the New Manhattan Project over the course of the last 70 years plus. The evidence presented here demonstrates that this is exactly what has happened.

Before this American deep state was generally recognized, we called it the ‘secret government’ or the ‘invisible government.’ Going back even further, we called it the ‘hidden hand’ or the ‘power behind the throne.’ For as long as there have been bureaucracies in government, what today we call the ‘deep state’ has existed. A deep state existed in ancient Egypt and Babylon for crying out loud! Over the millennia and all over the world, the existence of a deep state has drifted in and out of the general public’s consciousness as its powers have waxed and waned.  So are the cycles of these things.

Basically, our government got taken over by multinational corporate interests a long time ago. Our ship was hijacked and they’ve been sailing us straight for destruction ever since.

It’s called the ‘grand chessboard.’ The building and destruction of nations can both be profitable enterprises. They have been getting away with lots and lots of mass murders. They don’t give a damn about America. These people are globalists. To the contrary, the deep state has HATED America ever since we won the Revolutionary War. The good news is that we the people are now in the process of regaining control and they can’t stand it. Believe it or not, one’s political stripe doesn’t even really matter. The fact that your average citizen has become acutely passionate about politics means everything. Truth will prevail. The arc of history bends toward justice.

As far as our noble anti-geoengineering movement goes, we should thank God that your average well-meaning person with any decent understanding of how the world actually works now sees the deep state. This is a major victory in our information war. In fact, like the Continental Army’s victory at the Battle of Trenton, it looks like the turning point. Now that we can see the problem, we may find a solution.

We can win this thing. We can stop the spraying, remediate our environment, and bring to justice the people responsible for the massive amounts of toxic waste we have all been unnecessarily forced to ingest. But it’s even bigger than that. We are bringing about the final revolution against ALL of their tyranny worldwide. That’s where you, the reader comes in.  Please share this information generously.  Thank you.

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