A Thanksgiving Fable For Our Time…

By Patricia Burke

When my children were young, they participated in a recreation of “The First Thanksgiving” in school. Some children dressed as pilgrims, and others wore attire of Native Americans. Exhibits and food were involved.  It was so adorable and heartwarming.

But then a few years later, our family went to an exhibit at the Decordova Museum that featured a series of life-size circular displays. On one side, the sculpture depicted the sanitized version of history. While planting seeds, a native was teaching a colonist how to fertilize soil by placing a fish in the hole, a native gave a colonist squash and corn as they greeted each other and shook hands.

Behind the panels that split the revolving museum display, murderous genocide was revealed.

At many points in history, one group of people has asserted power and ownership over another, or over their resources.

Let’s revisit some basic themes here.

Addiction, Uneven Trade and Barter Fueled by Entitlement, Illness and Disease, Capture, and ….. Fires

By cultivating addiction (alcohol), and offering uneven, unfair and virtually worthless exchanges of goods, (beads for land), one society was nearly obliterated by another. And, there was also the gift of smallpox-laden blankets.

Captured Media

Most Americans will read the mainstream news coverage of the NTP cellphone and cancer study, for example from The New York Times, [1] or Popular Science, [2] instead of coverage from independent sources not controlled by economic interests, like the international Epoch Times.[3]

Many Americans will not recognize that their media news sources are heavily funded by telecommunications and utility industries advertising, and that ad revenue is controlling content, (and not just at Amazon owner Jeff Bezos’s’ Washington Post).

As they read the newsfeed on their cellphones, consumers may not realize that they are being manipulated by a page out of the tobacco science playbook, by only questioning cellphone use and specific brain tumors and ignoring other symptoms, including DNA damage and neurological disease, as well as other cancers. News integrity is not just an issue for Facebook.

Captured Consumers

As Americans everywhere sit down to celebrate Thanksgiving in their homes, many will be using wireless devices to disconnect from those near and connect with those from afar, or perhaps not even loved ones from afar, but to individual entertainment and distraction – each to his own device.

Some portion of Americans are addicted to their wireless devices, including children. [4] The addiction is by design. [5]  Screen time is altering children’s well-being.[6]

An un-quantified portion of individuals are already experiencing biological changes in their physiology associated with their use of wireless devices. Some recognize the association. Others hold a presumption of innocence towards their beloved wireless, even if they have symptoms, not unlike an individual on the slippery slope of becoming an alcoholic.

Many Americans will continue to hold their cellphones against their heads, and tablets on their laps. Many will be searching the Internet on a wireless device for additional wireless devices for holiday gift giving, including faster and more powerful modems and phones and connected smart home devices.

Captured Regulators

On the flip side, in the coming months, many communities and some individuals will be forced to accept an antenna in their immediate environment to support the new 5G fifth generation telecommunications network. [7]  Infrastructure has already been installed to support 5G deployments, without knowledge and consent of residents.

5G fears: Mini cell towers coming to Greater Cincinnati


Like the natives who traded their land for beads and trinkets, the community will receive a pittance in exchange for antennas mounted on lamp posts, billboards, telephone poles, schools, hospitals, and anywhere else that the industry wants to place them.  The money will not begin to cover the social costs of wireless infrastructure.

Driving Citizens from Their Homes Continues

Some individuals have already been driven from their homes due to health harm caused by wireless encroachment, and as more antennas are installed, more will be affected.  Some homes and businesses will decrease in monetary value due to proximity to undesirable infrastructure, not due just to the appearance, but due to the risk of harm and emerging epidemiology.[8],[9]

As connectivity becomes more ubiquitous, some individuals will be unable to find a safe environment anywhere. They will experience inescapable torture.

Smart meters, smart cities, smart homes, the promises of 5G, M2M Machine to Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, the Array of Things, beam-forming, millimeter waves, edge computing, and sensors driving the data revolution promise investors windfall profits. [10]

What about the rest of us?

The Fires

When the Joshua trees started to bloom brilliantly and unexpectedly in the California desert, some viewers were delighted. Others were alarmed, realizing that the trees were reacting to environmental stress in out-of-rhythm cycles, attempting a Hail Mary Pass to salvage the species.

It is understood that trees and foliage interfere with manmade artificial microwave radiation signals, and the solution has been to remove the foliage, as was done in the Tory Fort neighborhood of Worcester, Massachusetts for the smart meter pilot. A controversy is raging in the U.K. concerning the felling of thousands of tress for the 5G installations in Sheffield. [11]

Although industry has researched the effect of the trees on its signals, the question of the impact of the signals on the trees has been ignored. By further definition, the possible impact on the food supply has been overlooked.

Plants use terpenoids to support their basic growth and development. For example, terpenoids are responsible for a number of essential roles in plants, from functioning as hormones to carrying electrons, forming the structural components of membranes, and providing pigments that are necessary for photosynthesis. Individual terpenoids may also support more specialized physiological, metabolic, structural, communicative, and protective functions (such as offering defense against pathogens, pollinators, and phytoxins from competitive plants). Different plants utilize different terpenoids at different times depending on their needs. [12]

If trees are emitting higher levels of terpenes as a stress reaction to radio frequencies, in order to sustain the species, the trees are also making the world more flammable.

It is past time to determine how radio frequency exposures are affecting every living organism, and not just the signal strength of a cellphone or an antenna.

In addition, the issue of fires related to smart meters has not been transparently and independently investigated, [13],[14] but denied by industry interests.

Hindsight, Insight, or No Sight at All?

Like many other damaging paradigms, these industries have given no consideration to health and environmental impacts because legislators and regulars have paved the way for unencumbered economic growth. [15]

History is filled with examples of “Late Lessons From Early Warnings.”[16]

We know enough already to know that we as humanity have lost our way, again.  It is not necessary to question or understand or explain the end game, or speculate about who, what, when, where and why in order to realize the danger of continuing down this path.

In hindsight, we can sometimes see the social and humanitarian costs of social practices ranging from slavery to sexual abuse and discrimination to human experimentation without knowledge and consent[17] decades or even centuries later.

It takes so long to address the wrong-doings, wrong decisions, and wrong turns in part because someone somewhere who received a note or a letter or a call of concern or compliant ignored it, and kept ignoring it when they were in a position to do something about it.

For example, Eric Windheim spoke to SMUD, the Sacramento Municipal Utility Board, about smart meters 97 times over 3½ years. In this video he is shown with activist, Mark Graham.

Coincidentally, Sacramento was subsequently chosen as the first 5G city. [18]

This scenario played out in the Catholic Church for years. It is playing out now in communities across the country as zoning boards, public utility commissions, mayors, governors, city councils, utility staffers, and healthcare professionals ignore mounting reports of harm and growing scientific evidence.

How heartbreaking it must have been for a native woman who unwittingly wrapped her baby or her partner in a smallpox-infected blanket?

Would her society have listened to her if she were to voice her recognition of the danger and the damage?

The Federal Communications Commission does not regulate to protect the rights of communities; it regulates to allow the most extensive bullying paradigm ever unleashed on the planet, spanning both Democratic and Republican leadership. The current FCC’s administration seeks to lower LifeLine Access,[19] limit funding for public access television,[20] and retire the landline telephone service,[21] while misrepresenting the benefits and risks of the 5G roll-out. [22]

If we lived during a time when slavery was acceptable, some of us may have treated the slaves with dignity and respect while others routinely beat them to within an inch of their lives. In between the two extremes was the set point for the behavior of the masses.  The FCC is beating the lifeforce out of the slaves.

It’s not only our communities that are burning; we are burning the protective blood brain barrier in our skulls, our telomeres, and our neural pathways. [23]

The falsified results reporting for the Worcester National Grid smart meter pilot program, (covered exclusively by Activist Post and ignored by mainstream media) was possible because vested interests controlled the data.[24]  Like American history’s whitewashing of Thanksgiving, technology is favoring tyranny. [25]

It is time for caution, it is time for action, [26]and it is time to regulate these industries.

“We are driving in the rain with AI right now, and that rain will turn to snow, and that snow could become a blizzard, We need to pause, check the conditions, put in place safety standards, and ask ourselves, how far do we want to go.” – Peter Haas

“Wireless radiation has biological effects. Period. This is no longer a subject for debate when you look at PubMed and the peer-review literature. These effects are seen in all life forms; plants, animals, insects, microbes. In humans, we have clear evidence of cancer now: there is no question We have evidence of DNA damage, cardiomyopathy, which is the precursor of congestive heart failure, neuropsychiatric effects…5G is an untested application of a technology that we know is harmful; we know it from the science. In academics, this is called human subjects research.” – Dr. Sharon Goldberg[27]

The EMF Call:  Call for Truly Protective Limits for Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (100 kHz to 300 GHz), ICNIRP’s opinion and guidelines are unscientific and protect industry, not public health. https://www.emfcall.org/the-emf-call/


Sign the 5G appeal now.


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