“Where are the Girls?” Child Trafficking Feared as DHS Can’t Say Where Immigrant Girls are Being Held

By Matt Agorist

As the debate swarms over illegal immigration, Americans on both the left and the right are at each other’s throats pointing fingers over who’s responsible. In the meantime, what was a “conspiracy theory” a month ago is now being confirmed by the very people accused of keeping people in cages. One question, however, has just been raised which gives one a dark and sickly feeling inside when thinking about the potential answers to it: “Where are the girls?”

There is something particularly disturbing about the minuscule amount of footage recently released by HHS last week—it only shows boys, and only boys age 10 and up. Where are the girls? Where are the toddlers? Where are the babies?

Could it be that HHS is only releasing footage of these older boys to portray an image of less suffering and compliant young men in order to keep the public happy? Are the places where girls are kept so disturbing that none of this footage cam be released?

According to official policy, the government does not remove toddlers and babies from their mothers. However, as TFTP reported, a mother from Honduras who came to the U.S. seeking asylum with her family said she was breastfeeding her infant at a detention center when her baby was suddenly taken from her with no warning and no explanation.

Now, the question of “where are the girls?” has become such an issue that it made its way to the White House and a reporter asked Department of Homeland Security Chief Kirstjen Nielsen.

Monday afternoon, during a White House press briefing, a reporter asked, “Why is the government only releasing images of the boys being held? Where are the girls & toddlers?”

Nielsen could not answer. When asked about the now infamous footage released by HHS that has been played all day on every major network, showing boys inside the Brownsville, Texas Walmart turned detention center, Nielsen claimed she never saw it.

When pressed on the issue, Nielsen then deflected the reporter claiming that she will “look into that.”

Also on Monday, ProPublica released an audio recording that was taken inside a U.S. Customs and Border Protection facility. It is nothing short of heart-breaking.

The clip recorded two girls who had just been separated from their parents. They are scared to death and wailing as the border agent jokes, “We have an orchestra here.”

Since the question of “where are the girls?” began to gain traction, a firestorm has erupted on social media of people fearing the worst. Many people are claiming that they are being trafficked or abused. Indeed, as TFTP reported yesterday, a police officer was arrested for abusing one of these little girls and threatening her undocumented mother with deportation if she spoke up.

Exactly what is happening to the girls that are making it over the border remains unclear. However, the video above is enough to show that something has to change. Sadly, however, the left/right divide makes effective change nearly impossible.

These children are being used as pawns in a political game as rivals bicker over how to handle them while ignoring real factors that would curb this massive immigration problem.

Many Americans have been taught to dehumanize these refugees and to believe that it is not our problem. However, these refugees are a direct result of decades-old US policy.

In the heart-wrenching video above, one of the girls claims to be from Honduras. Honduras is currently a crime-ridden hell hole rife with gang violence as coca plantations thrive—all thanks to the war on drugs.

Because making something illegal does nothing to curb the demand for it, the war on drugs acts as a fuel to the fire of gang violence and crime in these South and Central American countries by creating an incentive for criminals to capitalize on the constant demand.

As the Free Thought Project has reported, Ron Paul provides penetrating wisdom on truly effective ways to deal with the situation, while providing a financial benefit and removing a giant injustice being perpetrated by the U.S. government.

End the war on drugs.

From the Ron Paul Institute:

Likewise, the 40 year war on drugs has produced no benefit to the American people at a great cost. It is estimated that since President Nixon declared a war on drugs, the US has spent more than a trillion dollars to fight what is a losing battle. That is because just as with the welfare magnet, there is an enormous incentive to smuggle drugs into the United States.

We already know the effect that ending the war on drugs has on illegal smuggling: as more and more US states decriminalize marijuana for medical and recreational uses, marijuana smuggling from Mexico to the US has dropped by 50 percent from 2010.

This view is backed by data from the U.S. Sentencing Commission. In fiscal year 2015, illegal immigrants were responsible for 75 percent of federal drug possession charges.

Amusingly, both Sean Hannity and PolitiFact confirmed this. Data show that the ‘illegal alien” category accounted for “1,640 of 2,181 total convictions (75 percent) in which the primary charge was simple drug possession.”

It is important to note that a rise in gang violence in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala has caused this massive influx of immigrants seeking refuge lately. They are coming in by the thousands in an attempt to escape this violence created by the war on drugs.

Instead of looking at the cause of this violence, however, US policy is to separate immigrant children from their parents while prosecuting the adults—and this is supposed to somehow be a solution.

Paul also points out the burden of free medical benefits, food assistance, and education given to illegal immigrants which amounts to about $100 billion a year. Granted, many of them are part of the workforce in sectors such as agriculture, but not paying taxes and sending money back to Mexico creates a significant imbalance.

Instead of wearing the badge of the “largest prison population in the world” and continuing to convert Walmarts into detention centers, the United States could begin eliminating the national debt, reduce crime, foster personal liberty, and drastically decrease criminal gangs that flourish from prohibition—and all it would have to do would be end the war on drugs.

Sadly, at least for now, it appears that these dinosaurs in DC think that caging children, ripping them out of their parents arms, and repeatedly deporting them at the expense of the taxpayer, is the only solution. Please share this article with your friends and family to show them that there is a very real solution to this horrifying problem. Until this issue is pushed into the mainstream, the problem will only get worse.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project, where this article first appearedFollow @MattAgorist on Twitter, Steemit, and now on Facebook.

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24 Comments on "“Where are the Girls?” Child Trafficking Feared as DHS Can’t Say Where Immigrant Girls are Being Held"

  1. Someone is getting a nice Soros payday off these lies.

  2. This article, while highlighting a criminal government operation, then descends into lies,claiming change is nearly impossible due to “left/right” divides. Trump could end this in one minute. There is no divide that prevents action, only the criminal tactic of terrorizing children as a pawn in a game whose goal is to force Democrats to fund a wall that even Republicans don’t want to fund and which the public does not want.

    This is pure fascism at its most naked, and blaming a left/right divide, as tho the left were equally responsible for this criminal policy, is pure bullshit. Activistpost can do better.

  3. Ask Hussein. He most likely handed them over to pedophiles.

  4. Selling young girls is a millennia old tradition in certain parts of the world.

  5. wisdom of the knowing | June 19, 2018 at 1:19 pm |

    This is so vile and convoluted. The girls are being used, exploited. the truth of all this is lost in the emotional drama and political lies.

  6. Please don’t forget it was Sessions that reopened the shuttered private prisons which can only operate when 80% full and funded by taxpayers. These prisons lobbied to make sure that ALL those coming into the country illegally could be incarcerated for 6 months minimum [even if no other crime committed] instead of returned over the border on a bus. Your tax dollars at work to line Jeff’s pockets.

  7. The next administration will change the policies as they see fit. And so it goes.

  8. Let’s just make sure to remember that this policy of separation STARTED under the Bush II administration, was re-incentivised and -monetized by Mr. Obama and then dropped into Mr. Trump’s sphere after Miz Hillary lost control of “What Happened”.

    Only one thing could ever have been worse for the children caught-up in the Machine than this: Miz Hillary REE-TAINING control (yee-HAW), TAKING the WH and thenceforth keeping the LID on it all (while brunching on fillets of tender thigh, delicately braised in a light sauce and served with a little glass of Type O Negative)

    Daresay once Mr. T gits Something Much Better in mind he’ll use the Pen and write the appropriate Order. Meanwhile, Mr. Sessions should be recused from ALL this cross-purposed mal-archy! (Or divest… Or BOTH…)

    Disclosure: I am Reverend Walking Turtle Charlene Mann (whose good name is AI/cyber-deplored by Disqus and Google) and I approve this message. And that is all. 0{:-|o[

    • Thank you!

    • Zero tolerance which necessitates ripping children away started two months ago. Neither Clinton,Bush Obama or Trump in his first year had such a policy: it is two months old.

      • Um, it comes out (as historic details of the obscure sort are ferreted out of the woodwork) that Mr. Clinton did indeed do the setup. There’s even CSPAN footage of his announcement re that change in policy; I for one saw it live on my very own black-and-white TeeVee. With 16 Vacuum Tubes. And an ANTENNA.

        But that was long ago; most highschoolers these days will not be so well-clued. (Common Core etc.)

        Bush Senior, it comes out, used his experience as CIA Director under Clinton to connect the US immigration system to the criminal child-smugglers’ marketplace (SELLOUT IT WAS; TREASON IMHO) and things swam along quite profitably for many a big-dollar day.

        Later on, Mr. Obama through his UN connections put those sales on record-breaking big-money steroids+speed. Then the dam broke, the Lolita Express logbook was retrieved and published in facsimile form online (Bill Clinton’s name and all), the Brit children spoke on-camera of nannies with baby-skull necklaces, Planned Parenthood was repeatedly exposed in the sale of severed limbs, heads and other parts, Joachim Hagopian (USMC Ret) exposes the whole globalized thang online and publishes his findings on Amazon(!) as well.

        And life marches on.

        Then cometh the Improbable Election that shocked the Hillarites so,
        even unto bloody rioting. Two years later, the Separated Migrant
        Children bag is rather forcibly dropped into Mr. Trump’s lap. Not long after that, Mr. Trump EOs an immediate end to the practice, lays the challenge onto Congress to FIX IT PERMANENTLY and LAWFULLY.

        But that was yesterday.

        So here we are today with Mr. Trump – one hand holding TIGHT onto the mouth of the Bag and essentially OWNING the Whole Damn Problem (like a REAL GOOD BOSS); the other feverishly working phone, pen and contact-list to put it all to rights before God and Man alike before it explodes in his Administration’s face…

        And thus far, SUCCEEDS, LAWFULLY. But that was yesterday too.

        Now, as I write, we have headlines with Mr. Trump ordering-up the reactivation of a disused military base, expressly for reuniting those families traumatized by prior policy. Initial capacity is 20,000 per reports still breaking at this moment. FINE BY ME!

        But the real point imvho is simply that unlike his predecessors, who initiated, enabled, commercialized and exploited the situation well past the point of No Humanity, Mr. Trump has MOVED SWIFTLY to CORRECT the matter, rather deftly (again imho) harmonizing the MORAL as well as the PHYSICAL outcome with ALL the applicable statutes AND American Common Law instead of creating another false-face statutory coverup.

        So for once, the “Didn’t Really Know” disclaimer so often abused by our Infandous Electeds actually rings true(!) (Ninesey-‘Levvensey: “faulty intelligence”. Benghazi: “Oh I never knew but what difference does it make now?”) Exception that proves the rule, HM…?

        One expects he will see to it that all the displaced and separated ones are well accounted for and none trafficked… He’s a pretty decent guy at heart, it seems. (Remember when he up & sunk a spade into the soil of Central Park all on his own authority, then paid for the building of that ice rink that had been soooo long promised by City Hall?)

        Caveat: Sabotage attempts from Dem/Communist holdouts embedded into the Civil Service system, ICE, HHS etc WILL SURELY emerge. The USG is LOADED with Hillarite moles. THAT gang WILL do ANYthing to make Mr. Trump look B-A-D.

        Their Day is coming… And that is all. 0{;-|o[

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