The Police State Takes A Giant Leap Towards Pre-Crime

By Rory Hall

If you think we still have privacy rights or a 4th Amendment you are living in the past. Technology has moved past our individual rights and technology is now determining what day and time a crime will be committed in your neighborhood and produce a list of suspects that need to “questioned” prior to a crime being committed. Technological profiling.

Wearing a head cover that’s new to you? Well, it could mean you’re about to commit a crime. Show up in an area for the first time? Well, why are you there and what are you doing? Sounds like criminal activity to me.

You’re guilty for being human and simply living your life according to your beliefs. The police state will not allow you to be, nor it will it allow you to explore new areas, dress differently and if you do, you will categorized, profiled and a note added to your file for future reference.

Technology has been transforming every aspect of society, including revolutionary new capabilities for police departments from tattoo-recognition technology to the growing use of drones. The June edition of Wired magazine explores this topic. Wired editor-in-chief Nicholas Thompson joins “CBS This Morning: Saturday” to discuss the kind of devices officers are using and why they are prompting concerns about racial profiling and privacy. Source – CBS This Morning

I always knew tattoos were a bad idea for me and now I know why. My guess is the technology is currently, or will be soon enough, that will be able to determine the ink type, profile of the ink in the tattoo and be able to pinpoint where the tattoo was created.

Nicholas Thompson, while not exactly gleeful over the situation, he is not expressing a level of concern this situation warrants. What is being described is straight out of the movie Minority Report and George Orwell’s 1984.

Still waiting for the outrage and pushback from the populace. My guess is it will never come until people are living with scenarios like the “Peace Keepers” in The Hunger Games and by then it will be way too late.

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Image credit: The Anti-Media

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  2. The movies “The Hunger Games” and “Minority Report” are great examples of per-programming. We are constantly being conditioned to accept ever greater tyranny by Hollywood in the guise of entertainment. This way when the tyrannical technology is introduced we feel comfortable with it and don’t oppose it when it could be easily gotten rid of.

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