Retroactive Racketeering — Romney Kills Toys R Us

By Aaron Kesel

Let’s be blunt! I’m putting my reputation and career on the line, going where mainstream media won’t, to inform you, with a plethora of details, stating point blank, that Mitt Romney has benefited from organized crimes that certainly qualify as racketeering. Since last Christmas, this reporter has written an extensive Wall Street exposé series thanks in part due to one of the most serial financial whistleblowers in history, in this author’s opinion, Laser Haas.

It has come to the attention of this reporter that, intolerably, the criminals have been allowed to get away with it all because Romney is (retroactively/corruptly) immune to investigation, indictment or prosecution.

Mitt needs to be clawed back his many millions – retroactively!

Nobody should be above the law; but, alas, there are two different justice systems: one for the rich, and one for the poor and middle class.

Romney has “retroactively” retired from his rackets before and is likely to try do so again. Mitt remains a POTUS wannabe and a dangled carrot to career prosecutors or someone fresh out of law school. (Yes, it’s that easy of a case.)

Truth is, Romney looks like an angel compared to Trump; that’s because the devil is in the details – hidden from plain view.

Retroactively speaking of course.

If A=B and B=C, then it is likely that A=C!

Or, in other words, Romney owned Bain Capital, which is connected to many schemers and schemes such as Allen Stanford, Marc Dreier, Michael Glazer, MNAT, Colm Connolly, Roberta DeAngelis, Mark Kenney, Ellen Slights, Barry Gold, James Lackner, Jack Bush, Scott Henkin, or Tom Petters Ponzi; and all those mentioned, including Mitt, are being protected by a modern Frank Nitti guy named Paul Roy Traub.

According to reports, Mitt’s Bain Capital is now in turmoil. Guitar Centers is in restructuring Hell, and Clear Channel Communications (renamed iHeart) is in bankruptcy.

But the most noteworthy collateral damage is Toys R Us.

Reportedly, Toys R Us is closing what remains of 800 stores, which is going to put 30,000 people out of work.

The thing is, the closing of Toys R Us is to pay the creditors; and Romney’s Bain Capital just so happens to be one!

It’s not the first time Mitt’s Bain Capital has bled to death a nationwide retail toy entity.

Years ago, Romney/Bain Capital, along with Thomas Lee Partners and Goldman Sachs, damn near took down Mattel Toys, with the 1999 catastrophic deal of Romney’s ‘Learning Company” that was merged with Mattel (see my previous article on one of the worst corporate mergers of all time, which mainstream media missed – here).

Most media outlets also failed to report the facts that both KB and eToys have been in bankruptcy, multiple times; but, somehow, KB and eToys always wind up back at Bain Capital (once all the creditors are stiffed, again – and again – and again).

It is a great bizness strategy Bain Capital has. Put in a little (ill-gotten gains), such as $38 million to buy KB from Big Lots, and promise hundreds of millions more … later. Instead, you file bankruptcy after a stock maneuver, which is as Machiavellian as can be.

What appears to be what is really going on, is the bleeding out of as much cash as possible in management’s fees, then Bain Capital commits more fraud once the entity is in court.

Just before KB filed bankruptcy (to stiff all creditors, including Big Lots), the rackets were allowed to openly bribe KB CEO Michael Glazer with $18 million; and Mr. Glazer, in turn, blesses Bain Capital with $83 million (purportedly pre-bankruptcy petition management fees).

It’s a simple genius – “bizness” – strategy.

Doesn’t matter if it is legal (which it isn’t) because Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital have a super ace-in-the-hole. They own the federal prosecutor, Colm F Connolly, who was a clerk for a circuit judge, then the Delaware Assistant United States Attorney, who took a time-out.

Retroactively speaking of course!

Colm Connolly avoids doing prosecutions when he becomes a partner of Goldman Sachs/Bain Capital’s law firm of Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunnell (MNAT) at the very same time Connolly is supposed to be prosecuting Sachs and Bain for multiple Wall Street frauds/racketeering.

Being that Colm joined the MNAT law firm, the rackets are able to hide bribing Connolly by claiming Colm earned his (unjust) enrichment, due to expertise as a fed prosecutor.

This type of conspiracy is against the law!

MNAT represents Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital in Delaware; and Colm Connolly was a partner of MNAT from 1999 until August 2, 2001. (See my recent article on Colm Connolly issues – here.)

Neither mainstream media (dependent on Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital advertising revenue billions), nor the systems of justice agents (who saw USAG John Ashcroft and U.S. Attorney Debra Yang get $50 million dollar bribe (renamed as “Deferred Prosecution Agreement”) will do their damn jobs to hold MNAT or its secret clients of Goldman Sachs or Romney/Bain Capital accountable.

Included in that host of issues are corruption, mayhem, and even murder!

Goldman Sachs, as the most powerful Wall Street firm, often gets to plant their personnel into the federal system of justice, which guarantees willful blindness by the planted personnel to the many plots and ploys by Goldman Sachs.

Jay Clayton as SEC Commissioner is proof of point!

The Securities Exchange Commission continues to make sure there are no investigations or prosecutions of Romney’s RICO gangs and their partnership with Goldman Sachs, which also means Romney’s Bain Capital has to be “protected.”

Such things explain why the vindictive Donald Trump is now playing sweet and nice in the endorsement of Romney.

To see more details, let’s take further – retroactive – steps back in time…

Romney/Bain Surreptitious Retroactive Dealings

Bain Capital’s beginnings and successes are mired in controversy. It began with evil seed money and has sprouted to extraordinary heights and fiendish depths ever since.

Outside of the snide pics of Romney and gang holding up money to burn. Beyond the rubbing of salt in the wound of Bain Capital having workers of “SCM in Marion” build Bain executives a platform stage so that Bain executives could fire those SCM workers from that platform. Far past the dog carried on the roof incident. Or rumors of a Kennedy-type overseas car crash. Way past the specious issue of – whether or not – Mitt was having relations (and a kid) with a domestic worker. There are real serious dynamics of grand larceny, collusion, corruption, mayhem and possibly murder.

……Retroactively speaking

What budding, revolving door, federal agent would dare deny dear ol’ Mitt a favor (of willful blindness) for the unrelenting POTUS wannabe?

After all, Mitt Romney did come as close as possible to becoming President; which grants a greater license to try – again.

Congress made the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, into law, to address the issues of “prosecutorial gaps.”

Laser Haas has been providing federal agents, courts and reporters evidence of “prosecutorial gaps” all over the place since 2001 as a serial whistleblower.

A RICO charge only requires 2 felony acts over an extended period of time (most courts say more than 2 years) in order to be sufficient and conduct a successful prosecution.

Haas has documented (chiefly through public docket records) proof of more than 100 state and federal felony violations that have been transpiring for 20 years.

These are crimes Laser swore to the courts and even dared USAG Lynch to arrest him for should even one prove false. Haas has proof of crimes already perpetrated including, but not limited to, Obstruction of Justice, Bribery, Intimidation of Victim/Witness, Criminal Conspiracy, Mail and Wire Fraud, Perjury, Scheme to Fix Fees, Retaliation, Securities Fraud, Plots to Overthrow the Governments/Corruption, Collusion, Theft of Intellectual Property, Bankruptcy Ring Fraud, Destruction of Evidence, Interstate Commerce Larceny, Bank Fraud, and multiple issues of Murder for Hire!

It is cemented in docket records that Paul Traub and the MNAT law firm already confessed to 33 bogus Bankruptcy Rules in 2014/2016 Affidavits.

As a matter of fact, Paul Traub’s law firm has admitted that the lies under oath were intentionally left to deceive!

Unfortunately, the dynamics of fed agents participating in career advances by switching sides (revolving doors), or getting millions of dollars in bribe money via the perversions of justice such as the obfuscation of Deferred Prosecution Agreements have become the perverted general rule, rather than the occasional exception of law!

To get a better picture of the unrelenting, unremorseful organized crime spree, we have to go back where it all likely began, starting with the formulation of Bain Capital in the 1980s. Which, by the way, is beyond the “retroactive” time period that was reported by mainstream media during the 2012 Presidential Election campaigns, Romney’s Bain Capital began by separating from Bain and Company.

Then, Mitt got a reported $9 million dollars in seed money from Salvadoran oligarchs linked to death squads (yes, that’s a shocking fact).

Reportedly, Romney didn’t care where the money came from; and that mentality continued into the formulation of Stage Stores.

Corruption was so successful from the outset that Michael Milken’s junk bond millions were allowed to stay in place while Judge Pollack was presiding over Milken’s case; and Judge Pollack’s wife was partners in the Stage Stores formulation deal. (See Boston Globe details that is part of Matt Taibbi’s “Greed and Debt” Rolling Stone cover story, in 2012.)

Another pattern of the enterprise includes Romney’s ability to make much of the evidence evaporate into thin air like a magician.

Mitt purportedly bailed out the Utah Olympics, and then the paperwork that could possibly document details on the cronyism of Bain Capital was destroyed – oops!

Similarly, just as Romney’s Massachusetts Governor reign was over, despite the fact the law forbade destruction of paperwork for 25 years, Romney’s gang found an end-run by Mitt’s team buying up his Governor’s Administration computer hard drives for $100,000and crushing them, as reported by Reuters.

Just before that, Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs Delaware law firm of MNAT was able to pull off a major stunt of openly perpetrating obstruction of justice.

It’s another – simple genius – bizness strategy!

All the rackets need do is engage in conflicts of interest crimes. Though federal law forbids conflicts, mandating diametrically opposed counsels, Romney’s gang found a way to get around the law by owning its long arms.

Simply put, Colm Connolly was a corrupt federal prosecutor; and the racketeers were his puppet master.

In eToys, KB, Fingerhut or Mattel/Learning cases (that were all beginning or occurring between 1999 through 2001), Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital assured no federal investigation or prosecution by (secretly) having “undisclosed” relationships (conflicts of interests) with lawyers on both sides of the fence, while simultaneously owning the Delaware U.S. Attorney, Colm Connolly, (along with assistants Ellen Slights and Mark Kenney)!

MNAT openly asked another questionable federal judge in the eToys case (Mary F. Walrath) for permission to destroy the eToys books and records, early in 2001, which harmed several litigations that speciously remained open for more than 13 years, until – after – Mitt Romney lost the 2012 opresidential election (see NY Supreme Court docket evidence on destruction of books and records here).

What’s more, MNAT has an alarming history of destroying MNAT clients.

We can’t ask Howard Hughes how it is that his MNAT-affiliated Attorney, Franklin William (“Bill”) Gay, and Bill Gay’s brother-in-law (Dr. Wilbur S. Thain) were able to destroy Howard Hughes and Hughes’ companies (all placed in MNAT’s control under Summa Corp). But anyone can plainly see the historical fact that MNAT switched sides after Howard Hughes died (possibly murdered in Acapulco).

Upon the specious drug-related demise of Hughes, MNAT posthumously switches sides to represent Howard Hughes’ claim on Howard Hughes’ will – (here).

Dr. Wilbur S. Thain also was indicted for doping violations breaking federal drug laws in supplying Hughes’ drug habit. (See story – here.)

Bill Gay’s son was Bob Gay, who just so happens to have been Mitt’s Bain Capital partner for 16 years.

Coincidentally, Bob Gay quit Romney after Laser’s whistleblowing started wreaking havoc in 2005.

Gay is most likely guilty, as are dozens of Mitt’s other partners and lawyers, of having knowledge before, during and after the fact of the organized crimes (by the way, the legal term for such, is 18 U.S.C. § 4 – “Misprision of a Felony”).

That’s not the only way Romney’s rackets stymie justice.

Other schemes, beyond destruction and corruption, are the infamous “retroactively” retiring (from the racketeering).

Mitt got caught, many times, benefiting from the rackets and corruption, which has been documented in great part by eToys whistleblower Laser Haas (who this reporter believes, is the first, very well documented – serial – whistleblower exposing Wall St. crimes).

Laser also blew the whistle on Mattel/Learning, Tom Petters Ponzi, Marc Dreier, KB, Polaroid, Wells Fargo/Foothill, Playco, Cosmetics Plus and Fingerhut, which includes Romney’s version of Frank Nitti – Paul Traub (see my previous story, on Paul Traub being Mitt Romney’s version of Capone’s Frank Nitti – here).

More importantly (as it applies to current events) is the fact that Laser is the one pointing out the glaring coincidence about Romney’s “escape accountability” by a purported step back in time, i.e. the resignation that never happened.

Conveniently, Romney’s “retroactive” retirement coincides with Bain Capital/Goldman Sachs /MNAT law firm partnership of Colm Connolly (who switched sides as federal prosecutor, multiple times).

Back in 2012, filed an official complaint (here) about Romney committing perjury with Mitt’s Office of Government Ethics (OGE) Presidential Campaign Finance 278 Form.

The very last page of Romney’s OGE Form 278 makes a bogus statement that Mitt did not have anything to do with Bain Capital, in any way, whatsoever, after February 11th, 1999.

Visibly, Mitt Romney committed perjury!

Evidence provided by Laser Haas, years prior, to the mainstream media and the federal systems of justice, provides much proof to the contrary. Haas’s allegations also have been corroborated by other sources that are undeniable (such as SEC records or McCain’s Presidential Campaign dossier on Mitt).

After Romney was “caught,” America was then conned by Mitt’s campaign manager (Gillespie), who went on national television attempting to obfuscate by stating Romney was “retroactively” retired from Bain Capital, as of August 2001 back to February 11th, 1999.

The glaring coincidence is the fact that Mitt Romney’s purported “retroactive” retirement is the same exact period of time as the RICO crimes spree, which also coincides with the time federal prosecutor Colm Connolly took a vacation from the DOJ, to be partner of Goldman Sachs/Bain Capital law firm of MNAT (Colm’s résumé notes he was at MNAT from 1999 until [Aug] 2001)

It’s against the law (and any semblance of common sense) for a federal prosecutor to become partners of the mafia his office is supposed to be investigating.

Could anybody else escape arrest or prosecution by “retroactively retiring” from their organized crimes?

Corrupt Federal Prosecutor Colm Connolly

There’s undeniable proof of Colm Connolly being a partner of MNAT in 1999 up through August 2001; because the previously redacted résumé of Colm’s is now posted permanently at the Department of Justice’s website (Office of Legal Policy – (here).

As Colm’s résumé details, Connolly has various, significant, and important case histories. Like the fact that Colm Connolly clerked for Third Circuit Justice Walter K. Stapleton (who also was a partner of MNAT).

Even more crucial are Connolly’s résumé facts of his “revolving door” eras of time as a federal prosecutor.

Specifically, Colm’s résumé states:

  • After clerking for MNAT’s partner, Walter K. Stapleton, Colm became Assistant United States Attorney, in Delaware, from 1992, until 1999.

Then Colm Connolly switched sides when he became MNAT’s (silent) partner from 1999 until August 2001.

Kelly B. Stapleton also was a federal prosecutor. When Laser asked if the two Stapletons were related, Kelly quit!

It was in mid-2001 that Laser Haas was appointed by a federal court to be head executive of eToys.

Resultant of a million dollar bribe offer that was turned down, and reported by Laser, all of a sudden Colm Connolly (conveniently) switched sides back to the DOJ after Laser blew the whistle on Sachs and Bain lawyers’ offer of the million dollar bribe.

Haas believed the attorneys for eToys were acting as if they were – secretly – working for Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital’s lawyers. (Turns out that the hunch was much more correct than even Laser could ever have guessed.)

For 7 years the eToys whistleblower was providing vast proof of more than one hundred (100) racketeering crimes to the Delaware Justice Department; but to no avail, all for nothing because they didn’t act on the documentation.

As is now apparent, Laser and the thousands of other victims were totally unaware that the Delaware Department of Justice was Connolly; and that Colm was a partner of the very MNAT law firm Laser was beseeching Colm Connolly’s office to investigate and prosecute.

Another key secret agent for the rackets is that of Mitt Romney’s Jumbo Sports, Stage Stores and Toys Industry pal – Paul Roy Traub.

Traub possibly holds the world’s record on how many fraud and Ponzi cases one can be affiliated with … and he still escapes prosecution.

Traub was visibly involved in the aftermath of Enron and Adelphia cases; and Paul also was key to Marc Dreier, Okun 1031 Tax Group and Tom Petters Ponzi (and Fingerhut, Metro Gem, Palm Beach Links Capital, Larry Reynolds, Playco, Kmart, KB, eToys – on and on).

Colm Connolly returned to the Delaware Department of Justice on August 2, 2001, to become the top dog federal prosecutor as the United States Attorney in Delaware.

At that esteemed position, Colm Connolly’s office aided and protected the rackets and their henchmen of Paul Traub and MNAT for the next 7 years, which not only assures the success of the schemes and artifice to defraud, it also emboldens the perpetrators to expand – nationwide!

If mobsters know the “fix is in” and no arrests are ever going to occur, then the obvious “bizness” plan is to steal bigger, faster, and from as many as you possibly can.

Sadly, not only does Traub expand from Tom Petters Ponzi into other frauds (like Marc Dreier and KB), it also appears that officials have allowed the RICO enterprise to get away with the corruption of our nation’s courts; and, quite possibly, allowed the rackets to get away with murder!

From 2001 through 2008, for his entire tenure as top federal prosecutor in Delaware as United States Attorney, Colm Connolly and his staff (including Assistant United States Attorney Ellen Slights) flatly refused to investigate, much less prosecute, MNAT, Paul Traub, Barry Gold, Michael Glazer, Bain Capital or Goldman Sachs.

Any failing grade first-year law student could do a better job!

Connolly was required by law and federal protocols to report his conflicts of interests to Laser, to the courts, and to the many victims/parties of interests of the various cases that Laser has blown the whistle about.

Previously, Colm was nominated by President GW Bush in 2008 to become a Delaware federal judge; which Laser was able to quash.

Now Trump has re-nominated Colm Connolly – again!

As a matter of law, Colm Connolly and his former MNAT partner, Maryellen Noreika (who Trump has also nominated for the Delaware Federal Court), also are breaking the law by their incomplete/deceptive info on their Senate Judiciary questionnaires.

Both Connolly and Noreika were specifically asked to disclose any potential conflicts of interest that might be a reason why they would be deemed unfit for the judgeship; but they both are concealing the facts.

Noreika and Connolly are being deceitful in their failure to disclose the eToys case and the fact that MNAT has many case connections to Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs. A list of other conflict issues that Colm and Noreika are required to disclose includes, but is not limited to, KB, Mattel/Learning, Fingerhut, Tom Petters Ponzi, Marc Dreier, Paul Traub, Allen Stanford, Bader Company and eToys.

In 2008, then-Senator Biden came to the aid of the quest for justice. Senator Biden prevented Colm Connolly’s nomination for the federal bench by the Senator simply refusing to sign the requisite Senate slip, normally utilized to process a judicial nominee, forward.

Trump’s Administration now cries foul about the Senate slip sign protocol, claiming it isn’t a law (see – here).

Unfortunately, as is now readily apparent, despite Trump’s claims to “drain the swamp” the President seems to desire to help Romney and Goldman Sachs escape justice.

On March 22, 2017, Laser sued Trump, Sessions, FBI, and the SEC to block Jay Clayton (who is directly connected to the big 3 criminal elements of Sachs, Bain Capital and the Sullivan & Cromwell law firm that represents Goldman Sachs).

The gripe being that, similar to the facts of Colm Connolly being unfit to be a federal prosecutor or judge over Sachs and Bain Capital cases, Jay Clayton is unfit to become head of the SEC, which has a reputation of never indicting Sachs!

But the D.C. Clerk of Court (illegally) prevented Laser’s complaint from being entered into the federal court docket record until May 24, 2017, which was 3 weeks after Congress voted and confirmed Jay Clayton.

Now Trump endorses Mitt Romney to be Senator, and Colm Connolly to be a federal judge!

Laser Haas argues, with great evidence, that neither Colm Connolly nor Mitt Romney should be allowed to walk the streets – much less become entrusted with political power.

Are we really just going to allow these guys a perverse end-run around the Constitution, so that they can “retroactively” retire from their organized crimes?

Laser certainly hopes not!

As a result of many federal agents and court betrayal of the public’s trust, witnesses are dead, including the untimely demise of a brother of a federal prosecutor!

Retroactive Retirement from Racketeering Crime Spree

Al Capone is turning over in his grave as racketeers, liars, and thieves are running for, and becoming, President!

Both Trump and Romney obviously have tax issues they seek to keep buried; and, as everyone knows, Al Capone failed in his endeavors to escape accountability for Capone’s tax schemes.

Not only is Romney able to keep his tax issues buried, there’s solid evidence that Mitt is worth far more than the $250 million Romney has led the American public to believe.

That is, of course, retroactively speaking!

Be that as it may, let’s take a look at how Mitt Romney got his hundreds of millions (or billions); and the rock-solid reasons there should be a claw back of his ill-gotten gains.

Ripping Off Toys Industry for Billions

Beyond the Salvadoran death squad’s $9 million and the hundreds of millions improperly allowed to stay in place from Milken’s junk bond money to formulate Stage Stores, there’s one case where Romney’s gangs did not have to do bankruptcy ring racketeering frauds.

The Learning Company was owned by Mitt and others, which was merged with Mattel in 1999. MNAT is on the official SEC record (here) as being involved in the merger of The Learning Company with Mattel in 1999.

As this reporter noted in my story (here) about the Mattel/Learning Company merger, Goldman Sachs aided Mitt Romney, Bain Capital and Thomas Lee Partners to get involved with “The Learning Company” in 1997.

Then, in 1999, Learning was merged with Mattel; and that catastrophic deal was reported (here) as one of “the worst corporate mergers of all time”!

Resultant of apparent cooked books fraud, Mattel investors instantly lost $4 billion dollars; and the bleeding was so bad, Mattel had to give away “The Learning Company”  for free – to Gore’s Technology Group.

There were no visible federal arrests or prosecutions; which, obviously, is due to the switching of sides of Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) Colm F. Connolly who then became a partner of MNAT in 1999.

Obviously, it would be a massive perversion of justice to allow Goldman Sachs, Mitt Romney, Bain Capital and MNAT to claim exemption from prosecution by the statute of limitations.

They most certainly can’t be allowed to rig the case by a double-dealing federal prosecutor and claim there was a lack of prosecution.

eToys IPO and Bankruptcy Ring Frauds, including KB

Also in 1999, Goldman Sachs was the fiduciary agent for the Initial Public Offering (IPO) of

Unfortunately, eToys was defrauded of hundreds of millions of dollars when its stock price went to $85; but Goldman Sachs had eToys get less than $20 per share.

You can read my reporting on the eToys case (here) or see the March 2013 New York Times report by Joe Nocera, titled “Rigging the I.P.O Game.”

As part of The Learning Company/Mattel merger/fiasco, Mitt Romney’s contingency received a reported 12 million shares of Mattel stock. Being inside one of the top 2 toy industry empires (Mattel – Hasbro) provided a quicker pathway for Bain Capital to wind up owning Toys R Us.

With the insider information, Bain Capital was able to influence toy industry manufacturers’ auspices over retailers such as KB, FAO Schwartz, Zainy Brainy and

This insider information also gave Bain Capital an unfair competitive edge to make “stalking horse” and other insider deals to lock out competitors’ bids, which would assure Bain Capital’s quest to get Toys R Us.

However, in order to achieve that lofty goal, Bain Capital needed more ill-gotten gains. That is where Paul Traub being a master of frauds, Ponzi and “New York bag man” – via bankruptcy rings – comes into the picture. (See this reporter’s story on Paul Traub being Mitt Romney’s version of Frank Nitti – here.)

It is a visible pattern of the RICO enterprise for Romney’s Bain Capital to put in some millions, then take out as much as possible in management fees or some other scheme.

Then the depleted entity is paced into bankruptcy!

Bankruptcy schemes work so well for Romney’s Bain Capital that it has been rinsed, lathered and repeated.

Both KB and eToys have been in bankruptcy multiple times, but they always, magically, wind up back at Bain Capital. This time, the remains of eToys and KB are also in bankruptcy – once again – under Toys R Us.

How that happens is, Romney’s minions move from one case to another, when they can, causing bankruptcy where needs be, to stiff everyone not in on the schemes and artifices to defraud.

Romney owned control of Stage Stores in mid-2000 when Stage was placed into bankruptcy.

Also in mid-2000, Bain Capital put down a deposit with Consolidated Stores (Big Lots), to buy KB.

Michael Glaser was CEO of KB, and Glazer was made a Director at Stage Stores.

Jack Bush of Dallas, TX also was a Director at Stage Stores.

Back at another Bain Capital company, Jumbo Sports, Paul Traub and Barry Gold were also involved; and they both were at Stage Stores under Glazer and Bush.

Further, as an investigation by the court presiding over Stage Stores later learned, Barry Gold and Paul Traub were at Luria Brothers with Larry Durant as well.

During the eToys bankruptcy case, Larry Durant was with R.R. Donnelly which was a bondholder of eToys; and two members of Donnelly’s Board were Goldman Sachs guys.

As soon as Laser cried foul about R.R. Donnelly’s conflict of interest issues, then Goldman Sachs and R.R. Donnelly ended their $300 million dollar partnership.

Paul Traub and Barry Gold also worked at an additional company, Witmark, together.

Barry Gold was the Director’s assistant at Stage Stores.

It was by Barry Gold’s direct signature, as Stage Stores authority, that the hiring of Paul Traub’s law firm of Traub Bonacquist & Fox (TBF) was made official for Stage Stores.

On top of all those schemes, the gangs of Stage Stores and Mattel/Learning moved over to the eToys and KB bankruptcy cases, pretending, by lies under oath or omission of material facts, that the directly connected parties were opponents of each other to enrich themselves.

There’s also an issue of Liquidity Solutions being Co-Debtor of Stage Stores; and afterward Traub snuck Barry Gold into eToys in order to usurp Laser Haas. Then Liquidity Solutions began to acquire the creditor claims in eToys. (That’s another article for a different day.)

The thing is, being that Barry Gold confessed they were partners (in Asset Disposition Advisors), and that Barry Gold was compensated by Traub’s law firm, compounded by the facts that Gold and Traub were at Stage Stores (that was co-debtor with Liquidity Solutions). All those parties were required to disclose their connections and failed to do so.

As a result by legal standards, any eToys creditors claims involving Liquidity Solutions, paid by Barry Gold (and/or approved by Traub or MNAT), are bankruptcy ring/racketeering crimes!

Like the Stapleton question, as soon as Laser pointed out the dynamics in the Stage Stores and KB cases, surreptitiously the court docket records were altered.

Fortunately, Laser took pictures!

As is plain to see by the eToys and KB court docket records, MNAT, Barry Gold and Traub’s TBF lied – extensively – to conceal their numerous conflicts of interest.

To this very day, whenever Laser gets close to any actual court hearings concerning the total lack of disclosure of Bain Capital conflicts of interest issues, a panic ensues among the racketeers.

If any decent federal agent or court addresses the collusion to defraud a federal estate, and the fact that MNAT and Traub are betraying court-approved clients – for the unlawful sake of secret clients – then MNAT would lose its malpractice insurance.

That’s how Laser helps compel law firms to disband!

Scott Henkin is another person guilty of knowledge before, during and after (Misprision of a Felony).

Back in 2001, like Larry Durant of RR Donnelly, Scott Henkin was the person most knowledgeable (p/m/k) at eToys bondholder Fir Tree Value Fund.

Henkin confessed to Laser in 2005 that there was a gathering of minds (purportedly off the record) to give blessing for Traub to plant Barry Gold into eToys despite the fact it was (secretly) known that Barry and Paul Traub were partners.

Then, when eToys is sold out from under the KB bankruptcy case to D.E. Shaw, Scott Henkin moves with eToys to D.E. Shaw, which becomes part of “The Patent Company.”

As is par for the course, Parent goes bankrupt; and eToys then winds up at Toys R Us and Henkin goes to KKR.

By the way, KKR is another creditor of Toys R Us; and Scott Henkin “was” there (until Laser pointed out the facts.)

This particular conflict of eToys, throwing out Laser to replace him with Barry Gold, is verboten; because Barry Gold was put in as CEO of eToys and Traub/TBF was the attorney for the creditors.

Furthermore, the parties asked the United States Trustee for permission to replace Laser. They were warned not to do so in a conflicted manner (see P. 18, 19 and 35 – here), being that Barry Gold and Paul Traub were secretly partners; and Barry was also a paid person of Traub’s TBF law firm. Compounded by the fact they were forewarned by the federal police (U.S. Trustee) not to do conflicts of interest, means the offenses are extensively heinous and egregious.

Congress has gone to great lengths to assure that conflicts of interest such as this do not occur. The parties are required by law to be diametrically opposed, as good faith, totally 100% “arm’s length” relationship between debtor and creditors.

As a matter of fact, one of the lies under oath is the perjury of Barry Gold which occurred once the perpetrators illegally locked Laser Haas out of eToys.

Barry Gold had the unmitigated gall to falsely testify – under penalty of perjury – that the eToys case issues were negotiated by “extensive” arm’s length negotiations between eToys debtor and creditors.

This, of course, is impossible to achieve being that MNAT and Barry Gold are the advocates for the debtor; and Barry Gold’s Declaration is put forth by MNAT, falsely claiming they are “extensive” arm’s length from their partner in crimes – Paul Traub.

To further guarantee the racketeers’ success, with the massive lies under oath and other schemes possibly failing, Romney’s gang needed to eliminate Laser and others.

Laser was one of the prominent sources for Matt Taibbi’s Rolling Stone September 2012 cover story “Greed and Debt: A True Story About Mitt Romney and Bain Capital.”

Regrettably, Taibbi omitted certain key facts from his story that Laser has expressed to this reporter. Including, but not limited to, the fact that Matt’s RS article was a “True Story”; but far from the whole story Laser had given him.

This reporter reached out to Taibbi multiple times but has not received any response from a number of mediums he was messaged on, including email and Twitter.

However, Taibbi did tell the truth about Romney’s Stage Stores beginnings, and the fact Michael Glazer paid himself $18 million and Bain Capital $83 million prior to Glazer filing bankruptcy of KB in 2004. However, the facts of the matter are that while Bain Capital’s gang was defrauding Stage Stores, KB, Mattel (via Learning merger) and eToys, all at the same time, Taibbi failed to note many things – including the fact that Michael Glazer also was at Stage Stores.

A goal of the eToys case,was for the racketeers to get the benefit of aiding and abetting the success of Goldman Sachs’ IPO fraud, and the 2-fer of Bain Capital’s desire to acquire toy entities as cheap as possible along with the destruction of “Laser the Liquidator’s” career.

The unjust enrichment included MNAT, Barry Gold, Paul Traub’s TBF and Michael Glaser getting millions for helping their Wall Street fraud masters steal vast billions from eToys, KB, Fingerhut, and Mattel.

The rigging of the eToys case didn’t stop with Paul Traub and Barry Gold after MNAT was approved as eToys debtor’s court counsel. Traub’s TBF was the eToys creditors’ attorney who was utilized to defraud eToys in the NY Supreme Court.

Laser was hired to run eToys; but MNAT and TBF along with the creditors and debtor beguiled Laser to use his company (Collateral Logistics, Inc. [CLI]) .

It wasn’t until years later that Laser realized the push for hiring CLI, instead of Laser personally, was so that MNAT could betray Laser and the racketeers end Laser’s career.

MNAT forged a “HAAS Affidavit” that the perpetrators claim was Laser Haas’s “waiving” of tens of millions of dollars in fees and expenses (obviously a preposterous notion to even entertain).

Originally, MNAT, TBF and Barry Gold planned to sell eToys for $5.4 million to Romney’s Bain Capital/KB (with Michael Glaser as CEO).

Laser halted the paltry sale and Laser had various deals structured to get back hundreds of millions. Including, but not limited to, mergers with Scholastic and/or Playco and the suing of Goldman Sachs for eToys IPO stock frauds.

When Laser turned down, and reported, the million dollar bribe offer; that’s when all Hell started to break loose.

Outside of Laser, the only other honest person was Mattel’s director of credit who also was Chairman of eToys Creditors Committee.

Totally unaware that Romney and Sachs gained undue power and influence over the DOJ (Colm Connolly) and Mattel (where the Learning merger got Mitt’s contingency a reported 12 million shares of Mattel stock, as part of the march towards Toys R Us), both the eToys Chairman of Creditors and Laser found themselves completely deceived and being forced out.

After the coup was successful, MNAT and Traub replaced Laser, making Barry Gold the new eToys CEO.

Once Laser was locked out, Barry Gold was illegally arranged to be the Confirmed Bankruptcy PLAN Administrator in charge of the $50 million plus that Laser Haas got back into the eToys cash accounts.

On top of the prior cases mentioned, of Barry Gold and Paul Traub working together, Laser’s smoking gun evidence compelled Paul Traub to admit that Barry Gold was his personal partner and that Barry Gold also was personally being paid by Traub’s TBF law firm.

Traub admitted on March 1, 2005, in testimony that is transcribed, to the fact that TBF paid Barry Gold four separate payments of $30,000 each from January 2001 through May 2001.

Barry Gold also confessed in his (previously hidden) eToys Hiring Letter, to the fact that Barry Gold received $40,000 per month once Gold was “planted” inside.

Back in 1994, US Attorney General Janet Reno put forth the Reno Reform Act, which made 18 U.S.C. 155 Scheme to Fix Fees a priority.

Traub’s TBF paying Barry Gold four payments of $30,000 each, and then planting Barry Gold into eToys where eToys then took over paying Barry Gold without the court’s permission, is a Scheme to Fix Fees.

Additionally, every time MNAT, Paul Traub or Barry Gold declined to do their fiduciary duty to protect their court-approved clients, the parties are guilty of a criminal conspiracy to defraud a public company and federal estate.

From 1994 until this very day, despite there being over 30 million bankruptcy cases transpiring, we can’t find a single prosecution of lawyers for a Scheme to Fix Fees!

MNAT also confessed the MNAT firm failed to disclose its relationship with Goldman Sachs.

However, to this very day, MNAT, Barry Gold, Paul Traub and all the other culprits (including Colm Connolly), continue to obstruct justice by covering up and evading disclosing their direct connections to Bain Capital. This is significant due to the fact Congress designed the conflict of interest laws in order to prevent this very thing from happening.

Also, betrayal of a court-approved client can only be done by an Attorney at Law violating his Oath to the BAR!

These confessions mandated that the Delaware Courts and Department of Justice shall seek the removal (Disqualification under Section 327[a]) of MNAT, Barry Gold and Traub’s TBF.

Colm Connolly made sure that did not occur.

Neither of those parties, nor U.S. Attorney Colm Connolly, have ever admitted to the facts they are all directly connected to Romney’s Bain/KB. Doing so would lead to a number of indictments and the end of the MNAT law firm; which has been in existence for 80 years.

Compounding those issues, the perpetrators kept the eToys bankruptcy case open for 14 years; and then they closed the case in January 2015 after the eToys v. Goldman Sachs fraud case was settled (see NY Times March 2013 article “Rigging the I.P.O Game”).

Once Laser was usurped, the parties reduced the sales price of eToys to Bain Capital/KB (serious federal felonies); and then Barry Gold and MNAT nominated their partner in crime (Traub/ TBF) to be the one to sue Goldman Sachs in New York Supreme Court.

In other words, it was kabuki theater; Goldman Sachs sued Sachs and eToys lost a billion dollars – again!

Also, there’s a Wells Fargo/John Gellene-styled $100 million dollars, pre-bankruptcy petition, fraud!

Though the victims have been deprived, for a decade plus, justice could still come…(retroactively speaking)!

KB, Dreier, Petters, Fingerhut Frauds

It is a public fact that Mitt and his son Tagg were involved with Allen Stanford (who is now doing 50 years in prison).

Of course, Tagg and Mitt claim they didn’t receive any ill-gotten gains; but that appears to be suspect. The Romneys deemed it necessary that their Solamere company hire many of Stanford’s executives (which could be a good way to assure their silence).

Beyond that, and the cases of Stage, Mattel, and eToys, there are many other instances of Ponzi and fraud schemes.

Fingerhut was being sued by eToys; but Paul Traub, Barry Gold and MNAT settled eToys v Fingerhut for chump change. Then Traub and Tom Petters bought Fingerhut with money from the Petters/Traub Ponzi!

Not to be left out of millions to be made, just before the FBI raided Tom Petters Ponzi, Paul Traub flew in and rearranged ownership, with Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital giving Fingerhut $50 million.

Intolerably, the feds never seized Fingerhut despite Traub’s documented involvement as the man being in “control” of the Tom Petters Ponzi (see Petters Federal Receiver Complaint against Paul Traub – here).

Though the feds did seize Polaroid, it was sold back, winding up in the hands of Petters “controlling” partner – Paul Roy Traub.

(Note: Like Colm Connolly = corruption/cover up for the RICO – the Petters Ponzi has the venal Fed prosecutor James Lackner who had a brother Marty Lackner in cahoots with Tom Petters Ponzi [that’s a story for another time]).

Polaroid was seized and sold (in a sham auction to the 2nd highest bidder) for $83 million back into the hands of Paul Traub’s other friends of the Gordon Brothers.

Edward Land, the founder of Polaroid, was the guy who funded Gordon Brothers into the distressed asset/retailer business; which meant the plot was to bring Polaroid home.

Then Gordon Brothers announced Traub as a partner, and also announced a miracle $2 billion license deal nobody else was made aware of during the sham auction.

Traub’s law firm of Traub Bonacquist & Fox was forced to disband. Michael Fox went to Olsham Fromme. Traub’s contingency became partners with Marc Dreier; and Harold Bonacquist remained as Counsel to the United States Consulate in Istanbul.

During the Ed Okun 1031 Tax Group prosecution, Traub worked the Okun 1031 side of the fence and Michael Fox worked the side of the creditors and Trustee.

Okun received 100 years; and he claims he was framed.

Marc Dreier got 20 years in prison.

As for Tom Petters, he got 50 years in prison; and – as in all other cases – Paul Traub got off ‘Scot Free’!

Unrelenting Pursuits for Justice

Laser has never relented in his pursuits for justice. Over the years the DOJ, FBI, SEC, many courts and even OIGs have responded to Haas, multiple times, promising some sort of resolution.

As usual, those promises were worthless!

Though the feds go out of their way to make sure Laser Haas never gets the credit, the facts of the matter are that more than two dozen perpetrators were put in jail; and 10 national fraud and Ponzi schemes were shut down (hence, my coin of the phrase – serial whistleblower).

Be that as it may, Laser got as close to the top of the DOJ as humanly possible (being a pro se independent).

Back in 2004 and 2005, Haas had direct communication with a DOJ Deputy Director (Lawrence Freidman) and Laser received more promises of solutions.

However, while Friedman was placating Laser, the racketeers were over at KB pulling another $100 million dollar conflict of interest fraud.

On December 22, 2004, there was an Emergency Hearing for eToys/Paul Traub/TBF perjury/frauds; and Friedman replaced the court policewoman, Roberta DeAngelis, on December 22, 2004.

In Traub’s TBF January 25, 2005 response to Laser’s allegations, Paul confessed intentionally lying under oath, which resulted in a February 15, 2005 Delaware Department of Justice Motion to Disgorge Traub’s TBF, for $1.6 million (for perpetrating a fraud on the court).

This Disgorge Motion also was to placate.

Fixing their messes, the DOJ removed Assistant United States Trustee, Frank Perch, after he wrote the Disgorge Motion; and then Delaware DOJ trial Attorney, Mark Kenney, openly granted Paul Traub’s TBF a purported immunity from further confessions.

As a matter of law, neither Mark Kenney, nor eToys case Chief Justice Mary F. Warpath have any legal authority whatsoever to grant Paul Traub immunity (bankruptcy courts [technically] aren’t Article III venues).

These perversions of justice and fake promises to arrest enraged Haas, who screamed at DOJ Deputy Director Lawrence Fredman.

Deputy Friedman responded with an email personal promise to Laser (here) that the case was being handled.

In short, it was all bullshit!

While Traub was (purportedly) being handled in eToys for conflict of interest crimes, the RICO gang continuously perpetrated other hundred-million-dollar frauds, including KB (as is documented by Laser’s whistleblowing in the KB case that Taibbi reported on in the Rolling Stone “Greed and Debt” article)!

To assure the “fixes” were completely “in,” the racketeers had Colm Connolly as the federal prosecutor, in their back pocket, keeping silent; but that plot was suffering because of Laser’s communications with DOJ Deputy Friedman.

So, with Frank Perch gone and Kelley Beaudin Stapleton replacing Roberta DeAngelis, other chess moves transpired.

MNAT openly represented Bain Capital of the $83 million gifted Bain Capital by Michael Glazer, prior to KB being placed into bankruptcy.

Nefariously, it was Paul Traub who then asked the KB court for permission to be the one to prosecute Glazer and Bain Capital (of course Paul did so without Traub disclosing he worked under Glazer and Romney/Bain at Stage Stores).

Laser filed proof of the fraud in the KB case, including an Affidavit from the eToys Chairman, which pointed out Traub was betraying his court-approved clients in eToys and KB.

It was also pointed out that TBF was actually of “Revoked” status by the Secretary of State of New York; which meant Traub’s TBF was lying, all over the place, about TBF being in “good standing,”

After Paul Traub openly confessed his TBF paid Barry Gold, prior to – planting Barry Gold (illegally) into eToys – DOJ Deputy Director Lawrence Friedman, took the easy way out – throwing in the towel – and resigning.

In order to aid Colm Connolly’s failure to prosecute, they needed to make sure the United States Trustee program, as police of the bankruptcy system, would neglect to do their job.

Clifford White took over as DOJ Deputy Director of the United States Trustee program and the removed Robert DeAngelis was – secretly – promoted to be top bankruptcy cases cop (as General Counsel for the Executive Office of United States Trustee program, in Washington, D.C.)

Roberta DeAngelis stayed at her cronyism/cover-up post, until – after – the eToys bankruptcy case was closed in 2015.

Clifford White and his nefarious agent, Mark Kenney, are still at their posts, betraying the public’s trust (as are Ellen Slights, James Lackner, and FBI Agents Paul Cavanaugh and Scott Duffey).

Multiple federal courts are openly breaking the law to prevent Laser Haas’s day in court.

Summing up the – Retroactive RICO – Crime Sprees

Colm Connolly was an extremely, visibly corrupt, federal prosecutor who buried dozens of Goldman Sachs/Bain Capital cases from federal investigation or prosecution.

Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital, in partnership with Goldman Sachs, ripped off Mattel, Fingerhut, Dreier, Petters, KB and eToys cases for more than $5 billion.

Sachs and Mitt, through their attorneys, have done many overt acts to continue the obstruction.

Due to cronyism and corruption, including Colm Connolly, Mark Kenney, Clifford White III, Roberta DeAngelis, Ellen Slights, James Lackner and several FBI Agents (like Scott Duffey and Paul Cavanaugh) – those related dishonest public servants also are as culpable/guilty of the homicides being buried from federal investigation due to their betrayals of the public’s trust.

All the while, Mitt’s gang, including Traub, are confident the cronyism and corruption assures they will continue roaming around ‘Scot Free’ concerning their RICO crime spree of Obstruction of Justice, Bribery, Intimidation of Victim / Witness, Criminal Conspiracy, Mail and Wire Fraud, Perjury, Scheme to Fix Fees, Retaliation, Securities Fraud, Plots to Overthrow the Governments/Corruption, Collusion, Theft of Intellectual Property, Bankruptcy Ring Fraud, Destruction of Evidence, Interstate Commerce Larceny, Bank Fraud, and multiple issues of Murder for Hire!

Do you think for one second that Romney has/had no idea who Laser Haas is?


In 2015, Haas sued Romney, personally, in Los Angeles for racketeering, along with Traub, Connolly, Glazer, Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs. (See article here.)

Perhaps predictably the new lawyers put forth the same old lies.

RICO only requires that two felony crimes be documented, and the law stipulates the documentation only needs to meet the lowest requisite standard of proof being “preponderance of the evidence.”

As noted above, the eToys whistleblower has pointed out over 100 state and federal felony violations; but that doesn’t seem to matter to any federal agent or agency.

Paul Traub is a key piece. His crimes are well documented far beyond “clear and convincing”; and Traub already confessed to deliberately lying under oath in eToys.

Beyond all reasonable doubt, Paul Traub and his minions are guilty of perjury, conspiracy, bribery, and betrayal of a court-approved clients’ trust.

Just because willfully blind courts and federal agents say they don’t care, doesn’t mean the racketeers are to remain above the law forever.

Surely one can’t claim protection by a statute of limitations if the rackets actually own a federal prosecutor!

As noted above, the RICO Act was made into law specifically to address “prosecutorial gaps”; and Laser is pointing out lack of prosecutions – all over the place.

KB and eToys went into bankruptcy multiple times; and they are in bankruptcy – again – under Toys R Us, which is now closing all remaining stores in order to pay its creditors.

One of those creditors are none other than Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital; but that flies in the face where there’s a legal standard that two wrongs don’t make a right. Neither can Romney, Bain Capital or Goldman Sachs claim entitlement to the recompense of ill-gotten gains!

If any decent federal prosecutor looked at the facts, along with Romney’s retroactive retirement, Colm Connolly corruption and Paul Traub’s partnership in a dozen other frauds and Ponzi schemes – then, not only would Mitt and gang not be able to get any money from the Toys R Us closings – Romney, Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs would suffer billions of dollars in fines and clawbacks for past schemes.

Laser has worked with others to compel multiple law firms to disband or close; and MNAT is (properly) next on the list to go down.

Haas notes that he doesn’t care who goes to jail (other than Colm Connolly and anybody else directly involved in the homicides). His goal is to stop the crimes and get paid.

Laser knows, after the untimely deaths of Marty Lackner, Jack Wheeler, Michael Sesseyoff and shareholder Robert Alber – that is a coin flip, whether or not, the racketeers will murder Laser, Paul Traub, or this reporter next.

Chances are, Paul Traub knows more dirt than even Laser knows, and that makes the “Brown Bag King of New York” a good candidate for the Witness Protection program.

Speaking Of WISTEC, Traub/Petters already had a pal there named Larry Reynolds.

Um, retroactively speaking, we mean, Larry Reserivitz.

Reserivitz/Reynolds laundered $12 billion for the Tom Petters/Paul Traub Ponzi; but most don’t know about that – due to the fact the Minnesota DOJ (where James Lackner was head of the Criminal Division) keeps lying to the press that the Petters Ponzi was a mere $3.7 billion.

Larry (Reservitz) Reynolds laundered his $12 billion while living in Las Vegas, and also being inside the Witness Protection Program.

As noted above, Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital were part of the Petters Ponzi Fingerhut schemes, which originated at eToys.

Though Mitt is good at destroying evidence, the one thing Willard Mitt Romney can’t escape is his public record of bragging how much Romney is worth. Many times Mitt boasted that he is, at least, worth $250 million, due to his ownership of Bain Capital. It is axiomatic that – if Bain Capital benefited from fraud – then Mitt Romney (and their partner Goldman Sachs) have benefited from fraud.

Robert Alber was an eToys shareholder who died after having to shoot/kill career criminal Michael Sesseyoff in Kingman Arizona; and Jack Wheeler was murdered then had his body placed in a Delaware Dump in typical mafia style.

Marty Lackner was partners of Tom Petters Ponzi; and Marty was found dead in his closet; and James Lackner was Marty’s brother.

That’s Minnesota Assistant United States Attorney James Lackner, who was head of the Criminal Division that never indicted Marty!

Now Mitt Romney wants to keep his unjust enrichment and become a senator (or even POTUS), and Colm Connolly has great hopes to become a federal judge.

Can we really allow racketeers to get away with all these documented crimes?

Whistleblower Laser Haas has done his job; and, as any of the victims of Stanford, Dreier, KB, Tom Petters, or many other cases too numerous to mention here, can tell you…

Ponzi/Fraud clawbacks are a bitch!

A federal task force is needed to investigate and prosecute how deep and wide this racketeering enterprise has infected the federal system of justice. Especially since disgraced attorney Paul Roy Traub is longstanding documented to have committed several acts of fraud many times in a court of law, as well as he traces back to Tom Petters Ponzi and many of the other cases of Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital.

Who says crime doesn’t pay? Paul Traub has been granted absurd settlements in Dreier, KB, Fingerhut, Petters Ponzi and eToys, by corrupted, willfully blind, federal agents/agencies; which was due to the fact that the cui bono, in the billions was for Sachs/Romney/Bain. Meanwhile, the courts choose to continue to punish the victims and whistleblower.

Should you think otherwise, perhaps you need to see the hundred other crimes this article hasn’t addressed. Upon Laser getting proof of corruption, by Colm Connolly’s résumé, Haas filed a report to the Public Corruption Task Force on December 7th (see time stamps here); and, then, several weeks later that task force was shut down and career federal prosecutors were threatened to keep their mouths shut (See L.A. Times article “Shake-up toils federal prosecutors.”)

Thousands of people have lost billions, federal corruption is rampant, and people have died (including victims and a brother of a United States Attorney).

When is it enough? – Enough!

If the Petters Ponzi Receiver can go after nuns to take back Tom’s gift of a handicap elevator, then the least any decent federal agent or court could do, is clawback Mitt’s 3-car-garage elevator.

Just sayin’….Retroactively speaking.

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