Trump Nominates Racketeer for Federal Bench

By Aaron Kesel

Very quietly, over Christmastime, President Trump nominated former Delaware United States Attorney, Colm F. Connolly, to be a Delaware District Court Justice (see Congressional – here).

Arguably, as the facts below will detail – not only should this nomination be denied – Colm’s BAR Card should be yanked, and Connolly should be in jail.

Question germane – are racketeers the ones promoting the nomination of Colm Connolly for the federal bench?

According to eToys whistleblower, Laser Steven Haas, that is exactly what is occurring.

Racketeers are influencing the system of justice!

In 2008, then-Delaware Senator, Joe Biden, intentionally blocked Colm Connolly’s 1st nomination for the federal bench!

That’s a very – big – deal!

Back in 2008, then-Senator, Joe Biden, prior to becoming VP, did overt, deliberate inactions specifically blocking George W Bush’s nomination of Colm Connolly to be a Delaware District Court Judge (see 2008 nomination announcement – here).

Below, you will see the facts, concrete, about Colm Connolly’s 2nd nomination; which, given the facts of Senator Biden blocking Colm and the betrayals of the public’s trust, means Trump’s renewing efforts is a horrific notion.

According to the eToys case whistleblower, Connolly is guilty of betraying the public’s trust, to aid and abet organized crimes benefiting Colm’s former law firm partners of Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunnell (MNAT); because the MNAT would be destroyed if their criminal works to benefit Goldman Sachs and Mitt Romney’s interest were to see light of day in an honorable courtroom.

Making the saga extensively heinous and egregious, people are dead – untimely. Specifically, the undue influence is so far out of control that the FBI has threatened the eToys whistleblower, in this case multiple times, to get him to “back off” (currently, I’m researching the details of the FBI threats, for another major story, next week).

Colm Connolly Bad Faith – BACKGROUND FACTS

Laser Haas was the top executive of federal case in 2001. Subsequently, he became a whistleblower when MNAT and Paul Traub offered Laser a million dollars and a chance to work as a roaming (criminal) manager for Bain Capital. In other words, a bribe.

This eToys-related case whistleblower has already documented to this reporter sufficient evidence of more than 100 state and federal felony violations – for the cui bono of Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital; and much of the crimes transpired during Colm Connolly’s tenure as the United States Attorney in Delaware.

Unfortunately, Mr. Haas was completely unaware of the nefariousness and about whom Colm Connolly was secretly protecting (Sachs and Mitt’s interests), until mid-2007.

For seven years, from 2001 until 2008, Colm Connolly betrayed his oath of office, as he declined to investigate racketeering crimes, in the billions of dollars, which were being perpetrated by the Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunnell law firm (MNAT), and their criminal co-conspirator, Paul Traub.

These facts of Colm Connolly being a “revolving door” (switching sides) prosecutor, partner of MNAT, and prosecutor once again, are indisputable because the Department of Justice – Office of Legal Policy – has permanently archived Connolly’s résumé, online (here). (archived)

Colm’s résumé states the following facts…

ITEM 1. Connolly clerked for 3rd Circuit Judge Walter K. Stapleton (and Stapleton just so happens to have been a partner of the law firm).

ITEM 2. In 1992, after clerking for MNAT partner, Walt er K. Stapleton, then Colm became the Delaware Assistant United States Attorney (and he remained in that post, until 1999).

Goldman Sachs appears to have begun its partnership to do criminal misdeeds with Mitt Romney/Bain Capital (and Thomas Lee Partners) in 1997; with the first documented specious act, being the merger of The Learning Company with Mattel, in 1999.

Connolly “revolved doors” with the Department of Justice, multiple times, as Assistant United States Attorney in 1992, until 1999.

Then, as his résumé details, Colm became an MNAT partner in 1999, remaining there until August 2001, which is when Colm Connolly returned to the DOJ.

Amazingly, this period of time from 1999 until August 2001 that Colm Connolly was a partner of MNAT, is the exact era of time that Romney’s 2012 Presidential Campaign claims Mitt was “retroactively” retired from Bain Capital (see the Campaign manager, Gillespie, remarks – here)

During this time period of Connolly switching sides, in and out of the Justice System, from 1992 until 2008, Colm’s DOJ office was constantly informed of more than 100 crimes by eToys case whistleblower, Laser Haas.

Mitt Romney’s Roaming Gang

As documented by eToys whistleblower, Laser Haas, evidence corroborates (chiefly through federal records), the facts that Mitt Romney owns Bain Capital, which owned KB, Stage Stores, Learning Company (= 12 million shares of Mattel), FAO Schwarz, Zainy Brainy and eToys.

KB and eToys are now part of Toys “R” Us.

MNAT is publicly documented to represent both Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital in Delaware.

But MNAT and Paul Traub lie under oath, even to this very day, concealing the major crimes, in the millions of dollars, concerning Traub and MNAT’s undisclosed relationship to Bain Capital/KB.

MNAT and Paul Traub defrauded their court-approved clients; and Delaware State & Federal authorities (including Colm Connolly and his Assistant Ellen Slights) refused to investigate and prosecute vast state and federal crimes.

Furthermore, Mitt owned Stage Stores, when Michael Glazer was a co-director with Jack Bush (of Dallas Texas); and Barry Gold was Stage Stores executive assistant, working for those directors.

Barry Gold inked the hiring of Paul Traub’s law firm of Traub Bonacquist & Fox (TBF), so that TBF would become the Stage Stores bankruptcy case, special counsel.

During 2000 through 2005, Michael Glazer also was CEO of KB; and then, Mr. Glazer has now become the CEO of Stage Stores.

In the KB case, $100 million was taken out of KB before Glazer filed bankruptcy.

MNAT openly represents Bain Capital, in the KB case (link here).

Also, MNAT was representing simultaneously representing eToys and MNAT was court ordered to supply Laser’s fee application paperwork, whilst MNAT was nefariously betraying the court-approved clients to secretly benefit Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital, and KB.

If the public and decent courts ever became fully aware that the MNAT law firm has perpetrated sophisticated crimes to cover up the fact that MNAT deliberately betrayed its court-approved clients, then it would be the end of the 80-year-old MNAT law firm.

It wouldn’t be the first time Laser Haas’s whistleblowing and pursuits of justice compelled a law firm to shut its doors. (Which we will touch on later; this story isn’t just about Laser, it is about how serious it is that the rackets are spread nationwide while infiltrating our courts and agencies of justice.)

When A=B and B=C, then it is logical that A=C.

Mitt=MNAT and MNAT Colm, thus Mitt=Colm!

Similarly, Goldman Sachs=MNAT and MNAT=Colm thus Goldman Sachs=Colm!

Everyone knows that if someone dies during a robbery, all the crooks are guilty of the death, no matter what bit they play in the organized criminal syndicate.

It is called – transitive logic!

Therefore, in other words, Colm Connolly is just as guilty for the deaths of Robert Alber and Marty Lackner as the parties who tried the hardest to cause their untimely demise.

Such would also greatly embarrass the (DOJ) Department Of Justice!

This also means that Colm Connolly is guilty of all other MNAT crimes that Colm buried from the investigation as federal prosecutor in Delaware.

Such as Goldman Sachs and Mitt Romney are partners; and Mitt owns Bain Capital.

And Bain owns KB, FAO Schwartz, Zainy Brainy and eToys.

Though Paul Traub worked under Barry Gold, who was under Michael Glazer, for Stage Stores that was owned by Mitt Romney, Traub continued lying under oath, in KB, eToys and other cases, pretending that Paul Traub, through hops around to various law firms (such as TBF, Dreier LLP, Epstein, Becker & Green and others) was an “arm’s length” / “good faith” 100% “legitimate” Bain Capital opponent.

Dirty deeds are then perpetuated by the deceivers – directly connected – such as MNAT, Paul Traub, Barry Gold, Michael Glazer and Colm Connolly. Doing so, for the unjust enrichment sake, of Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital/ Mitt Romney (and Wells Fargo).

Notably, the RICO Act of 1970, was designed to address these very issues of – what is known as – prosecutorial gaps!

In other words, crooks like Mitt’s gang and their crooked lawyers don’t pay corporate taxes by naming their enterprise as a public company like Toys “R” Us.

Instead, they become non-public – as “Racketeers ‘R’ Us”!

Goldman Sachs took eToys public, in 1999; and Sachs ripped off eToys investors for nearly a billion dollars by a classic pump-n-dump stock fraud “spinning” scheme.

In the eToys case, the stock went above $78; but Goldman Sachs only allowed eToys to receive less than $20 per, for millions of shares.

Goldman Sachs split the windfall profits, with hand-picked friends (see NYT March 2013 article “Rigging the I.P.O. Game”).

Also in 1999, MNAT handled the merger of Mattel, with The Learning Company; which resulted in an instant catastrophic loss, for Mattel investors, of $4 billion dollars (see this reporter’s story, on the Learning/Mattel, case – here).

Both the I.P.O. of eToys and Mattel/Learning merger transpired, in Delaware; which is where the MNAT law firm represents both Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital.

It also is where Connolly was either the federal prosecutor to preside over those cases (as well as KB and eToys bankruptcy fraud cases), or Colm was a partner of the MNAT law firm.

Lawyers are forbidden under the pretext of law against the betrayal of a client.

The gravamen of the issues, paramount, is the fact that attorneys swear an oath to the State Supreme Court and their BARs – that their duty of loyalty to the client is 1st and foremost – above all else.

MNAT betrayed its court-approved clients of eToys and Laser/Laser’s company (Collateral Logistics, Inc., {CLI}), for the sake of MNAT’s secret, more lucrative clients (G.E., Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital).

Likewise, Paul Traub’s law firms, as eToys creditors counsel, had a duty to those clients, above all else.

Every time Robert Alber and other eToys shareholders asked the eToys case Chief Justice (MFW) to be granted a lawyer, and equity holders committee, as permitted by law, then MNAT and Paul Traub’s law firms argued to the court that the shareholders were protected. It is now obvious MNAT & Traub’s associates were perpetrating blunt lies (as has been documented in previous articles in this series Romney’s version of Frank Nitti – is Paul Roy Traub (here).

This posturing of denying the eToys shareholders their lawful rights, created a far greater duty of loyalty to the eToys public company and shareholders such as Robert Alber – with a far higher duty of loyalty.

As a matter of fact, MNAT & Traub schemed to throw out Laser, from running eToys and they replaced him with Paul Traub’s personal friend and TBF paid associate, Barry Gold; because the racketeers wanted to guarantee the demise of the eToys public company – which would permanently doom the eToys shareholders.

It was later confessed, in 2005, of the fact Barry Gold was a paid member of Paul Traub’s TBF law firm, after Barry (purportedly) stepped down from working under Michael Glazer at Stage Stores (see March 1, 2005, Transcripts, pages 65 thru 69 – here).

Robert Alber suspected Barry Gold and Paul Traub had an undisclosed relationship; and Alber deposed both Barry Gold and Paul Traub, on the stand, in October & November 2002, in the Delaware court, where both Traub & Barry vehemently denied being associated with each other (but Laser compelled confessions that such was erroneous, in 2005)!

Sadly, Alber failed to look at the Stage Stores case; which is where the smoking gun proof of Barry Gold hiring Traub’s TBF, for Romney’s company, is part of the docket record (see Traub’s engagement letter, signed by Barry Gold, for Stage Stores – here.)

To cement the success of locking Laser out of eToys, so MNAT, Traub, and Barry Gold could fleece the tens of millions of dollars, Laser/CLI was able to get Bain Capital/KB to bid, for eToys assets. Barry Gold swore, in the fall of 2002, a huge lie, under oath, that Barry and Paul Traub were “extensive” arm’s length parties, negotiating (as is required by the Codes & Rules of Law). Furthermore, Barry stated that all negotiations were done in “extensive” good faith (see Barry Gold’s Declaration of November 2002 – here).

MNAT knew this to be false; but MNAT supplied Barry Gold’s Declaration, under penalty of perjury, to prove to the parties of interest that the eToys shareholders should be denied their lawful representation.

Meanwhile, MNAT, continues to commit perjury, concealing its secret representations of Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital, as MNAT nominated Paul Traub’s law TBF firm, to be the party to sue Goldman Sachs for the IPO frauds in the New York Supreme Court case of eToys v. Goldman Sachs (case # 601805/2002).

Making a good case that Trump’s administration has become a part of the ongoing criminal conspiracy, not only has the President nominated Goldman Sachs fraud protector, Colm Connolly, to be a Delaware Federal Judge (with Trump’s own sister a 3rd Circuit Judge – above). The President also nominated (and got a confirmation) of Jay Clayton, to be the head of the SEC, which continues to refuse to investigate or prosecute these obvious cases of fraud.

Here’s the rub: eToys sued Goldman Sachs in the New York Supreme Court; and the case is already rigged where Goldman Sachs law firm of MNAT handpicked Ponzi schemer Paul Traub to sue Goldman Sachs. Then, to make matters worse, Goldman Sachs another law firm Sullivan & Cromwell represented Goldman Sachs in the eToys v. Goldman Sachs case.

Jay Clayton was invested in Bain Capital, and a partner of the Sullivan & Cromwell law firm; which represents Goldman Sachs – extensively.

On top of all that, Jay Clayton’s wife (Gretchen) is a partner of Goldman Sachs, working in the very merger and acquisition division that would be held accountable, should justice not be stymied, any further.

Back to Colm Connolly’s résumé .

The third (ITEM 3.) in question is the fact, in 1999, Colm switched sides when Connolly became a partner of MNAT.

Speciously, there were no investigations or prosecutions of the Mattel/Learning merger or the eToys I.P.O. fraud cases.

In 2001, “Laser the Liquidator” became the Delaware Bankruptcy Court approved fiduciary, over the eToys case.

MNAT and Paul Traub conned Laser unto using his company, Collateral Logistic’s Inc., (“CLI”) to run eToys; which doomed Laser to the – must-have – of using a Delaware law firm.

It is a mandate of law, and case precedents, that a corporation can only be represented by an attorney at law.

No law lawyer, individual or firm, would dare challenge the undue power and influences of MNAT, Mitt Romney, and good ole Goldman Sachs.

Especially when those parties are (secretly known) to have the protection of handpicked federal prosecutors (like Colm Connolly, Ellen Slights or James Lackner).

Just a few months prior to the eToys case filing for bankruptcy, Paul Traub’s TBF law firm, was caught, in Stages Stores, for failing to disclose Barry Gold and other persons (see TBF 7-page Affidavit – here).

Traub’s TBF was compelled to file a Supplemental Affidavit, in Stage Stores; which details various previous case histories of Paul Traub and Barry Gold.

Susan Balaschak was a TBF partner, who lived in Houston, where Stage Stores was located.

Paul Traub’s TBF and Susan Balaschak were required, by law, to be disqualified from the Stage Stores case, in mid-2000, once the non-disclosure of a conflict if interest, was discovered.

Had that disqualification occurred, perhaps the nation would have been spared billions of dollars in material adverse harms upon the eToys, KB, Fingerhut, Marc Dreier and Tom Petters Ponzi-related cases.

Laser Haas ran eToys throughout 2001; but he has continued the fight against obstruction for 17 years.

In 2001, at that time, MNAT, Barry Gold, and Traub’s TBF deliberately usurped Laser, telling the courts and eToys parties of interest, under penalty of perjury, with 33 bogus affidavits – that MNAT, Paul Traub and Barry Gold were 100% – arm’s length/good faith – opponents again an obvious lie.

Due to Laser’s unrelenting pursuits for justice, MNAT, Traub’s TBF and Barry Gold were compelled to confess (some) of their bad faith deeds.

The Delaware Bankruptcy Court Ordered sanctions on Traub’s TBF & the MNAT, coupled with the court stipulating it would be “wrong to punish [plaintiff] and reward conflicted attorneys.”

And, yet, that is exactly what the Chief Justice over the eToys federal case did.

It is against the law for judges to rule against their own established doctrine; but the 3rd Circuit took the absurdity to a whole new level, ruling on Robert Alber’s Appeal to the 3rd Circuit (case 07-2360) that the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure doesn’t apply to the eToys case (see 7th page of 7-page 3rd Circuit ruling – here).

Arguing to the eToys court that she proceed to rule contrary to her own logic, resulted in Laser being throw out of the case and Judge Mary F. Walrath ordering the Delaware Bankruptcy Court Clerk (David Byrd) to permanently block Laser Haas from filing anything more.

Additionally, the eToys case judge, who was Chief Justice of the Delaware jurisdiction at that time in the Delaware Court that handles an estimated 50% of the biggest bankruptcy cases, the Judge MFW did rule that MNAT, Traub and Barry Gold could not hide any other disclosures.

When Laser pointed out there were additional deceits (specifically, the Bain Capital/ KB & NY Supreme Court frauds), the Delaware Department of Justice sat in complete silence and the eToys judge locked out Rule was applied.

This is a “Color of Law” civil rights violation!

It is also confessed by Paul Traub that his TBF firm deliberately left erroneous affidavits to remain in the court docket record (see the U.S. Trustee’s testimony, in paragraph 18 – here).

Paul’s deceits were for the sake of concealing conflicts of interest issues about connections to Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital, Michael Glazer and Barry Gold (see the 2005 WSJ story – here).

Also, MNAT, as eToys court-appointed counsel for Laser & Debtor’s counsel for eToys, had deliberately concealed its conflicts of interest relationship to Goldman Sachs; which MNAT subsequently confessed (see Judge’s Opinion sanctioning TBF and MNAT – here).

Further demonstrating how rigged the Delaware Federal system of justice actually is, the Chief Justice let MNAT decide on its own, how much to pay, as a fine.

In similar fashion, though the Delaware Justice Department did a Motion to Disgorge Traub’s TBF for $1.6 million, there’s absolutely no Motion against MNAT.

Further evidence of how much MNAT is protected, the very first footnotes of the Delaware Justice Department’s 3rd Circuit Appeal, response brief, actually makes mention that the United States put forth no Motion against MNAT (see 3rd Circuit eToys Response Brief – here).

In 2001, Laser stopped Traub & MNAT’s plot to sell the billion dollar eToys public company assets, to Bain Capital/KB, for a paltry $5.4 million.

When Laser’s efforts started getting tens of millions of dollars in higher offers, the crooked lawyers panicked.

As reported by Laser, in court filings and letter to U.S. Attorney General (here) – the schemers adjusted by trying to offer Laser a bribe to let Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital completely destroy and devour all worth, and the existence of the eToys public company.

Though Laser desired, all his adult life, to become one of the nation’s big deal makers (that Bain Capital most certainly is), and despite the fact Laser Haas was offered a million dollars with the chance to become a Bain Capital roaming manager (like Jack Bush, Paul Traub, Barry Gold & Michael Glazer) – Laser flatly turned down the bribe (a movie moment if its own) and Laser reported it to the Delaware Department of Justice.

The fourth (ITEM 4.) of interest as detailed by Connolly’s résumé is the fact that Colm returned to the Delaware Department of Justice in August 2001.

This time Connolly became the top dog, as the sole federal senior authority over the Fingerhut, Mattel, KB, eToys, and cases – as THE United States Attorney over all of the Delaware federal cases.

Unaware of these issues of case rigging via corruption, of the federal prosecutors office, the eToys case whistleblower continued to provide the FBI, SEC & DOJ, in Delaware with the details of the bankruptcy fraud and other organized crimes, from Laser’s appointment in 2001, through his discovery of Colm Connolly’s résumé , in 2007.

Laser continues to fight for justice, for 17 years now, to this very day.

A few of the racketeering crimes reported, included, but is not limited to, Bribery, Mail & Wire Frauds, Collusion, SEC crimes, Obstruction, Perjury, Intimidation of Victim/ Witnesses, Retaliation, Extortion, Bankruptcy Fraud and Corruption (and unresolved cases of mayhem and murder).

It is noteworthy that the RICO Act only requires that there are 2 crimes occurring, which have yet to be addressed.

As previously remarked, Laser can document, chiefly through federal records, there are more than 100 instances of state and federal frauds/felony violations.

Sad to say, as is typical of organized criminals seeking to elude justice, those crimes also include multiple instances of mayhem and homicides that remain unresolved!

Being protected with their secret of Colm Connolly, the racketeers believed they could continue to get away with their crimes; and they expanded.

Some of the ongoing criminal escapades yet to be addressed are the Mattel/Learning, Fingerhut, KB and eToys cases (including Supreme Court).

To assure no one else would turn down a bribe, they simply tried to lie as little as possible and publicly flaunted their bribery schemes.

After all, who was going to arrest them?

Certainly not Colm F. Connolly!

Anyone can readily see how the rackets adapted, as it is in the papers for all to see. CEO Michael Glazer paid himself $18 million, and Bain Capital $83 million, prior to Michael Glazer filing bankruptcy of KB.

You can see some of the case-related facts in the Rolling Stone September 2012 cover story by Matt Taibbi (here), which details – some – of the Stage Stores & KB case bribes and corruption. Including the issue of Mitt Romney being able to form Stage Stores by Michael Milken junk bond fraud monies, which the judge presiding over Milken’s case allowed to remain in Romney’s hands, whilst the judge’s wife was an executive getting profit from the Stage Stores dealings.

Sad to say, Matt Taibbi has no staff, and that resulted in Matt/Rolling Stone losing out on a Pulitzer Prize.

Some facts Taibbi missed were simple ones in this case that this writer has been documenting as Laser provides more and more information of his thousands of evidence pieces to me.

An interesting fact, noteworthy, is the detail that KB CEO, Michael Glazer, was a simultaneous Director at Stage Stores.

Rolling Stone‘s Matt Taibbi also failed to grasp the gravity of facts, such as the item of MNAT openly representing Bain Capital of the $83 million depleted KB funds, prior to bankruptcy filing.

This is an issue compounded by another huge detail Taibbi missed of the cases being rigged, so blatantly and flagrantly, where, whilst Paul Traub was being purportedly punished for his eToys crimes, Traub’s TBF (and also Traub’s Marc Dreier law firm) had the unmitigated gall to ask the KB’s case judge’s permission to be the party to prosecute Glazer and Bain Capital.

This petition by Traub was a crime, just by the asking.

As is par for their course, neither MNAT, nor Paul Traub would do their lawfully mandated duty to disclose their conflicts of interests of their being connected to each other, and their links to DE prosecutor Colm Connolly.

MNAT and Traub’s TBF also conspired against many more of their court-appointed “clients.”

One of the schemes and artifices to defraud includes MNAT asking for, and receiving, the court’s permission to destroy the eToys case financials (see MNAT’s filing – here).

It is noteworthy to point out the fact that the MNAT requested for destruction of eToys books and records was provided to Laser by Jeremy Bates, who was the Sullivan & Cromwell attorney that represented Goldman Sachs in the New York Supreme Court case of eToys v. Goldman Sachs.

After Jeremy Bates provided that (Brady materials) to Laser Haas, Sullivan & Cromwell removed him from the eToys v. Goldman Sachs case (be advised, after Bain Capital/KB stole the domain name, the evolving bankruptcy case renamed eToys – “ebc1”).

Laser couldn’t object to the item, because the conflicted, bad faith parties concealed this fact and many other of the deceitful deeds from him.

Similarly, to get the eToys 1000 employees to turn sour on their new head executive, Laser, the MNAT and Paul Traub law firms submitted another item (secretly) to the court so it would approve the doubling of the salaries of the 1000 employees.

It is absurd to do so while eToys is in bankruptcy!

Immediately, Laser started terminating the 1000 employees; and then his CLI staff also discovered the fact eToys was not – really – insolvent.

Millions of dollars were hidden and undisclosed all over the place, including $2 million dollars on deposit in London.

It is a crime to fail to report assets, in a bankruptcy case; which in a legitimate era of justice mandates an immediate prosecution to send a clear message.

Laser still is seeking for a legitimate system of justice for his eToys case, to this very day, with 17 years of racketeering, mayhem and homicides, ongoing.

Additionally, Romney’s gang received 12 million shares of Mattel, resultant of the Learning Company’s cooked books fraud.

It also was a plan of the racketeers to get Bain Capital to wind up with KB and eToys into Toys “R” Us, as cheaply as possible.

Bizarrely, both KB and eToys were put into bankruptcy multiple times (and they are now in bankruptcy, once again, under Toys “R” Us).

Bain Capital stiffed creditors and investors, over and over, again and again; and Taibbi never has detailed the YUUUGE fact that MNAT and Colm Connolly were Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital lawyers.

It is even more mindboggling how Taibbi, even now, doesn’t think his editors will care about Colm Connolly being Sachs & Bain law firm partner, who continued to bury the investigations into those parties, as the Delaware U.S. Attorney (Even more astounding that Rolling Stone is refusing to do a story on how Trump is nominating so many Goldman Sachs/Bain Capital affiliated parties who are in charge of vast Sachs & Bain Cap., cases).

Real strange! But the plot continues and doesn’t end there.

To be able to assure they get away with the racketeering crimes, KB & eToys are now at Toys “R” Us, which is also,currently in bankruptcy.

Paul Traub and MNAT usurped Laser, from eToys by a coup of planting a paid TBF member, Barry Gold (who was also a personal partner of Traub’s), into eToys; and then the fiends locked Laser out of the company.

At that time, the racketeers reduced the sales prices of eToys, to Bain Capital/KB, which is the very criminal act that can – this very day – bring down this mile-high house of untenable cards.

The laws on Bankruptcy Fraud are so stringent that Laser need not prove the schemes resulted in harm (though Laser most certainly can do so).

Congress noted the failure to disclose, by putting forth bogus affidavits, must result in disqualification; and it is presumed harm was the intent.

In a legitimate realm of justice, Traub, Barry and MNAT’s confessions would mandate prosecutions, disbarment and the end of the MNAT law firm (TBF and other firms are already closed).

Colm Connolly and his assistant, Ellen Slights (Ellen is still inside the Delaware DOJ, along with other snakes like Mark Kenney), went way out of their way, along with the Delaware abusive courts (and the MNAT friendly/infested 3rd Circuit) – to make sure nobody ever investigated, prosecuted, or even mentioned the dynamics that Colm Connolly, MNAT, Barry Gold and Paul Traub are connected to Bain Capital/KB.

Laser is now somewhat bizarrely blessed that the lying under oath, combined with confessions of deliberately doing so, and the profuse overt acts to block Laser from the case, made morose by the destruction/obstruction of eToys records, when those courts helped the parties who betrayed their court-approved clients to retaliate against Laser and eToys shareholders.

With the courts and DOJ aiding and abetting the bad faith parties, allowing MNAT, Barry Gold and Paul Traub by the court ordering the reducing sales prices to Bain Capital/KB, as the bad faith parties also betrayed their court-approved clients when they simultaneously rigged the eToys v NY Supreme Court case to fail.

Having evidence of the overt acts of obstruction, destruction, retaliation, and the removal of Jeremy Bates, after he provided the hidden document (a smoking gun) to Laser, along with the new evidence ferreted out by NY Times reporter, Joe Nocera, of the email bet by Goldman Sachs Lawton Fitt, on the advance knowledge that eToys stock would hit $80 – compounded with the fact that MNAT nominated Paul Traub – when MNAT was benefiting from acts of perjury.

This enough evidence that anybody else could get back hundreds if millions (perhaps even a billion) to the eToys estate. But Paul Traub, Barry Gold, and MNAT (in criminal conspiracy with Sullivan Cromwell and others) settled eToys v Goldman Sachs – once the eToys court permanently locked Laser Haas out of the estate – for a paltry $7.5 million (that the bad faith parties argued about how much Paul Traub would get to keep).

In such doings being protected from prosecution by Colm Connolly, and the corrupt courts refusing to address the eToys frauds of Bain/KB, then there remains an issue of fraud upon the courts by court-appointed “officers of the court.”

According to the U.S. Supreme Court case of In re: Hazel Atlas Glass v. Hartford Empire, a case can be reopened, even after nine years, when the issue of fraud on the court is by the “officers” of the court!  (Note: eToys has only been closed three years.)

Laser knows about Hazel Atlas, because the Delaware Department of Justice and the eToys case Chief Justice both cited the case of Hazel Atlas (see DOJ Motion, paragraph x and eToys Court Published Opinion, page 15 – here).

MNAT Forged Laser HAAS’s Affidavit

MNAT was both eToys court-approved Debtor’s counsel; and MNAT had two separate eToys case Court Orders to provide Laser’s CLI entity paperwork to the court for payment (see eToys case order with note to MNAT partner Greg Werkheiser – here.)

To assure their schemes would be 100% successful, MNAT forged a “HAAS Affidavit” to the eToys court (which was never served upon Laser).

According to MNAT, Barry Gold and Paul Traub, the HAAS Affidavit (a 2-page document – here) states what the racketeers claim, entirely waived the rights for Laser/CLI’s compensation for the millions of dollars in fees and expenses.

Would everybody who believes Laser actually waived his rights to be paid millions of dollars – please raise your hands?

Obviously, this notion is preposterous even to entertain!

Laser was entitled to a reward of “success fees” for getting back, more than $50 million, to eToys cash accounts (instead of the $5.4 million original sales price the bad faith parties plotted to do.)

According to Laser’s court-approved CLI contracts, Laser was entitled a 40% split of everything above the $5.4 million that MNAT and Paul Traub initially plotted to sell eToys for, to Bain Capital/KB.

It would seem the parties were fully confident that their having rigged the eToys case, from nearly every side, would prevent Laser from getting higher prices.

Another strange thing is that the Delaware DOJ and Court’s should have intervened on behalf of Laser, as a whistleblower.

MNAT and Traub’s law firms had already confessed their lies under oath, to the Chief Justice; but she accepted the absurd premise that Laser gave up millions of dollars in fees and expenses.

It is plain to see that the judge never actually read the 2-page HAAS Affidavit; because paragraphs 10 and 11 detail the paper was a settlement of expense protocols and it did guarantee Laser, and his CLI entity, the success fees.

Once the crooks locked out Laser – and Traub’s partner, Barry Gold, was planted into eToys – the parties continued to betray their court-approved clients, by reducing the sales prices of eToys assets, to Bain Capital and KB.

This is a major, federal, bankruptcy/racketeering crime.

Furthermore, Laser had properly approved the suing of Fingerhut (for botching millions of dollars in customers’ orders); and Laser pushed forward the larger case of eToys suing Goldman Sachs, for the I.P.O. fraud, in the New York Supreme Court (case# 601805/2002).

With Laser out of the way, the lawsuit against Fingerhut was cheaply settled; Paul Traub/Tom Petters Ponzi then acquired Fingerhut with more stolen millions.

MNAT and Barry Gold furtively nominated Paul Traub to be the party to sue Goldman Sachs.

In essence, Goldman Sachs sued Goldman Sachs, and eToys lost a billion dollars, again.

Colm Connolly & SHUTDOWN of Public Corruption Task Force

It was not until mid-2007 that Laser learned the truth about Connolly being a partner of the MNAT law firm, which was an issue of corruption because Laser had repeatedly asked Colm’s office to investigate and prosecute MNAT.

At that time, with the help of a former task force person who became a judge, Laser filed an 18 U.S.C. §  3057(a) Complaint (here), on December 7, 2007, against Colm Connolly and other betrayers of the public’s trust.

This filing was at the Los Angeles United States Attorney’s office, where the Public Corruption Task Force was housed, which was clear across the country from Delaware’s shenanigans.

Several weeks after Laser’s 3057 Complaint (during the same time Mitt Romney was running for president the 1st time) the Los Angeles DOJ Public Corruption Task Force was shut down and career federal prosecutors were threatened to keep silent about the reasons why (see L.A. Times March 2008 article “Shake-up roils federal prosecutors“).

It really is uncanny how no other mainstream media outlet picked up on this nationally significant and historic amount of financial misdeeds story.

Even more mind-boggling how no other media mentions a word about career federal prosecutors being threatened.

Unfortunately, there’s still more….

…much, much more!

…Colm Connolly 1st Nomination for Judgeship

Senator Joe Biden – Simply Said NO – Blocking Colm!

This reporter will do a detailed story, in the near future, discussing the dynamics of the 2017 case where the D.C. Clerk of Court, perpetuated bad faith manipulations, in essence rigging Laser’s 2017 case when he sued Trump, the FBI, SEC, and DOJ, to block Trump’s nomination of Jay Clayton to be Commissioner of the SEC.

The basis for that filing against Jay Clayton were these Colm Connolly conflict of interest dynamics, and the similarities, of working both sides of the fence according to Laser Haas.

Apparently, to assure Laser’s Jay Clayton story issue would not go viral, the D.C. District Federal Court Clerk – unlawfully – blocked Laser’s lawsuit from being put into the public docket record (please see this picture of the extremely bizarre court docket below).

It was completely backward – the case docket records Laser filing the lawsuit against Trump and Federal agencies on March 22, 2017; but the Clerk of Court kept the case hidden from public view – until May 24th.

Staying in The Twilight Zone, Laser’s case against Trump’s agencies was closed by a judge’s Order on May 5th, 2017 (which just happens to be three days after Clayton was confirmed as SEC Commissioner, on May 2nd and three weeks before the Clerk entered the case into the public docket record).

This is germane to our Colm Connolly discussion because Jay Clayton was invested in Bain Capital, whilst also being a partner of the MNAT sister Sullivan and Cromwell law firm,  which represents Goldman Sachs in the New York Supreme court case of eToys v. Goldman Sachs.

Jay Clayton has now yanked down his résumé .

Laser alleges Sullivan & Cromwell are partners in the criminal enterprise success (as the Jeremy Bates dynamic corroborates).

Laser detailed the Colm Connolly issues in his lawsuit against Donald Trump to block Jay Clayton to be head of the SEC.

Therefore, the SEC, FBI, DOJ and Donald Trump’s staff, are already aware of the Colm Connolly betrayal of the public’s trust.

Those agencies and their key persons’ failure to act, continues the vulgar aiding and abetting of the criminal enterprise.

Even stranger that all of those high-level authorities have done – absolutely nothing – about the unlawful act of the D.C. Clerk of Court blocking the case from being entered into the record by the turning of a federal docket upside down!

Back in 2008, when the hullabaloo of – Romney for President – was simultaneously transpiring with the shutdown of the Public Corruption Task Force, it was around that time that eToys whistleblower Laser Haas reached out to Senator Biden (who also was running for president in 2008).

Before Joe Biden became the VP choice of Barack Obama, then-Senator Biden took steps to block GWB’s nomination of United States Attorney Colm F Connolly to become the Delaware District Court, replacing Judge Kent A. Jordan (see online article – here).

Senator Biden made no published comments on his not allowing Colm Connolly to become a judge; but the Senator flatly refused to sign the requisite Senate slip, to process forward a Senate vote of Colm Connolly to become a Delaware federal justice.

Colm was nominated to replace Delaware District Court Judge, Kent A. Jordan, who was promoted off the eToys case, to the 3rd Circuit Federal Court of Appeal.

This reporter has been working, for weeks, on another future story about the troubling dynamics of judges and other federal employees utilizing willful blindness and then being promoted off and up from the eToys cases – as a reward for ignoring Wall Street racketeering. (Unfortunately, a sudden illness gripped this reporter so that story is forthcoming with more details.)

For nine years, the Republicans refused to let Obama fill Judge Jordan’s vacancy.

Now, during Christmastime, while everyone is distracted by holiday joy, The Donald has nominated Colm Connolly, once more, to fill the very Delaware Federal District Court Judgeship, (where Colm or an affiliated party will replace Kent A. Jordan’s vacant seat and another empty seat (out of 4 seats).

It is, as if, it was promised to Colm Connolly, no matter what!

Arguably, as the facts above show, Senator Biden was completely justified in blocking Colm Connolly’s nomination.

Surely, our nation would never, knowingly allow Frank Nitti to become the Federal Prosecutor of Al Capone cases. It is common sense what the outcome is likely to be.

Beyond any doubt, Capone would get off, ‘Scot-Free’!

As the eToys related case facts show, Nitti being over Capone prosecutions is the same exact scenario of Colm Connolly being in charge of prosecuting Goldman Sachs’ partnership with Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital (racketeering enterprise cases).

Observably, Sachs & Bain continue to be Scot-Free!

Evidence shows that these issues of many federal crimes, protected by Colm Connolly corruption, might be the very reason Mitt’s 2012 Campaign claims Romney was “retroactively” retired from August 2001 back to February 11, 1999 (see the last page of Mitt’s 2011 Federal Campaign OGE Finance Form 278 – here).

Romney’s Affidavit also is a telltale.

As Mitt sought (seeks) presidency, sent a request in 2012 (here) seeking an official federal investigation into the facts of whether or not Mitt Romney committed perjury to our nation!

Can our American economic security be maintained if we readily allow Romney & Goldman Sachs to benefit from billions in frauds because they successfully plotted to obstruct justice?

Does anybody believe the crooks stopped plotting?

Are we going to let them succeed in organized crimes, under the perverted premise that there are a statute of limitations, for failures to prosecute?


No one can claim whistleblower Laser Haas is remiss about his claims. He has been unrelenting in his pursuit of justice for 17 years.

You can see Laser’s letter – here – dated July 30, 2016 (Senate named this Whistleblower’s Day), where Laser dared the USAG to arrest him, if any single one of 100 allegations are false!

Here is another/different reporter’s story by reporter Rmuse, back in 2012 (when Mitt was against Obama for POTUS), appropriately titled – “Meet the Man Battling Romney and Bain’s Bankruptcy Fraud for 12 Years.”

Specifically, Laser documents in a “clear and convincing” manner (a higher legal standard that is not necessary in a RICO case) in his naming Goldman Sachs as being in a 20-year rackets partnership with Mitt Romney/Bain Capital for getting billions of dollars in ill-gotten gains.

Hence, the paramount issue, which was brought to my attention by [serial] whistleblower (eToys chief executive Laser Haas, also owns the & websites) are the 100-plus crimes – repeating without remorse or relent – because it is not being prosecuted, while it is protected by despots.

Another question is, has Colm Connolly protected killers; or, at the very least, is Colm guilty of protecting those that have paid hitmen to do their bidding?

Transitive logic indicts them all, one and same!

Mayhem & Homicides

The facts provided to this reporter by Laser, about this Wall Street racketeering being protected also includes alarming dynamics of mayhem, threats and even convenient strings of homicides, while it lacks any type of investigation.

It is well established that everyone involved in a criminal conspiracy are just as guilty of any resulting homicides, even if they aren’t the ones actually pulling the trigger…

As the above items and remarks document, it is not as if the Colm Connolly issues are a single aberrant act of errant behavior.

For sure, these cases are not a question of missing many of the crucial details!

Culpability is well established.

Accountability is the real issue at hand!

Without remorse or relent, dozens of overt acts of obstruction and retaliation (all of which are RICO – “predicate act – crimes) by many of the schemers, continues to occur in order to prevent the eToys-related cases from being investigated and prosecuted.

At the barest of minimums, Colm Connolly is remiss for the failure to recuse himself and inform Laser Haas, the eToys and KB court cases, and all creditors, shareholders and other parties of interest, about Connolly’s many conflicts of interest and direct links he had to the targets of federal inquiry.

Then there’s the shutdown of the Public Corruption Task Force; and threats against federal prosecutors to keep their mouths shut.

Due to the many previous filings by Laser with the various federal agencies and courts, and the lawsuit against our federal officers, including President Donald Trump – then there must have been someone who has read Laser’s federal complaints.

As a matter of fact, Laser has several letters and emails, other than the Deputy DOJ Director, Lawrence Friedman’s 2005 – email promise (link) – of looking into these matters.

On top of the fact of the failures by Colm Connolly’s office to prosecute Paul Traub, after his TBF law firm confessed in 2005 about deliberately lying to a chief federal justice, it appears the failure to prosecute the racketeers emboldened them to  spread their enterprise throughout the country.

Paul Traub has since been listed as the “control” party of the Tom Petters Ponzi, and partner of fraudster Marc Dreier (see Petters Ponzi case Receiver’s 2012 Complaint – here).

Laser sued Romney, Sachs, Colm, MNAT, and Traub in the Los Angeles District Court for racketeering (after the eToys judge freed Laser from that jurisdiction when she locked Laser out of the eToys case; and nobody could – any longer claim – suing Romney was politically motivated).

Inexplicably and intolerably, Laser’s RICO case against Sachs, Romney & Colm was dismissed due to the false testimony of the racketeering parties, which was aided and abetted by the Department of Justice acting by willful blindness as if the criminals in these cases are above the law!

The Ninth Circuit ruled Laser’s case as “insubstantial.” (See the two-sentence pathetic ruling – here.)

When is enough – enough – to finally indict Wall Street?

If forcing several law firms to disband, getting dozens in jail and stopping many national fraud schemes (and helping make the public aware POTUS wannabe Mitt Romney is benefiting from such) is – “insubstantial” – then one has to wonder what will cause federal authorities to get off their seats –  to do their dang jobs!

Are issues of mayhem, threats, and murder insubstantial?

In the KB case, the Delaware Department of Justice came to the aid of MNAT & Paul Traub’s crimes, petitioning the court to strike and expunge Laser’s evidence (you can see the stymie of justice – here).

On top of all that, as previously mentioned Laser had a direct email correspondence from Deputy DOJ Director, Lawrence Friedman, promising to address the crimes.

Then, after Laser blew the whistle, a few weeks later in the KB case the DOJ Deputy Director, Lawrence Friedman, chose discretion over valor by resigning (see press release – here).

Enigmatically, Laser has had his life and liberty threatened, many times. Most recently, these past few weeks, by the FBI.

In 2008, when the Public Corruption Task Force was shut down, the FBI also made veiled threats against Laser, way back then….

Robert Alber was an eToys shareholder who joined Laser’s efforts for justice, back in 2005.

In mid-2010, Robert Alber had to shoot/kill would-be assassin, Michael Sesseyoff, in Kingman, AZ after Alber was told (by Jack Abramoff’s partner, Johann Hamerski) that “People like you, who turn down a bribe – usually wake up dead!”

On September 23rd, last year, eToys shareholder Robert Alber woke up dead – and now is in his grave!

Then, just 3 days later, Colm Connolly’s former assistant, Ellen Slights, caused a Wilmington, Delaware FBI Agent to call and threaten Laser Haas.

Oddly enough, the FBI wasn’t threatening Laser with prosecution for committing any crime.

No, instead, as if the FBI was the strong arm for the racketeering enterprise, Ellen Slights had the FBI threaten Laser with prosecution unless Laser completely took Ellen Slights name off his websites and blogs – and off from Laser’s submissions to the federal authorities.

Also, in 2010, the now-deceased mysteriously killed Robert Alber had worked with Laser to move Anna Schaeffer to Minnesota to become a private investigator for Laser’s website.

Anna Schaeffer also died later on Christmas Eve 2010.

Prior to that, Marty Lackner (a Paul Traub/Tom Petters Ponzi fraud connection) was found dead in his closet.

Marty’s brother is James Lackner.

That would be Minnesota Assistant United States Attorney James Lackner, who was the former head of the Criminal Division of the Minnesota Justice Department (see Minnesota news story – here).

Like Colm Connolly’s Ellen Slights still being inside the DOJ, James Lackner is still a federal prosecutor in Minnesota, who protects Paul Traub, Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital from prosecution on the Fingerhut deal!

The feds in Minnesota did seize Polaroid, but it was sold back to Traub for $83 million in a sham auction.

Then Traub’s partners announced a previously unknown $2 billion dollar license deal for Polaroid

Clearly, this is another hidden asset RICO crime!

Laser then kept harassing Gordon Brothers, which caused Paul Traub to exit Gordon; and harassing Epstein Becker & Green resulted in Train having to depart that firm also!

Traub has since started new companies.

Summing things up, until the next story comes..

Significant of 2010 as a possible reason why all these efforts ended by deaths, could be the fact that Mitt Romney would begin his 2012 presidential campaign only one year later.

Colm Connolly’s assistant, Ellen Slights, is still at the Delaware U.S. Attorney’s office; and – rumor has it – her husband is a state judge.

As noted earlier in this story, Joe Biden blocked Colm Connolly before the mayhem and homicides occurred.

Obviously, since then, things have gotten far worse.

MNAT and Paul Traub settled the eToys v Sachs NY Supreme Court case for a paltry $7.5 million, which Traub publicly argued, as a Marc Dreier law firm partner, that it was Traub’s right to keep.

Surely we can’t have racketeers “retroactively” retiring from their organized crimes?

Also, there can’t be any notion of a statute of limitations when the crooks own the very federal prosecutors – like James Lackner, Ellen Slights, and Colm Connolly – who preside of the cases in question.

This saga is beyond extraordinary, and pure investigations and prosecutions are beyond long overdue.

Even more disconcerting is that the deaths don’t end there; on New Year’s Eve 2010, John (“Jack”) Wheeler was hit in the head and thrown in a Delaware dump.

Video now exists documenting that Jack Wheeler was in the Nemours Building at the time of his murder (see story – here).

The Delaware United States Attorney’s office is in the Nemours Building; and so is the current office of Colm Connolly at Morgan & Lewis (here).

In a legitimate era of justice, everyone should be screaming – Hell No – Colm F’n Connolly can never be allowed to become a federal judge.

These racketeering cases, with mayhem (Laser’s daughter was abducted after his own lawyer – Henry Heiman – emailed Laser, Traub’s warnings to “back off”) and unrelenting corruption, must be investigated!

The more important question is – how much is organized crime involved in the corrupting our federal systems of justice?

Is this renewed nomination for Colm Connolly to fill one of the two vacant judge’s seats, including that of the promoted off eToys case, Kent A. Jordan – quite possibly another racketeering crime?

The question is, who – how – and other “why”?

As if all the 100-plus racketeering crimes being protected by prosecutor and court corruption isn’t enough beyond the factor that the courts are illegally blocking Laser’s whistleblowing effort.

Laser can’t sue to block Connolly’s nomination in D.C. federal court; because, it is more likely than not that the Clerk would just refuse to docket Laser’s case, as they had done with the Jay Clayton lawsuit.

Nor can Laser sue in Delaware.

Beyond the factor that the eToys court has ordered the clerk to block Laser’s filings, it also won’t do any good to appeal above to the 3rd Circuit Court presiding over Delaware.

When Laser and eToys shareholder Robert Alber appealed the eToys cases to the 3rd Circuit – the Circuit proffered the absurd ruling that the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure do not apply to the eToys bankruptcy case.

On top of that, Walter K Stapleton, the man who Colm Connolly clerked for, was a partner of MNAT, is a 3rd Circuit justice.

Then there’s the issue of Delaware District Court Judge Kent A. Jordan, who threatened Traub and MNAT on October 16, 2006, which was followed up a few weeks later with Jordan being promoted off the eToys case to the 3rd Circuit Court that presides over Delaware cases.

There’s also the factor that the FBI is threatening Laser.

The reason behind the most recent FBI threats against Laser is the fact the local FBI must approve the nomination of Colm Connolly to become a Federal Judge.

But the local FBI said things are being handled by four judges.

Are the “4 judges” – unnamed by the FBI – the eToys judge, and District Court Judge Jordan who is now at the 3rd Circuit?

Also, there’s the 3rd Circuit former MNAT partner, Walter K. Stapleton, (whom Colm Connolly clerked for).

Finally, there is Judge Alito who has been at the 3rd Circuit since 1990. His Honor Alito has no excuse for not understanding the gravity and gravamen of the eToys related cases; because Alito was a prosecutor of organized crimes.

Another possibility for the 4th judge could be the fact that Donald Trump’s sister is also a 3rd Circuit Court Judge.

So the question is, where does one go for justice, when the racketeers have well-documented undue power and influence over our federal system of justice?

Nearly everyone Laser was aware of in the eToys case has died, or has joined the opposing side, or just walked away with a promotion off the case.

What do you do if Frank Nitti is going to be inserted into the federal system of justice; and there are no Eliot Ness’s to prevent it?

Our uncanny President has nominated a former crooked federal prosecutor who was blocked nine years ago from becoming a federal judge, so that stalwart may now become a Federal Judge over the very Delaware corrupt system.

Most certainly, the nomination – STINKS!

If the racketeers can get away with so much, openly, how much more are the perpetrators doing in secret?

The 3rd Circuit ruled that the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure does not apply to the eToys cases; and that is the problem with Laser’s eToys Wall Street racketeering and federal corruption cases, in a nutshell

Our Constitution is being assaulted by those who swore an oath to protect it; and our Laws, as they were written, are not being applied.

Now Trump wants a big assault on the Constitution, to swear another false oath to protect it!

Trump vowed to “drain the swamp;” but, with this appointing of Colm Connoly, Trump is effectively only filling the swamp with a big rig.

Trump is allowing for further corruption combined with the deregulation of Wall Street by his SEC director Jay Clayton and his Goldman Sachs cronies.

Colm Connolly betrayed the public’s trust, a dozen times. Colm allowed Goldman Sachs & Bain Cap to destroy the eToys public company and rip off Mattel of $4 billion. Connolly’s bad faith also includes aiding and abetting mayhem and homicides. As a bad faith federal prosecutor, Colm Connolly allowed MNAT, Paul Traub and Barry Gold to help Michael Glazer rip off the KB creditors of $100 million before filing bankruptcy.

Could any one of us 99% take even $1,000 of money out of our savings before we filed bankruptcy?

It is no small matter of coincidence that Colm Connolly’s tenure at MNAT was the same exact time Mitt’s Presidential Campaign claims Romney was “retroactively” retired from Bain Capital. This visibly corrupt federal prosecutor got paid at the MNAT law firm before and after Colm Connolly was a federal prosecutor protecting Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital, Mitt Romney, Paul Traub, Barry Gold and MNAT from prosecution.

Even if Colm got paid a meager salary, those parties using their influence to get Colm a judgeship nomination is a quid pro quo in 2008 and 2018; because Colm Connolly has never confessed any of his conflicts of interest. Making the issues extensively heinous and egregious, is the fact that Laser’s daughter was abducted after his own attorney, Henry Heiman, emailed a Traub firm threat for Laser to “back off” or else. And Colm Connolly did nothing about it, as a Federal prosecutor.

Even after Paul Traub and MNAT were compelled by Laser to confess that 33 affidavits were bogus (and Paul Traub confessed his were deliberate), Colm Connolly’s office was so willfully blind that the crooked lawyers were aided to strike and expunge Laser’s evidence. As a result of Colm Connolly’s willful blindness and his assistant Ellen Slights remaining inside the Delaware Department of Justice, to make sure Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital’s racketeering acts are never prosecuted.

MNAT and Paul Traub’s partnerships in crimes resulted in Traub expanding the enterprise to New York Marc Dreier frauds and Minnesota Tom Petters Ponzi. With Robert Alber dead! Marty Lackner was involved in Petters Ponzi and Marty was brother of Minnesota Federal Prosecutor James Lackner; but we can’t ask Marty why he was never prosecuted – because Marty is dead!

Colm Connolly’s willful failure to prosecute and his scheme to become a judge are an ongoing effort of a criminal conspiracy against the United States. Colm is guilty of being a despot with domestic enemies and no one is doing anything about it!

There’s also solid, video evidence that Colm Connolly should be questioned about Jack Wheeler’s homicide; but the Delaware FBI is already corrupted by Colm Connolly’s assistant Ellen Slights!

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