America as a System

By Chris Kanthan

Are you perturbed by what’s happening in America? Are you shocked by inequality, disappearing middle class, declining quality of health, police brutality, gun violence, ever-growing national debt, government’s Orwellian monitoring, etc.? You are not alone, but all these are confusing only if you think in terms of an “American government” or “American corporations” or “American banks” that have, or should have, unique loyalty or consideration towards the people who happen to live here.

Instead, everything becomes obvious if you think of it as a “System.”

Why would we be surprised that there are millions of Americans who work full time and yet live in poverty, when the System exploits people in other countries for much, much lower wages? In the cost-savings Excel sheet of the System, a Walmart worker is still 10x more expensive than the worker from that ‘other’ country.

You wouldn’t be surprised by Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase defrauding American homeowners if you realize how the System brought down whole countries such as Greece, Spain, Italy, Ireland and Portugal using the same financial engineering schemes, lies and manipulations.  Most of these countries are now being devastated by the austerity programs demanded by the same System.

How can we be shocked by gun violence in America when the System is the #1 exporter of guns and weapons in the world? The System thrives on violence. The System loves perpetual wars – Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Niger … just to name a few countries the System has bombed in the last decade. The System is also planning for bigger wars with North Korea, Russia and China.

If police brutality and militarization of police is disturbing, we have to realize how the System supports, and has supported, dictators all over the world when it is/was profitable to do so. Many ruthless dictators in Latin American countries, Africa, Middle East and Asia were handpicked and put in power by the System. Some were even trained in a special school in the U.S. The system gladly funds and arms terrorists in Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. All that valuable experience can’t be wasted.

When it comes to child poverty, you can’t be surprised that America ranks at the bottom among developed nations. From Apple to Calvin Klein to Hershey’s, many corporations depend on child labor for their stocks to outperform the expectations of Wall Street analysts. When the System profits from ten-year-olds working in toxic mines in third-world countries, American kids on food stamps look quite spoiled.

If you are enraged by our exploding national debt, don’t be. Debt is the ultimate tool for the System to enslave nations. The economic hit men of the World Bank and the IMF have mastered this art of drowning nations in debt over the last 75 years. Oh, do you think it’s a coincidence that Russia’s debt-to-GDP ratio is 17%? Compare that to America’s 105% or Japan’s 250%. The System doesn’t like countries with low debt, just like it doesn’t appreciate people trying to go off-grid in America. This is also the same reason that Americans save only 2.4% of their income while the households have a record debt of over $13 trillion. Credit cards, student loans, auto loans and mortgages are all different tools with the same purpose.

Once you understand the System, you wouldn’t be surprised that wages are stagnant while the cost of living keeps going up. With all the advancement in science, one would think that healthcare cost would go down every year, but that would be naive. Healthcare (“sickcare”) is the best extraction tool, since people will pay anything when they are sick. The only things that are cheap are processed food and mass entertainment that are toxic to your body and mind respectively.

This is why America’s education ranks at the bottom of developed nations. As a WikiLeaks email revealed, the elites “conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry.” Translation: Dumb and Subservient.

Do you wonder why fracking and GMOs are allowed to destroy America’s environment? The System couldn’t care less about the environment. It has destroyed an unimaginable amount of rainforests all over the world and doesn’t care about the thousands of species that are going extinct every year. The System hates sustainability and freedom. Just like how the older version of the System destroyed the Native American culture, the current System despises tradition, culture, religion, spirituality, consciousness, holistic medicine and anything that’s linked to nature.

By now, hopefully, you are not stressed out over how lobbyists have taken over the American government and how we really don’t have a functional democracy. The System is not a fan of democracy. You really don’t think that powerful billionaires would enjoy running their lives and planning their grand strategies based on the needs and feelings of millions of pesky little people, do you? Democracy and elections are just nice illusions so that we feel content, be passive, go to work, watch lots of TV, get into debt, and spend our money on things we don’t need.

Are you mad? Hope so. The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.

Chris Kanthan is the author of a new book, Deconstructing the Syrian War. Chris lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, has traveled to 35 countries, and writes about world affairs, politics, economy and health. His other book is Deconstructing Monsanto. Follow him on Twitter: @GMOChannel

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17 Comments on "America as a System"

  1. No real argument against your reasoning. Blaming it all on the word ‘system’ isn’t new. But when you get into who is the system. That’s some mud, eh. I say..all these leaders came out of the body population. Why is it that all these U.S. citizens are getting elected by voters with all the knowledge that these leaders are pushing socialist law and authoritarian regulations. If the population wants denial..who are you to whine that something is wrong…

    • lightingstrikesthrice | March 4, 2018 at 7:57 am | Reply

      “If the population wants denial..who are you to whine that something is wrong…I totally agree and a great point Arlo Ray. Everyone that I personally know and have known; wishes this matrix of denial, this reality of ‘everything’s ok’, ‘I have prayed on this’, ‘I keep doing what I am supposed to and everything will work out in the end’…so on so forth.

    • Richard Olsen | March 4, 2018 at 12:27 pm | Reply

      “The People” don’t elect anyone. The last person “elected” to be president of the united states of America was Abraham Lincoln. Actually, the foxes began guarding the hen house and the wolves began tending the sheep from the very beginning. Though for a time, from the end of the Revolution until the age of the “robber barons” of the Industrial Revolution, ordinary people had a chance at becoming a senator or representative, and many did. By 1850 only persons picked as the “preferred” candidate of the elites that made up the leadership of the political parties had much chance at being “elected”. On March 27, 1861, the constitutional united states of America ceased to exist. From April 15, 1861 through February 22, 1871, the Union was governed as a military dictatorship that operated much like that of the Soviet Union of Stalin’s time. After August of 1865, the Confederate States of America was governed as an occupied country; which in fact it was. On February 23, 1871 a private municipal corporation was established as the de facto government of what is correctly called THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. One of its two successor corporations having the same name governs today under a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filed in March of 1933, from which it has never emerged. Our “senators” and “representatives” are the trustees in bankruptcy. The receiver is the chairman of the International Monetary Fund, since 1946 under the charter of the United Nations. It really IS a “system”, and the people really have nothing to say in it that anyone in the de facto government cares a damn about.

  2. “Are you perturbed by what’s happening in America? Are you shocked by
    inequality, disappearing middle class, declining quality of health,
    police brutality, gun violence, ever-growing national debt, government’s
    Orwellian monitoring, etc.?”

    The very first thing that perturbs me is illegals. We need to militarize the removal of all illegals, no exceptions.

  3. NobodysaysBOO | March 4, 2018 at 11:00 am | Reply

    poorly MAINTAINED systems FAIL.
    properly MAINTAINED systems THRIVE!!!
    we POOR US CITIZENS have been USED!!!!

  4. This “system” is global – not unique or totally controlled by America. America just happens to be the “face” at the moment. They change faces when the populous begins to catch on. But history shows they have used other faces – British Empire, Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire, et al. America is at the end of its face time. Perhaps the Chinese will be next.

    I like to use the word mafia as opposed to “system”. There are many branches (families) and they work together to oppress and/or enslave us. But we should always remember those famous words of Witch Glenda – that you always have the ability to go home, just click those ruby slippers.

    How? Stop participating. We know facebook was established by them to collect info so stop using it. Activist post – I see you support all that is evil by including the facebook, twitter, google buttons and probably disque that I am using.

    Do you use credit/debit cards? Willingly giving the bankers approx 3% of every economic transaction. Go back to cash.

    Are you still buying their toxic processed foods? Go organic or better yet try and grow your own.
    Are you still registered as a D or R? Stop it – next time write in the person you would like to see represent you. (Possibly the answer is to stop voting – but I struggle with that one.)

    You get the point – it is time to stop participating in their evil.

  5. this is where the two-party that are the same farce makes so much more sense
    if HRC had have won, the system would have carried on as always, trundling on downhill at a slow and steady pace
    but she didn’t, and that is where her righteous anger brought the entire scam into sharp focus
    DT Jr won and he has been demonised, and vilified by BOTH parties
    fourteen months of him being in the top dog seat have brought what?
    militant college kids who would rather batter you with a tyre iron, than sit down for level-headed discourse (a word that the majority of them probably don’t even understand)

    • DT is not the answer; he is another tool, the one that in three years time gets the masses to sit back and relax, because they are now under the comforting wing of HRC or NP or OW, and they will pat themselves on the back for having survived four years of the Donald, but now we can get back to business – the pursuit of happiness

      • he is the impetus to get globalism rolling
        while we shout “hurrah, NWO is dying” stop kidding yourself

  6. The system start when the treasonous Woodrow Wilson gave the keys of the unfederal zentral b.s bank of the U.S.
    End the Fed and there will be a thousand years of peace and prosperity.

    • Veri Tas 102 | March 5, 2018 at 5:49 pm | Reply

      Yes. The governments of this world need to take back the ability to create money and spend it into the real economy for it to start thriving again. In America, several presidents have been murdered over attempts towards this goal.

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